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😂✌🏻[#DAY_21: #EXPOSED!]😂✌🏻
🍹Semi Finale🍹
🖤Chapter Thirty-Nine�


~ I came into the room to see Sophie and Henry wearing gas masks and holding some liquid and a handkerchief. Immediately I saw the handkerchief and the liquid, I instantly knew they were trying to wipe her memory.

~ I had to move away from the area because it can affect me too. But doing that will jeopardize Avery and no! I’m not ready to see Sophie and Henry win again. Never! At least before I leave the Holmes’ house for good, I’ll need to teach these two a lesson and finally expose their evil deeds and that’s what I’m gonna do now.

” Ava, it’s not what you think. We uhm…….” Henry tried explaining but Sophie interrupted.

” Are you bothering to talk to her. Spray her with the substance and let her forget everything.” Sophie said and then Henry started coming towards me and I had to think fast.

~ As he was coming fiercely towards me, I put my leg forwards so hello trip on it and fall down and as expected, my plan worked! Henry didn’t see my leg in the way and he tripped and fell to the ground while the liquid fell down and rolled outside the room.

” You can’t get something done right.” Sophie scolded Henry and started coming towards me with the Handkerchief that was probably dampened with that liquid.

~ My plan for this useless hoe was to slap her or better still punch her silly face when she gets to me before she even has the chance of putting the handkerchief on my face but it seems like my plans were averted.

~ As I was about hitting Sophie, Henry dragged my leg and I fell to the floor as well and Sophie cackled evilly.

” You thought you’re smart ey? A shameless girl with a well holed p^ssy is nothing compared to Henry and I.” Sophie mocked me and cackled again.

” We’re unstoppable!” She bent down closer to me and said. Eeeww! Her breath reeked of alcohol.

~ Just then, Mrs. Holmes walked into the scene. I never expected that she’ll be at home but God brought her home at the right time.

” You all should go downstairs for the family meeting now. Your father has d……” She paused talking when she saw what happened.

” What is happening here?” She asked inquisitively and I know Sophie was about to brainwash her but before she will do that I have to speak up.

” Mrs Holmes, I know you’ve never liked me but you need to give me a listening ear on this.” I cried out.

” Mrs. Holmes don’t listen to her. She’s a liar!” Sophie said sternly.

” I know she’s not my favorite person in this house but nevertheless, let’s give her some air. Say what you want to say Ava.” Mrs. Holmes said and I sat upright on the floor.

” But ma she’s….” Sophie tried protesting but Mrs. Holmes shushed her. I cleared my throat and began speaking

” Mrs. Holmes, Sophie and Henry aren’t who you think they are! They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing and are bent on destroying your family.” I said and Mrs. Holmes’ eyes bulged out in shock.

” What!?!?!?” She thundered surprised as ever.

” Ma it’s a lie. How will we hurt you when you have given us shelter and feed us.” Sophie tried explaining but it seems like Mrs. Holmes is not interested in whatever bullshit Sophie has to say.

” Keep quiet Sophie and let Ava speak!!” Mrs. Holmes yelled at Sophia so loudly.

” Speak on.” She added talking to me and I cleared my throat and began speaking again.

” Well, I caught them here trying to drug Avery so she can loose her memory before she is able to tell on them.” I revealed and Mrs. Holmes sat down on the bed.

” Reveal what?”

” That Sophie and Henry have been having a secret affair in this house!!!” I yelled so loudly and I heard someone gasp, it wasn’t Mrs. Holmes neither was it Sophie or Henry. I looked towards the door and there I saw Mariah looking surprised.

” Henry is having an affair with who!?!?” Mariah questioned in anger as she stormed inside the room.

” It’s not what you think Mariah, Ava is lying. She’s not saying th……” Henry couldn’t finish his statement before Mariah gave him a heavy slap on his face.

” Shut up that sh!t hole you call a mouth! How dare you call Ava a liar? I’ve know Ava for years and she is not a liar!” Mariah shouted angrily at Henry as he clutched to the part of his face that was blessed with that wonderful slap.

” Wait…Wait…Wait….I’m confused here. Mariah why do you care about Henry’s s*x life so much?” Sophie asked and I too was about to ask the same question because I was confused.

” Yes Mariah. Please tell us.” Mrs. Holmes said and it seems like Mariah is glad enough to tell us why.

” You see this idiot….this idiot called Henry? Well unfortunately, hes my goddamn husband!!!” Mariah announced and my ears couldn’t believe what they heard.

” WHAT?!?”


