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21 DAYS WIFE: 31, 32

21 DAYS WIFE: 31, 32

💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍
[Day 11: #Sophie_Is_Back?].

🖤Chapter Thirty-One🖤

📍By: Nuella’s Novels

My eyes couldn’t believe what it had seen. Brandon was already set to f*ck Ava. My perfectly planned plan was ruined yet again by Ava.

I just closed the door and went out of their room. My plan failed again. I sulked back to my room and sat on my bed wondering why my plans always go wrong.

” Why always does she come in the middle of my plans and ruin all my effort?” I questioned myself because I was quite bummed about this failed plan, even more than others because this one I ACTUALLY spent money to buy that powder from Wendy.

” I guess I should stop trying already.” I thought but I disagreed with myself.

” I can’t give up so easily. I’m Sophie Cackerman, I don’t drop the gun that easy!” I said and rose up from the bed feeling so optimistic and enthusiastic.

” I must win!” I concluded and walked to the bathroom.

As I went to the bathroom, I passed by my mirror and it really caught my attention so I went back and stared at the mirror.

I admired myself. I was looking very nice, I was wearing one of those lingeries I bought earlier and it revealed the beauty of my body.

” Brandon doesn’t know what he’s missing in this body.” I thought as I smiled and twisted and turned so I can get a full view of my wonderful body.

” I can’t believe I squeezed myself into this and after everything, Ava spoiled the plan.” I said slightly angry.

” I will succeed very soon though.” I assured myself and went into the bathroom.

~😥AVA’s POV😥~
I sat on the bed sulking and sobbing slightly because I was feeling pains all over😥 I shouldn’t be angry with him because he is my LEGAL husband and he has the right to do as he pleases with his wife but what I’m shocked about was how he fell aback on our plan.

” I thought we agreed that there’s no romance or s*x of any kind.” I reminded myself.

” Then why? Why didn’t he even have the decency to ask me before doing that? Must he get it by force?” I asked myself.

” I could file a rape case against him if not that we’re on a contract!”

” All through my life I’ve never experienced such pain during intercourse before💔”

” Even my first time wasn’t as painful as this💔”

” I feel pains all over💔”

” Brandon why?😔”

I looked beside me on the bed, it was Brandon lying down stark naked. After he was done, he just started sleeping and snoring loudly. Which is so unlike him🤦🏻

” Something must’ve definitely gone wrong. Brandon is a calm guy and not raz as he seems to be now.”

” Hmm…something is fishy. I know it.” I concluded as I looked at Brandon once again and sighed.

I went into the bathroom to shower because my body was stained with a small amount of blood and a bit of c?m. Plus, I’m feeling dirty after the whole incident.


Okay finally😊
It’s my POV💞
It’s been ages💔😔

I can’t lie but things have been going strange in this house ever since Henry came, I mean a lot stranger than usual.

First, Sophie got pregnant, Ava gets injured, Something happened again, but I can’t quite remember, then Mariah shows up and now, kids run in calling Henry “daddy” which is so so so so so weird.

This house is turning so crazy! And thank God I’m as far away from this drama because I can’t even stand it.

I don’t even need drama in my life right now, because it’s off course gonna disturb me from my studies and I’m in my last grade so I really need to ace up or else university is out of bound for me. So drama, please stay far away from me.

Someone knocked on my door once and then opened it a bit, a head peered in and it was mum’s.

” Hey princess.” She greeted with a smile and opened the door further and came in.

” Hey mum.” I reciprocated the greeting and adjusted a bit on my bed so she’ll sit down.

Anytime mum comes to me like this, either I’ve done something bad or she wants to educate me about life or the ‘bird and bees’ talk or gender talk.

But, something tells me that today something is different and not as serious of any of her usual talks.

” Well, I’m sure you’ve seen Mariah.” She said and I nodded affirmatively.

” She has a younger sister Avery, the girl with Mariah’s kids.”

” And she’s your age mate, in fact you both are in the same grade. So I was thinking of enrolling her in your school!” Mum announced and I was so happy because finally I have that twin sister I’ve always been looking for.

” Serious mum? Thanks so much!!” I said and hugged her.

” Anything for you dear.” Mum replied and hugged me.

” Okay, I need to go prepare dinner now.” Mum said and stood up from the bed and went out of the room.

