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21 DAYS WIFE: 7, 8

21 DAYS WIFE: 7, 8

{Married To A Hooker}
Chapter Seven and Eight
{ Ava’s Aura Of Trouble II}
* 👉🏻Long Chapter Ahead👈🏻 *
” I’m sorry Pauline, I don’t know what came over me, I was just so carried away by lust and
greed. Forgive me.” I said and she chuckled with her arms folded.
” I want a divorce.” She said and my whole life was as if it came to a pause.
” But Pauline I….I…

” Don’t say anything Gabriel.” She said and she looked at me painfully with agony and
sorrow written all over her face.
She let out a loud sigh and picked up a duvet and a pillow and looked at me again.

” I’ll get a lawyer.” She said and I tried protesting and begging her but she ignored and went
out slamming the door behind her.
” My marriage…gone all because I couldn’t control myself.” I said as I sat down on the bed
and clutched my head.
” Why didn’t I appreciate my wife? I should’ve sticked with her. Now look at what I’ve befallen
on myself.”
I could hear mom and dad’s heated argument as their room was just next to mine.
Mum and dad never fight as far as I’ve known. They never disagree and sometimes
act like newly married couples.
I’m sure what is making them fight was that thing Ava said. And if it’s true what she
said, it explains why I saw dad at the stripper club and saw him sneak out that night.
So dad is actually cheating on mum. Mum is a very emotional person and she isn’t
gonna take it likely…as far as I know, she may even file for a divorce.
Poor mum. I don’t blame her anyways, dad shouldn’t have cheated on her.

I can’t stay in the same room with that man slut. He’ll use the same hands he used to touch
other girls to touch me and that will be an abomination.
I’ll sleep in another room tonight, probably till I get a damn divorce. Rosella and
Brandon are old enough to bear the trauma. Plus, Gabriel will be free to fornicate with other
girls as he pleases.

” I wasted twenty-six years with this man not knowing he’s gonna pay me back by cheating
on me.” I said to myself as I tears flowed from my eyes and I closed them nevertheless so
the night rest can take over.
I took my bag and wore it, then took a brush and brushed my hair. I dropped the comb into
my bag and looked at the mirror for the last time.

” Damn…..I’m so good looking.” I said to myself as I blew a kiss to the mirror.
Time to get to school. I just wish there’s a way I’ll never go to school. But anyways, I have just some months left before I’m done with Highschool and I can finally go to College.
I went downstairs to the dining and saw that no one was seated there and there was
no sign of food on the table.
” Wow…seems like we’re eventually gonna starve to death in this house.” I said to myself as
I looked around the kitchen.
” Well, I guess I’m gonna cook.” I added and I felt a tap on my back and I turned back to see
it was Brandon.

” How about we cook for ourselves?” Brandon said and I smiled.
” Sure, but brush your teeth first because your morning breath is hell.” I said and laughed as
Brandon wanted to hit me playfully but I dodged.
” I will, but what are we gonna cook?” Brandon asked and I thought for a while.
” Scrambled Egg and Toast…”
” Yummy…okay start up. I’ll join you. Let me go brush my teeth.” He said as he ran up the
I looked at the wall clock, it was 7:15 am and I have to be in school by or before 8am.

” Geez..can I make it?” I asked myself as I brought out the bread from the refrigerator.
I bought out the bread and put two first into the toaster and brought out some eggs
and broke and beat them, afterwards I brought out some vegetables such as spring onions,
carrots and pepper and cut them.

The first set of bread were were ready and I removed them then put another two in it. I
got a fry pan and added some oil in it and put it on the fire.
Then added the beaten eggs and sliced vegetables in it and let it fry. Afterwards, I
used a spoon to scramble the eggs.
I removed the second set of the bread and added the last set. My egg was done by this
time and I dished them into two plates. One for me, One for Brandon.
Then added three slices of toast to each plate after I had removed the last set.
” Done!” I yelled as I looked at the wall clock. It was 7:35am.
” I have 25minutes left to go to school.” I said as I took one plate and began eating

.I didn’twait for Brandon because it seemed like he was practically avoiding cooking.

I ate the food as quick as I could. I checked the time, It was 7:47am. I washed the
dishes I used and put Brandon’s dish in the warmer.
I carried my bag and rushed to the door, but then I remembered that Brandon may not
know where his food is.
” Brandon!!! Your food is in the warmer!!!” I yelled at him and I heard him say ‘ok’
I went out of the house and I was driven to school.

” Hmm…no sign of anyone here yet.” I said to myself as I came downstairs.
Just then, I felt someone’s presence behind me and I turned back to see it was dad,
he was looking pale and unhappy.
” Morning dad.” I said to him and he smiled back not uttering a word.
” Is breakfast done?” He asked me and I looked to the kitchen.
” Sort off, Rosella prepared breakfast for both of us and mine is in the warmer. You can have
mine, I’ll eat out later.” I said to dad and he smiled at bit.
” Uh…don’t worry. Eat the food, I’ll get something on my way. Take care.” He said and he
went out of the house.

Our one happy home is now as quiet as a grave yard…damn.” I said to myself as I went to
the kitchen and took my food.
” Um…hey.” I heard Sophie say behind me.
” What’s up?” I asked her and she looked around.
” I’m good sort of, anything to eat?” She asked and I hid my plate of food behind me.
” Nothing…” I answered her nervously and she gave me a knowing look.
” Don’t lie to me Brandon. There’s a plate of food behind you, just say you don’t wanna share
it.” She said to me as she folded her arms.
” I don’t wanna share it.” I said plainly and she sighed.

