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{ Married To A Hooker👰 }
Chapter Four
{ Sophie Is In Our House II}
” WHAT!?!” I yelled as I saw Sophie sitting on my bed in a body revealing lingerie.
” Hey handsome.” She said to me and gave me a sexy look then blew a kiss to me.

I looked at her for a few seconds. I always knew Sophie to be one girl who goes extra
mind, but this…..this is just too far.
” You know what Sophie…just get out.” I said to her and she frowned.
” Why? You just got here, we should at least have some fun. Shouldn’t we?” She said as she
came closer and put her hands on my shoulders and whined her waist all the way down.

” You b*tch! If you are not leaving the room, then I’ll leave it for you.” I yelled at her as I
pushed her away and stormed out of the room.
I walked angrily downstairs to the sitting room. Rosella had already woken up and my
mum was sitting beside her.
” Mum! I thought I had said I don’t want to see that…that slut in this house.” I yelled and my
mum gave me a surprised look.

” Don’t you have respect Brandon! You couldn’t even greet me..your mother.” My mother
shouted at me as she rose from her seat.

Good Day Mother. Now I want to know why Sophie is still in this house and why she is in
my room half-naked.” I yelled pointing upstairs and my mother chuckled.
” First of all Brandon, this is not your house. This house belongs to your father and I and we
make the goddamn rules. Your father and I have agreed to have Sophie stay at this house!”

My mother said to me in an angry tone.
” Well, Well, Well mum. I won’t take that rubbish of having a slut live in this house with us. I
will discuss this matter with father because I know he won’t approve this nonsense.” I said
fiercely and turned to leave when I saw Sophie coming downstairs.

” Oh? So now you call me a slut and all manner of names huh Brandon. Have you forgotten
when you were head over heels just to get my attention? You loved me so much and now
you insult me.” Sophie asked me and I looked at her.
” I don’t have time for stupid questions. Get out of my way.” I said and pushed her aside then
quickly went to my room before she pursues after me then locked the door to avoid

” Mrs. Holmes, did you see what just happened here. I don’t know if I can keep up with this
anymore.” I said to Mrs. Holmes and she came closer to me and hugged me.
” Don’t worry my dear. He will soon acknowledge you back as his love okay?” She said to
me as she hugged me.

” By his recent and latest outburst, I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.” Rosella said as she walked away and I gave her a stern look even though she couldn’t see me.

” Don’t mind that her She doesn’t know how to talk sometimes.” Mrs. Holmes added and we
disengaged from the hug.
” Come assist me in the kitchen to cook dinner.” She said and I shook my head.
” No ma, I can’t. I just fixed my nails and they were quiet expensive, I don’t want them to
break.” I said to her and she gave a shocked expression. She wanted to say something but
she swallowed it down and left.

” So you expect me to help you cook? Me! Sophie? Cook. That can never happen. I don’t
cook. Even if my nails weren’t done, I still couldn’t have helped you.” I said with a chuckle out
loud after she had gone into the kitchen then went upstairs to my room.

” Would you mind following me to the stripper club today?” Brenda asked and I thought
about it.
” Well, why not?” I said to her and she smiled.
” Cool, let’s go look for what we’ll wear.” Brenda said as she held my hand and we got up
then went to look for an outfit.

” Sh*t” I yelled angrily as I tossed my pillow with so much force.
” I have a feeling that mom and dad are in support of Sophie staying at this house. I can’t
believe they’ll be so wicked.” I said to myself as I sat atop on the bed.
” Well, nothing can ever make me marry her nor have romantic feelings for her ever again
because she doesn’t deserve them and she’s not my type.”

Just then, the door clicked open and I was so surprised as to how the door can open
when I had locked it from inside.
I awaited to see who the person was and guess who it was. It was goddamn Sophie.
” What the butt?!?” I yelled as I rose from my bed and gave her a stern look.
She was still wearing that stupid lingerie of earlier which I could now see that her
bo*bs were exposed and her thighs and laps as well. She was literally n*ked.
” I reject you Satan!” I yelled at her and she widened her eyes and stared at me shocked.

” Me Brandon? Satan. Well anyways. I don’t have time to argue with you. We’ve been calling
you forever to tell you dinner is ready and….”
” Does that explain why you broke into my room still dressed like a prost*tute??” I yelled at
her without letting her finish her statement.

” If you’d just let me finish Brandon.” She said and I calmed down to hear whatever she has
to say.
” We’ve been calling your name but you didn’t answer so mum gave me your spare key to
come fetch you” She explained and I was quite satisfied with her explanation.

Don’t you ever call her your mum. She isn’t your mom and she’ll never be. Go away and I’ll
join you guys downstairs.” I said to her and sadness was expressed on her face.

” Okay I’ll go.” I said sadly and turned to leave when he said…
” Wait.” I was so excited when he said so. Probably he wants to tell me something or maybe
he loves me now. I can’t wait to see what he wants to tell me.
” Are you the one or are you part of the people who cooked the food?” He asked me and I
smiled inwardly.
Oh My God!!

A Proverb says that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If I lie to him that I was
part of the people who cook the food, he might hate me less….
” Um…yea, I cooked the food. Why ask?” I responded to him with a wide smile and his face
lit up in anger.

” You cooked food and you expect me to it. Sophie you and I know that your food taste so
bad. I don’t wanna fall sick, I ain’t eating that poison you call food.” He said to me and I felt
like crying. So hurtful words.
He stood up and wore a jacket over the T-shirt and Leather jeans he was wearing.
” Are you going out.” I asked him as he came closer to the door.
” No Sophie, I just want to see the color of the door. You always ask stupid questions.”

He yelled at me angrily.
” Okay then. Bye.” I said and wanted to kiss him on the cheek but he shoved me away and
went out of the room.
So Sophie cooked and expected me to eat it?
Does she want me to die?
The last time I ate Sophie’s food, I nearly died out of food poisoning.
Oh…now I don’t have dinner to eat and I’m so so so hungry. I need to eat something.
📱 Hey bro…
📱 Brandy! How you doing?
📱 I’m cool bro…men, alot of stuffs are happening. Sophie’s in my house.
📱 What the f*ck!? How?
📱 I’ll tell you all about it…let’s meet up and I need some food am goddamn hungry.

📱 Yeah, for sure! Meet me up at the plot 92, Orlando Street.
📱 Okay then…I’ll meet you there.” I said and dropped my phone and went into my Range
Rover Sport 2019 model and drove to the address my best friend Cole Anderson gave me.
I drove to the address and I found out that Cole gave me the address of a stripper

” What!?! Cole A stripper club!” I yelled as I alighted from the car.
As I came down from the car, I was going to the entrance of the club when I saw…..

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