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{ Married To A Hooker👰 }
Chapter Six
{ Ava’s Aura Of Trouble I}
” Sophie!” I called her name and she spat out her food out of shock.
” What the fvck are you doing here Sophie?” I yelled at her and she shivered in fear
” Umm…Ava…I..I….

” Ava I…I…I…”
” Can you explain to me what’s happening here?” A woman shouted angrily as she stood up
from the chair.
” What is the racket here all about?” I heard a familiar male voice say as the door opened
and a familiar face came to the dining area.
” Wait…aren’t you Mr. Gabriel?” I said to him as I recognized that it was him and he hid his
face in embarrassment.
” Wait honey, do you know her?” The woman from earlier asked him and he didn’t answer.

She called him honey?
Which means she is his wife and he was cheating on her with me
” I don’t understand what’s going on here. What is this harlot doing in our house??” Mr.
Gabriel yelled and I was shocked.
He called me a harlot??
After he was moaning and enjoying my body the other night.
” I was just leaving anyways. I don’t know how I got here and I’m sorry for the inconvenience
I have caused you guys in any way.” I said to them as I looked at Sophie with the corner of
my eye.

” And as for you Mr. Gabriel” I said to him as I came closer to where he stood.
” You call me a harlot yet, you patronize us and see other women behind your wife’s back.” I
said to him and he was shocked on hearing that and kept on giving me hand signals to stop
” It was awkwardly nice meeting you all” I added and left the house.
” What did she just say about you cheating on me?” My wife asked me and I shivered.
I’m in big trouble now.

That’s not the issue at hand. The question is how is did that pr*stitute get into our house?” I
asked trying to avoid my wife’s question and change the subject.
” I brought her in dad.” Brandon who has been quiet all this while said and everyone looked
at her.

Could father and son be patronizing the same pr*stitute??
” What!?! Brandon Holmes Oliver! You’ve started patronizing street harlots!!” My wife fired at
Brandon who seemed not to be really bothered.
” Mum, it’s just a misunderstanding. I’ll be back to explain everything.” He said as he stood
up and went out of the house.
” Brandon!! Brandon come back here!!!” My wife called him but he didn’t answer and he went

” Dinner was ruined yesterday and now Breakfast is ruined today, I don’t know how Lunch is
going to be. I’m late for school.” Rosella said as she stood up as well and carried her bag
then went out of the house.
” I ..I….I…I’m leaving as well.” Sophie added as she stood up and went upstairs quickly.
My wife turned her angry gaze towards me and I was now prepared for the worst
” Excuse me! Excuse me!” I yelled at the lady as she was about crossing the gate.
” Hello!” I yelled once more and she paused and turned back.
” What do you want?” She asked sternly and I scratched my head.
” I just want to apologize to you on behalf of my family for embarrassment.” I said and she
forced a smile.
” It’s cool, what’s done is done.” She simply said and turned to leave.
” Um…you were drunk last night at the stripper club so I brought you here to rest for the
night. Hope you are not annoyed?” I asked her and she looked at me surprised.
” You brought me here? Well…Thanks a bunch.” She said sarcastically and turned again to

” How about I drop you off at your destination. It’s the least I can do.” I said to her and she
paused waking but didn’t look back.
” I appreciate but no. You and your family have done quite enough today.” She added and
left the building.
Something is so so so mysterious about this girl but I can’t seem to figure it out.
I returned back into the house but passed the back door. I presume there’s still more
drama happening inside and I don’t wanna get caught up in it.
I looked at my husband…
His face showed guilt and he is clearly cheating on me.
” Gabriel…I gave you everything. Yet you leave me to sleep around with girls young enough
to be your daughter???” I said to him and he didn’t reply but hid his face in disgrace.

” Honey…it’s not true, I….”
” Shut up Gabriel. You liar!” I said interrupting his statement and looked at him.
” Gabriel, I labored with you when you had nothing, I gave birth to children who bear your
name and all I get from you is this embarrassment and disgrace?” I said to him and tears
began to flow from my eyes.
” I guess…I guess I was wrong.” I said and went upstairs and locked the door behind me.
I was about switching on the TV when the door flung open and an angry Ava came in and
tossed her bag to the chair.
” Woah, Woah, Woah!” What’s happening chica?” I asked her and she looked at me with an
angry gaze.
” First of all…how will both of us go to a stripper club and you’ll leave me all alone and go
away” She yelled at me and I chuckled.

You were the one who asked me to go away, don’t you remember. Oh yeah, you were
drunk.” I said to her and she gave me a confused look.

” Huh?”
📌Yesterday, at the striper club📌
🔞🔞 Uncensored😜
👉🏻Still In Brenda’s POV👈🏻
” Your b**bs are so soft…” A man said to Ava as he caressed her b**bs and she moaned
Of course she was damn drunk and wouldn’t allow any damn man touch her b**bs for
free. But now that she’s drunk, she just wants to have fun.
” I love you…” She said softly but stammered a bit under the influence of alcohol as she
pecked him and held his d*ck.
They began kissing and touch each other passionately.
” You’re so good babe…can I call my friends to come have a taste of this?” The guys said to
Ava as he slapped her a** and she giggled.

