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21 DAYS WIFE: 23, 24, 25,, 26

21 DAYS WIFE: 23, 24, 25,, 26

Married To A Hooker
👙Chapter Tweenty Three👙
★👒DAY 9: Am I Pregnant?👒★

Rosella and I took the car to a carwash and asked them to wash the car and removed the
blood stains from the chair.
Then we called for an Uber and in some minutes, he was there. We asked him to drive
us to a nearby restaurant so we can eat because both of us were beyond famished.
We ate some food there and had takeaways packaged in two separate plates for mom
and Ava when they wake up.
After that, we asked the Uber to take us to the park for some sightseeing. Then, the Uber drove us to the mall where we bought some stuffs and some clothes for ourselves and
mum and Ava. Then, the Uber drove us back to our starting point and we paid him.

And…everything we bought were paid courtesy mom’s credit 💳card😏
We carried the shopping bags and the food back upstairs to the waiting room. Lucky
for us we saw the doctor right there.
” Hello doctor” I said to the doctor and he turned back.
” Oh Hi. Brandon, I was just looking for you and your sister. I didn’t realize you guys were
gone.” The doctor said and we smiled.
” Yes doctor, we went out. Sorry for not informing you but we got tired sitting here so we went for some sightseeing.”
” And some shopping!” Rosella said as she waved the shopping bags.
” You didn’t get any for me?” The doctor asked and Rosella and I laughed.
If someone asks you that sort of question and you have nothing to give to the person then, just laugh it off.

” Okay, uhm. Your mother is awake now and Ava is will soon wake. Two pints of blood have
already been emptied into her. What’s left before she wakes up is about half to go.” The
doctor said.
” So can we see our mum now?” Rosella asked and the doctor nodded.
” Yes you can. Her room is in Ward 8, Room 12.” The doctor said and entered into his office
while Rosella and I went to mum’s room.

My eyes opened. I yawned and stretched my arms a bit before sitting atop on the bed and
yawning again then another round of stretching followed.
I felt better than how I was before resting, much better in fact. The dizziness had
stopped and the headache had reduced to nothing. Although, I still felt some aches in my
joints and where they had given me injections and taken out the blood from me was still
” A dose of Paracetamol should take care of the joint aches and pains.” I thought.
I’m sure the prostitute girl must’ve woken up now, my blood must’ve been doing
miracles in her body now and only because of my precious blood which I have headaches
and pains loosing so much is she alive. I feel like Wonder Woman right now.

The door opened and my children came in, holding shopping bags and a bag that
beared the name of a nearby restaurant.
” Hello mum.” Rosella greeted and came to hug me while Brandon sighed and sat on the
” Hey mum.” He greeted with a smile.
” My children. How are you guys doing?” I asked them
” We are well, especially now that we know that you’re okay and Ava is well as well.”
Brandon answered and I rolled my eyes at the mention of ‘Ava’.
” And we are thankful as well because our mum is a Super Woman for saving Ava’s life and
donating a whole three pints of blood! Wow!!” Rosella said in awe and hugged me again and
Brandon smiled.

” I believe the side effects of the donation must’ve faded away now?” Brandon asked and I
” Although, I still have joint aches and the place where the blood was drawn out from is
sore.” I said to them and Rosella gave me the pity face and hugged me again.
” Sorry mum, some Panadol can cure the headaches. And the soreness will heal or you can
add spirit to it.” Rosella told mum.
” Aww. Looks like my Rosella is building up her Medicine career already.” I said to her and
she smiled.

” Hah! A whole ‘Medical Doctor’ is afraid of tiny little needles.” Brandon said with air quotes
when he said ‘Medical Doctor’ and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Brandon!!! Mum don’t believe him.” Rosella said as I laughed.
” Don’t deny it. Mum you need to see the way she was wailing and yelping like a baby.”
Brandon said and laughed and I laughed as well.
” She is a baby. She’s my baby. So Rosella stop being afraid of the needles because you will
use them some day okay?” I said to Rosella as I pat her head and she nodded.
” That’s my baby!” I said and clung to Rosella.