~ Where is everyone? I thought Mariah went upstairs to call them. Apart from Avery, everyone else is supposed to be awake by now.

~ Avery takes sleeping tablets now because she’s still traumatized on her near death experience and can’t sleep because of that. So she’s on pills that wake her up at exactly 10:00am so she can get enough rest.

~ Dad has finally come out coma. A day to his death. He will be brought by an ambulance so he can give his final goodbyes and read out his will and can have some few hours to stay in his house before he finally passes on.

~ Mum said that the rest of the family should gather and have a small family meeting before dad arrives and that is what we’re to be doing now if not that no one is here to attend the meeting.

” I need to go see what is keeping everyone upstairs.” I thought and went upstairs.

~ I was hearing noises coming from Avery’s room which is so strange. Even if a family drama or fight wants to happen, why must it be Avery’s room. Well, I rushed to the scene for me to find something not so pleasing to the eye.

” What is happening here? Why aren’t you guys at the meeting?” I asked as I came around.

” Well, we’re still in the middle of it. But I’ve just heard from Ava now that Henry and Sophie are having an affair and Henry and Mariah are married.” Mom said and I was shocked. Not shocked about the Henry and Sophie part but shocked about Henry being married to Mariah.

” Henry is married to who?” I asked not believing my ears.

” So Henry you have the guts to cheat on my cousin???” Ava asked Henry who was feeling pretty ashamed of himself.

” And apart from that, he goes around giving people that have caught Sophie and him cheating amnesia.” Ava said again and yes….my ears can’t contain what they’ve heard.

” WHAT!?” Mum thundered.

” It’s only Avery. I swear. And it was the devil’s work.” Henry lied and Ava slapped him.

” You liar from the pit of hell. You also drugged Rosella and my best friend Brenda!” Ava yelled again and the whole room was silent. What a devil Henry is.

” I heard my name here.” Rosella said as she came in innocently rubbing her eyes. Probably she just woke up.

” Okay…you’re right and I’m sorry. Please you all should forgive me.” Henry pleaded but it seems like his cup is overdue full.

” Better confess all your crimes in this house!” Mrs. Holmes yelled. Henry was about confessing and I
stylishly hit the record button on my phone so in case latter, Henry wants to try something funny.

” Before I confess, Please Ava how did you know I drugged Rosella and Avery?” Henry asked and before Ava could say anything, Mrs. Holmes angrily snapped at him.

” Of what use is that? Can’t you tell us with your mouth?” She said and Ava calmed her down.

” I have no problem stating how I found out.” Ava said and the arena became calm enough to narrate everything.

” Well, Rosella had given me her phone to update an app for her. And whilst doing that, I decided to get one of my favorite songs from her phone since she has already downloaded it.”

” In the process of searching for the song, I stumbled across a recording and I decided to play it. In this recording, I heard how Rosella caught you and Sophie fornicating and how you drugged her and wiped her memory. It also contains how you stupidly voiced out your plans of deleting the recording. But it seems like you deleted the wrong one.”

” I can play the recording for everyone to hear now!” Ava said concluding my revelations.

” My memory was wiped?” Rosella asked confused.

” Rosella can you be kind enough to lend us your phone?” Mrs. Holmes said and Rosella gave us her phone and Mrs. Holmes stretched it to me and Ava opened the recording and everyone heard it.

” Wow!!!” Everyone said when the recording finished playing.

” Henry you are evil! You dare touch my daughter!?!” Mrs. Holmes said and yet again, Henry received another hot slap.

” I knew they were about to drug Avery because Avery saw them romancing in the hospital.” Ava revealed and I was shocked.

” Jesus!” I yelled.

” I will confess now.” Henry said and everyone was eager to hear his confession.

” Well…This whole hatred started when my brother, Gabriel started loving Pauline more than me. I was barely a year when they got married so I can’t tell their love story.” Henry began narrating

” When I was in High school, then my brother wasn’t as buoyant as he is now. I asked him for money to pay some of my exam fees and he refused to pay them because he wanted to buy Pauline a valentine gift. It really pained me much, because what I really needed that exam to graduate. I didn’t write it because I couldn’t graduate that year and because of that, I had to spend one extra year all because of Pauline.”

” That was about ten years ago. But I never forgave Gabriel for what he did and I vowed to revenge. Well, I love women so much and It is one of the things that led me to my downfall. Mariah and I attended the same university and we had a little affair which brought about a child and we decided to get married.”

” Well even though I was married, I dated Ava. She didn’t know I was married not to talk of being married to her cousin and we were in love. Sophie was Ava’s best friend and I had my eyes on her as well.”

