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21 DAYS WIFE: 35, 36

21 DAYS WIFE: 35, 36

💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍

😂 💔[#DAY_13: #PLAN_FAILED!]💔😂
🖤Chapter Thirty-Five🖤


” Well, Sophie has lost the baby.” The doctor announced and I could see happiness all over Brandon’s face even though he tried his best hiding it, one of his problems are gone.

” Doctor…please educate us more on why she lost the baby.” Mariah asked.

” And as well, the cause of the bleeding and now miscarriage.” Henry added to what Mariah said.

~ Just as the doctor was about to explain the cause of Sophie’s predicament which frankly speaking, I don’t care it and I can’t lie I’m happy about all these happening to her. The door opened and a nurse came in holding a brown envelope. On sighting the nurse, the doctor put down the results probably wondering why this nurse is here.

” Well Doctor, there has been a mixup.” She stated as she came in.

” Nurse Sheryl just told me that there were two Sophie’s in the ward and both of them had they’re tests today. So there was a mixup with the results, and the results with you now is for the other Sophie.” The nurse carefully explained.

” So what you’re trying to say is that these results in my hands are not meant for Sophie Cackerman?” The doctor asked and I nodded.

” This is bad of you guys! What if I’m to administer drugs based on these results? Or don’t you know that giving drugs to someone who doesn’t need it can cause serious harm? Don’t let this clumsy action repeat itself, am I clear?” The doctor scolded

” Yes doctor.”

” Let me have the real results meant for Sophie Cackerman.” The doctor said and the Nurse stretched the brown envelope to the doctor. He collected the envelope and gave the nurse the other result.

~ The nurse opened the result and nodded, then she closed it back and went out of the doctor’s office.

” Sorry for the mix-up please. I deeply apologize on their behalf.” The doctor pleaded and we all accepted his apology.

” Now, let me see what actually is Sophie’s predicament. But it may lie within any of those three options I gave you earlier.” The doctor said and opened the envelope then brought out the small sheet of paper containing the results. He wore his glasses and scanned through it before telling us what is wrong with Sophie.

” Oh?” The doctor exclaimed as he read the results.

” Sophie is not dead, neither did she loose her baby nor her womb. She is actually well.” The doctor announced and we were confused.

” Huh? Then why was she vomiting blood?” I asked surprised.

” Well…well…well…I’m sorry, I don’t know why! Sophie is perfectly fine.”

” Hmm…strange.” Brandon said and looked at Henry.

” She can be discharged today. Good afternoon once again.” The doctor said and stood up to leave.

” Her room number is 876.” He added just before leaving and we followed him out.

~ Brandon, Mariah and I decided to stay a while in the waiting room before going to meet Sophie. Henry said he was pressed and needed to use the toilet and he left.

~🙆🏻‍♂HENRY’S POV🙆🏻‍♂~

~ I pretended like I needed to use the bathroom and then, I went quickly to Sophie’s room! I can’t believe our plan failed again. I opened the door and saw Sophie lying on her bed.

” Hi..” I said as I entered into the room and she looked at me as I greeted.

” Did the plan work?” She asked me immediately and I sighed then sat down.

” Well……” Sophie didn’t even allow me finish my sentence before attacking me.

” I knew it! I knew it and I could sense it. I know you will mess up this plan.” Sophie attacked me.

” Well, it’s not entirely my fault. The nurse found out that the results were mixed up.” I explained to Sophie but she still continued protesting.

” How? That means you didn’t play your cards well. All my acting skills put into this plan wasted! I had to put red colouring in my mouth so it’ll mix with Saliva and they’ll think I’m vomiting blood.” Sophie said and I smiled.

” That’s my beautiful actress.” I said and put my hands around her shoulders.

” Don’t put your hands on me. A perfect plan that will be used to eliminate Mariah from the house was wasted. Don’t you know if everyone thought I lost the baby, they’ll blame it on Mariah because she cooked the food and Mrs. Holmes won’t take it likely with her.” Sophie said a bit angry.

” Okay I tried my best. See what happened.” I said and started narrating the story.

📌Still In Henry’s POV
Earlier Today………….📌

~ Sophie and I agreed to eliminate Mariah out of the house because she seems to be a stumbling block to taking the Holmes’ wealth and destroying Brandon’s marriage. So Sophie and I decided to get her out of the house by all means.