” Your overgrown baby! A seventeen year old baby who’s still afraid little needles.” Brandon
made fun of Rosella.
” Mum, we bought food for you.” Rosella said as she opened that bag that had the name of a
restaurant on it and brought out some food.
” Aww…Thank you my children for this. I love you guys.” I said to them.
” This hospital food is yucky and I don’t like what they gave me to eat.” I said as I opened the
food and began eating.

Mum, Rosella and I shared some laughs after mum was done with her food.
” Oh? You’re awake.” A nurse said as she entered into our room.
” Yes I am.” Mum answered.
” The doctor said she can be discharged now.” The nurse announced and we nodded.
” Okay nurse. Thanks.” We replied and she smiled and left.
” Thank God. I can leave. I don’t like staying in hospitals.” Mum said as she came down from
the bed.
” Did you bring anything?” Rosella asked mum.
” No, I’ll take an Uber home. Brandon where’s my credit card?” Mum asked me and I gave
her the card.
” Hope you only used it to pay for the hospital bills?” Mum asked and I didn’t reply.

Who am I kidding? I know you used it to buy other stuffs. I know the children I have.” Mum
said and Rosella and I laughed.
” Mum you’re going now?” Rosella asked her.
” Yes I am. Any problem?” She asked.
” Won’t you wait to see Ava? She must have been awake by now.” I told mum and that
happy face of hers turned into a sad one.
” You just decided to ruin the whole happy mood we had created with the mention of that
creature’s brain.” Mum yelled in anger.
” Over my dead body will I wait to see that prostitute.” Mum said and went out of the door,
slamming it hard behind her.
” Typical mum!” Rosella said and I sighed.
” Let’s go see if Ava is awake now.” I said to Rosella and she picked up the remaining bags
and we went to Ava’s room.

I was bored looking around the room I was in.
What is keeping Rosella and Brandon this long? I thought the doctor said that they’re
My head was wrapped with that white cloth doctors use to wrap someone’s head
when they break em. The name has just escaped me now. Some bandages were placed on
my forehead and on my arm for I had gained some cuts and scratches there.
I was lying faced up because I was receiving blood from that pint hung. It was almost
empty now. The doctor had told me that I had already taken in two and this was the last one.

” That means I really lost a lot of blood.” I thought to myself.
My head ached a bit but despite that, I couldn’t help but think about everything I had heard from The Voice in my subconsciousness. I had a revelation about Henry, but I will
share it with Brandon when he comes here.
Just then, the door opened and Brandon came in with Rosella following behind me.
” Hey Ava.” Brandon greeted with a smile.

Hi! Auntie Ava! I’m so glad you’re okay. At a point, we really thought that you were not
going to make it.” Rosella said to me as she came in and came to hug me but paused when
she saw the drip.
” You know that it was mum who donated the blood to you.” She said and I felt like 🤯
” I can’t believe this, Auntie donated blood to me?” I asked and she nodded affirmatively.
” Wow…I must thank her when we get home. She saved my life.” I added.
” Here, we got you some food.” Brandon said and he stretched forward to me a bag of food.

” Thanks a lot guys. I’m so grateful.” I thanked them then sat atop on the bed and collected
the food from them.
We had small talks as I ate the food and after I was done, it was time to tell Brandon
of the revelations I had. I couldn’t tell him in the presence of Rosella. It will be so improper
for her to hear that.
” Uhm…Rosella, can you excuse us for a bit?” I asked Rosella and she got up.
” Okay then. Bye!” She said and went out.
” Hope she isn’t angry? I just wanted to speak to you in private.” I said to Brandon.
” She’ll be fine. So what do you want to tell me?” Brandon asked me and I sighed.
” Since I was little, I have revelations and they are always true or they come to pass.” I started off and Brandon keenly listened.

” I had a revelation while I was in coma or should I say subconscious.”
” Henry isn’t who he seems to be. Your dad doesn’t really want him to manage any business
or whatever. He’s using that as a cover.”
” According to my revelation, Henry was brought by your parents to distract me and end our
” The Voice told me that Henry is here to make me sleep with him by all means, either I
agree or by force. He will record the video and have someone show it to your parents.”
” It will be as if Henry and I have been having an affair while I was married and then your
parents will make you believe that I am a cheat and you should divorce me.” I said all these
to Brandon and he was shocked.