Mum and the maids prepared dinner and we all went downstairs and ate silently. Mum went to check on Mariah and her kids in the boys quarters. Then afterwards, there was lights out and everyone went to bed and slept.

I was the first to wake up the next morning, I think. I was so excited, it’s just as if I have an actual sister going with me to school. Plus, today is Friday and that meaaannnnsssssss Party!!!

But mum never lets me go to parties, she think I’m too young to go for parties, I mean Grade 8s go for party and play spin the bottle and truth or dare and do stuffs rated 18+ when they’re just fourteen or fifteen and it sucks.

Today Holly Hills one of the trending girls at our school, is having her Bar Mitz Vah party tonight and every sane person in school is attending it and this I have too attend, plus Avery can follow me and make some friends.

So I’m definitely telling mum about the party. I wish dad was well, He’d allow me go for the party.

I picked up my bag and went out of my room and then downstairs so I can eat breakfast. Everyone was already at the table and I know I’m gonna get a scolding for coming late for breakfast.

” Good morning family.” I greeted and sat down on an empty seat and dropped my bag beside the chair.

” Good morning.” Everyone greeted.

” You’re late.” Mum said and looked at me.

” Was daydreaming.” I said and dived into my food.

” Okay then.”

” Mum I wanna ask you for a big favor when I get back and promise me you’ll say yes!” I said to mum as I took a spoon full of my dish.

” Well I don’t know what you want to ask me so how can I agree?” Mum questioned and I groaned.

” Okay mum, if you love me say yes!” I teased and she laughed.

” Okay fine fine, I’ve said “yes”. Happy?” Mum asked and I laughed.

” Yes mum, I’m happy.” I said to her and I heard the sound of the school bus’s horn then I finished my breakfast quickly and rushed outside and Avery followed me.

We went to school and I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and today was a half-day so we were done soon enough. The bus took us home and I was so nervous on asking mum whether Avery and I were allowed to go for Holly’s 18th Birthday Party.

” Good afternoon mum!!” I greeted mum immediately I stepped into the house.

” Good afternoon dear, you seem excited” Mum said and I smiled.

” Yes mum, I am. Please oh Please let me go for Holly Hills’ birthday party!”

” But…I don’t allow u go for parties, and I won’t start now.” Mum said and I begged her endlessly.

” Mum pleassseee.” I begged her and she sighed.

” Fine, go for your party but be back before dawn.” Yes mum I will be back. Thanks so much.” I said and turned to leave but then I remembered I was forgetting something.

” Oh..” I exclaimed and turned back.

” Mum, please can Avery come along and please don’t say no!” I begged and mum smiled.

” Fine! Yes she can go.” Mum said and I jumped and squeed for joy then raced to the boys quarters to tell Avery what’s happening.

After telling Avery that we can now go for Holly Hills birthday party and her taking permission from aunty Mariah, both of us went back to the main building and then upstairs to my room.

Facts spoken, Avery is not as rich as me and doesn’t have standard party dresses and I can’t have her be with me all night if she doesn’t dress up to my standard so therefore, I have to give her one of my dresses..


” How do you like this?” I asked Avery as I turned around in my party dress.

” Simply stunning.” She said with a smile and I blushed.

” Okay, get ready now because we’re taking a cab there.” I said and I put on finishing touches on my hair and makeup while Avery grabbed her bag and we left.

Holly Hills’ house wasn’t far from ours so in ten minutes we were already at her parking lot, we alighted from the car and I paid the driver and he drove away. Avery and I entered into Holly’s house for the party.

📱 Boss, the two girls just entered into the party” I said to my hirer on the phone.

📱 Okay..mark them. Make sure you are able to kidnap them.

📱 Yes boss we will.

📱 Good, now make sure you do as you are instructed and when I see the girls, I’ll pay you your balance.

📱 Okay boss. Later.” I said and hung up.

I placed my hand in my pocket to check whether the powdered substance I’ll use to drug the girls were still in check. When I confirmed that they were, I walked into the party and began searching for my targets.

I sighted them drinking Chapman and then they dropped their glasses on wine on the table and went to the dance floor. It was my time to strike.

I walked to their table and when no one’s attention was on me I bought out the powder and sprinkled it in the two bottles of drinks. After that, I went to the restroom.