” Sophie and I started an affair and one day, Ava caught us. That was the end for Ava and I. Few months after, I came to the Holmes’ house to exact my revenge which is to take away all their wealth through every possible means.”

” And then, it was a treat when I found out that Sophie and Ava lived her as well. I wanted to have fun with them and use them to my advantage. But Ava was married and was bent on being a good wife. So I got Sophie and she played along well.”

” According to Sophie, she has been paid a huge sum of money by Mrs. Holmes to destroy Ava and Brandon’s marriage and probably get Brandon to fall in love with her. Her plan worked and because of that, Ava and Brandon and now divorced.”

” So Mrs. Holmes is also involved in this wickedness. I also planed Brandon’s car accident and also planned Avery and Rosella’s kidnapped. I also slept with Brenda and probably killed her as well.”

” I’m sorry everyone.” Henry said and everywhere was silent. So mum is the one behind all of Sophie’s act.

” Mum you are wicked. Today I denounce you as my mother.” I said and everyone was shocked.

” Yes you heard me.”

” Brandon calm down.” Rosella said and rushed to me.

~ Henry, Sophie and mum started begging for forgiveness and I was disappointed in them all especially mum. Just then, we heard the honk of the ambulance. Dad has arrived.

~ We all went to welcome him and tried to pretend like nothing happened so that he will have peace of mind. Well talk about having a blabber mouth sister like Rosella. Immediately dad was in the house, she told him all that happened and dad…..was beyond angry.

” It seems like you all have taken my sickness for silence!” Dad yelled and we all felt remorse because all of us were involved in the shenanigan

” I have listened to all you’ve said and this is my judgment……
All Rights Reserved®
So Finally Henry, Sophie and Mrs. Holmes have been exposed!!
Who else is celebrating😂😂

Do you think Henry’s reason for revenge on his brother is worth the pain he has caused on the Holmes’ family?

What does fate hold for the occupants of the Holmes’ Mansion??

👑Suspense Kwin👑
✌🏻Wrote This Wan✌🏻

💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍

😥✌🏻[#DAY_21: #FINAL_GOODBYES]😥✌🏻
🖤Chapter Forty🖤


~ I can’t believe he wants to make his judgement now! My ride back home will be here any minute and now I’m caught up with Holmes family drama again. Today is my last day here, can’t I just be free from problems today? Only God knows his judgment now.

” Well, I’ll start with you Henry…” Mr. Gabriel said and coughed a bit and tension filled the room.

” Henry you’re my blood brother, my only brother for that matter. I took you like my own when mum and dad died. If I had done something to you and it annoyed you, you should have told me not that you would’ve planned a coup against my family.” Mr. Gabriel said and Henry bowed his head down in shame.

” But I j…..” Henry tried explaining but Mr. Gabriel cut him short.

” Allow me finish Henry.” Mr. Gabriel snapped at him.

” We could have settled this amicably instead of imposing harm. I’m sorry for what I did earlier. But the wicked shall not go unpunished.”

” You caused harm to my family and I have paid for my iniquity but you will have to face your own punishment which I’ll come back too later.”

” Sophie!” He called out Sophie’s name and she answered him feebly.

” I thought you were the right one for Brandon. I never knew you’ve been conniving with my wife to destroy Brandon’s happiness, which I believe you have succeeded in.”

” I’m sorry sir…it was” Sophie tried interrupting and again, Mr. Gabriel snapped at her.

” Keep shut while I talk.”

” Now, Henry will be sent out of my house right now and every post he holds in my office will be terminated. Sophie would’ve been sent away as well, if not that she’s pregnant and I believe so much that my wife and Henry are responsible for her corruption.” Mr. Gabriel said and I totally disbelieve that. If she was such a goody two shoes, then she wouldn’t have slept with her best friend’s lover.

” So Henry, I have you at heart but I’m afraid you and your wife and kids need to leave my house now.” Mr. Gabriel said and Henry fell on his face and began begging.

” Please Gabriel, Please. We have no where to go. I can’t go back to that slum we live. Please I beg you forgive us.” Henry endlessly begged and even I too had compassion on him.

~ Mr. Gabriel looked at Henry compassionately and smiled. He beckoned on Henry to come closer to him and the hugged each other.

” I am a man with a heart of Gold and I have forgiven you. I will provide accommodation for you and your family. I will set up any business of your choice for you.” Mr. Gabriel said and Henry and Mariah instantly hugged Mr. Gabriel.

” Thanks so much. We’re endlessly grateful. George, Gina, Gemma come and thank your uncle.” Mariah said and beckoned on her kids to come say thank you.