” I’m not 100% sure that this is true but I am certain that there is at least, am atom of truth in
it.” I said to Brandon.
” So now what do we do?” He asked.
” We have to mind our movements.” I simply replied and Brandon nodded.
Rosella came back in and we chatted and talked about trending topics on the internet
and soon, the doctor said that I could be the discharged. We took a cab to a car wash where
Brandon’s car was and then we used his car to get back home.
Everyone retired to bed and woke up beaming with smiles on a Monday Morning.
Brandon went to work, Mum, Dad and Henry went to dad’s company and Rosella went to
school, so I was left alone with Sophie.
I went out of my room to the living room to watch TV when I heard a cackle behind me.

” I didn’t think you’ll come back here alive, I thought it’s just your remains that’ll be brought
back here.” Sophie said and came to me with a smirk.
” I don’t want to see or talk to you now Sophie because you should be happy that I’m alive or
else you could’ve been sent to jail.” I said to her and she chuckled.
” That won’t happen. But trust me dear Ava, I’ll deal with you in this house to the extent that
you wish you had died.” She said to me and I laughed.
” What gave you the impetus? This two left-legged bastard you carry in your belly? A child
who you don’t know the father?” I asked her and she looked at me annoyed.
” Watch your language or else I’ll make sure every single bone in your body is in the same
state as your head is.” Sophie said.
” Listen to me and listen to me fair and square. Sophie, we are not on the same level and we
will never be on the same level. I always say that you are a squatter in this house and you
have to respect me or else…I’ll make your days in this house a hell of a night for you.” I said to her and used my shoulders to push her out of the way and went upstairs to my room.

As I went into my room, I felt the urge to vomit and I rushed into the bathroom and
” Huh?” I asked myself as I vomited.
” Why did I vomit? I didn’t overeat? ” I wondered.

Oh God, let it not be what I’m thinking.” I said to myself as I opened a drawer and brought
out a pregnancy tester.
I tested myself with it and awaited few seconds for it to compute it’s result.
It made a beep sound which means it was done and it will announce by itself whether
it’s a positive or a negative.
” Positive!” The tester said and my heart shattered.
” Posi..Posi what?


Married To A Hooker
Chapter Tweenty-Four
[Day 9: #The_Doctor_Will_Confirm_It

I was shocked! How can I be pregnant? I have never slept with Brandon and neither
have I had an affair with anyone since I came to this house.
Doing business with my clients, we always use protection and I can’t remember any of
our protections malfunctioning, bursting or shifting. This is so bad. If Brandon finds out I’m
dead, I have just wasted nine days because knowing Brandon, he won’t give me even 1% of our agreement.

If that his sick mother finds out? I’ll be her everyday laughing stock, that’s if I get to stay
in this house long enough for her to do that. It’s evident that once they find out, I won’t hear
the end of it. Sophie will make into a joke and torture and mock me with it.
” That will be so disastrous.” I said as these thoughts kept flying through my head.
” What will be disastrous?” I heard the tiny voiced Sophie say behind me and I was startled.
” Sophie? How did you get in? I locked the door.” I said to and she chuckled and further
came into the bathroom.
” You see Ava, I’m sure your broken head must’ve been giving you ideas or you’re
hallucinating because that door was left wide open.” Sophie said as she picked up a bottle of
soap from the sink and looked at it.
” But that doesn’t give you the right to enter inside my room does it?” I asked her and she
rolled her eyes.

” I don’t have time to answer those questions of yours Ava.” She said and suddenly, the
Pregnancy Tester I was holding in my hand caught her attention and she tried looking
closely to see the results but I hid it behind me.
” What do I see? A pregnancy tester?” Sophie looked closer and smirked.
” Who’s pregnant?..not me…well I’m not…uh…awkward?” I nervously said and Sophie
laughed hard.
” Your poor defense shows you’re actually pregnant. But the million dollar question is who is
the pregnancy for?” Sophie asked me with a sly smile as she still fiddled around with the
small bottle of soap while inwardly, I was shivering.

