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{Married To A Hooker}
Chapter Nine
{ 21 DAYS ONLY }

” Save your greetings. Are you tryna steal from me?” He asked me one more time.
” No Brandon…I…Hmm…I…
” I’m sorry Brandon. I know it seems like I’m stealing your money but this isn’t what it
seems like.” I said and Brandon looked at me surprised and chuckled.
” Then make me understand how it seems.” He replied with folded arms and emphasized ‘it
I can’t tell him that I’m stealing the money for Ava. I have to lie to him but what will I lie

” Um…my mum…my mum is sick and I need some money to take care of her. I was afraid
that if I ask you you may shout on me.” I said in a sappy voice and started crying so that it’ll
be believable.
” Bravo. I know your mother is not sick because I’m following her on Instagram and she just
posted pictures and tagged them ‘living a good life’ ” Brandon said and he opened my mum’s
Instagram page and showed me the picture.
” Curse my mother for living a flamboyant life.” I said to myself as I looked at the picture.
” But, I have a golden heart and you can use the money to do whatever you want to do.

Leave my room now.” Brandon said and I quickly picked up the money and left his room.
I entered into my room and checked whether anyone is coming. When I was certain
that no one was coming and no body is around, I locked the door and brought out my phone
to call Wendy.
📱 I have the money now so can you come over to the Holmes Mansion?
📱 Are you sure you have complete money?” She asked and I hissed.
📱 If I didn’t have the complete money, I wouldn’t have called you so suit up and get your
ass here.” I said and hung up the call then tossed the phone to the bed.


I know everyone especially my wife is damn mad at me and I was just trying to test her
love for me and it came this far.
I never cheated on Pauline.
Okay…now you’re looking at me like I’m some fool. It’s okay…
All this was arranged to test whether she loves me or not…..

I’ve been indoors crying. I’m just waiting for that cheater of a husband to come back and
then we’ll get this divorce done with and we’ll go our separate ways.
He usually comes back earlier than this or maybe he’s busy f*cking another girl. It’s
quite stupid, to think that I loved a man for so long and he decided to pay me back this way
” Good evening dad!!!” I heard Rosella scream from downstairs and I knew he had arrived.
I got up from the bed and wore my night robe then picked up the divorce papers from
the table. I wore my flip flops and went to his room.

I sat down on his bead in such away that immediately he opens the door he’s gonna
see the sad wife he had made out of me.
I started hearing sounds of someone walking up the stairs and they grew louder and
louder. I knew he was coming.
He opened the door and was shocked to see me seated in that position.
” Pauline…” He called out surprised as he dropped his briefcase on the chair and I stretched
the papers without saying a word.
He came closer to me and collected the papers from me. I’m sure it didn’t hit his mind
that it was a divorce paper and maybe he had thought I was bluffing about it yesterday.

” So you were serious?” He asked after reading through the documents and I ignored him.

He picked up a pen and signed the divorce papers. He signed them, he signed them
which means he isn’t even remorseful about what he did.
I stretched my hand to collect the papers from him and go to my room but he shifted
” Before you collect the papers and submit them to a law suit. I want you to hear me out,
even if it’s just for the last time.” He said. I wanted to tell him to go on with whatever bullshit
he has to say but I wanted to continue with the silent treatment.
” I never cheated on you.” He said and I was shocked.

” Lie of the century. I’m 49years old Gabriel and I’m not a dumb 5 year old kid who you can
lie to.” I said to him and he chuckled.
” I knew you would feel that way. That’s why I have video back-up to prove.” He said and
brought out his tablet and opened a video and showed me to watch.
In this video, a girl…that same strange girl we saw suddenly in our house was about to
remove Gabriel’s shirt and then he stopped her.
” I didn’t call you here to sleep with you.” He said to her and she was shocked.
(Video)” Oh..then do you want a massage, love bites a h*ndjob or a bl*wjob?” She asked
him and I felt disgusted.