That powder is to make them vomit or feel like vomiting and then they’ll rush to the bathroom to vomit and when they do, I’ll spray them with this concoction that’ll make them loose consciousness and then I’ll take them back to the base.

I patiently waited at the restroom for them and about twenty minutes later, they came rushing to the bathroom about throwing up. I smirked knowing that my job is 75% done and now all I need to do is to spray them with this.

I brought out the spray and waited at the entrance. When they were close to the door, I sprayed them with the liquid concoction and they became unconscious.

I picked up my phone to call Bo, my friend who’s with me in this operation.

📱 Bo, come to the visitors toilet with the sacks.

📱 Yeah, I’m coming.” He said and hung up.

In about a minute he was here with the sacks and we put the girls into it and used the back door. We checked and no one was there, so we made our escape back to our base.

📱 Hello.”

📱 Hello, who is this?

📱 Am I unto Mrs. Holmes?” I asked.

📱 Yes who are you?

📱 Who I am is not important now. I have with me Avery and Rosella in my custody.

📱You must be joking.

📱 Unfortunately I’m serious and I will kill them if you don’t give me what I want.

📱 No No…don’t kill them please. Whatever you want I’ll do it.

📱 I want 2 Million Dollars before 96 hours or I’ll kill them both.


Wow…Rosella and Avery have been kidnapped.

Who hired those boys to kidnap Avery and Rosella!
Sophie’s plan backfired and Ava was raped.

Mad ohh

: 💍😍21 DAYS WIFE💍😍
[Day 12: #Kiddnaped].

🖤Chapter Thirty-Two🖤

√ Unedited

Two million dollars!😱
Two million dollars? 🤪

Where am I going to find that amount of money from? I knew I shouldn’t have let her go for that party and if her father finds out I let her go for the party I’m toast but now I’m not far from my ancestors if my husband finds out that Rosella was kidnapped because I let her go for a party!

What about Mariah? How will I explain to her that her sister has been kidnapped as well? She will think I was the one who did it! God why all these now?😫

” Why are you lost in thoughts?” Gabriel’s voice shocked me to my bone marrow and as a result, my phone fell from my hand and crashed on the floor thereby causing it a broken screen.

I gently bent down to pick the phone. Gabriel was at the back of me, I didn’t have the courage to face him. That was when he spoke again….

” You haven’t answered me.” He said and wheeled himself to my side not directly in front of me.

” Well…Gabriel…uhm you see…”

” Speak words woman.” Gabriel said sternly and I took a gulp down and exhaled summoning courage to break the news to him.

” I just got off the line with some kidnappers.” I managed to say and I didn’t hear a response from him.

” Kidnappers? What did they call?” He asked and the words struggled to leave my mouth.

” What if he hits me when I tell him? I mean it’s kind off my fault.” Thoughts raced through my head. Again, I exhaled and spoke…

” They kidnapped Avery and Rosella.” I said and again, there was silence…a very awkward silence because it lasted long. I finally turned back after waiting for a reply for long and not getting one, only for me to find out that Gabriel had fainted.

” What!?” I yelled and rushed to him.

” Oh no you can’t do this to me..” I cried out as I shook him vigorously hoping he’d wake up. But no he didn’t. It’s almost dawn now and everyone is asleep. Even if they’re awake who’ll drive me? Brandon has broken bones and Sophie has little experience in driving and Henry is not an option.

” It’ll be rude to worry the drivers by this hour.” I thought but this is the only way forward. I have to wake them up. By the way, I take care of them and feed and house them so they should be at my beck and call anytime.

I rushed to the staff quarters, I passed by Mariah’s flat and thought of informing her about her sister’s predicament but I thought unwise of it and went to the quarters to fetch the driver and we drove to the hospital in haste.

” Ugh…” Rosella and I exclaimed loudly as the thugs pushed us to the ground and we landed painfully.

Our hands were tired to our back and our heads were covered with a sack. As we laid faced down on the floor, I could feel someone tying my legs with a rope and it was damn painful. After that, they made us sit upright and finally removed the sacks that covered our heads. Rosella and I inhaled and exhaled heavily after they removed the sack because we there was shortage of oxygen as our heads were covered.

Before us was a thick, tall, giant and muscular man holding a club. He was wearing a black shirt and black leather trousers with black boots as well. He had black hand gloves on and a black mask covered his identity.

