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21DAYS WIFE: 21, 22

21DAYS WIFE: 21, 22

Married To A Hooker
Chapter Tweenty
DAY 8: Ava’s In Trouble!

” Oh no Ava!!!” Brandon yelled from God knows where.
” You witch what did you do to her!” Brandon yelled at me and I noticed that she had started
bleeding from her head. Her head is broken!
” Brandon I…I….I…um.


” Sophie….what have you done. What has this innocent girl done to you that you can’t
leave her alone.” I yelled at her and she rolled her eyes.
” I swear on my life Sophie, if anything happens to her I will rip your throat apart personally.”
I yelled at her and Rosella probably hearing the commotion rushed outside.
” What’s happening here?” She asked as she rushed to the scene and knelt beside Ava.
” She fell and hit her head on the table and now she’s bleeding all because of this evil girl.” I
said pointing at Sophie and she turned away.
Soon, mum and dad and Henry as well came rushing to the scene.

” What happened? What’s going on?” They kept asking as they rushed over.
As soon as mum found out that it was Ava on the floor bleeding, she burst out into a
very mocking laugh.
” This is what happens when you are not meant to be somewhere!” She said amidst her
” Mum I won’t take that from you. I don’t want you telling me nonsense about my wife!” I
stood up and yelled at her and she looked at me shocked.
” Don’t you dare talk to me like that you spoilt child who has no respect whatsoever for his
mother!” Mum scolded me.
” We shouldn’t be fighting right now, someone’s life is gradually slipping away, I think we
should get her to a hospital don’t you think?” Rosella yelled and mum and I stopped our
already heated argument.

” I don’t care if her life slips away, she can go to hell for all I care.” Mum yelled and I looked
at her without saying a word.
” For what you’ve said now mum, I shall get back to you but first I want to see my wife alive.”
I said to my mum and she rolled her eyes.
No one was in support of our marriage apart from Rosella. Henry and Sophie are not
in support off course, mum is highly not in support and Dad, even if he wasn’t in support isn’t
physically fit right now.
Not minding the blood that gushed out from her head, I carried her in my arms. Blood
poured on my shirt and some splashes of it on my face. I looked behind me, she has lost a
lot of blood as a pool of red think blood was on the floor.
” I’ll follow you to the hospital.” Rosella said as she rushed to follow me but mum dragged
her back.

” Never! Let him carry his cross alone!” Mum said as she dragged Rosella back.
” But mom I….”
” Silence child!” Mum silenced Rosella’s protest.
Despite my family’s hatred for our marriage, I carried Ava to my car and drove her to
the hospital. My car was soaked with blood and she was still bleeding up till now.
Luckily, I was able to get her to the hospital with her still breathing. Her face was red
with blood her white lace gown was now a velvet red gown because the blood had stained it
The nurses quickly came with a stretcher and put her on it rushing her to the
Emergency unit and now her life lies in the hand of her Maker.
I stayed in the waiting room awaiting the doctor’s remark on Ava’s fate. I waited for hours and hours, just by myself, no moral support from anyone. Just as mum said ” I was
carrying my cross alone”

” I can’t let anything happen to her. I feel indebted to her now!” I thought as I paced around
the room.
It was really painful, I was crying inside but couldn’t cry outside because I was a man, I can’t show my pain.
” If anything happens to this girl I will hate her more than I already have and I will kill her
with my bare hands.” I concluded to myself.

Sophie is gradually becoming a nuisance in that house. She is responsible for all my
” I would’ve left this house but that would be disastrous because if I move away, I won’t be
able to regain my accounts and my space in that will.”
” I should’ve left when that witch came to our house!” I blamed myself for the idea had not
yet come at that time.
” Now I have to carry my cross. Speaking of which, I can call my account officer he can help
me unfreeze my account.” The idea suddenly came and I brought out my phone from my
pocket, as quick as The Flash, I dialled Mr. Dean my account manager.