~ We formulated a plan which is to have Sophie act like she has pains in her stomach and then vomit blood afterwards. Not real blood tho…fake blood. Off course, it’ll be termed as food poisoning and Mariah was the one who cooked the food. So we made up a fake result that Sophie had lost the baby, then switch it with the real result. If Mrs. Holmes finds out that Sophie lost the pregnancy, she’ll be angry with Mariah and she may send her out of the house.

~ It was a good plan until…….


~ While Sophie was admitted into the ward and everyone was in the waiting room, I sneaked away to the room where they were testing Sophie. I hid behind some flowers and patiently waited till they were done with the tests.

~ After they were done, the two nurses went out to look for some instrument and that was my cue. They have already printed out the results so I just switched the real results with the fake one Sophie and I produced.

~ My mistake was that I should’ve taken the real results with me instead of throwing it in the dustbin that was in THAT same room. I thought I had succeeded and I quickly ran out to meet the others.

~ I presume that a nurse came to give the doctor the fake result. And the probably, another nurse saw the real results and lied that another person was in the ward named Sophie and they mixed-up the results, because technically no other person is in Sophie’s ward and the nurses didn’t mix up anything. They simply lied to the doctor.

~ I’m still perplexed on this matter. I feel that Sophie faked everything. I’ve been wanting to speak from the onset because the colour of blood she vomited is not thick red, it’s a bit “pepper red” and that off course is not the colour of blood.

~ Secondly, how will a person who “vomited blood” be diagnosed and results came out that nothing at all is wrong with her. There’s a crooked line somewhere and vomiting blood must mean something. I know that because I’m a doctor, even though I haven’t had the chance to practice my profession properly.

~ This must be another plan of Sophie which failed woefully and I hope to expose her one day.

~ Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Rosella and Avery for about two days now. Neither have I seen Mrs. Holmes and Mr. Gabriel as well.

” Brandon…” I called him and he jerked in shock. Probably he was lost in thoughts like I was.

” Yeah?”

” Do you know where Rosella and Avery are?” I asked him and he shook his head.

” I haven’t seen them as well, even mum and dad. I asked and Mariah said mum calls her frequently and tells her there’s nothing to worry about.” Brandon said and it calmed me down a bit, but I still feel uneasy because sense something is wrong somewhere.

~ Lo and behold as Brandon and I were talking, Mrs. Holmes passed by us.

” Isn’t that your mum?” I told Brandon and he looked forward.

” Yes it it.”

” Muum!!!” He yelled and she turned back, on sighting him she came to us.

” Mum, where have you been?” Brandon asked as they hugged.

” It’s a long story, I’ll tell you guys. Let’s go.” She said and we stood up and followed Mrs. Holmes.

~ She took us to a room where we saw Gabriel lying on the bed and Rosella lying on another bed with her leg wrapped with bandages. Avery was sitting beside Rosella.

” What’s happening mum?” Brandon asked as Mariah rushed to meet Avery and they hugged.

” Sit down.” Mrs. Holmes said and we all sat down.

~ She began narrating the story that landed all of them in the hospital. She said something about Rosella and Avery being kidnapped in a party and on hearing that they’ve been kidnapped and the ransom they requested for, Mr. Gabriel fainted instantly due to a stroke. Then Avery stated her own side of the story which was a painful one and a shocker as well.

~ She said that they were kept hostage for a day without food nor water and when they tried escaping, one of the kidnappers shot Rosella on her leg. She also stated how she ran away with Rosella on her back and how they shot at them. She also said how she was nearly raped and how she saved the intending rapist from a snake bite. Then how she continued running with Rosella until she found a man who took her to the hospital and here they are.

” Wow…” Mariah was able to say because she was beyond shocked by this story.

” Mum why?” Brandon asked and his mum was surprised by that question.

” What do you mean?” She asked.

” All these happened and you decided to hide it from the family? Most especially me?” Brandon asked a bit flared up.

” Brandon, the first person I told had a stroke and is currently fighting for his life. I decided to keep it a secret because I thought I could handle it and I didn’t want to create tension.” Mrs. Holmes explained and Brandon cooled down.

” I’m just glad that my everyone is okay, especially my one and only sister.” Brandon said and went to Rosella’s bed. She was sleeping. Brandon caressed her cheeks.

” God saved her. We brought her in late and we thank God that she was shot in a minor place, not the chest, head or heart.” Avery said.