Two other men and a lady were in the room all with masks on and black outfits holding one weapon or the other and I was beyond terrified.

” Where are your cell phones?” The man in front of us asked with his deep hoarse voice and we shivered.

” In our bags…” Rosella managed to answer because I couldnt. The shock and fear has taken away my voice.

” Kiko!” The man called out and one of the other two men stood up.

” Yes Rex.” He answered.

” Go to the car and get their bags.” Rex commanded and Kiko went out.

” Now pretty princesses, you have 96hours to live if your parents don’t come up with the fund I requested.” Rex said with a smirk and Rosella and I looked at each other in fear because were in doom.

” But Rosella’s parents have that big house and many cars, they should have alot of money, even more than these thugs asked for.” I thought. Rex signalled the rest of his gang that were present and they went out of the room and switched off the light. Rosella and I were left in total darkness.

How I wish I never followed her to the party😭
” Yaaawwwwwn!

I woke up due to the sudden cramps I have on my leg. They were so painful.

” What?” I was shocked to find myself naked on the bed.

” Why am I naked? And where’s Ava?” I asked myself as I looked around the room and no sign of Ava.

” Where’s she? Hope she hasn’t ran away due to my mother’s behavior towards her!” I said and got up from the bed and dashed to the shower to freshen up.

After I freshened up and had a change of clothes, I rushed outside to look for Ava and immediately I stepped out from the room, I bumped into her.

” Ouch!” We both exclaimed as we rubbed the area of our head where we hit.

” Sorry for bumping into you, I wasn’t looking.” I apologized as she still rubbed her forehead.

” It’s okay, I wasn’t looking too. Good morning, how was your night?” She greeted me and I smiled.

” Good morning, my night was fine. What about yours?”

” Was okay. I need to leave now.” She said and walked away briskly. Something was odd, Ava is not shy but reserved, now she’s acting shy and walks funny.

” Hmm, what’s up with her?” I asked myself as I watched her walk away.

” Well at leat she’s okay.” I concluded and limped downstairs to the kitchen area.

” What smells so nice?” I asked myself as I walked into the kitchen for me to see Mariah cooking.

” Wow…look who’s in the kitchen?” I said as I came closer.

” Oh..” She exclaimed and laughed shortly.

” I didn’t know you were here. Good morning.” She greeted with her eyes still glued to what she was cooking.

” It wasn’t long I came in anyways. The smell of the food is really nice. What are you cooking?” I asked her and she smiled.

” Thanks. Just gravy and then we’ll take it with some bread. It’s an impromptu breakfast because your mum just called me sometime ago and informed me that she’ll be away and I should prepare breakfast.” Mariah announced.

” Away? To where?” I asked and Mariah shook her head.

” She didn’t mention. How’s Ava?” She asked and I sighed because Ava’ situation is sort of confusing to me.

” She’s fine. Why didn’t she join you?” I asked her.

” Your mom specifically instructed that I don’t let her touch any of her kitchen items or come near her kitchen.” Mariah said and I felt heart broken, how will mum say that kind of thing. Sometimes, I wonder if that woman was the one who gave birth to us because none of us behave like her at all.

” That’s harsh of her. Anyways, how are your kids?” I asked her.

” They’re good.”

” Umm, have you seen Rosella and Avery?” I asked her and she shook her head.

” No. Your mum said that she dropped them in school early because they had a project.” Mariah explained and I sensed something fishy.

” Okay then.” I said to her and then I limped out of the kitchen.

” Why are you limping?” She asked me and I paused.

” I just feel slight pain nothing is wrong just that I have cramps there.” I said to her and she gave me a knowing smile.

” And you’re keeping it away from me, when I am a trained masseuse? I’ll give you a massage immediately I’m done with breakfast okay?” She said and I nodded then she went back to cooking.
My last plan might have failed but still, I have to come up with another plan soon enough so I can destroy their marriage now that it’s still early. I’ve thought of all possible plans and still non work for me. I’m just tired…..but no! I can’t quit. One of plans must come along one day and I know it.

Mariah finished cooking breakfast and Ava, Henry, Brandon, Mariah and I had breakfast with Mariah’s kids. After breakfast, Ava went upstairs with Brandon while Henry went out and Mariah also went to drop her kids in school.