๐Ÿ“ฑ Hello Mr. Dean,
๐Ÿ“ฑ Hello Brandon, how are you?
๐Ÿ“ฑ I’m fine sir! Umm…I just called for some enquiries.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Well, I haven’t been able to withdraw money from my account for some time now. Is
anything the matter?” I asked pretending not to know that my dad froze my account.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Oh Mr. Brandon, I thought you knew? Your dad froze your account nine days ago.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Wow? And you knew about this Mr. Dean and couldn’t call to inform me?
๐Ÿ“ฑ He said I shouldn’t bother about informing you because he said he will tell you with his
own mouth.
” Curse me for having a joint account with my father!” I cursed beneath my breath.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Huh? I didn’t get you sir” Mr. Dean said.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Oh no, I wasn’t talking to you. But did my father mention to you why he blocked my
account and when he will release it?
๐Ÿ“ฑ Uhm, he said you’re misusing the funds in it which I clearly defended you because I see
the statistics of your transfers and they are not extravagant transfers and all were to Other
Companies. But your dad insisted that you were misusing it and ordered it closed.
” So he didn’t even have the guts to tell the bank that he closed my accounts because I
refused to give him grandkids? So pathetic.” I laughed to myself.
๐Ÿ“ฑ So when is he releasing it?

He said he’ll give you twenty one days from that day to change your ways and if he
doesn’t call back for me to unfreeze the account then I should permanently delete your
account and it’s funds.
๐Ÿ“ฑ My father did that? Anyways Mr. Dean, Thanks for this information.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Okay sir, take care” He said and hung up..
” My father can stoop so long at times, he is so ugh!” I sighed.

” You will not go to meet that Ava girl. She is Brandon’s responsibility.” Mum strictly
” But she is your daughter.” I cried out to mum.
” If not that you were my blood, I would have slapped that stupid thought from your brain.”
Mum said to me and I shrieked.
” If you have no possible job in this earth then go and massage Sophie’s back and help her
pick baby names.” Mum added before leaving.
” God Forbid” I muttered under my breath.
” I hate her.” My brain said to me and I couldn’t agree less.
” I must see Ava now!” I thought and had to think of a possible way to leave this house.

” Wait? Why do I have to think, I can just leave the house. She can disown me, I’m better off.
The drama in this house makes me lack focus on my studies.” I said to myself as I went
upstairs grabbed a face cap and went out the door.
Off course, they are in City Care hospital. That’s where we always go to when we sick
or any accident happens. I took a cab there. I didn’t want to call Brandon that I was here.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
I looked for him and found him in the waiting room, pacing round and round the room
in fear and worry.
” Hey.” I said to him and he was startled.
” Hi.” He said out of surprise and shock.

Who’s she doing?” I asked without emotions.
” I can’t say, the doctor hasn’t talked to me.” He said and I sighed and sat down.
” The doctor requests to see you now.” A primly dressed nurse said to us and we went in.
” Good evening ma and sir. Please sit.” The doctor said and we sat down.
” This is a new face, haven’t seen him before.” I said to myself as we sat.
” Well, I believe you’re here for Mrs. Ava Brandon Holmes?” He said and scribbled some
stuff on his notepad.
” Uhuh?”
” Well…there’s good and bad news.” The doctors said and we were afraid.

” The good news is that she is alive, and when there is life there is hope.” The doctor said
and we nodded but we were eager to know what happened.
” The bad news is….


[Married To A Hooker
๐Ÿ‘™Chapter Tweenty Two๐Ÿ‘™
โ˜…๐Ÿ‘’DAY 8: Ava’s In Trouble II!๐Ÿ‘’โ˜…
” Out of four of you only one person has the O- blood and only you will be able to donate to
Ava.” The doctor said and adjusted his spectacle.

