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Delicious Chapter

{Married To A Hooker}
Chapter Eight
{ Ava’s Aura Of Trouble III}

” And what are you doing with my trouser?” I heard him ask and I shivered as I stood upright.
” Answer me.” He asked more fiercely and I had to turn to face him with trembling feet.
” I…I’m…uh….I….

” I was looking for that golden jewelry of mine.” I said the first lie that popped into my head.
” Was it inside my pocket?” He asked and I shook my head.
” No…I’m leaving.” I said as went out of his room to my own room.
Selena is the one who knows how to connect the pin to a speaker so we can hear. So
I’ll have to wait for her to come so we can begin listening.
” Oh My God…my kids!” I yelled as I remembered that my children haven’t seen me for two
days straight.

I put on a robe over my Pajamas and walked quickly downstairs where I saw Rosella,
Brandon and Sophie in the living room watching TV.
” Good morning, afternoon and night mum. I haven’t seen you for two days!” Rosella yelled
as she saw me and ran to embrace me.
” My dear, I’ve missed you.” I said as she hugged me.
” Mum, you didn’t tell us you were going on an indoor vacation.” Brandon said and I laughed
as he too stood up to come greet me.
” Good morning mum. I’ve missed you.” He said as he hugged me as well.
” Good morning ma.” Sophie said and I shifted a bit so I can see her face.
” How are you Sophie?”
” I’m fine ma.”

Mum we’re starving.” Rosella said as she looked into my eyes.
” We haven’t eaten your food in two days. And by the way mum, why haven’t you come out
of your room?” Rosella asked and I didn’t know what to answer her.
I can’t tell her that her father is a cheater.
” I was sick, I just needed to stay in bed. Come and join me let’s cook breakfast.” I answered
trying to change the topic.
” Cool!!” Rosella yelled as she disengaged from the hug.
” Let me join you guys.” Sophie said as she stood up.

” Nuh-uh….we don’t want our food looking like frog poop.” Brandon said to Sophie and
pushed her back.
” Brandon, don’t be rude!” I yelled at him as Sophie sat back on the chat embarrassed.
” Mum…you haven’t even tasted her food. It’s so yucky.” Brandon added as we walked into
the kitchen.
Rosella, Brandon and I began cooking breakfast. When we were done, we served it
on the dining and called everyone else to come eat.

” I just remembered! Rosella why aren’t you in school and why are you still in your Pajamas.
It’s almost 8am.” I said to Rosella as she dropped the dishes on the table.
” Mum!! Anyways assuming you came downstairs from your room yesterday you would’ve
known that the school is renovating and we were given a 2-day holiday.” Rosella said to me
and I laughed.
Gabriel came downstairs shortly after and joined us to eat. I didn’t speak to him neither
did anyone else. Although we talked and laughed at the dining, he just remained silent.

He didn’t finish eating his food. He just stood up, took his briefcase and left the house.
I too finished my food quickly and the kids did as well.
” Clear the table okay.” I said to them and picked up my phone then left.
I went into my room and called Selena.
📱 Hi.
📱 Is he gone?

📱 Yeah sure, you can come over.
📱 I’m on my way” She said and hung up.
I laid down on my bed and in few minutes time, Selena called me and informed me
that she had just pulled over in my House.

I’m guessing the kids must’ve told her I’m here and some moments later, I heard a
knock on the door.
” It’s open” I yelled and Selena opened the door and came in.
” Hey!” She said as she came in and I hugged her.
” Hi Selena.” I replied and we both sat down on the bed.
” So tell me…was it successful?” She asked me with a grin and I smiled.
” Yes it was! But I was almost caught. He busted me right in the act. But I was able to avert it
anyways ”
” I trust you Pauline.”
” Want anything to eat or drink?” I asked her and she nodded.

” A glass of water.” She said and I picked up my phone and dialled one of my maids to come
give her a glass of water.
” So…help me connect the audio pins to the speaker.” I asked her and she laughed a bit.
” They’re already connected to your phone. I did that for you.” She said and I smiled.
” Thanks. So that means we can listen to it huh?” I asked her and she nodded.
She collected the phone from me and tapped some things. I’m not really the
technology type and basically what I use a phone for is to scroll Instagram, make calls and
send texts.

