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{ Married To A Hooker }
Chapter One
{ The Beginning } AVA
” Should I wear this?” I said to Brenda as I raised a red mini gown and she looked at it.
” Uh…I don’t think it will bring out your shape. Try something else.” She suggested and I
threw the dress on my bed.
” Time for a music break!” She added as she bounced on the bed and brought out a remote
and switched on the music player.
“Megatron” blasted out of the speakers.
At the mention of that line, Brenda and I went down low and twerked our way up….

I’m Avalon Hendrick, but my friends and close pals call me Ava for short.
I studied medicine in the University Of Ohio and it’s been three whole years and

I haven’t had a job. I have to take care of my aging mum and my siblings as the first born.
Life hasn’t been easy. My mum used her life savings to send me to the university and
it seems like all her efforts are in vain.
I couldn’t let my mum down…I had to survive and make ends meet.
I had to use what I had to get what I need…
I meet Brenda on my way home from the supermarket a year ago and she introduced
me into the line of prostitution.

I wasn’t really happy doing it at first but now…I’m a proud hooker and I have no regrets
whatsoever of what I do for a living. It puts food on my table and takes care of my need.
I deal with big men, business moguls and top political personnel. They pay me money for the
services I render to them and life has been good ever since.

Okay…enough about me…let’s switch back to reality.
Brenda and I twerked, whined and grinded to Megatron and soon the song was over.
” Music break over.” Brenda yelled as she switched off the music player before another song
” Cool, back to selecting clothes. What about these?” I said to her as I raised a black
cleavage revealing dress to her and she smiled.

” That killed it…wear it.” Brenda said and I dropped it carefully on the bed.
” By the way, where are you getting dressed up to anyways?” She asked.
” Well, I have an appointment today with the owner of a big Real Estate Company.” I said to
her and she gasped.
” Ooohh…more money in the bank I guess.” She said with a wink and I smiled
” Anyways…I better get ready.” I said as I went into the bathroom to dress.

” I’m tired of you Brandon!” Sophia yelled as we came inside the house.
” I’m tired of your nagging as well okay? I’m tired of you pestering me.” I retorted angrily and
she was shocked.

” I’m pestering you? I’m pestering you Brandon? How could you be stupid enough to say
that!?! You’re the one who can’t get enough of this body.” She said as she ran her hands
through her body sexily.
” Oh cut the crap Sophie, I’ve been I bed with more beautiful and sexier women than you so
cut the fucking crap” I snapped in her face and it made her more angrier.

Oh?? Well Brandon, you’re nothing but a proud and arrogant idiot, who doesn’t know sexy
when he sees it. Its over!!” She yelled and removed her engagement ring and threw it on the
” Take your stupid engagement ring. Bye Brandon and I hope I never see your stupid face
again!” She yelled and stepped on the ring then stormed out of the house.
That’s number 5…
That’s the fifth girl I’ve lost in the space of six months.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I just can’t continue living with them. It’s irritating
They don’t think like me and we are frankly not alike. I don’t know what to do anymore.
Maybe I should just give up on love.
” Brandon! Why did Sophie just walk out of this house angrily?” My dad queried as he and
my mum came into the house.
” I don’t wanna talk about it.” I said to them and sat down on the couch. My mum sighted the
engagement ring on the floor and picked it up.

“Brandon, isn’t this the engagement ring you got for Sophie?’ My mum asked, but I just
looked at her and ignored her.
” Answer me Brandon!” She yelled louder.
” This is the fifth girl Brandon! The fifth. Aren’t you matured enough to keep a girl?” My mum
yelled at me but still ignored her..
” I spent five hundred thousand dollars on that ring.” My dad said and I looked at him.

” We can keep it…I’ll use it to propose to another girl or better still sell the ring and use it to
build one of your houses.” I said and my dad came closer then raised his hand to slap me
but he paused halfway.
” Darling calm down. Let’s go in.” My mum said as she put his hand down and held him.
” Did you hear what this stupid boy said??” My dad kept yelling as he and my mom went in.
I went closer to where my mum had kept the ring and carried it.
” Why can’t I keep a girl?” I said to myself as I touched the ring.
I went into my room and straight to my bed to rest and think about everything that has
been happening so far.

I slept until dinner time…
” Wakey Wakey sleepy head.” My little sister said as she tapped me and I jerked up.
” What is it morning already?” I asked her and she chuckled.
” You wish! It’s dinner time. Get your lazy ass up.” She said as I stood up and yawned.
” How you doing sis?” I asked her
” I’m cool actually, how about you?”
” I’m good as always.” I said to her and we both walke out of the room together.
My little sis, Rosella was just 17, I was 24 years old.
Since I haven’t introduced myself…it’s better to do it now

H i I ‘m Brandon Holmes and I’m the only son of two kids my parents gave birth too…which is my

sis and I.
I graduated from the university three years ago. I studied Mechanical Engineering and
I’m practicing it. I have a Construction Agency and it is the biggest in America…not to brag.
My sis on the other hand is still in high school, you’ll get to know her later anyways.
Everything about me is wonderful and nice well, except for my love life though. It practically sucks.
I’m hoping to find the right woman for myself…I will do anything.
I sat down on one of the dining chairs and my sister sat beside me. Mum and Dad
came as well and the maids brought our food.

They served us and left while we said a short prayer and began eating. My sister and
I had short conversations, my parents said nothing to either of us. Probably their still
bummed about what happened earlier.
” Son…we need to talk…” My dad finally spoke and there was silence.
” I’m listening dad.” I said and took a bite out of my meal.
” We need to talk about….

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