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21 DAYS WIFE: 29, 30 FINAL

21 DAYS WIFE: 29, 30 FINAL


Married To A Hooker•

Chapter Tweenty-Nine
[Day 10: #What_About_Brandon?].
√ Unedited √
Henry’s POV
” Oh that’s nice.”
” Yes and she wants you to remain with us in this house…” Mrs Holmes announced.
” WHAT!?!
” Why did you shout Henry? Do you have a problem with that?” Gabriel’s wife asked me
and I looked at her.
” Well…uhm…aunty, why must she stay?” I asked.
” Well, I have said that earlier, Sophie needs massages and since Mariah here is very good,
she needs to be close by.” Gabriel’s wife explained and my brain searched fast for possible
ways to make Gabriel’s wife agree with me to avert Mariah’s stay.

” But don’t you think they house would be too crowded, you know she’ll be bringing George,
Gina and Gemma to stay here as well.” I explained to them.
” Who are those people?” Gabriel’s wife asked.
” Mariah’s kids duh!” I said and a second after I did, it dawned on me that my statement is
awkward because everyone will begin to question how I knew Mariah had kids and moreso,
how I knew each and everyone of their names.

How did you know she had kids?” Gabriel’s wife asked and I became nervous.
” Yeah Henry, how did you know she had kids and how did you even know their names.”
Ava asked and ever since I’ve been alive, this is the time when I need my brain the most but
it seems like it’s gonna fail me now because I need a lie to get myself out of this mess but
none is coming in.
” Well..I guessed..” I said and everyone gave me a look that meant ‘that’s just unbelievable’
even I myself was disappointed and confused at what came out of my mouth.
” Uh…okay. Mariah do you really have kids?” Gabriel’s wife asked Mariah.
” Yes I do.”
” Okay, that means you’ll have to bring them here then.” Gabriel’s wife said and Mariah

” Although Henry has a point, this house will be overcrowded and the fact that little kids will
be here, the serenity and calmness of the area is gone. So I will discuss with my husband to
let you guys stay in the boy’s quarters.” Gabriel’s wife said and I felt relieved, at least she
won’t be in the MAIN house and I’ll be free sort off.
” But what about your husband Mariah?” Ava asked her and Mariah looked at me and I gestured to her not to mention my name.

” He travelled, but he’ll be cool with it anyways.” She said and smirked a bit looking at me
sideways and I exhaled…one of relief.
” Oh okay then.” Ava said.
” Good, Mariah how are you going to get your kids here?” Gabriel’s wife asked.
” Well, I can have my sister bring the over here. They’ll take a flight down here together.”
Mariah said and Gabriel’s wife nodded.
” Oh good. Well, can you arrange everything in a way that they’ll be here tonight?” Gabriel’s
wife asked Mariah and she nodded elatedly.

” Yes I can, let me just give her a call now.” Mariah said gladly as she picked up her phone
probably to call Avery, her younger sister.
” Yes do that, tell her to send me her account number so I’ll send her the money for flihght
tickets for four of them” Gabriel’s wife said and Mariah’s smiled so heartily.
” Hello Avery…” She said and walked ou


📱 Hey sis! How you doing?
📱 I’m fine Avery, what about you?
📱 I’m alright, so what’s happening?
📱 I need you to go pick the kids from Sunnyside Day Care down the street. Then take them
to the airport and take a flight down to Ohio.
📱 Okay…I have many questions, but first of all…WHAT!?!
📱 You heard me clear. Ask your questions now because there’s no time.
📱 Okay, firstly why, how and why again!
📱 Why because it’s urgent, I’m relocating to Ohio and it’s an impromptu one. How, well
someone is sending the cash for the flight tickets for the four of you soon. Why again
because…well….I’m your senior sister and I have rights to order you around. Plus, it’s for a
goof cause.