” So when will they be discharged?” Brandon asked Mrs. Holmes.

” Rosella will be discharged tomorrow.”

” What about dad?” He further inquired.

” I don’t know. He’s not responding to treatment and he has been in coma since. The doctor said he may never wake up.” Mrs. Holmes said and started crying. Brandon, Avery and Rosella went to comfort her. I would’ve have gone, but she has forbidden me from touching her.

” It’s okay…” The kept saying until she finally stopped crying.

” Where’s Sophie?” She asked as she she searched around and didn’t see her.

” And Henry as well?” Mariah asked because she isn’t aware that Henry went to use the bathroom. But he has stayed unusually long there.

” Sophie’s condition is hard to explain.” Brandon simply said.

” Huh?” Mrs. Holmes said confused.

” She’s in a ward.” Mariah said.

” Oh take me there.” Mrs. Holmes said as she quickly stood up.

” No need mum, she can come here herself. Nothing actually is wrong with her.” Brandon said and Mrs. Holmes confusedly sat down.

” Avery, can you go to Room 876 and fetch Sophie?” Mariah asked and Avery stood up and went out of the room.


” I can’t believe you messed up the plan after everything!” I yelled at Henry because I’m so pissed off with him because now everyone will suspect fowl play.

” I’m sorry okay. Remember, a famous scientist failed 99 times and on the hundredth time, the light bulb finally brought out illumination.” Henry said probably to justify his clumsy failure.

” So you mean to say that you want to fail 99 times?” I asked comically serious.

” No, that’s not what I meant. I mean it’s not bad to fail, it just teaches us lessons to use not to fail the next time. I assure you that our next plan will make progress.” He said and I tried believing it.

” Don’t be angry angel…here take a kiss.” Henry said and he bent in to kiss me and soon…it got intense.

~ Just then, the door opened and Avery came in to see Henry and I in that compromising position. Henry quickly let go of me.
~Watsap Adex on 08165605076 to be added for More of this!!~
” WHAT!? Uncle Henry! What are you doing with Sophie!” Avery yelled as she came in.

” Uhmm…uh…I can…explain.

All Rights Reserved®
Oh no!
Avery busted Sophie and Henry and they won’t take it likely with her! Will they hurt her?
So Sophie is still pregnant! 😂 Their plan to eliminate Mariah failed.

21 Days go soon finish… One week to go and Ava will leave😪
[12/19, 10:01 PM] Patrick1: 💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍

🙀💔[#DAY 17: #SURPRISED!]💔🙀
🖤Chapter Thirty-Six🖤

📍By: Nuella’s Novels📍


~ What sort of problem will I not encounter? First it was Rosella and I dealt with her. Now it’s this girl who’s blood is the same with that woman who calls herself my wife. What will I do now?

” I can’t believe this!!” Avery yelled.

” Mariah!! Brandon!! everyone come see Henry and Sophie!” Avery kept on yelling despite Sophie’s and my effort to calm her down.

” Shut up!… little brat.” Sophie said and Avery kept quiet.

” What?” She asked.

” Look, you may not know me too well but I’m a girl you don’t mess with. Your friend Rosella tried messing with us and we got her memory wiped. And when we need cash…we kidnapped you both, unfortunately it didn’t work.” Sophie said to Avery and she stared at her horrified.

” You did what?”

” Yes you heard me Avery and if anyone hears about what you saw today, I sSuspense👑. everything in me you’ll loose your miserable life. Do you hear me?” Sophie threatened Avery and she was speechless. She just moped at us with a countenance that showed that she was scared to her bones.

” What? What? We heard you screaming our names. What happened?” Brandon said to Avery as he rushed to the scene with Mariah and Ava behind him.

” I saw…..” Avery was about telling on us when Sophie flashed her a bad stare and she paused, then kept quiet

” What happened?’ Brandon asked Avery again and she didn’t speak. After a while, she ran out of the room.

~ Brandon looked at Sophie and I and I knew that he had suspected something was going wrong. After staring at us for sometime, he left and the others followed him.


~ I ran away from the scene and went to stay by a nearby window to catch some air before returning back to the others.

” You can’t hide the truth forever.” I heard Ava say as I felt her presence.

” What do you mean Aunty?” I asked her as I turned to face her directly.

” What did you see that made you run away, I know that Sophie and Henry are having and affair.” Ava said and I was a bit shocked.

