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21 DAYS WIFE: 27, 28

21 DAYS WIFE: 27, 28

• Married To A Hooker•
🖤Chapter Tweenty-Seven🖤
[Day 9: #He_Wiped_Her_Memory
√ Unedited √

Henry’s POV🏷
” Um nothing…”
” You want to take over my father’s business by killing Brandon?”
” Rosella is umm…I…no…uh…
This girl will surely land me into trouble! How the hell did she even get into my room? I
thought I had locked the door and it’s very annoying how she doesn’t mind her business and
meddles with other people’s.
How will I handle this situation?
” I can’t believe this uncle Henry, first of all you slept with Sophie and now you want my
brother dead so you can take over my dad’s company?” Rosella asked an obvious question.

” Rosella listen please…”
” No! I will not. And I want you to answer me when I ask you these questions!” Rosella said
and I gulped and sat down on the bed.
” Did you sleep with Sophie?”
” Yes I did but it isn’t th….”
” Silence! I didn’t ask you to explain.” She cut me short and I kept quiet.
” Did you plan and execute Brandon’s accident so that he will die and you’ll take over My
dad’s business?” She asked again. I don’t get why she is asking me obvious questions but if
answering them will make her go away and leave me alone then fine…I’ll answer them.
” But Rosella, I can explain. It’s not what you think.” I tried protesting but she interrupted me
with a laugh.

” Explain what? And just so you know, I recorded everything in my phone here” She said and
waved her IPhone in the air which she was using to record.
” Gabriel spends too much money. How will he buy a seventeen year old and IPhone?” I
” And I will play this to the whole family and they’ll see how devious and evil you are!”
Rosella said and turned to leave and I pursed after her.

” Rosella please wait! I said I can explain!” I begged her but she fell on deaf ears and
continued walking to her dad’s room when an idea struck me.
I quickly went into my room and brought out a spray I got from a friend. Once you
spray this on a person, he or she becomes unconscious and when they wake up, they forget
everything that happened within thirty minutes before they were sprayed.
I knew it would come in handy one day and moreover, it doesn’t expire so it can be used any time. That’s why I kept it but now, I don’t remember where I kept it and time was
running out.

I opened boxes, shelves, cupboards, cabinets but it wasn’t there. Then I lifted up my
bed and saw where I hid it.
I picked it up and looked for a handkerchief. Gabriel installed gas mask in all the rooms
in case of an emergency and it just came in handy now.
I picked up the gas mask and wore it then took the spray and sprayed it on the
handkerchief. I sprayed a lot on it, maybe doing that will increase it’s power and maybe
Rosella will forget everything she has ever known.

” She’ll be so dumb” I thought and laughed.
I carried the handkerchief and ran as fast as outside. I saw Rosella by her dad’s room
and I ran as fast as I could and put the handkerchief on her nose and after inhaling it for a
bit, she closed her eyes and fell down.
I picked up her phone and dragged her to her room then placed her on the bed so it’ll
be as if she was taking a nap. I locked her door and with the handkerchief and her phone in
my hand, I ran inside my room carefully checking whether anyone is following me.

No one was, so I entered into my room. I flushed the handkerchief down the toilet and
kept the spray back. I carried a bottle of air freshener and sprayed all over the room to
terminate the smell of that toxic spray so when I remove my gas mask, I won’t become
After that, I went out my door and peeped whether anyone was coming. When I was
certain that no one was coming, I went back into my room and closed the door then locked it
with the key.
I sat down on my bed and brought out Rosella’s phone. I opened it and found out it had
a password!
” Oh God!!!” I exclaimed.

I can guess her password. I’ve overheard her talking to a boy named Michael and
every time she talks to him she smiles and that smile indicates that either she has a crush on
him or they’re dating. She has a pet name for him…Mikey.
” And that can be the password.” I thought and smiled.
I keyed in ‘lomlmikey’ into her phone and it unlocked.
” Yes!! I’m a genius!” I congratulated myself.
I opened phone recordings and deleted the first recording which is obviously the one
which recorded me admitting to my crime.
After successfully deleting the recording, I sneaked back into Rosella’s room and put
the phone beside her and went back into my room.
I couldn’t be more happier with myself for a job well done! I went into the bathroom and
had a shower then laid on my bed to sleep.