📱 Okay, Okay, Okay. I’ll get there as soon as I get the alert.
📱 Yeah whatever, But I want them here by tonight.
📱 Okay…
📱 And hey, pack clothes for them and pack some clothes for me as well.
📱 Yeah, I’ll do that. See yah.
📱 Take care!” I said and hung up.
Yes! God has finally liberated my family and I. This is tremendous. Off course, this
woman will be feeding us and also take care of the children’s bills because I can’t afford any
and I didn’t BEG her to take me in. Quite frankly, I’m the one who’s even doing her a favour!

Everything should go as planned and the life of my children and I will never be the
same. I don’t care about Henry, I mean what wife will care about a man who denies you and
his own kids and also asks you to deny him for his own selfish wishes.
In fact, I must speak to him and ask him why he asked me to deny him. Henry has
always been a sly fox and it has been his character from the onset but, this is too far.
I marched angrily to his room. On my way there, I saw him coming upstairs.
” Boo!” I yelled at him and he startled and shouted
” Aaaarghhh! Mariah you…! You nearly made me piss myself.” Henry said and I laughed.

” Serves you right. Now tell me why did you make me deny you out there?” I said pointing
towards the living room.
” That’s for me to know and for you to mind your business and play along. Remember, I’m
your husband and I can make you do whatever I want.” He said and I was angered.
” It’s like that huh? The outcome of this act of yours will surely be bitter and you’ll regret all
you’ve done.” I said and he stared at me as I went awa

” Now?” I asked Mrs. Holmes as I stretched.
” Yes now.” She said to me and I sighed.
” Kk, I’ll go get dressed.” I said to her and stood up from the bed.
” Is Ava coming with us?” I asked her and she was silent for a while and the finally she
” If she wants to, let it not be as if I’m depriving her from seeing her husband. My mansion in
heaven will be demolished if I do that.” She said and I laughed. Mrs. Holmes can be so funny
at times.

” You laugh? But it’s true. I’m building my mansion gradually in heaven. So when I leave this
cruel world, I’ll have a solemn place to be.” She added and I laughed harder as I went to my
closet to wear some clothes.

Mrs. Holmes came to tell me that I should get ready that we’re on our way to go see
Brandon in the hospital. I miss him so much, I haven’t seen him for two days now.
I hurriedly dressed up and joined Mrs. Holmes and Ava by the car and we all entered
inside and drove out to the hospital to go see Brandon.
When we reached there, the doctor said that he has been revived and has fully
recovered and also, can be discharged anytime we want.
He told us his room number and we went in.

” Heyyyyyy” We greeted as we went in and Brandon sat atop on his bed beaming with
” Hey guys.” He said to us and we went to him and he hugged Ava and Mrs. Holmes but
when it got to my turn, he closed his arms. I took that cool and didn’t want to make a fuss.
” So how are you guys doing?” He asked.
” We should be the one asking how you’re doing.” Ava said and we all shared a short laugh.
” I’m doing alright, I can’t wait to go home.” He said with a grin.
” Yes we can’t wait to have you as well Brandon.” I said and there was an awkward silence
following my statement.
” So are you ready to go?” Ava asked and Brandon nodded.

” Sure, let’s go.” He said and Ava helped him off the bed.
There were bandages on both his legs and one around his arm.
He was limping but he managed to get to the car while Mrs. Holmes settled the bill.
She joined us and the we drove back home.
We met a serious hold-up on the road because the road actually has four lanes, but
three out of the lanes were closed down for repairs and everyone had to cramp up in one
We stayed on that lane for three and a half hours then used another fifteen minutes to
get to our house.

As we were entering into the house, A slender girl with three kids and some bags was
also entering into the house.

We helped Brandon get into the house and we all entered.
” BRANDON!?” Henry exclaimed as he saw Brandon.
” Yeah bro?” He replied.
” Surprised?” Brandon added with a smirk.
” I thought you’re dead!” Henry said to him and Brandon laughed.
” I….”
” Daddy!!!” The children who were with the slender girl called out to Henry and went to hug

Married To A Hooker•
Chapter Thirty
[Day 11: #Can_Henry’s_Doom_Be_Averted?].
√ Unedited √
Sophie’s POV
” I….”