Mrs. Holmes. You are O- and you are the only one suitable to donate to Ava.” The doctor
announced and tension filled the air.
” Me……huh?
๐Ÿ˜ถโ€ข BRANDON’S POV โ€ข๐Ÿ˜ถ
Oh God why do you allow the devil to prevail over me like this?
Why my mother who has a heart of stone towards Ava and will never even dream of
allowing a drip of her blood come in contact with Ava’s huh?
Why can’t it be anybody else?
Even if it was Sophie, I would’ve threatened her to give up some of her blood for the poor

Now for sure, Ava may die!
” Doctor, I ain’t transferring no blood to her!” Mum said with her arms folded bellow her
” Madam you have to, the young girl is in danger!” The doctor said to her and she rolled her
” Well I don’t care. Her husband should donate blood to her.” Mum said pointing at me.
” Mum can you quit thinking like a child and donate some blood to the poor girl! If she dies,
the Police will come for you because she died as a result of some stupid accident in your
house!” I flared up and angrily said that to mum who looked at me surprised and shocked on
what I had uttered.

” And as for you!” I said diverting my anger to Sophie and pointing at her.
” If Ava dies, you’ll be charged for murder because you pushed her intentionally! And you
know what that me ans, they may just pity your damn baby and sentence you for life
imprisonment instead of sentencing you to death by hanging!” I yelled at Sophie and she
flared up and angrily stood up.
” How dare you use swear words on your own child that I’m carrying!” Sophie yelled at me.
” Shut your damn sink hole mouth! If Ava dies, I’ll make sure you rot in jail!” I said to her and
sat down.

Mrs. Pauline, I think you should donate your blood to her so that she won’t die because if
she does…you heard what your son said.” Sophie begged mum and she looked at her.
” Well, if not that if Ava dies and you’ll go to jail and my grandson will come out malnourished
and dirty, I wouldn’t have cared if the damn girl died or not.” Mum said and I knew Sophie’s
pleas had hit the soft spot of her heart.
” I don’t want to loose much blood, just some. So how many pints do you want?” Mum asked
the now elated doctor.

” Three Pints.” The doctor said and Mum’s eyes widened in shock.
” Three whole pints? I thought the maximum blood to be taken out from someone is Two
Pints? This is not acceptable.” Mum said to the doctor.
” Well, actually you can withdraw up to Four Pints from a person just that the person won’t be
strong and will feel dizzy sort of, but withdrawing two pints will not have any effects on the
donor.” The doctor educated mum and she sighed.
” Fine, let’s go to the hospital now I have better things to do on a Sunday than giving out
blood willy nilly.” Mum said and the doctor and I stood up from our chair and went out of the
house as mum followed behind us.
” What?” Mum exclaimed as she saw Rosella outside.
” I thought I strictly warned you not to leave this house and go to that hospital. You now learn
from you brother to disrespect me?” Mum yelled at Rosella who was looking at the ground

” I’m sorry mum. Brandon was the only one who was there for Ava and I wanted to show
support that’s why I followed them.” Rosella expressed and mum gave her a very stern look
and walked to the car and the doctor and I followed behind her.
We entered into the car, mum, doctor and I including Rosella as well and we were
driven to the hospital.
We got down from the car once we reached the hospital and we strode into the
doctor’s office.
” Okay madam, you will have the blood taken out of you in a bit by our nurse.” The doctor
said and made a call.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Hello Nurse Annie.” He said.
๐Ÿ“ฑ Yes Nurse Annie, please come to my office now.

Yeah.” He said and hung up.
” She’ll be here soon.” The doctor said and sat down.
” First of all, a sample of your blood will be taken and checked to see whether it is pure
enough and free from any alter. Then we will take the required amount from you.” The doctor
said to mum and we awaited the doctor.
The door opened few minutes later and a nurse came in smiling and showing off her
beautifully arranged set of white teeth.
” I’m here doctor.” She said as she came in.
” Good Annie welcome, see Mrs. Pauline here. She wants to donate blood so you will test
her blood and then take three pints.” The doctor said to the nurse.
” Okay Doc. Ma’am you’ll have to come with me now.” The nurse said and mum went with
the nurse.

