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{ Married To A Hooker }
Chapter Two
{ What!?! Dad You Must Be Joking! }
” Son, there’s something I’d like to tell you and I need you to listen attentively.” My dad said
and I paused eating.
” I’m all ears dad.”
” Son, I’m getting old and aged. Time is not on my side anymore….”
” Dad, I hate it when you talk that way, you’re not gonna die anytime soon so just chill.”

” Shut up Brandon. I’ve warned you never to use those cool kids slang on me. I want to write
my will and I will not include your name until I see you married.” My dad said and there was
a piercing silence from everyone.
Dad! This is highly unacceptable, how can you condition me to get married Huh??” I yelled
as I got up from the dining and hit my fist hard on the table and the dishes made a “ding”
sound as they hit the table.
” Don’t you dare raise your voice at me young man. I have spoken and it’s final.” My dad
yelled as he looked at me with a soul piercing stare. After some time, he turned around and
stomped angrily upstairs.

” I guess Dinner is over.” Rosella said as she pushed her dish away from her and got up.
” I’m off to my room now mum. Good night mum, Good night bro.” She said as she hugged
me slightly but I didn’t reciprocate because I was still shocked on what father had told me.
” Good night lil sis.” I said to her as I kissed her forehead and she went upstairs to her room.
I looked at my mom, by her facial expression I believe she’s as angry at me as dad is
now and probably wouldn’t care if I go upstairs without biding her “Good Night”
I stared at her for some seconds more.
” Only God knows what she must be thinking by now.” I said to myself as she looked away
from me and bowed her head down in both anger and disappointment.
I pushed my chair backwards and left the dining area to my room upstairs.
It was past 9pm and I supposed to have been long gone in dream land by now but the
situation at hand won’t let me as it disturbs me so much.
Well, I decided to go downstairs and have a snack, probably watch TV as well to set
my mind off this predicament and set my mind straight.

I switched on the lights and wore my flip flops and went down the stairs quietly so I won’t awake anyone. I tiptoed all the way to the Kitchen and opened the fridge.
It was stocked with yummy snacks and desserts. My mum bakes at her free time so
our house never lacks of snacks.
I took the bowl of pie out of the fridge and placed it on the kitchen counter. I got a
knife and cut the pie into four pieces and took a piece out of it. I dropped the piece on a plate
and returned the bowl back to the fridge.
I took a bottle of grape wine from the bar and a wine cup as well. I carried my plate of
pie, wine and cup to the living room where I placed them on the table and switched on the

I reduced the volume a little bit so I won’t disturb anyone. As I was about putting the
remote on the table, I heard footsteps and I turned back to look who it was but I didn’t see
” Hmm…I must be heading things.” I said to myself as I took a sip out of my drink and
About an hour later, I heard footsteps once more and I turned back again and didn’t
see anyone.

I was unsure of myself and my sanity at this moment so I decided to go and rest. I
carried my empty plate and empty wine glass to the kitchen and returned the half-drunk
bottle of wine back to the bar.
Just as I turned back to make my way back upstairs, I saw….

” Wow Wow Wow…you look fa-bu-lous!!” Brenda yelled as I strutted into the living room.
” Thanks B…” I said as I twirled and struck a pose as Brenda clapped.
” You rock girl. Whoever’s the lucky man tonight is gonna have some touch p*nani to deal
with.” Brenda said and we laughed as she gave me a high five.
” I have to be leaving now. My new catch is filthy rich, I don’t wanna keep him waiting for
long.” I said as I hugged Brenda and picked up my purse to leave.
I had my own car. My job has fetched me enough wealth and connections. I’m a lady
with style.

I hopped into my Ford 2019 model in elegance. A client of mine bought it for me
My client and I had agreed to meet up at Hawthorne Hotels and Suits. This is a new
client and I really need him to patronize me because I heard he’s filthy rich

Hawthorne Hotels and Suits wasn’t so far from my apartment so in less than a
20minute drive, I was parking in the parking lot of this prestigious hotel.
I stepped out of my car and locked up. Afterwards brought out my phone and dialed
my client.
📱 Hello..” I said to him as he picked up the call.