Bra…Brandon of course. Who else? He’s my husband.” I stammered and she looked at me
for some time, then laughed at me.
” Brandon my foot. It’s for one of your prostitute patronizers and he’s gonna be the real
bastard here!” Sophie said and I slapped that stupidity away from her brain.
” You idiot! You dare speak to me in that manner? Are you mad!” I burst out mad at her!
” You slapped me? You SLAPPED me you idiot with a well under your legs?” Sophie
thundered as she clutched to her face.
” Yes. And I’ll do it again if you don’t get those two little legs of yours out of my bedroom.” I
snapped at her and she grunted still clutching to her face then she stormed out of the
bathroom and I heard the door slam shut.

” Finally she’s gone.” I exhaled and brought out the pregnancy tester.
I sighed and cleared the results then placed it back in the cabinet. I sighed again,
looked at the mirror hung on the wall. I could see just bandages and little bruises.
” What I get into for money.” I mocked and pitied myself before exiting the bathroom and
spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping and contemplating on what to tell Brandon when he
comes back home today.
I could not sleep, I had to go to the hospital and go for a scan. Pregnancy Testers are
accurate as the scans.
” I really need to be sure of my condition before I go blabbing to Brandon.” I said and as
quick as a bolt lightening, I was up from my bed and off to my closet to pick a sha

I went downstairs and didn’t spot Sophie. Thank God for that. I went out of the
mansion and took a cab to the hospital. I wasn’t allowed to use any of the Holmes’ cars, I
had to use cabs. Anyways, I don’t really go out much.
Soon, I was at the hospital and I went straight to the Holmes’ family doctor, Doctor
” Oh Ava? Hello.” He greeted as I sat down on the chair.
” Hey doctor. I came for pregnancy scan.” I said and the doctors nodded and smiled a bit.
” Come with me.” He said and we went into a room. A sort of lab though.

He pointed to the machine and I sat on it. It was those type of machines that you’ll
pass under it’s tester and it’ll do a body scan.

I laid on it fully now and the doctor set it to work. It slowly moved and I went under the
tester. I was there for like 5 seconds and red light were pointed all over my body. Then I came out of the machine.
” The results are out…and there’s bad news” The doctor announced and my heart was
beating fast…faster than how Usain Bolt’s legs moved in a race.
” Well Ava you are….

{ • Married To A Hooker•
Chapter Tweenty-Five
[Day 9: #The_Doctor_Will_Confirm_It II].
√ Unedited √
~😳 AVA’S POV 😳~
” There’s bad news Ava.” The doctor said and my heart leaped.
” Could I have fibroid?”

Could it be an infection? Probably Staphylococcus?”
” Could it be the worse of them all?….HIV?” I thought rapidly immediate the doctor said
something bad has happened.
” If I have HIV? I’m as good as dead because I’ll become a social outcast!” I feared and
hoped that even if it was a disease, virus or infection, dear God, let it not be HIV.
” Doctor what’s wrong with me.” I asked him in a low shaky scared voice.
” I’m sorry Ava but you’re not pregnant.” The doctor said and I couldn’t help but laugh.
” Doctor! You almost gave me a heart attack.” I said to him after laughing and he looked at
me confused.
” Doctor, how on earth will not being pregnant be a bad news?” I asked the doctor amidst my laughter.

” It is a bad news for a married woman. You need to pregnant but you’re not and that off
course is bad news.” The doctor said and the look on his face after saying that made me
laugh and laugh endlessly.
” Doctor you never stop amusing me. The fact that I’m not pregnant is a good news, in fact
this is the best news I’ve heard for the past few weeks.” I said as I stood up from the
” Ava, how funny.” He muttered but it was loud enough for me to hear him.
” So doctor, how much is the test?” I asked him.
” Settle the bills at the front desk, the results of the test will be sent there.” He said and I
nodded then went outside from the room.

