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Chapter Five

{ Sophie Is In Our House III}

” Isn’t that dad?” I said as I sighed him entering inside the club.
What is he doing here? Maybe he’s here for another purpose than what it seems
because I can’t believe that he’ll be cheating on mum. It’s quite unbelievable and
” Bro!!” I heard Cole call me and hit me slightly on the back.
” Maannnn!!” I said and gave him a handshake and we hugged.
” Cole, you didn’t tell me that you’re taking me to a tripper club.” I said to him and he

” You told me you’re angry and what better way to cure a man’s anger than for him to watch
girls strip.” Cole said and we laughed.
” But trust me bro, they’re more better ways to make me happy. You know I don’t like these
kinda of things.” I said to Cole and he rolled his eyes
” Alright we know you’re an innocent angel, let’s go in.” Cole said and we laughed as we
went in.

We hadn’t even gone far before we saw a blonde girl who was wearing just a bra and G-string pant passed by us and smirked at us sexily.
She winked and Cole blew a kiss to her and she smiled and walked away.
” I like that one.” Cole said and I chuckled.
” You’d like any girl dressed like that. I know you too well Cole.” I said to him and he
chuckled as well.
” You got me bro, I do have a soft spot for pretty women.” He said as we sat down.

By pretty you mean Half naked girls?” I asked with a raised eye brow.
” Yeah stuffs like that” Cole said and he laughed while I chuckled.
A waiter approached us and asked us what we would like to have and we ordered.
” I’d like a shot of Brandy Whisky.” Cole said and the waiter nodded then wrote it down.

” I’d like a Brown Tequila.” I said and the waiter nodded again then wrote it down.
” Any other thing?” He asked.
” That’ll be all for now.” Cole replied and the waiter bowed and left.
” Sweet Mother Of Jesus….Wow” Cole exclaimed as a girl wearing revealing and
transparent short gown passed by us.
” Hey Handsome.” She said to him as she smiled sexily.
” Hey sexy…” Cole said as he hit her a** and she smiled.
” I know you want some…come meet me and the other girls later.” She said with a wink as
she strutted away.

” Men, the girls at this Club are wonderful!” Cole exclaimed as the waiter brought our drinks
and dropped them on the table.
” Here’s the money.” I said as I brought out two hundred dollars and paid for our drinks.
” Bro…I’m gonna be coming here every Friday to taste some of these pretty ladies.” Cole
added as two girls walked by and winked at him.
“Good for you bro…and it seems like the girls can’t have enough of you either.” I said and
Cole laughed and took his shot.
” Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!” He exclaimed as he took the shot and closed his eyes and squeezed his
face in discomfort.

” That sh*t is too strong.” He added as he dropped the cup.
” Hey waiter…I need another shot of this. The Molly in this is so maaad.” He said as he
signaled a waiter and he took the cup away.
” Just don’t drink too much bro, because I ain’t carrying you on my back when you get tipsy.”
I said to Cole and he laughed it off.

” I’m serious bro.” I added as he laughed hard.
As Cole chatted with the waiter, I wondered what my dad could be doing in a stripper
club at this hour.
Maybe he wasn’t the one I saw because ever since I saw him, I haven’t seen him
again nor have I sighted him anywhere.
” Hey handsome.” I heard a feminine voice call out to me and I was snapped out of my

I looked to see a girl who was not not dressed in only underwear nor was she wearing
a transparent gown, however she was wearing a palazzo jumpsuit which was cleavage
At least she’s better than those previous girls and looks more primed and classier than
” Hi ” I simply replied as I took a sip out of my Tequila.

” You look lost, are you sure you don’t need something?” She asked me and I was confused.
” Something like what?” I asked her and she smirked then stepped away from me a bit then
twerked and grinded to the music that played for like 30seconds.
” Something like that.” She said as she finished and came closer to me.

” Here’s my card.” She said and removed a card from her bag and gave it to me.
” Call me if you need some more.” She said and she smiled then walked away.
I found myself smiling and as she walked and her a** swayed as she walked sexily.
” Ahah! Seems like you like this one” Cole said and I chuckled.
” I don’t judge you anyways…she’s hot.” Cole added and I nodded my head then took a sip
out of my Tequila.
📱 I love you baby” My boyfriend Michael said to me for the umpteenth time.
📱 I love you too Mikey. Much kisses to you.” I said and hung up as my mum entered the
living room.