(Video)” None of those. I don’t really want to have any sexual relationship with you. I want to
hire you.” Gabriel said to her and she shifted afar from him a bit.
(Video)” What’s that?”
(Video)” I have a wife and these days, she nags alot to me and I’m still wondering if she
loves me. So I’m gonna pay you to act like you’ve slept with me” Gabriel said to her and she
looked at him shocked.
” So you’re the one who brought her in that day?” I asked Gabriel and hr shook his head.
” No, I wasn’t. Let the video finish and I’ll explain everything.” He replied and I kept quiet and
concentrated on the video.
(Video)” How?” She asked Gabriel
(Video)” I’ll let you know later.” Gabriel replied and the video ended.
” She slept on the same bed with me but she didn’t touch me nor did I touch her.” Gabriel
said to me, the video is quite believable but this he just said seems….fake.

” Are you sure?” I asked him and he nodded.
” I planned meeting her the next day but then she surprisingly showed up in our house and I
didn’t know how she came in but she made my work easier by her display.” Gabriel said and
I remembered vividly that on that day, He didn’t utter a word to her.
” Okay, I will like to believe you on this but what about this audio clip of earlier today?” I
asked him and he looked at me confused.
” What audio clip?” He asked me and I wanted to flare up because I thought he was tryna
play games with me. But then I remembered that he hasn’t listened to the audio clip yet.
I brought out my phone and played the clip for him and he listened to the clip
” Who sent you this?” He simply asked me and I smirked.

” Selena.” I answered and he chuckled.
” I knew it. She framed me up. She threatened to do this to me and end my marriage
because she…she once asked me to sleep with her.” Gabriel said and I covered my mouth in
” When! Where! How?” I asked him in shock and he opened his phone and a clip played.
(Clip)” F*ck me Gabriel, Pauline won’t know about this.” Selena said to Gabriel.
(Clip)” What?!? No Selena. What has come over you?” Gabriel asked her and she smiled.
(Clip)” Nothing, I just want you. My husband or Pauline won’t know about this.” Selena
(Clip)” No Selena. Give me Pauline’s dress and let me go.” Gabriel yelled at her and she
(Clip)” I will give you the dress. But I must end your marriage!” Selena said and the clip

” She started acting funny towards me that day you sent me to go collect your dress from her
and when she started, I immediately hit record button on my phone so if Selena tries
something stupid, I’ll have this as proof.” Gabriel said to me as the clip ended and I was quite
dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to say to him.

Selena is a witch! But it’s my fault anyways, I created room for you to doubt me by my
childish approach of knowing whether you love me or not. I have learnt a lesson never to
question you love for me.”
” I know you may not love me anymore Pauline, if you want to go ahead with the divorce…it’s
fine. Just know that I love you so much.” Gabriel said to me and rose up. Tears flowed from
my eyes.
” Wait Gabriel.” I said to him and he paused.
” I had my doubts, I didn’t want to believe you were cheating on me. I never wanted too, but
you have me room too but now, I believe you’ll never cheat on me and I love you dearly.” I
said to him and he looked at me and smiled.

I picked up the divorce papers and tore them into pieces…
” I don’t want a divorce anymore. I don’t ever wanna loose the father of my kids.” I said him
amidst my tears and he embraced me and hugged me tightly.
” I love you Pauline.” He whispered into my ears
” I love you too.” I replied and he grinned.

” So here’s the money. ” I said to Wendy and she took the money from me and started
counting it.
” Hold up, Hold up, Hold up!” I said to her and she paused and looked at me.
” Are you gonna count 2,500 dollars now? With your hand?” I asked her and she smirked
and continued counting.
” I don’t trust girls like you Sophie.” She said and continued counting.
” Whatever..count and die. Just make sure you and your team have and eye on Ava. And
P.S, don’t come to this mansion again.” I said to her and flipped my hair then went inside the

As I entered into the living room I saw Brandon and Rosella discussing.
” From now henceforth if you can’t cook food you won’t eat.” Rosella said and Brandon
nodded his head.

Off course. We have some people in this house who cook food that look like frog poop.”
Brandon said and Rosella laughed.
I know they’re doing this to spite me but I won’t stretch. I’m bigger than that, I’ll take
the high road.
” And some people have no life at all. Why would you leave your house and come squat with
other people and burden them in the process.” Rosella said as I passes but I paused and

” And those people also force their ex to love them back.” Brandon added and I laughed.
” Who cares about you Brandon? If not for your mum I wouldn’t have been here belittling
myself” I said silently as they laughed.
” Common, and she’s not even that pretty. How were you able to keep up with her?” Roselle
asks Brandon and he looked at me slyly.
” Honestly sis, I don’t know what I saw in her. I’m not even comfortable breathing the same
air she does….In fact I wanna choke.” Brandon said and he started choking fakingly as
Rosella laughed.