I almost had a stroke fearing that I had HIV, I’m scared after this. even if I don’t have
the virus now, the fact that I still continue in my line of business will guarantee that I contact
the virus.
” I will not become a prostitute again.” I concluded.
” I shall use the money Brandon pays me with to start up my own clothing line or open a
boutique. I’ve always wanted that.” I said to myself and smiled.
” No. I won’t do that.”
” I will set up an NGO and make girls not to go into prostitution like me and make them
aware of the dangers and bad things that could happen to them.”

I consider myself lucky because doing this business for three years, I’ve never had any
infection, disease, virus or such neither have I had a faulty womb but I may stand chances of
having that because of my numerous abortions.”
” But I will set up an NGO and warn girls never to do this because some may not be as lucky
as me and it’s not good at all to even be a hooker in the first place!”
” That is my desire now.” I concluded as I approached the front desk.
Do you know what I’m thinking now😏
” Ava is pregnant..” I thought and smiled slyly.
” This is an opportunity! I can use this to send her away from this house.” I hatched a new devious plan.

” But Henry will have to play a role in it.”
I haven’t talked to him ever since that time he asked me whether I was really pregnant.
I just avoided the question and went upstairs.
” He’s stupid for asking me that kind of dumb question”
” How will he ask me that. Can’t he see my stomach is growing bigger and bigger everyday?”
I said as I rubbed my stomach.
” I really hope this pregnancy is not for him but Brandon and then I’ll rub it in his face.”
” Let him come back from work first and then I’ll discuss the plan with him to make Ava’s
days in this house numbered.” I said and chuckled to myself.

I paid the scan fee to the front desk and my results were given to me. I headed out of
the hospital and took a cab back home.
I checked my watch, it was 3:25pm. Rosella should be home now, but I doubt if
Brandon and the other workers should be home.
I went inside the house and perceived the smell of something burning.
” Oh my God. What’s this?” I explained as I covered my nose because the smell of smoke is

Rosella!! Sophie!! What is burning so much?” I yelled and started coughing and couching.
I heard no response so while covering my nose and closing my eyes a little bit, I traced
where the smoke was coming from and found that it was coming from the kitchen! Food was
on fire!!
Using my hand to try and guess where the off switch for the burner was, I was wasting
time because I couldn’t see anything and my guess work wasn’t helping.
It was an electric cooker so I went to the the electric connection of the whole house and switched it off. There was a total blackout. I put on my phone’s torch light and went to
the cooker and turned it off. Then switched on the electricity.
I looked at the pot on the cooker. The person was boiling Spaghetti or so, because the pot is as black as Cat Noir’s superhero’s suit and stuck to the post were black strands of
noodles. They looked thicker than Ramen so automatically, they’re Spaghetti.
” Who would want to set the house on fire?” I wondered as I coughed.
I found my way upstairs and set to quarrel the person for trying to set the house ablaze.

I know that Brandon, Henry, Mr and Mrs. Holmes are not home but I think Rosella is
home. But she won’t be as careless as to leave food on the cooker till it burns.
So no doubts, it’s Sophie.
I walked to her room and knocked twice, but she didn’t answer. I opened the door and
found Sophie lying down on the bed snoring.
” Wake up!!” I yelled as I tapped Sophie and she jerked up.
” Whhhhhaaaaaaaaat!” She yelled as I woke her up.
” What is wrong with you?” I fired at her as she cleaned her eyes.
” Ava, when I entered into your room, you said I have no respect and you slapped me so
now leave me alone.” She said and I felt like slapping her again.
” Oh My Gosh! My spag!” Her eyes widened as she remembered she had food on the fire.
” So you’re the one who wanted to kill us all?” I asked Sophie and she stared at me confused
and looking so dumb.
” What did I do?” She asked.

You fool you had food on the cooker and you slept. The whole house nearly burnt to the
ground if not that I came in.” I yelled at her and she gasped.
” I’m sorry…but I fell asleep. You know I’m pregnant and I can have my nap anytime and it
came then I forgot about the food.” Sophie explained and I sort of had pity for her but that
doesn’t serve as an excuse for her clumsiness.
” Well go downstairs and clean it up because Aunty won’t be happy if she comes back and
see that.” I said to her and then I stormed out of her room and went downstairs.
The door opened and Mrs Pauline came in crying tears and wailing.
” What’s happening?” Sophie asked as she came over.
” I don’t know she came in like this…”
” Why me?” She asked herself and shook her head then continued crying.
” What happened Mrs. Pauline?” Sophie asked.
” Brandon….” She simply said and continued crying.
” What happened to him? I asked her.
” He had an accident”
” WHAT?”

