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{ Married To A Hooker }
Chapter Three
Sophie Is In Our House!

I opened the door only for me to see…
” OMG…Sophie, what the f*ck are you doing here!” I yelled at her and she rolled her eyes
and pushed me aside then strutted into the sitting room.
” Good day ma. Rosella, how are you doing?” Sophie asked as she stood in front of the
kitchen. My sister and my mum answered at the same time so it was quite hard to hear what
they actually responded.
Sophie, after greeting went straight to the living room and searched for something for a while.

Her face became elated as she spotted something on the side table and ran to it.
It was her engagement ring. She picked it up and wore it then sat down on one of the
couches and switched on the TV.
” What…no no no Sophie.” I yelled as I went to meet her in the living room and snatched the
remote out of her hand.
” What was that for? Can’t I watch TV in my husband’s house?” Sophie said and my eyes
widened at her statement.
” Husband? Husband!?! I can never marry you if you were the last girl on earth! Get out of
this house Sophie.” I yelled at her and she chuckled and stood up from the couch then
began pacing around the room.
” Brandon, Brandon, Bran-..don.” She called my name slowly and prolonged the last one as
she paced around the room.
” I know you were probably not in your best mood yesterday or maybe you were under the
influence of alcohol.” She said as she came closer to me and looked at me from top to

” So whatever you had said to me yesterday about breaking up with me, I’ll take it as a joke.”
She said as she used her hands to caress my cheeks.

You know I love you. I’m sorry, I wanna be yours again.” She said and kisses my lips softly.
” You idiot.” I yelled as I pushed her away from me and she fell unto the couch.
I took a look at my mother and sister who were watching this drama happen without
saying a word. I also looked at the idiot Sophie as she stood up from the couch.
” I don’t want to see this idiot in this house by the time I’m back from work.” I said angrily as I
pointed fiercely as Sophie.
” Aren’t you cooking breakfast anymore?” Rosella asked as I turned to leave.
” I’m not in the mood to eat nor cook any damn meal anymore.” I said and gave Sophie a
menacing glance and stormed out of the living room angrily.
” So Sophie has come back to her senses huh? She has come to beg for forgiveness. Well
it’s too late because I’ve lost total interest in her.” I said to myself as I entered into the room.

If she think she can get me back then she must be dreaming because I’ll never accept
her back. And I can’t believe Rosella and Mum were there and didn’t utter a word while
Sophie was vomiting rubbish from her mouth.
I went nto the bathroom and freshened up, afterwards wore my clothes and was ready
for work.
I picked up my briefcase and slipped my phone into my pocket.
I went downstairs and saw Rosella, Mum and Sophie eating breakfast. I didn’t say a
word to them, rather I looked at them with a disappointed gaze and went out of the house
and the drivers drove me to work.

” I don’t think Brandon is happy about Sophie’s presence here.” Rosella whispered into my
” Shut up. He is very happy to have her here. He’s just pretending. In fact Rosella, she will
be staying with us until her and your brother get married and move out.” I said in a low tone
to Rosella and she nodded and continued eating her food.
Just then, the door creaked open and my husband came in.
” Dad!” Rosella yelled as she got up and went to greet her dad.

Rosella has always been daddy’s girl and she is so much cherished by her father. In fact, they are so inseparable.

Brandon is much of mummy’s boy. We’ve been like 5 and 6 since he was little. We are
much closer than he is to his father.
” Good morning sir.” Sophie said as she shifted her chair back and knelt a bit to greet my
” Ah…Sophie is here. This is…so surprising.” He said as she came closer and hugged me.
” Good morning dear. I’ll tell you all about it when we go in.” I said and he smiled.
” Carina! Carina!!” I yelled and Carina the maid scampered to the dining.
” Get your master his meal from the kitchen.” I said to her and she nodded and went back to
the kitchen to get the food.
” Sit down honey.” I said and he sat down beside me.

Carina brought his food for him and we all ate. Rosella finished her food first and one
of the drivers drove her to school. Sophie finished next and a maid showed her to the room
she’ll be staying in.
My husband and I finished our food last and the maids came and cleared the plates
and did the dishes.
We went into our room and he went into the bathroom to freshen up.
” So what did you say you’ll tell me?” He said to me as he came out of the bathroom with a
towel tied around his waist.
” Hmm…It’s about Sophie.” I replied as he brought out his clothes from the wardrobe.
” Oh tell me all about it.” He said and I adjusted myself well on the bed and began to talk.

” five hundred thousand dollars!!” Brenda and I yelled as the money counting machine
counted all the money Mr. Gabriel had given me and displayed it on it’s screen.
” Wow!! I can’t believe it. So what are we gonna use the money for?? Shopping I guess.”
Brenda said and I stopped celebrating and looked at her.

I’ll give you your twenty percent of the money which is a hundred thousand dollars. I’ve
been thinking of setting up a business and stopping this hooker stuff so I’ll use the money to
start up a business.” I said and Brenda gave me a shocked look.
” Haha! Got you!!!! I’m joking. I’m a hooker for life baby.” I yelled and picked up the remote
then switched on the music player as Brenda laughed.
“Wobble Up” by Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj blasted out and Brenda and I danced as we
sprayed some of the cash on ourselves and danced happily.
” Oh f^ck…we need new clothes.” Brenda said as we sat down on the chair tiredly.
” Yeah…how about tonight?” I said and Brenda nodded.
” Cool…tonight then. I can’t wait!” I said and she smiled.
” Hmm…your plan seems nice but has Sophie agreed?” my husband asked me after I had
narrated the whole plan for him.
” Yes I have, but it was really hard getting her to do that because she proved tough.” I said
and my husband chuckled.
” That’s nice. Well, I want to get to the office now to see how the boys are doing.” My
husband said as he buttoned the last button on his shirt and sprayed perfume.
” I believe he has gone to work.” He added as he picked up his briefcase and looked at
himself in the mirror.

” Yes he has. Have a good day at work dear.” I said to him and came down then pecked him
on the forehead.
” Bye honey.” He said and left.
” Wow…such a nice room!” I yelled as I got in and looked around.
” So beautifully furnished and wow wow wow, I love this. I wish I can live here forever.” I said
as I sat down on the soft fluffy bed.

Well, I can stay here forever when I marry Brandon.” I said with a dream expression.
” I mean, how can I leave Brandon! He’s so cute, hot, handsome and filthy rich. Just that he
doesn’t reason sometimes, that’s why he has the effrontery to break up with a gem like me” I
said as I stared at myself in the mirror and blew a kiss to myself.
” But Brandon is clearly no more in love with me and I have to make him love me more…” I
said and then an Idea came into my head.

The car came to a halt in front of our home, the Holmes’s Prestigious mansion.
I’m so glad that the day’s job is over. I can’t wait to get into my bubble bath and relax. I
hope Sophie isn’t in that house.
I went into the house and saw Rosella sleeping on the couch. I don’t want to disturb her to I
passed by quietly as a maid followed behind me holding my briefcase.
We walked gently upstairs until we reached my room.
” I’ll take it from here Thank You.” I said to the maid and collected my briefcase and she
bowed and left.
I put my hand on my door knob to enter into my room.
” Oh…my key.” I exclaimed as I forgot to bring it out.
I brought the key out and place it in the door knob but my door was already unlocked.

” Huh? Did I forget to lock my door.” I said as I came in and switched on light.
As I switched on the light, my eyes couldn’t believe who I saw in my room.

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