” Well you must. Give it.” She said as she came to me and started struggling to get the food
while I prevented her from carrying it.
She managed to carry the food from me but I grabbed the other end and we started
dragging the food to each other.
” Give it..” She said and I dragged it.
” No give it…” I said and she dragged it.
She dragged it too with too much power and the dish slipped out of my hand and due
to the reverse force, she was about to fall down but I held one of her hands and dragged her up.

I dragged her up and she began to look into my eyes, I looked into hers as well.
It was just like old times, when we loved each other dearly and we would stare at each
other and get lost in our gaze.
I was just about to like get lost in her gaze when it dawned on me that this might be
one of her plans to make me fall in love with her.
I was still holding her hand. I let go of it forcefully and disengaged from the gaze.
” Get behind me Satan!!” I yelled at her as I took my food and ran as fast as I could upstairs
to my room and locked the door.
” Sophie was about to tempt me!!” I yelled as I took a slice of my toast and ate it.
” Thank God I resisted the temptation.” I said to myself as I chewed the food.

” There.” I said as I wrapped a scarf round my face and wore some dark shades.
I was on my way to see my long time friends Selena and since I’ve been crying for a
long time, my eyes had swollen up and my face became a little puffed.
I didn’t want any driver to drive me. I picked up my car keys and my handbag and went
downstairs to the driveway.
I got into my car and drove out of the house. I had a stop at a Fast Food Drive Thru so
I can buy something to eat because I haven’t eaten nor drank anything since yesterday and
I’m beyond famished.
I got the food and ate as I drove to my friend’s house. Her husband has an Oil Factory
and they’re damn rich, off course I don’t relate with people who aren’t rich and classy.

The security guardian her house allowed me in because they know I visit all the time. I came down from the car and locked up then went into the mansion.
” Is that who I think it is?” Selena asked as she sighted me and stood up to come embrace
” Sure you do…” I replied and we hugged for a short while.
” How you doing Selena?” I asked her and she smiled.
” I’m good, sit down.” She said and she sat down on one of the couches and I sat adjacent to
Since I had already reached her house, I removed my scarf and dark shades.
” Holy…Pauline who beat you up?” Selena asked me as I removed my glasses and I

” No one did.”
” So tell me why your face is looking like this.” Selena asked and I sighed, fresh tears started
flowing again.
” Selena…what I never imagined in my life just happened to me.”
Don’t keep me in suspense Pauline. What happened?” She asked me.
I explained everything that had happened when that strange girl showed up in our
house and I couldn’t help but cry as I explained.

” Wow…Gabriel did that to you.” She asked and I nodded as I cried.
” Yes. I want to file a divorce.”
” WHAT!?! Pauline no. You can’t jump into conclusions yet. We don’t know if that girl was
paid by someone to come and do that.” Selena said. It made sense but I can’t believe that.
It’s very clear Gabriel is cheating on me.
” It’s obvious he is cheating on me. He was even begging and apologizing to me which
shows that he is guilty!” I said in tears and Selena thought for a while.
” Hmm…listen to me. I have a plan and it just might work.” She said and I was curious to
hear her plan.
She stood up and went to one of the drawers in the living area and brought out a box
and stretched them to me.

” These are audio pins. They are used by spies. They are attached to a person’s clothes and
they can hear what ever the person hears within a 20metres space.” She explained as I
collected the box from it.
” Tomorrow attach this pin to your husband’s clothes and see what he’s up too. If we don’t
find any results tomorrow, do it until the week ends.” ” If he doesn’t have any compromising
conversation with any girl then don’t divorce him. But if he does….do as your mind pleases.”

She added as I opened the box and brought out the pins.
The pins were just the half the size if regular pins and they were color black which
makes them hard to spot.
” Your plan is good. I will attach it to my husband’s clothing and when he leaves. I’ll call you
over so we can listen to it.” I said and she smiled.
” Thanks Selena. You’re a good friend.” I added and she blushed a bit.
That night, I slept in the guest room once more to avoid seeing my husband.
🌅Next Morning🌅

I woke up early to execute my plan. My husband had said earlier this week that he
was having a business meeting today which is Thursday and he will be leaving as early as

I checked the time. It was five minutes last seven and my husband should be in the
bathroom by now.
I went to the drawer where I kept the audio pins and picked them up then tiptoed
quietly into my husband’s room.
I could hear the shower running which means he is having a shower and I have
enough time to do my biddings.
I saw on the bed, a neatly ironed office suit and trouser with a long sleeve shirt. This
was his outfit for the day.
” Which clothing will I put it on?” I asked myself as I was confused on whether to put it on the
suit, trouser or shirt.

The shirt was a white striped shirt and the suit and trouser were black and then I decided to put it on the trouser.
I picked up the trouser and attached the audio pin to the pocket of his trouser. It’ll be
hard for him to suspect that there was something like that in his pocket.
” And what are you doing with my trouser?” I heard him ask and I shivered as I stood upright.
” Answer me.” He asked more fiercely and I had to turn to face him with trembling feet.
” I…I’m…uh….I….

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