Chapter Tweenty-Six🖤
[Day 9: #Brandon_Had_An_Accident.
√ Unedited √
” Brandon had an accident” Mrs. Pauline’s words kept ringing in my head and I don’t still
know why up till now but…I felt some sort of pain when she said that.
An innermost pain the one that strikes the heart when that friend or lover is in danger
and there’s frankly nothing you can do about it.
” Where is he?” Sophie asked Mrs. Pauline who had already broken down in tears.

” Hospital…” She managed to utter amidst her unending tears.
” Let’s go there can we?” I asked Mrs. Pauline.
” We can go later, the doctors have commenced treatment on him. When he’s out of the
emergency ward, we can see then.” Mrs Pauline said as she cried. After some time of her
continuous wailing, she got up and went upstairs as she cried.
My eyes drifted towards Sophie, she was staring at me like she was planning to stab
me the next minute. She was looking at me which such a piercing, devious look I became
Soon after, she turned and strutted upstairs. I laughed as she left. You may ask why I
Well, how will someone look at you that way when you’ve done nothing bad to  the person?
“I just scolded her for nearly burning the house down and she’s angry at me?” I thought as I
laughed hard.
” Wow…” I sighed and stood up then went upstairs.
I sat down on the bed and thought on the shocker news I just heard now.
” Brandon had a fatal accident?” I wondered.
” Why do bad things keep happening to the members of this household!”

From one tragedy to another, every time.”
” Brandon always has a driver who drives him to work as far as I know so you can’t say he
was reckless. So maybe he might not be at fault.” I wondered as I pondered on the problem
at hand.
I may not have romantic feelings for Brandon but if anything happens to him, I’ll feel so
hurt because he’s a nice guy and very caring. Plus, if the case becomes worse and he
looses his life, that’ll be bad because I’ll be a widow!
” I can’t let that happen. That’s a scratch on my name to society forever.” I said to myself.
” I pray he becomes fine and this 21 Days whatever elapses soon because I’m getting
bored.” I sighed and brought out my phone to scroll through Instagram.
As I scrolled through my news feed and saw pictures and videos of people and some
celebrities, I saw a picture that Brenda had uploaded and she looked so cute.
I had to heart the picture, then drop a comment because the picture was a wow! Then,
I remembered that I haven’t spoken to her in a while and I felt bad.
But hey…

” I’ve called her once, so she’s the one owing me a call now. I can’t call her twice in a row,
it’s not right. She will have to call me this time.” I realized.
” But why hasn’t she called me? That’s bad of her.” I concluded and wanted to pick a dislike
for her when my phone rang and it was an unknown number.
📱 Hello, Ava Hendrick Brandon on the line, how may I help you?
📱 Oh? I forgot so soon, my bestie is now a Mrs.” The caller said and laughed hard and then
I recognized it was Brenda.
Brenda has this snazzy laugh which is so elegant and unique! I have never heard
anyone laugh like her before and therefore, I use her laugh to recognize her this time.
📱B to the R to E to NDA! Brenda darling!
📱 Hello Mrs. Ava! How are you doing ?
📱 I’m feeling so super especially now that I have received your call. I was just about to be
crossed with you because I was wondering why you haven’t called me for so long.