I walked upstairs and sat in the upstairs living room and switched on the TV to watch while trying to hatch a new plan in my brain.
Mrs. Holmes enrolled my kids in a nearby school and insisted that I have one of the drivers drive us to school but I feel that’s a waste of time, money and resources. The school isn’t far away from here and a transport fare of 10$ can get us there. So why do we waste?

I held George’s hand with my right and Gemma’s hand with my left. Gina clung unto Gina’s hand and we were about to cross the road when I heard someone shout my name.

” Mariah!!!” The person called out and I turned back to see my husband who doesn’t act like one.

” What?” I asked him coldly as he came closer to us.

” Nothing actually.”

” Then why are calling my name like your life depends on it?”

” I married you and I can call your name anytime I feel like.”

” Is this why you stopped me Henry? So you can nag about how possessive you are over me?” I asked him and he rolled his eyes.

” Whatever, where are you taking my kids to?” He asked and I laughed.

” Your kids? Oh so now they’re your kids and you now care where they’re off to?” I asked and looked at him scornfully from head to toe.

” Well they’re off to school.” I replied him and his eyes nearly fell of it’s socket.

” Off to school? OFF TO SCHOOL? Mariah I didn’t know you’re this stupid, I can’t imagine that……”

” Henry how dare you insult me when I’ve done nothing wrong? So taking your own kids to school now brings insult to me?”

” Shut up! How can you enroll my kids in a school in this area? The school fees of the schools here are very high. In fact, half of the fees for a term is equivalent to the money you paid through out your education from Nursery to High School.” Henry said and I would’ve slapped him if not that we’re outside in public.

” For your information Henry, it’s your sister in-law who foots their school fees because I know you can’t. You’re too poor for that.” I said to him and tried crossing the road when he held my hand and dragged me back.

” Don’t try to walk out on me ever again! Do you hear me?” He yelled still holding unto my hand and I looked at him in disgust without telling him.

” Now, tell me when are you and your kids returning back to California?” He asked and I laughed.

” Not anytime soon, maybe until Sophie wants to give birth or maybe I might be staying here permanently.” I said to him with a smirk.

” I don’t want you guys near this house because your presence has contaminated my plans.”

” What plans Henry? What plans? I know your ways are not pure from the unset but don’t do anything to hurt your innocent brother and his family.” I said to him and he laughed.

” What must be done, must be done to get money.” He said and I turned to face the road so I can cross.

” Please get out.” I said to him over my shoulders.

” You corrupt these little kids.” I added and he smirked.

” Whatever…I don’t want to see you in that house by the time I’m back from where I’m going to.” Henry said and walked away and I laughed.

” Like as if he owns the house.” I said to myself and laughed..

I crossed the children and we took a cab down to their school.

I was getting bored watching TV because it seemed like every single channel was showing something stupid. I switched off the TV and was about standing up to leave when Brandon came out of his room with a towel and was on a phone call.

📱 Yeah I’m coming. You’ll see me soon.

📱 Alright bye.

He went downstairs without saying a word to me. Not a even good morning.

I checked the time, it was past eleven am. It’s time for my massage with Mariah.

I walked into the bathroom to shower so I’ll go to Mariah’s flat for the massage. After freshening up, I picked up my stuff and went straight to Mariah’s flat. I opened the door to see her massaging Brandon. But she didn’t notice my presence.

” This is my time to strike.” I told myself and thought of a way to make use of this moment well.

I saw a race car on the floor, probably one of the toys for her kids. Brandon was sitting upright on the bed and she was massaging his feet. I can use the race car to scare and she’ll jump and fall right into Brandon’s arms and then I’ll show this picture to Ava. Or better still, why don’t I call her here to see it with her very own eyes.

I sent a message to her saying that she should come to Mariah’s flat ASAP. And then I rolled the race car towards her direction and she was frightened by it because it came to her suddenly. And as expected, she jumped on Brandon’s lap in fear and that is a compromising position.

I hid behind a cabinet and the door flung open and Ava walked in.

” Sophie? What happened?” She asked as she came in and her eyes diverted to Brandon and Mariah.

” WHAT?” She yelled and Mariah jumped down and they arranged themselves.

” Ava?!…uhm…uh
All Rights Reserved®
Okay…Sophie has struck again, she has successfully sabotaged Brandon and Ava won’t take it likely.

Rosella and Avery are in danger.
Gabriel collapsed, will this worsen his condition?

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