” That’s it!” I yelled and came to stand in front of them.
” I won’t take shit from you, you little bee. Watch your language. Do you hear me?” I yelled at
Rosella and she twitched.
” Sorry, I don’t exchange words with people who have no self worth.” I sad to Rosella and
Brandon laughed.

” I do have Self worth. What do you mean by that stupid statement?” I said to Rosella and
she looked at Brandon then she came and looked at me
” If you had self-worth sweetie, you wouldn’t have been squatting and embarrassing your self
in other people’s houses.” Rosella said to me wide-eyed and went inside the house as
Brandon laughed.

” That’s a lesson to you. Next time, don’t ever insult my sister because….she’s a born
savage.” Brandon said and winked then he too went upstairs.
I’m getting tired of staying in this house because the damn insults are too much and
I’m getting fed up. It’ll soon reach a place where I’ll be extremely angry at this little bee and
she won’t like it.
Imagine the little brat calling me names because I’m living in her damn house. Fvck

” Something is bothering me..” Gabriel said and I dropped the magazine I was reading and
removed my glasses.
” Which is?” I asked him and he sat atop on the bed.
” Brandon. I’m getting old and Brandon hasn’t even started dating anyone yet, talk less of
marrying her and giving me grandkids.” He said to me and it gave me concern.
” I actually want him to get married to Sophie, she’s a good girl. But it seems he is adamant.”
I said to Gabriel and he nodded.
” True, but I don’t think we should force him to get married to someone he doesn’t like. He
can get married to any good girl of his choice.” Gabriel said but I didn’t care…he must marry

” Okay, so what do you have in mind?” I asked Gabriel and he smiled.
” I actually have something in mind. Let me tell you.” He said to me and I leaned in for him to
tell me.
” Good morning all..” I said as I entered the dining and saw Brandon and Sophie.
” Oh did I say all? I meant Brandon and the girl who cooks frog poop.” I said and Brandon
laughed as Sophie pulled an ‘I don’t care face’
” Easy now Rosy….we don’t want to bombard all the insults on her now…save some for
later.” Brandon said and I laughed and sat down.

Just then, mum and dad came into the dining holding hands like new couples.
” It’s been days since I last saw mum and dad like this…” I said and mum and dad blushed
as we all laughed.
” Well, your dad and I had a little fight but now we’re good.” Mum said and looked at dad
then gushed over him.

Aww…” Brandon exclaimed and dad leaned in and pecked mum on the cheek.
” Eeeww!” Brandon, Sophie and I exclaimed as he pecked her and covered our eyes.
” Dad…y’all should get a room.” Brandon said and we all laughed and just then….dad’s
laughed turned into chokes.
He began choking and choking even more harder as seconds passed.
” Get him water!” Mum yelled and Brandon and I rushed to the kitchen and brought water for
He couldn’t take the water, he just continued choking and he fell to the ground and
closed his eyes.
” No!” I yelled as I touched him on the ground.

” Don’t do this Gabriel!” Mum yelled as she shook him as well.
She put her head on his chest fit some time to check whether he still has heart beats.
” He’s still alive. Quick tell the drivers to get the car ready.” Mum instructed and I rushed
We go the car ready and put dad in it and we rushed to the hospital. Well because of
our name and the influence we have in this country, my dad was treated like a VIP and
rushed to the Emergency Unit Immediately.

He was there for sometime and later on, the doctor said he wanted to see us.
We went into the doctor’s room and he asked us to sit down.
” Hmm…luckily for you guys, you brought him in here on time.” The doctor said.
” So is he okay?” Brandon asked and the doctor removed his glasses.
” Well, there’s good news and bad news. Which should I say first.” The doctor asked.
” Good news first.” Sophie replied and the doctor sighed.
” Your husband is alive and is stabilized at least for the time being.” The doctor said and
everyone had a mixed reaction of happiness and shock.

” Time being? I don’t understand doctor.” Mum said and the doctor sighed again.

That brings me to the bad news.”
” Your husband has suffered a stroke and has just 21 DAYS to live…” The doctor said and
everyone was shocked.
” Doctor…Doctor…I..I


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