🖋Somewhere In West California…🖋
” Gina, Gemma and George will you stop playing in the sand and get your a^^es into
bathroom now?” I shouted at them and they looked at me without making any move.
” I believe I’m talking to humans and not stones?” I added with my hands on my waist and
standing akimbo. Then they realised that mummy wasn’t joking and the faster they move
their butts to the bathroom they lesser chances of then being smacked right now.
” Don’t let me get there before you!” I yelled at them and they hastened their steps to the bathroom.

I’m Mrs. Mariah Steinfield and it’s so hard being a mother🤦🏻 Especially when you
have three troublesome kids like Gina, Gemma and George!
You may be wondering who I am but trust me you’ll know soon. Anyways, I’m not a full
house-wife, I’m a professional massager and when I saw I’m good at it….trust me I am😏
I have a husband, but he flew to another state for a meeting. I’m left here with my
three kids. I don’t know when he’ll be back, but he assured me he’ll be back with enough
money that’ll elevate our status in the society greatly or so he said.

I’m twenty three years old but being a young mother of three, my face looks five years
older without make-up.
Again, you must be wondering why a young girl of twenty-three years old will have
three children. Yes I do and all are for my current husband, you see we’ve been lovers since
our University days and I had George, our first child for him when I was still in second year.
Well, I had to write to the University that I was not going to be around for One
Academic year and luckily for me they approved it. I had George and after one year of nursing him, I took him to his grandma’s place and then went back to University.

After graduation, Henry and I got married and then have birth to twins, Gina and
Gemma. I am a certified massager and I’m being called by people to give them massages
and that is what we live on in this house because my husband is the lazy type 🤦🏻
Like I said, you’ll know more about me soon😉

I went into the bathroom and bathed George first and then Gina then Gemma last. I wore them their clothes and then set to the kitchen to prepare their lunch.
” Mummy Mummy..” George called out as he yanked the hem of my dress while I cooked.
” Yes baby.” I answered.
” My gum aches.” He said and I paused what I was cooking and bent down to his height. I
put on my phone’s torch and shone it inside his mouth.
The gum where his central incisor is to grow was swollen and that means we should
be expected a new tooth soon which is normal for a child of four years.
” Don’t worry dear, it’s just a new tooth coming up. You know you’re becoming a big boy
huh?” I said to him and tapped his nose then he smiled and ran off.
” New Teeth means, shouts of pains, and using it as an excuse not to eat food he doesn’t like and the worst of all…endless buying of Paracetamol to stop his headache.” I thought and
sighed as I went back to the kitchen.
” His father needs to know of this.” I said and picked up my phone and dialled his father, but he didn’t answer.

” Agh! He does this all the time.” I exclaimed as I dropped the phone on the table.
After cooking the food, I gave it to the kids and they ate. Then, I helped them with their
homework, we played a bit, they watched cartoons and soon the day was over and we all
retired to bed.

Day 10🎬
The whole house was awoken by the sound of Sophie crying and wailing loudly! And
off course, everyone ran into her room to see her on her bed holding her back, near to her
spinal cord and shouting.
” The painnnnnnnnnn!” She yelled as she held her back.
” What is happening to you dear?” Mrs. Pauline said as she rushed into the room.
” Oh my God? What is making her shout and disturb the peace of this household?” Henry
asked as he came into the room as well.
” What is all the racket about?” Rosella asked as she came in as well.
” My back aches a lot.” Sophie said as she held her back in pain.

” I want a professional massage…………..” She kept on yelling and crying.
” Quick log unto the internet and hook me up with the best certified masseuse now!” Mrs. Pauline, I don’t know who In particular she was talking too but Rosella did as she said.
” Uhm…mum the two suggested numbers aren’t going through.” Rosella said after dialling
the numbers.
” Okay call another fast!” She said and Rosella dialed another number and she or he picked
up the call.
📱 Hi, I’m Rosella, I’m in need of a professional masseuse. Can you be of help?” Rosella
said as she picked the call
📱 Oh? Thank God, so we need you ASAP at Plot Three…Harlem Estate.
📱 You don’t know Harlem Estate? The one in South Ohio.
📱 Wow…” Rosella replied her and covered the phone’s speakers.
” Mum she said she lives at California, what should we do now?” Rosella asked her mom.
” Tell her to come over to Ohio.” Mum said and Rosella put the phone back on her ear.
📱 Can you travel here to Ohio?
📱 You can’t? Why?