Daddy!!!” The children who were with the slender girl called out to Henry and went to hug

Today is the day I know that I’ve been cursed by my ancestors, how will I be able to
avert this now. These children have always proven to be good for nothing. First it was their
mother and now it’s them. God help me.
” Daddy?” Mrs. Holmes asked confused.
” Oh no ma. It must be a misunderstanding.” Mariah said to Mrs. Holmes and gave the kids a
very stern look.

” Oh? We thought you were our father because you have a beard like him and you both have
the same complexion.” George explained and everyone else in the room looked at him with
a raised up brow, because apparently what he said was stupid, but not so stupid for a child
of four to say. So I guess they believed what he said.
” That’s my boy! He takes after his father, so smart.” I complimented him inwardly.
” By the way, I may need to shave this beard sooner or later.” I thought as I scratched the

” Well, uhm…everyone meet my sister Avery.” Mariah nervously said and at this point,
introducing your sister is very unnecessary but at least, it broke the awkward silence that
filled the room.
“Hey Avery” and “Hi Avery” filled the room as everyone greeted her, but after that the
silence came back.
” Well Mariah, come let me show you where you guys will be staying” Gabriel’s wife said and
Mariah and the kids followed her outside.

Ava, Sophie, Rosella and Brandon kept looking at me with not so pleasant gazes. I
didn’t care anyways, I went upstairs to my room and locked myself inside. I need to critically
think no

Mrs. Holmes, as she is called, walked in lead the way from the mansion down to the
boys quarters with Gina and Gemma running ahead of me while I held George by his hand.
Avery was also following us but she was far behind because she was walking and
using her phone, so she wasn’t committed to walking with us. She was holding some our
bags while I was holding the remainder and George was holding my handbag.
At the back of the main mansion stood a bungalow. Finely painted with peach and
black and Mrs. Holmes opened the door and we went inside the House.
It was gorgeous, just like the main mansion just that it was in bungalow form.

” We built this so we could bring my grandmother to live here, but on her way here she had a
fatal accident.” Mrs. Holmes announced on our entrance.
” Wow, our condolences.” I said and she snickered.
” Oh no she isn’t dead. After her accident, she broke her arm. So she concluded that the city
is ‘evil’ or ‘cursed’ according to her and vowed never to set foot here.” Mrs. Holmes
” Oh.” I managed to say because I had no other response in mind at that moment.
” Well, that’s what you should expect from a timid old woman who believes in voodoo
magic!” Mrs. Holmes exclaimed and laughed shortly.

I believe in voodoo magic! It’s real actually. Witches and wizards abide everywhere from the forces of darkness and tend to hunt the human race by striking them with sicknesses, death and poverty because they are desperately wicked.
” It is in the Bible.” I thought as I remembered the pastor’s last preaching.
” The thief cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy. I am come to give you life and give it to
you more abundantly” I remembered John 10:10 our memory verse

The thieves are the voodoo magic practitioners while “I” refers to Jesus Christ our lord.
So yes! There is voodoo magic.
Some people believe that voodoo magic originates from the blacks. But I don’t think
witches and wizards have time for racism. They don’t care about that.
” I don’t really blame her, there is something like voodoo.” I told Mrs. Holmes and she looked
at me in disbelief and sniggered.
” Anyways, I hope it’s comfortable enough for you guys and enjoy yourself.” Mrs. Holmes
said and went out of the room.
” Thank you ma.” Avery and I chorused to her and she replied with a hearty smile.