Oh no Ava, don’t be annoyed. I lost my phone in a club, long long long story. Anyways, a
friend of mine bought me the new IPhone 11 Pro Max yesterday and wow! You need to see
the camera of this baby!
📱 The end product of the camera was a wow! I saw the pictures on IG. You looked so
📱 Aww Thanks Ava. But you know, when it comes to beauty and looking stunning who
know who is the queen of it….
📱 Who is Brenda?
📱 You off course” Brenda replied and I laughed.
📱 You crack me up Brenda, anyways alot is happening so rapidly.
📱 What? What? Give me the whole load of gist.” Brenda inquisitively asked.
📱 Shocker! Henry is at our house!
📱 WHAT!?!
I told Brenda everything from how Henry came to the house and how he was
surprisingly related to the Holmes family and then moved unto Sophie’s surprise pregnancy
and how confused we are on who the father of the baby is. Then to Herny’s harassment on
me and to when I had an accident to how I taught I was pregnant and presently how
Brandon is in the hospital because of a car accident. Brenda, listened and chipped in when
she could and was in awe at some point.
📱 Wow, that place is surely a war zone.” She said after narrating all the ongoings in the
Holmes’ Mansion.

📱 Sorry about Brandon anyways, he’ll get better.
📱 Thanks B, I better get going now. I’ll talk to you some other time okay?
📱 Okay Ava dear. Stay well.” She said and hung up.
Such a good friend she is. I love her so much.
” And miss her alot.” I added and smiled.
I tossed my phone to other end of the bed and climbed on the bed to lie down and
have a short siesta before Mrs. Pauline tells us to go to the hospital.

That was when my phone rang again and I grunted then sat atop on the bed and
picked the phone up.
It was an unknown number, I thought it was Brenda calling again but I noticed that it
was not the same number. I reluctantly picked the call.
📱 Hello Ava Hendricks Bran….
📱 I know who you are. Just keep shut and listen to me clearly.” The caller said and I
became afraid immediately.
📱 Stay away from Brandon Holmes!
📱 But he’s my…” I tried protesting
📱 He’s your husband? Who cares? Stay away from him or you won’t like what you’ll see.
📱 Okay..but why?
📱 Don’t ask me any questions and don’t tell Brandon about this conversation.
📱 Okay, who are you?
📱 I said no questions asked. Who I am is not important, just stay as far away as you can
from Brandon.

📱 But…” I tried protesting once more but I heard the dial tone and the caller ended the call.
” What sort of problem have I gotten myself into by agreeing to this contract marriage?” I
blamed myself as I was still in shock over the phone call I had received.
” I’m not safe anymore in this area. Now I’m being threatened to leave my own husband’s
house?” I asked myself.
” Impossible.” I said and laid back on the bed and soon enough the I felt sleepy and let my
sleepiness take charge.
While I slept, I couldn’t help but think about the phone call. Who could it be that is
threatening me?
Am I safe?
Could the person be under this roof with me?
Oh God! What sort of problem have I put myself into? Coming into the Holmes house
may endanger me?

And why on earth will this sort of thing happen when Brandon is in the hospital bed?
Who will I run to now?
Please God…help me🙏🏻
As I slept, I felt something touch me like as if someone’s dress touched me.
I opened my eyes slowly to see Sophie dressed in a black gown looking at me and
smirking evilly with her hands behind her back.
I stared at her surprised and a little bit frightened and with that, I sat atop on my bed
and looked at her as confused as ever.
” What are you doing in my room and how many times have I warned you not to enter into
my room without knocking?” I asked Sophie and instead of answering me she just stood
there, just after the bed, staring at me mischievously and smirking evilly still with her hands
behind her back like she was hiding something from me.
” Ava, Ava, Ava…” She called my name with a sly grin on her face and then my fear increased.
” You think you can steal Brandon away from me and I’ll just relax and let you be?” She asked me and I didn’t answer her.

” Or have you forgotten that I’m Sophie? And I get away with whatever I do?” She asked and
laughed while I shrieked in fear.
” You joke Ava and for that you must pay….” She added and slowly revealed what she had
been hiding behind her back all these while.
A pistol…🔫
Immediately I saw the gun, I yelped but covered my mouth back and shifted back to
the end of the bed and my eyes begged her not to shoot the gun because I know
Sophie…she’s capable of murder.
” Oh? Isn’t this our brave Ava? Why is she so scared?” Sophie sarcastically asked and then
climbed on the bed and I continued shifting until I reached the end.
” Why are you afraid? Because of a little gun?” She asked with a smirk as she rubbed the
gun continually on my forehead and I felt so uncomfortable…even if she didn’t want to kill me
before, the devil can posses her and make her mistakenly pull the trigger and that is the end.
” Sophie..ple..please drop the gun…please don’t shoot.” I managed to beg her.