Oh hi, I believe this is Ava.
📱 Yes, I just pulled over at Hawthorne Hotels, I want to know which room you are so I can
tell the receptionists.
📱 Room 176-B
📱 Okay…got it. I’ll see you in a bit” I said and dropped the phone call.
I slipped the phone into my bag and strutted to the reception.
The door automatically opened and I went in. I went through a security check machine
and I was scanned.

I walked to the female receptionist. I rung the bell and she came to me.
” Good Evening ma’am. Welcome to Hawthorne’s Hotels and Suits. How may we help you?”
The female receptionist asked me and I removed my shades.
” Umm…hi, I’m looking for the person staying in room 176-B.” I said and she focused her
attention on her computer for some time and then picked up the intercom and made a call.

” Take a key. Ricky here would show you the room.” She said then I collected a key and a
guy primly dressed showed me the way to this room.
” Here it is. Enjoy your stay with us ma’am” He said as he took a bow and left.
I used the key and opened the door. It opened and showed me a man probably in his
late 50s or so. He looked far younger than his age though. He was quite handsome and
riches was written all over me.
He looked at me and smiled. He got up and came towards me extending his arms
wide and was about to hug me.
I hugged him for like 3seconds and we disengaged.

” You look more pretty than your name sounds.” He said and I felt complimented but tried my
best to hide my blush.
” Thank you sir. Can I come in?” I asked and he made way for me.
” Sure Sure! But don’t call me sir. I’m not that old.” He said and I chuckled as I went in and
he closed the door behind me.
” Call me Gabriel. Nice meeting you Ava.” He said as he sat down beside me.

I don’t speak to the clients for a long time. I just f*ck, collect my money and bounce.
That’s my principle and it’s been working for me.
” Okay Gabriel…let’s get down to it.” I said as I unzipped my dress and he was a bit shocked.
” Why so soon. I didn’t even get to know you.” He said as I unzipped my dress.
” You don’t need to know me to f*ck me huncho. Let’s get down to business, you ain’t the
only man for the night.” I said as I pecked him and removed his shirt……
My eyes fluttered open and I yawned as I sat atop on the bed.
I looked beside me to see Mr. Gabriel snoring beside me.
” How do their wives deal with them.” I muttered to myself as I stood up from the bed and
went to the bathroom to have a shower.
I came out of the bathroom and put my clothes in the washer-dryer machine and after
about 15minutes, I removed my clothes from the washer-dryer machine and wore them.

I wore all my jewelry back and did fresh make up. I wore my shoes and fixed my hair.
I tapped on him and he shrugged. I tapped on him again and his eyes fluttered and he was
fully awake.
” Good morning Ava. How was your night?” He asked me and I smiled.
” It was nice. You’re really good. I enjoyed myself.” I said and he smiled…probably blushed.
” You were much better baby…Okay, I can see you’re set to go now. Go to the table over
there and bring my briefcase.” He said as he pointed to a briefcase on the table and I went
over there and brought it to him.
He opened the briefcase and brought out five large wads of cash and handed them to

The smell of sweet sweet money
” Thanks for your patronage. Hope we meet again.” I said with a wink as he smiled and I
inserted the wads of cash into my purse and left his room and the hotel as well.

” Good morning mum.” Rosella said as she rubbed her eyes and came closer to hug mom.
” Good morning my stunning gem. How are you?”
” I’m doing very well mom. Where’s Brandon?” I heard her ask.
” He’s preparing breakfast.” Mum replied and I heard footsteps until they ended and I felt a
tight hug.
” Good morning bro of life.” She greeted as she hugged me.
” Good morning sis.” I said as I turned around and pecked her forehead.
” Wow, Brandy is cooking breakfast. I can’t wait to eat it! Yum…” Rosella said and we
laughed as she sat on one of the counter chairs.

Just then, we heard a knock on the door.
” Who is it!!!” Rosella yelled.
” That’s rude…you shouldn’t yell at a a visitor, rather, you go see who it is.” I corrected my
sister and she nodded while I went to see who is at the door.
I opened the door and guess who I saw😱

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