” It’s okay. Please you guys wait for me outside.” He said and Henry, Mariah, Avery, Gina, Gemma and George stood up to leave.

” Wait Avery.” Mr. Gabriel said and they all stopped in their tracks.

” My wife has already enrolled Avery in Rosella’s school and since she has, I Gabriel Holmes has vowed to take care of Avery’s education to any length she desired.” Gabriel said and Avery’s face lit up like an illuminated bulb.

” Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” Avery screamed and ran round the room before kneeling down before Gabriel and thanking him.

” Thank you soo soo much sir.” Avery thanked Gabriel endlessly.

” Yes. You’re welcome. So Avery would you like to remain with us here?” Mr. Gabriel asked Avery and she turned and faced her sister Mariah….

” Yes I will.” Avery said and she went to hug her sister passionately.

” I’ll miss you.” Mariah whispered to Avery. I heard it because they were close to me

” Same here.”

” You deserve it.” Mariah said and pecked Avery and they hugged again. After that, Mariah and her family stepped out of the Holmes’ mansion for good. Avery came back to her seat to sit down.

” Now, to my wife. I’m so disappointed in you that you despised Ava so much and now had Sophie to destroy her marriage.” Gabriel faced Mrs. Holmes.

” I’m sorry my husband.”

” Yes I know you are because the guilt and the constant pricking your conscience is giving you now is enough punishment for you.” Mr. Gabriel said and Mrs. Holmes couldn’t say anything.

” Now, Brandon and Ava. I know the deed has already been gone. I wish this had happened earlier so we could avert this divorce.”

” But all I’ve ever wanted was my children’s happiness. I know Brandon finds happiness in you Ava, so I can have one of my lawyer friends help you guys get together only if you’re willing too.” Gabriel said and I really felt like saying yes….damn how I really wanted to agree to it but no…I’m in this game for the money and not for the feels.

~ I looked at Brandon and smiled. I had to say no.

” No, we’re fine as we are. We probably aren’t meant to be.” I said and Brandon’s mood changed. He became a bit sad.

” Oh no please Ava. If you don’t come back to Brandon I’ll feel so worthless because I caused it all.” Mrs. Holmes went on her knees and began begging. I quickly stood her up because she is not supposed to kneel to me.

” You don’t have to beg me ma. Brandon and I have made a decision and want to be matured about it.” I said and looked at Brandon. He winked at me and I smiled.

” Okay then. Sophie, won’t you apologize?” Mrs. Holmes said to Sophie and she looked another direction and rolled her eyes.

” Leave her. Don’t force her.” Mr. Gabriel said.

” Well, now that everything is solved. I have a confession to make.” Mr. Gabriel said and I was shocked. But I was happy as well because finally this whole thing will be over. My ride away from this torture house will be here any minute.

” Well, all this is a lie.” Mr. Gabriel said and stood up from his wheelchair. Mrs. Holmes shouted and Mariah and Henry who have been peeping since came inside and shouted as well.

” I wasn’t really sick. In fact I’m not gonna die today. I’ve been hale and hearty. I just did this to pressurize Brandon to get married.”

” Dad how could you? Do you know the emotional trauma you put us all with this made up news about your sickness??” Brandon yelled angrily.

” Yeah dad. It was hurtful. I couldn’t bear loosing you.” Rosella, who has not spoken since said.

” I know. I’m sorry my dearest.” Mr. Gabriel apologized. Mrs. Holmes, Brandon and Rosella rushed to hug their dad tightly.

~ Just then I heard the honk of a car and I knew my ride was here. I had already packed my bags and was ready to go. All that is left is to say goodbye.

” My ride is here. Bye everyone. Thanks for being a family to me.” I said and went to get my bags from upstairs when I heard Brandon call out to me.

” Ava…” He said and I turned back.

” There’s something I’ve been eager to tell you…”


T B C🍭🍭
All Rights Reserved®
Yes Yes and Yes. 21 DAYS wife Season 1 has ended.

Gabriel Nice sha🤔
Gabriel was never sick😂
Sophie is still in the house oh carrying her baby.
What does Brandon wanna tell Ava😋
Drop your thoughts about the story so far from epi 1-40.

Okay unlock season two with COMMENTS

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  1. It’s good to be good and it’s also good to be forgiving. Love is the most important thing in human life. Don’t force anyone to love you nor force yourself on someone.

  2. Nice story

  3. Wow, the evil that men do, their is always a future for the sinner(Ava) and those who are self acclaim saints (Sophie) can’t hide forever

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