” There…let’s listen.” She said and shortly after we started hearing voices.
” So how much is it gonna be?” I heard my husband ask from the audio that was playing.
” Two thousand dollars for a round. I’m top class.” I heard a feminine voice say.
” A round?” I asked Selena and she looked at me surprised.

Hmm…deal.” My husband replied.
” So do you have a wife?” The feminine voice asked my husband and Selena tapped me to
be alert.
” My wife died three years ago she didn’t even give birth to kids. That’s why I call girls like
you so I can satisfy my sexual urges once in a while.” My husband said and my brain went
on a pause, my heart shattered, my eyes didn’t know what to cry…blood or tears.
” Gabriel…Gabriel…are you sure this is my husband???” I asked Selena as I cried.
” Yes it is can’t you hear by his voice…” Selena said and the tears flowed as I wailed

” My husband denied me, he denied his children and he denied our love. To crown it all he
wants to cheat on me!!!! Again!” I yelled as my head lit up. It was burning badly.
” Calm down Pauline…you don’t have to cry you just have to…” Selena said and held me but
she paused as we started hearing moaning sounds from the clip.
” And you said I should forgive me. He’s sleeping with her.” I said in a sober tone as Selena
removed her arms from mine.
” This isn’t right. Pauline, I’m solidly behind you in any decision you take.” Selena said but it
doesn’t matter. Her support isn’t needed.
” Is this being recorded?” I asked Selena amidst my tears.
” Yes. It has been recording from the beginning” Selena added and I shook my head and
picked up my phone.

📱 Hello, Barrister Patricia Hendricks on the line.” She said as I called her and I dried my
📱 Hey Pat. It’s me Mrs. Holmes.” I said and shrieked a bit as I called ‘Mrs.’
📱 Oh Mrs. Holmes. How are you doing?
📱 I’m holding up. Actually Pat, I wanna file for a divorce.
📱 Oh…” She said in a down casted tone.
📱 Are you sure about this ma’am? Can’t the matter be resolved amicably than involving the

I tried to solve it amicably but it seems like it’s only the long arm of the law that can
separate me from this agony.
📱 Okay, I’ll be at your house in some time to give you some documents in which you and
your husband must sign before the procedures of divorce begins.
📱 I appreciate Patricia. Thanks.” I said and dropped the call.
Selena and I went to the living room and sat down awaiting Barrister Patricia to come.
Soon she came in and gave me the documents. She kept on advising me and telling
me to settle things amicably but I didn’t care. When Gabriel comes back, he’s signing the
damn papers.

She soon left and warned that after divorce, there’s no going back. I don’t care.
Selena consoled me for some time and then she left. And I quickly went to my room
to avoid the children and Sophie asking me questions about why I’m crying.
All that’s left is for Gabriel to come and sign the letter.
📱 Yes. I saw Ava and I may need some protection because I don’t know what she is
planing next.
📱 Hmm…that’s true. Well close watch monitoring for a month is two thousand five hundred
📱 Wendy! I don’t have that amount of money.
📱 Well when you do, you know where to find me.” She said and hung up on me.
I need someone to monitor Ava and watch her for me because that’s the only way I’ll
be able to know whether she’s planning something bad for me.
But I don’t have that much cash and I don’t know where to get as much money as that.

But wait…
I’m living in the goddamn Holmes Mansion and there’s money here.
” Brandon.” His name came into my head and I quickly wore my flip flops and went to his

He isn’t around. Thank God.” I said to myself as I looked around.
When we were still dating I know that he keeps his money in the third upper cabinet.
I got a stool and climbed on it then I opened the cabinet and saw that there was a
” Oh no…what’s the combination lock!” I asked myself and pressed in 2 9 8 7 after some
seconds….the lock opened.
” Yes!!” I exclaimed as I saw loads of cash in the safe and I took one bundle and climbed
down the stool.

” And what are you doing in my room?” I heard Brandon ask and I hid the cash behind me.
” Um..hi Brandon.”
” Save your greetings. Are you tryna steal from me?” He asked me one more time.
” No Brandon…I…Hmm…I…

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