” Such a nice woman.” I said as she left.
But then the door opened again and Mrs. Holmes face peered in.
” Did you forget anything ma?” I asked her and she stepped him.
” Quite, your sister.” She said and looked at Avery.
” Yes ma, what about her?” I asked confused.
” Well, she looks like my daughter’s age mate. How old is she?” She asked still looking at
” I’m eighteen ma.” She simply replied.
” Eighteen huh? What grade are you?”
” I’m in 12th Grade.”
” Wow, same class as my daughter Rosella, just that she’s seventeen.” Mrs. Holmes
announced and Avery smiled a bit.
I’m guessing that she’s smiling because she knows she and Rosella can be buddies
and Avery will actually have a REAL life friend because all Avery does is to stay online and
chat with VIRTUAL people who aren’t even real. So the REAL humans stay away from her
because they think she’s slightly weird and I agree.

” Rosella has always been disturbing me about a baby sister and blah blah teenage blabbing
but now you’re here, she’ll finally have someone of her age to talk too.” Mrs. Holmes said.

So, I’ll enrol you in her school and all bills and everything are on me.” Mrs. Holmes said
and I was so happy.
” Thanks so much ma’am.” Avery and I chorused again and as before, she replied with a
hearty smile and left.
” Such a nice lady!” Avery said as she looked around.
” And a rich one as well.” I said and I could hear Avery chuckle.
I turned around to see a painting of Monalisa that was hung on the wall initially, was
now on the floor broken and Gina, was standing by it.

” Gina!!!” I yelled at her and walked up to her and smacked her and she began crying.
” Serves you right. This isn’t your former home where you break stuff as you please.” I added
and dragged her ear and she scampered away crying.
” The way you treat this kids sis.” Avery said and I flashed her a bad stare even though she
wasn’t looking at me

Hmm…Henry has a lot of explanation to do but I don’t have time for him now. I’ve been
so focused on him and our affairs, I’ve forgotten my main reason here. That is to make
Brandon fall in love with me or make his marriage sour.
” And I have the perfect plan for that!” I said to myself as I sprinkled some substance I got
from Wendy.
She says it has double the effect than a 100% alcoholic drink and it’ll make anyone who
takes it drowsy and can do anything at all. So I’m gonna insert this into Brandon’s drink.

He’ll be so weak then and he wouldn’t be able to resist a woman whose half-naked.
Then he’ll sleep with me.
” I should have thought of this idea long time ago, then I’ll be sure that this child is his baby.”
I thought as I poured the powder into his drink.

Anyways, I’ll be filming the whole thing somewhere so I can show it to the family
especially Ava, that I slept with her husband! Boom Marriage ended!
I carried the glass of red wine to Brandon’s room and kept it there. Nobody was in the
room so I just kept it and left.

I went upstairs and went into my room, awkwardly there was a drink on the table and I
thought that Ava brought the drink for me. I picked it up and gulped it down then sat on the
bed. I started feeling drowsy and……
I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and I was shocked
to see Brandon lying on the bed without his trousers on. He was just on his underwear and
was looking at me slyly.
I felt irritated by that and wanted to talk but it’s unnecessary, it’s his house so he can
do whatever he feels. You see I’ll dress and go outside so he’ll feel more comfortable alone.
I also didn’t feel comfortable dressing in front of him so i picked my clothes and was
dressing inside the closet, the door clicked open and Brandon came in still wearing that sly

” Branndddonnn! I’m dressing up.” I yelled at him.
” I don’t care…I actually own your body.” He said and I could sense a bit of tipsiness in his
” Okay now that’s weird. Please excuse me.” I told him and he just smiled and continued
coming closer to me.

Brandon…what’s happening?” I asked as he was coming so close…closer than his
He came closer to me and grabbed me by my waist…
” Brandon let go off me!!” I yelled as he lifted me up from the ground and took me out of the
closet then dropped me on the bed and I landed with a thud.
” Brandoooonnnnn!” I yelled scared as anything.
” Keep shut b*tch.” He said to me as he tried forcing himself on me when the door opened..
” WHAT!?!”


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  1. The story is awesome. I really love it. Sophie and people like her will surely learn from this. But, admin, this story shouldn’t have drag to a week or so, it should be something like three four days story.

    Thank you sir.

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