Who were you talking to?” My mum asked as she entered.
Oh no!
I’m busted!!
If my mum finds out I’m dating anyone, I’m so so so dead! I remember when Brandon
was my age and he brought his girlfriend that mum didn’t know about to the house secretly.

Mum caught them kissing in the balcony and Brandon was grounded for ages!
That can’t happen to me!
” I was talking to my best friend y’know Katy.” I said as my mum came closer and I hid my
phone behind me.
” So Katy’s name is now Mikey and you love her so much that you kiss her.” Mum said to me
sternly and a shiver ran down my spine.
I have to play my cards well or else I’m busted!

” Well mum you see Katy’s nickname is now Mikey because…..” I couldn’t complete my
statement before Sophie rushed downstairs crying.
” What happened Sophie dear?” My mum asked as she stood up and Sophie embraced her.
” Phew…she’ll get distracted and leave me alone.” I heaved a sigh of relief as they hugged.

” Uh…mum, I’ll leave you two alone to discuss. It seems the matter at hand is serious.” I said
as I picked up my phone to leave.
” Whatever Rosella. Don’t think you’ve escaped because you must explain to me who is
Mikey.” My mum said and I gulped as I heard it.
They were standing near the kitchen so I went into the kitchen and hid behind a wall
so I can hear what they’re discussing about.

” Sophie dear, what happened?” My mum asked her.
” It’s Brandon, he shouted at me again.” Sophie replied and I laughed but not too loud so
they won’t hear me.
” Why did he do that?”
” I went into his room to tell him that dinner was ready and he snapped at me.” Sophie said
and cried louder as I couldn’t help but laugh at her.
I know Brandon. He can’t just shout at you for calling him downstairs for dinner.

You must’ve done something so spill it.” My mom commanded and Sophie sniffled.
” Well, I told him that I was the one that cooked the food and he became mad at me.” Sophie
said and I gasped on hearing her lie.
” But you didn’t cook…why did you have to lie?” Mum asked Sophie.
” Well, I thought if I lie to him that I cooked the food, he’ll be less angry with me but the plan
backfired and he’s more angry with me because he hates my cooking.” Sophia said and I
laughed hard. I nearly laughed my ass out.

” Why does he hate your cooking?” My mum asked and Sophie wailed.
” Well, when we were dating, I cooked for him and he says the food is tasteless or
sometimes he says it tastes like dog poop. Then the last time I cooked for him, he was
nearly hospitalized” Sophie said and my mum exclaimed as I laughed nearly falling to the
” Jesus! He was almost hospitalized?” Mum asked and Sophie cried harder.
” Don’t cry Sophie be strong remember why you’re here. You’re here too ……..” I couldn’t
hear what Sophie was here for when my goddamn phone rang.

” Who the fvck is calling me…..” I said as I brought out the phone from my pocket.
” Aww…it’s Mikey.” I said and picked the call.
📱 Hey Mikey.
📱 Hey babe. You got me worried, you hung up unexpectedly.
📱 Aww sorry about that. My mum was coming so I had to hide the phone and hang up.

📱 Oh okay. So are you in a safe place now so we can talk?
📱 Yes. Sort off but Mikey I would love to talk to you but I’m in the middle of a critical
discussion and I don’t want to miss any bits.
📱 Awwn…you’re going so soon?
📱 Yes babe. Don’t worry, I’ll call you before I go to bed. Pinky swear.
📱 Okay dear. I love you.
📱 I love you more Mikey
No..I love you more and more than you do.
📱 Nope, I love you more and more and more than you can ever imagine Mikey Boo.

📱 I love you more and more and more and more and more and more Rosy.
📱 Kisses! I gotta go now.” I said and hung up because If I don’t, Mikey is gonna use all the
“more” in this world to express how he loves me.
” Such a sweetheart.” I said as I thought about him.
I leaned in to continue listening to Sophie and mum’s conversation.
” Don’t cry Sophie…just remember why you’re here okay?” My mum said and then I knew
I’ve missed everything!