” Nurse hope this isn’t going to take long?” I asked the nurse and she shook her head.
” No, it won’t.” She said with a hearty smile.
We walked into a room and she asked me to sit down.
” I will have to take some of your blood with a syringe.” She said and brought out a syringe to
take my blood.
After that, she took the specimen inside a room and for some minutes, close to an
hour she was in there.
She came outside then with that hearty smile on her face.
” Your blood is pure enough.” She said and I smiled.
” Good, let’s get this over with.” I said and she brought out a plastic bag with a syringe like
” This is a pint. So I will inject the needle into you and the blood will come in.” The nurse said
and injected the needle like mouth of the pint bag and my blood rushed into the bag like a
wave of floor coming into North Carolina in full speed.

That procedure went on three times and before you could yell ‘Jack Robinson’, three
pints bags were filled with my O- blood.
I felt dizzy and felt like I will faint or probably die because my head was spinning in
circles and my brain was like it was in a washing machine rotating, rotating and rotating.
” All the troubles I go through just for Brandon’s prostitute wife!” I mocked myself despite the
fact that my head was on a rollercoaster.
” I feel dizzy nurse.” I said to her and she chuckled.
” It’s part of the aftermath of donating. Please hold on a bit, I need to go give the blood to the
doctor so he can use them.” The nurse said but I couldn’t respond to her because my head
couldn’t even make an answer to that.
As she carried the blood out of the room, she tripped and nearly fell the bags of blood
to the floor and then that will be disastrous to me because I gave out three pints of blood for
nothing and the Ava of a girl will die a pitiful death!

Knowing that she almost messed up big time, the nurse shyly turned back and gave
me a nervous smile, which depicted that “it was a close call, but I managed to save it.” After
that, she opened the door and left.
” Who asked her to smile? Guilty conscience” I silently snapped at her as she left the room.
” At least God in heaven knows that I am not wicked, I gave my blood to that undeserving
girl. My place is surely waiting for me in heaven pending when I die of the rapture takes
place.” I thought as I sat down.
” All my family members shall be raptured as saints because they are good. Only that Ava
girl won’t be raptured! She will stay on the decaying earth and suffer with the Anti Christ as
her ruler because prostitutes like her have no place in the kingdom of God.”
” Speaking of the Kingdom of God, I may be sent there untimely if this nurse doesn’t get me
something to stop my head from aching!” I thought as the pain increased and I was getting
more and more uncomfortable.
” I may throw up!”

Just as we were waiting in the doctors room, the door open and a delight nurse came in
holding some bags of blood.

Rosella was sleeping, I tapped her gently so she’ll wake up because the blood has
” Oh?” She exclaimed as she woke up.
” Mum has donated the blood.” I said to her as she yawned.
” Oh good. Who would’ve thought?” She said dully due to the fact that she had just awoken
from sleep and she yawned once more then laid her head on my shoulder, not to sleep but
to rest a bit.
” The blood is her Doc.” The nurse said and she dropped them carefully on the table.

” Good, thank you nurse. Give the woman, I mean the donor. Give her a room and some
energy drinks and food so she can get herself. Afterwards give her sleeping tablets so she
can regain lost strength.” The doctor instructed the nurse and she nodded to every of the
doctor’s instruction and turned to leave when he had finished.
” So doctor what’s next?” I asked him and he adjusted his spectacles.
” Well, I will need to give her the blood and after she has taken in about two and a half pint,
she can wake up then.” The doctor said as he took a medical tray and put the blood on it.
” So we will have to wait?” Rosella asked as she raised her head from my shoulder.
” Yes dear, you will. Or you can go home and come back in the next three or four hours,
depending on you though.” The doctor said this time at a stand still position where he was at

Rosella and I looked at each other. We didn’t say a word but we communicated. I raised my left eyebrows up as if I were confused or asking a quirky question and she replied
with a simple nod. We had communicated with those gestures and if our brother and sister
bond were to be real, I know we agreed that we should wait behind.
” We will like to wait behind.” Rosella said and I smirked because….our brother and sister
bond is really strong๐Ÿ˜
” Okay then. You will have to wait in the waiting room.” The doctor said and carried the tray
of the bags of blood and Rosella and I stood up then we all went out of the door.