” You know?”

” Yes I do, Brandon knows as well.” Ava said.

” So that means it wasn’t today they started this fornication. I so much pity for Sister Mariah.” I thought but it seemed like Ava caught me red handed being lost in thoughts.

” Earth To Avery…” She teased and I was snapped back to reality.

” So, I encourage you to always speak out when you see something wrong okay.” Ava said as she came closer to me and gave me a short slight hug.

” But…what if they come after me?” I asked her and she smiled.

” The truth shall set you free. No one will come near you at all!” Ava said as she put her two hands on my chin and blew a kiss to me.

” Let’s get back to the rest of the family now.” Ava said and we walked hand in hand from there.


~ I feel for Avery so much because I know Sophie and Ava will try their very best to make sure she pays for finding out the truth. I won’t allow my cousin to suffer in the claws of those wicked duo. I will protect her.

~ Avery and I sat down in the waiting area with the rest of the family. After staying a while with Mr. Holmes and Rosella, we decided to go home. Although, Mrs. Holmes decided to stay back in the hospital.

~🖋Author Nuella’s POV🖋~

~ It has been quiet in the Holmes’ Mansion for quite a while. Brandon still goes to his company and strives towards success so he can repay Ava the money she lent him before the 21 days contract expires.

~ Rosella was discharged a day later and has been up and doing ever since. Education has been more easier and fun for her because Avery is beside her every time for support. Although, they both have sworn never to go for parties for the mean time😆😜

~ Mariah and her kids are doing fine although, still get bummed by the fact that Henry doesn’t want to acknowledge them as his family and keeps on hiding the fact that he’s married to Mariah to the rest of the occupants of the Mansion. She has played along and decided to keep her marriage a secret because she doesn’t know why Henry is denying she and her kids.

~ Sophie off course is still looking for a way to dissolve the star couples marriage, Ava and Brandon. She is coming up with more evil strategies and is bent on executing them when the time is right according to her. She is still working hand in hand with Henry who is another evil mastermind himself.

~ Avery is still a bit surprised on what happened the other day at the hospital. She is still afraid that Henry and Sophie might hurt her for knowing the truth and she is very vigilant. She is still confused on whether to tell Mariah about her cheating husband or to let her find out herself.

~ Henry is cracking evil plans of mischief to take away the wealth of the Holmes’ and he is very serious on his task. He is still having affairs with Sophie right under the nose of everyone.

~ Mrs. Holmes is in dilemma because her dear family is falling apart brick by brick. Her beloved husband is still in coma and the doctors told her that there’s a slight chance of him waking up from the coma. She is turn apart but is still bent of Brandon marrying Sophie.

~ Ava is still being vigilant as she has always been and has refused to tell Brandon what happened between them that day. Although, she is in good terms with him and pretends as if nothing happened between them. She and Brandon still pretend that they’re fighting to avert trouble. Sophie, Henry and Mrs. Holmes are still making her life in the Holmes’ mansion Hell and she can’t just wait for the 21 days contract to be over.

And now…it is time for the shocker!!


Four Days Later…..🕰
After the Hospital Incident…🚪

~ I was sitting in the living room playing this simulation game I just downloaded. The name is Nicki Minaj: The Empire. It’s really cool and I get to be an upcoming rapper who gets coached by Nicki all the way to being a Queen like her. It’s really good, you should try it.

~ Anyways, I’m alone with Ava. Henry has gone to work and Rosella and Avery to school. While Mrs. Holmes is in the hospital with her dying husband and Mariah had an appointment. Ava is here watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians while I play my game.

~ Just then, the door flung open and a fierce looking Brandon came inside with a brown A4 envelope in his hand. He was looking very furious and he walked straight to Ava who was terrified by his demeanor.

” What happened? Why are you staring at me like that?” Ava asked Brandon and I put my phone down so I can pay attention to the drama about to unfold.

~ Brandon tossed the brown envelope to Ava and she looked at him in a scared way. Afterwards, she slowly opened the envelope and brought out a paper with written content in it. She read what it contained inaudibly and gasped with shock then dropped the paper on the floor.

” Brandon….” She called his name in shock and he snubbed her.

” What is this?” She asked again with pain in her voice and she began crying.

” I believe you can read. It’s a DIVORCE LETTER!”

” WHATT!?!?”

All Rights Reserved®

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