” What !!! I’ve missed everything because I was carried away with Mikey.” I yelled and
Sophie came into the kitchen.
” So you’ve been eavesdropping on our conversation you little brat!” Sophie yelled at me as
she entered into the kitchen.
” No, I wasn’t eavesdropping. I came to take an apple.” I said as I picked up and apple from
the counter and took a bite.
” You dirty little liar!” She yelled at me.
” Listen to me Sophie or whatever your damn mame is. This is my house and you don’t dare
call me names because I own it.” I yelled at her and she was surprised at me.
I walked past her and she dragged me back.
” Are you going out? I’m not done talking?” She asked me and I rolled my eyes.
” Yes I’m going out because I don’t have time to exchange words with over-grown cry babies
like you” I said and took a bite out of my apple then walked away from her.

This place is becoming boring.
Cole is having all the fun as he’s on the dancefloor with a girl who’s twerking and
whining for him as he rocks her good. While I’m here scrolling through Twitter.

Bro! Come dance with us. There is enough space and enough girls also.” Cole said to me
and I chuckled.
” You lost bro ” He added as he drank and smoked and the girls danced for him.
I’ve been here for two hours and it’s practically useless when you’re at a stripper club
and not doing all those stuffs Cole is doing.

I think it’s better if I leave now.
I looked at Cole, he was having the time of his life so I don’t wanna disturb him,
Instead, I’ll send him a text.
💬 I’m bored bro.
💬 I’m leaving. Talk to ya later.
I sent him the text message and picked up my keys, took a sip out of my drink then
left the club.
I walked to my car and was hearing girlish giggles behind me. I turned back to see
that girl who was gave me her card earlier.

She looked different. Her clothes were torn and her hair scattered and her bag was
around her neck and a used c*ndom was clipped to her earrings. And she was drunk as
” Poor girl, those boys at the club took advantage of her drunken stage and had their way
with her.” I said to myself as I looked at her stagger and giggle.
” Where do you live?” I asked her so I could drop her off
” I live at blah blah blah…” She replied and I rolled my eyes.
” I forgot she’s drunk. She may hardly remember her own name talk less of her address.”

I said to myself.
” I can’t leave you like this all one. Maybe I’ll take you to my house.” I said and she nodded
then staggered into my car.
I entered and zoomed off. I was still very famished so I stopped at Inside Out Burger’s
drive through and ordered some Burgers and Yogurt to go, then drove straight home.
” We’re home.” I said as we came to a halt at our parking lot. I. looked at her, she was fast

t was past midnight and it would be easy to sneak her in because everyone is asleep
I carried her in and into my room then laid her on the bed and covered her with a
I went into the bathroom and freshened up, afterwards had a change of clothes. I
bought out my water bed and inflated it, then brought out a blanket.
” Today was so…weird.” I said to myself as I closed my eyes and slept.

” Yaawwwwn!” I exclaimed as I woke up and sat atop on the bed.
” Where am I?” I asked myself as I looked around.
” Ouch! I have a pounding headache!” I said as I clutched my head.
” I drank yesterday, maybe I have hangover munchies.” I said as I tried to get out of the bed.
” God…I smell!” I said as I perceived the stench.
” What the fvck…” I exclaimed as I reminded a used c*ndom from my earrings.

” Eeew.” I said as I opened a door which was luckily the bathroom and flushed it down the
” I need a shower.” I said and luckily for me again, I saw a washing machine.
I offed my clothes and put them into the machine on Turbo wash-dry for 10minutes.
I opened a cabinet and saw a pack of toothbrushes. I took one and added some paste
on it then brushed.
Afterwards, I had a bath and removed my clothes from the washing machine and put
them on.

I saw my purse on the table.
I picked it up and went out of the room and down the stairs.
I saw a group of people eating at the dining.
I went closer to see who it was and I was so so so surprised on who I saw.
” Sophie..” I called out to her and she spat out her food in shock.
” What the fvck are you doing here Sophie!!” I yelled at her and she shivered in fear.
” Umm…Ava…I….I..I…


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