Oh, excuse me for a second.
” Mum she said she has kids to take care of so she can’t come.” Rosella said and mum
” Tell her to come here now, it’s an emergency. I’ll pay her triple her price and even pay for
her flight ticket to and fro.” Mrs Pauline replied and Rosella went back on the line.
📱 Please madam. You know what, well pay for your bill and flight tickets to and fro the
📱 Oh you will come? Thanks! We expect you.
” She said she’ll come.” Rosella said to us and hung up the call.
We all went downstairs except for Sophie who was in her room yelping and shouting
all through.
” So this is what pregnancy feels like?” I thought and nearly vowed never to get pregnant.

It was about thirty minutes ago, after four hours of waiting that the masseuse called us
and told us she had landed in Ohio and is on her way to our house.
That was when we heard a knock on the door….
Such a prestigious home these people have. So exquisite and beautiful. I love this.
I opened the door and came into their house and my eyes couldn’t believe who I saw…
” Mariah!?! What are you doing here?” Ava and Henry shouted when they saw me.
” Henry…uh…Ava…oh…WHAT?


{ 👰🏻• Married To A Hooker• 👰🏻}
🖤Chapter Tweenty-Eight🖤
[Day 10: #Who_Is_Mariah?].
√ Unedited √
I opened the door and came into their house and my eyes couldn’t believe who I saw…
” Mariah!?! What are you doing here?” Ava and Henry shouted when they saw me.
” Henry…uh…Ava…oh…WHAT?


Ava and Henry? What are they doing here?
” Mariah, what are you doing here?” Henry asked me and I rolled my eyes.
” I came here for business duh!” I said to him and his facial expressions showed that he was
” Mariah? What are you doing here! Long time no see!” Ava said and came to hug me.
” I’ve missed you so so much!” I said to her as we hugged.
” How is your aunty? Hope she’s doing well! I really do miss her!” I said to Ava and she

Mum is fine, she asks of you every time. You just left without a word, why?” Ava asked me
and I sighed.
” Long story. Anyways, I think I should pay Aunty a surprise visit one of these days. What do
you think?” I asked Ava and she laughed a bit.
” Mum will be so happy and delighted to see you!” Ava said and I smiled.
” Aww…” I cooed.
” Wow, what do I see? Is that a wedding ring?” She said to me and I raised up my the hand
that ring was on and I smiled.
” Who’s the lucky guy??” Ava asked again in so much excitement.
” I’ll tell you all about it later. I came here for a job.” I said to Ava and she smiled.
” Yeah right. Come with me upstairs.” Ava said as she held my hand and we went upstairs while Henry looked at still with that nervous look on his face.
Ava and I went upstairs and we went into a room to see a fairly aged woman, a
teenage girl and another lady on the bed holding her back and yelping in pain.
” It hurrrttttssss badly!” The lady on the bed yelled as the fairly aged woman comforted her.

” Oh good! I guess you’re the masseuse?” The fairly aged woman asked me as she arose
from her seat near the bed.
” Yes I am ma. Good afternoon.” I greeted her and curtsied while doing that.
” I hope you’re a professional one because I don’t do low standards miss and I can’t pay you
for nothing.” The woman added.
” I am a professional and trust me on this, you won’t regret why you choose me.” I said to her
and she gave me an ‘are you sure?’ look.
” I want to believe you, but the only way I’ll be sure is when you do a job well done.” She
added and I nodded my head.
” This is my daughter in-law, she is pregnant and has serious backaches and pain. She
needs a massage.” She instructed and I nodded as I looked to the bed again and saw the
young lady crying in pains.
” Okay madam, I will do that.” I said and brought out my tools and ointments.

Good, I hope you do a good job and you could just get a liking from me.” The woman said
with a fair smile and I smiled back at her.
” Alright ma, I’ll work towards that.”
” Good. Now, everyone out! They need privacy.” She commanded and Ava and the teenage
girl went out then she followed behind them then locked the door shut.


What on earth is Mariah doing here? Oh no, why has she come to complicate my
I just pray Gabriel’s wife won’t get a crazy idea and tell Mariah to stay or else this
whole plan will never actualize because with her around, I won’t be free to exact my plan on
Sophie and my revenge on Ava.
Mariah is such a religious person and once she hears that I’m striving hard to take
over the Holmes’ wealth then I won’t hear the end of it because she will tell me tons of
sermons and tell me about hell blah blah blah. Not only that, but she will report me to the
Deacon and before you know it, I’m the topic for the nect Sunday’s preaching.
This house is so weird, from one problem to another. I just finished dealing with
Rosella not up to 24 hours ago and now Mariah my so much religious wife is here again!