Henry, Sophie! I’m wheeling myself round the block. Just to do some sight seeing. I’ll be
back soon.” I heard Mr. Gabriel announce from downstairs.
” Okay!” I also heard Henry reply him and after a few minutes I heard the door slam.
I giddily went downstairs to the living room, humming to the music that played from
my ear pods and danced a bit on the stairs and that’s when I felt someone grip my waist.
” Hey boo.” I heard Henry say as he still clung to my waist and pecked my on the cheek.
” Hi.” I said to him with a beaming smile.
” We haven’t had fun in a long time huh?” He said as he ran his hands from my hips back to
my a^^.
” Yeah…and this is the right time, now that no one is at home.” I said to him and he licked his
lips and smirked.
” Yes! I like your thinking.” He said to me and lifted me up, carrying me in his arms as I giggled. He carried me downstairs and laid me on the couch
He started kissing me and then abruptly stopped, then sat down on the couch and I left my laid-down position and sat on the chair as well.
” Why did you stop?” I asked him and he didn’t reply.
” It’s been months…I just want to know what…as in, how you’re planning your life.” Henry
said and I was shocked a bit on the sudden change of subject.
” Why the change of subject?” I asked again.

” I don’t know. I just want to know what your plans are right now.” He said and I grunted.
” Okay…well. I have some business going on in the Holmes house, and when it’s done, I’ll be
paid some money, a huge sum. With that amount, I plan to start up my own business.” I said
to Henry and he nodded.
” Okay, what type of business?” He asked me.
” If I am not able to set up my own clothing line, then I will open a boutique and save up to
open my own clothing line.” I said to him and he smiled.
” Alright. Nice plans. But if I may ask, what are you doing here in the Holmes house?” He
asked me and I was getting quite fed up with the questions and the fact that he was getting
too inquisitive.

I’m here…for many reasons. I dated Brandon for some time and he broke up with me
because of the liking his parents had for me. They arranged for me to come live in this house
to gain Brandon’s attention and make him fall in love with me”
” That never worked so Phase Two of the plan was to make him get married to me by force.
Then they physically and psychologically forced him to marry me but it failed. Then Phase
Two B set out.”
” They seized Brandon’s account and his ailing father threatened not to add him to his will if
he did not get married. We thought we had gotten it right with this phase not until Brandon
came home with Ava as his wife, which up till now I still can’t understand how they got to be.”

” Phase Three set out, To destroy their marriage and that’s the face we are in now.” I said to
Henry who has been paying close attention to what I had been saying.
” So why are you doing all this?” He asked yet again.
” At first, I still had feelings for Brandon that’s why I did this, but when it seemed like I was
wasting my time dying for a guy who didn’t have an atom of love for me, I decided to forget
about love and do it for the cash. That was after Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 3 is sort of a
revenge. He broke my heart, I’ll break his motherfucking marriage.”
” Hmm…wow. You’ve changed a lot Sophie.” He said and I felt annoyed.
” Is that an insult?” I asked him.
” No, well tell me now. This is my last question. Are you pregnant?” He asked me.
” Huh…I…Uhm.

Sorry for making you guys scroll for long๐Ÿ˜Ž
This is a surprise and an apology for not posting consecutively.
Guess what?
Another Chapter!!๐Ÿ˜˜
That means double chapter for youโค
Am I forgiven?๐Ÿ˜”

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