Oh? She can beg?” Sophie asked as she removed the gun from my forehead and bursted
into a long laugh.
” Begging won’t save you now. I’m going to kill you.”
” Sophie no, you’ll go to jail and that’s the end of your own life too.” I told her and she
” Oh? You think I haven’t prepared for this? I haven been wanting to do this for a long time
just that I have no opportunity of doing it and this is the right time because no one is at
home, Mrs. Pauline just went out now to see Brandon in the hospital. I can kill you now and
run away to a far place where no one can find me.” Sophie said and I was now certain that
today is my last on earth and this is how my life is going to end.
” Sophie, please, I’ll do anything oh plea…”

” Silence!” She cut short my protest and climbed off the bed.
” Say your last prayers sexy Ava…” She said with a smirk and cocked the gun.
” Tell me how hell tastes like when we meet next!” She added and pulled the trigger.
” WAKE UP AUNTIE AVA!” I felt a tap on my body and jerked up.
I saw Rosella standing in front of me and sweat dripping from my face, it was then I realised I was in a dream and I was alive, Sophie didn’t kill me. It was all a trance!
” I’ve been waking you up for ages? Seems like you were having a nightmare…more or less
a daymare.” Rosella said and snickered.
” Anyways, mum said you should get ready and meet her downstairs if you’re interested in
going to the hospital to see Brandon.” Rosella said and giddily left my room.
” So it was a dream?” I asked myself in awe.
I remembered my gift of dreaming. My dreams come to pass…
” Oh dear God no…” I thought and gasped.
” Lord, Please don’t let this happen!” I prayed silently
Could Sophie be the one who called me earlier on?
Yes! Now I believe that I am actually no longer safe her anymore. It’s high time I leave
to protect my life.

Let me dress up then go see Brandon.” I said and went into my closet to pick an outfit to
After dressing up and applying some makeup, I went downstairs and saw Sophie and
Mrs. Pauline there. I was afraid, I didn’t stay next to Sophie. Who knows? She may have a
knife or gun behind her.
” About time. You kept us waiting.” Mrs. Pauline said.
” Sorry ma.” I apologized.
” Here’s the car key.” Rosella said as she came in with Mrs. Pauline’s car key.
That means, Mrs. Pauline is driving us!
” Oh no!”
That woman is a squirrel on the road. She can’t drive at all and our lives are in danger.
God help us.
” Let’s go.” She said and Sophie and I walked outside
” Mum can’t I go?” Rosella asked.
” No stay here, your father and your Uncle Henry are at home. Anything you need ask them.”
Mrs. Pauline said and Rosella grunted and angrily went upstairs.
” Such a stressful day!” I exclaimed as I removed my suit jacket and threw it towards my bed
and didn’t care whether it landed safely or not.

” I can’t believe I have to do this everyday! Having a job is so tiring!” I said and lay down on
my bed.
” I can’t wait for Gabriel to die! No wait…Brandon is supposed to die before Gabriel does so
he can hand over the business to me instead.” I thought.
” I pray this accident kills Brandon, I have put a lot of effort to making sure the accident is a
success and spent a lot of money paying Brandon’s driver.”
” You see the plan was that, I have Brandon’s driver Bill, a whooping sum of cash to
purposely make sure their car has an accident when Brandon is in it and he agreed even if
he will loose his life!”
” Such a stupid person” I said and laughed.

” And now my plan has worked, Brandon is fighting for his life now. He will surely die. His car
tumbled while they were in it ten times and the car is shattered beyond repairs. That
guarantees a death!” I said and smiled.
” Then I can proudly say to myself that I killed Brandon and took over his fathers business!” I
said and laughed.
” Proudly say what? You beast?” I heard someone say and I found out it was Rosella.
” Why this little pest!” I silently cursed her.
” Um nothing…”
” You want to take over my father’s business by killing Brandon?”
” Rosella is umm…I…no…uh…


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