God! Why do you torment me always?
I just pray and pray that no one asks her to stay here or else I’m done for. I’m so done
for. She’ll bring the kids here! Oh no those three brats George, Gina and Gemma! Oh no.
Dear God help me please.


Some hours later🌚
Mariah was done massaging Sophie and she had stopped shouting and is now asleep
like a newborn baby! Surely, Mariah knows her job.
” Aw, she looks so cute when she sleeps.” Mrs. Pauline commented Sophie. Truth be said,
she does look kinda cute.
” Thanks so much dear, I really appreciate you.” Mrs. Pauline said to Mariah and she smiled.
” I’m just doing my job.” Mariah said with a hearty smile.
” Okay, send me your account details and I’ll pay you triple your charge and also pay for you
flight ticket back to California.” Mrs. Pauline said and Mariah couldn’t hold back her gratitude.

Maybe she initially thought we were bluffing about tripping her price. One thing I’ve noticed
so far about Mrs. Pauline is that one she has a liking in you, she’ll do everything in her power
to make you happy and comfortable.
” Thanks so much ma. I really appreciate you.” Mariah thanked her.
” Yes you deserve it. You saw the way she was crying when you came in, it looked as if she
was going to die, but now she is looks so peaceful, like a dove.” Mrs. Holmes said to Mariah
and she blushed a bit.
” Anyways, let’s leave her room now before we wake her up.” Mrs. Holmes said and Mariah
and I walked out as she followed behind us.

” You’ll wait for me downstairs in the living area. You! Show her where she’ll sit.” Mrs.
Pauline said and actually referred to me as ‘you’. So embarrassing and disrespectful. It’s not
as if she doesn’t know my real name, she just wants to make me feel bad at all costs.
Mrs. Pauline went into her room and Mariah and I went downstairs to the living room
and sat on a couch.
” Ava!! We so much have a lot of catching up to do!” She said as we sat down.
” Yes we do, what about that pregnancy you had when we were still in University? Did you
have the baby?” I asked her and she smiled.
” Yes I did. I had George and also had twins for the same father, my husband now.” She said
and I was happy for her.
” Aww, that’s nice to hear. So did you later go back to school?” I asked again and she
nodded affirmatively.

Yes I did, I graduated and then got married then had my twins.” She replied and I smiled.
” Oh good.”
” Enough about me now, what about you? How you faring?”
” I’m good Mariah, I’m alright.” I said to her with a smile.
” So, tell me now that you’re a practicing doctor.” Mariah said and I sighed.
” I wish, but I haven’t had a job, so I’m doing something else.”
” Oh so what are you doi—”
” Wow! Nice necklace! Who bought it for you?” I quickly asked her so she won’t complete her
statement because I know she wants to ask me what I do for a living and I can’t bear to tell
my cousin who looks up to me that I’m a hooker.

” This? Oh it’s my husband who did.” Mariah said as she lifted the necklace a bit of her
” Wow, your husband must really care about you to buy you this masterpiece.” I said and she
giggled and blushed.
” Speaking of husbands, are you married now Ava?” Mariah asked and my heart skipped
” Uhm..yeah, sure. I’m married to Mrs. Holmes’ son, Brandon.” I said to her.
” Wow, I would like to meet him one day. Is he at home now?” She asked me and I shook my
” No, actually he’s in the hospital. He had an accident.” I said and she gasped then covered her mouth in shock.

” Oh no. I’m so sorry. Hope he’s getting fine now?” She asked and I noddef affirmatively.
” Yes he is.”
” Does Mrs. Holmes have two sons?” Mariah asked and I was shocked on her question.
” No, why do you ask?”
” Well, it’s just because I heard Mrs. Holmes referring to the girl I massaged as her
daughter-in-law and now you said you’re married to her son.” Mariah said and I was
confused on what to answer her.