” Yeah…call them, we gonna have some fun!” Ava squeed and the guy brought out his
phone and made a call. From the tone of the conversation, it seemed like his friends were in
the club. As he talked to them, Ava caressed his body and kissed him occasionally.
” They’ll be right here in a bit.” The guy said and dropped his phone while he and Ava
confused their kissing and caressing.
Soon enough, the guys came over and each of them sat down around Ava as she
danced and twerked for them.
They all touched, pressed, rocked, kissed and played with Ava all through the night
and it was just about to get feisty.

” What do you say we take all these fun to a room huh?” One of the guys said and they all
murmured but agreed on getting a room.
” Sweet…Imma show you what I’m made off.” Ava said as she shook her a**
Brenda…you’ll have to go home now. Cuz this fun is till the morning.” Ava yelled and the
guys cheered as they went away.
I know Ava told me to go away I her drunken state and probably didn’t mean it but who
cares! I was even tired of watching them.
I picked up my bag and left.
👉🏻Still In Brenda’s POV👈🏻

” Oh….I was drunk. Now I get it.” Ava said and I chuckled.
” Well that’s by the way, A guy I met at the club last night took me to his house.” Ava said
and I dropped the remote and faced her properly.
” Did he touch you???” I asked her sternly.
” No…he saw me drunk in the club and took me to his house to rest and that’s when I met my
biggest surprise.” Ava said and I was shocked and curious at the same time.
” Well the first and highly coincidental event was that it was one of my client’s son that picked
me up…” Ava said and I was surprised.
” What happened next?”
” He tried to avert the situation and called me a Harlot, so I exposed him to his damn wife!”
Ava said and chuckled as I exclaimed.
” Oohhhh!!!! That’s my baby Ava!” I said we high-fived.

” But….I saw….Sophie.” Ava said and my ears nearly fell out on hearing that.
” I swear! I wish we never cross paths again. Cause if we do, I’m gonna kill her.” Ava added
angrily and I was shocked.
” I’m really hungry okay. I’m off to cook.” She added and went to the kitchen.
” Oh God!! Ava, Ava, Ava!” I said as I came into the room.
” I’m done for, she knows where I am! I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead.” I yelled as I clutched my
head and paced around the room.
” I’m not safe anymore. I have to go away from her. But no, I’m in the Holmes Mansion and
nothing can happen to me, plus I have a goal here.” I said to myself as I stopped pacing
” Plus, I may never see her again, Brandon must’ve probably brought her in to satisfy his
sexual urges and he may never bring her back since he has seen the trouble she has caused.” I said and smiled a bit.

” But still I hope I never see her again.” I said to myself and laid on my bed.
After breakfast, the whole house was sort of boring and quiet, everyone was shocked
on the aura of trouble Ava brought because it affected everyone.
Dinner time came and Mrs. Holmes didn’t come down to cook, in fact she hasn’t come
out of her room since in the morning. Mr. Holmes got dressed and left the house and did not
come back up until now. Brandon has been in his room all day and Rosella….I don’t even
care about her.

Seems like no one was interested in dinner tonight and I’m damn starving.
I went downstairs so I could order some pizza and I found Brandon downstairs eating
some pizza.
” Want some.” He asked me and I was shocked. I looked back to make sure no one was
behind me.
” I’m talking to you. Come take a bite.” He said again and I went to sit beside him still
shocked on the sudden kindness he displayed.
There was an un-open box of pizza behind him and he brought it out and gave it to
me. I opened it and took a slice. He passed me a can of Soda to go with the pizza then
smiled to me.

Is he no longer angry with me!
That means my plan is working and he’s getting to love me again!
I’m so so happy!
” Don’t get cocky. We’re still enemies and I literally dislike you as a whole.” Brandon said to
me and my heart shattered and my joy seized.

I discovered that mum isn’t cooking and maybe she will never come out of that room. The
maids here don’t cook, they just help out. Dad isn’t around so Rosella and I ordered pizza”
” Oh.” I managed to say.
” And so that it won’t seem we’re wicked or greedy and so you won’t die in our house out of
hunger, we ordered and extra box.” He said and took a slice of his pizza.
” So…I just did this because we’re all humans and have a right to live. If not, you can starve.”

He added and carried his box of pizza and his soda and went upstairs.
” I knew it was too good to be true.” I said to myself as I sulked and ate my food.
Just then, the door opened and Mr. Holmes came inside the house.
” Probably, he went out to patronize the likes of Ava.” I said to myself as he came in.
” Good evening sir.” I greeted and he didn’t answer but waved his hand at me.
” Is my wife inside?” He asked
” Yes in her room, she hasn’t come out from there since morning.” I answered and
immediately he went upstairs.
” Pauline….” I called her name softly as I knocked on the door.
” Go…Away.” She said and from the tone of her voice it seemed like she had been crying.

” Please…let me in.” I said once more.
” Never…go back to where you’re coming from.” She said and my heart shattered.
” I’m sorry, if you have ever loved me Pauline, please let me in.” I said and she didn’t
respond, some seconds later, I heard a click and the door opened.
Her face showed that she had been crying and her eyes were red and swollen and
dried tears were on her face.
” Would you come in or you’ll stay there looking at me.” She said and she opened the door
wider and I went in
” I’m sorry Pauline, I don’t know what came over me, I was just so carried away by lust and
greed. Forgive me.” I said and she chuckled with her arms folded.
” I want a divorce.” She said and my whole life was as if it came to a pause.
” But Pauline I….I…

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