Even though Mariah is my blood cousin, she is somewhat like a stranger. I can’t tell
her of all the problems we experience in this house, I can’t tell her about my twenty-one day
marriage contract, I can’t tell her that Mrs. Pauline despises me so much, I can’t tell her that
Sophie is only Brandon’s ex who is still living in our house only because of Mrs. Holmes and
the girl in question is carrying a fatherless baby as it is now. I can’t tell her all of those…It’s
not right.
” Helloooooo! Earth to Ava!” Mariah said as she waved her palm on my eyes and I was
snapped back to reality away from my thoughts.
” Yeah, um sorry I got lost there. It’s a long story and I promise to tell you that when the time
if right.” I said to her and she smiled…but I know she will ask me another question, Mariah is just too inquisitive 🤦🏻
” Okay then. But are the both of you married to him, like a polygamous marriage or something.” Mariah said and in my mind, I just felt like using a knife to cut off those lips of
hers that always ask questions but she’s my blood…And I don’t wanna go to jail.
” Like I said before Mariah, I will tell you all that when the time is right, so don’t be too inquisitive okay?” I said to her and she nodded.

” Okay, where is the toilet? I’m feeling really pressed.” She asked and I pointed upstairs to
” Okay thanks, I really need to waz.” She said and went upstairs.
” Finally, I can now escape from her unending questions.” I said and ran upstairs to my room
and locked myself inside.


I went upstairs to where Ava pointed for me. As I was about to enter the toilet, a
nearby room door opened and Henry came out.
” Hey you! You can’t even say hello to your wife you haven’t seen for almost a week now.” I
said to him and he paused his steps, sighed and then walked back to come meet me.
” Hello my wife.” He said reluctantly and like he was forced to say it, it didn’t come from his

What are you doing here? Is this the place you’ll make ‘loads of cash to elevate our status
in the society?’ ” I asked him mimicking his voice when I said ‘loads of cash to elevate our
status in the society?’ and then I put my hands on my waist and stood at akimbo.
” Alright, there’s a lot you don’t understand and even if I explain ten times to you, you won’t
still understand.” He said and I flashed him a bad stare.
” Whatever, I don’t care. I’m used to you hiding stuffs from me anyways.” I said to him.

” Alright. Now, hope you are not staying here for more than today?” He asked and I became
So he doesn’t want me around him?🤔
” Okay, Thanks to God.” He said and turned to walk away.
” Can you be more heartless? First you saw me and couldn’t even ask about my faring, your
wife you haven’t seen for near to a week. Apart from that, you can’t even ask of your three kids? How wicked can you be?” I attacked him and he paused in his track again and grunted.

” Ugh! Fine, how are those three kids! George, Gina and Gemma!? Are you happy now!” He
said to me harshly and the turned to leave and I didn’t even answer him.
Henry, sometimes I regret marrying Henry. He never values me and the kids, never
talks to us or asks our faring. The only time he acknowledges me as his wife is when he
wants to borrow money or when he wants to satisfy his sexual urges at night.
” Such a selfish imp.” I said just before opening the toilet door and entering inside.


Mariah overreacts to the littlest things! She’s angry because I didn’t ask of those kids?
Those kids that never let me have breathing space at home, the ones who always run and
jump all around the place and scatter and brake stuffs? Or the ones who mess up the house
with their poo?.

Or I should ask or greet the wife who doesn’t allow me rest with her constant nagging
at home or her endless shopping list or her budget for the end of the month which consists of
makeup, clothes, baby nappies and other baby nonsense.
Or is how she keeps getting pregnant every time? Or is it when she’s pregnant that she keeps spitting around the place and doing all sorts of annoying things just because she’s pregnant?
Is that the kind of the wife, I should about or the kind of kids I should care about?
Some hours later, after relaxing in my room a bit, I decided to go downstairs to the living room to watch Television and that’s where I saw Mariah and Ava watching TV.

” Why are they so close anyways?” I asked myself about Ava and Mariah’s closeness.
I sat down on the couch wondering why Mariah is still in this house at that time. That was when Gabriel’s wife came running down the stairs yelling Mariah’s name.

” Mariah! Mariah! Mariah!” She yelled in happiness as she came downstairs.
” Yes ma!”
” Sophie is so delighted. Your massage made her feel so better. And she wants a massage
every day.” Mrs. Gabriel said and I rolled my eyes.
Upon she’s my wife, she has never massaged me.
” Oh that’s nice.”
” Yes and she wants you to remain with us in this house…” Mrs Holmes announced.
” WHAT!?!


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