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21 DAYS WIFE: 19, 20

21 DAYS WIFE: 19, 20

Married To A Hooker°
Chapter Nineteen
DAY 7: The Unwanted Visitor
” Henry has a wife in California and she doesn’t want to come here to Ohio so *cough*
*cough* ”
” So Henry will be living in our house till further notice!” Dad announced.
” WHAT!?”

” WHAT!?!” Ava, Sophie, Rosella and I yelled loudly.
” I believe you all heard me right. He will need to start his Real Estate career on a firm
*cough* ground and what other firm ground do we have except my company.” Dad said and
left all of us astonished.
” He will be staying in the middle left guest room and I *cough* want him to be free from the
drama *cough* happening here. I don’t want anyone bothering him.” Dad announced then
wheeled himself away and mum followed behind me.
Henry put on a proud smirk as he bounced all the way upstairs. Rosella and I looked
at each other in shock. Ava and Sophie gave themselves a bad stare before going upstairs.

Rosella and I later went upstairs and everyone retired to their rooms.
The rest of the evening was quiet. Everyone stayed in their rooms because Henry’s
presence will add a great toll to the family’s drama! It will affect everyone in this house.

” Ugh! I’m damn bored!” I cried out as I laid aimlessly on my bed rolling and rolling from one
edge to the other.
” I need some company now…some good company.” I thought to myself and then one name
rang a bell.
” Sophie…” I called her name softly
” Although Ava would have been better, she has a pretty a^^. Sophie is a bit skinny.”
” But Ava is currently Mrs. Ava Brandon Holmes.” I mimicked her voice of earlier today and
laughed to myself.
” Okay, now time to get Sophie!” I said and came down from my bed, wore my slippers,
switched on the lights and went out of my room.

I put on my watchman eye to be assured that no one is coming from the left, right or
centre or is watching me from a corner or no one is gonna fall from the sky!
When I was sure that no one was outside, probably their in their rooms snoring. I
tiptoed quietly and noiselessly to Sophie’s room.
As I went there, I passed by Ava’s room. I was able to peek at her from the keyhole.
She has always looked so beautiful while she sleeps. Such a divine, innocent and cute face.
Just then, Brandon came out of the bathroom and laid beside her, blocking me from viewing
her perfect face.
” Ugh!” I exclaimed silently and just then I felt a tap on my back and I jerked turning back.
” Oh it’s you!” I whispered as I noticed it was Sophie.
” What the hell are you doing?” She asked whispering.
” Nothing, was on my way to your room.” I whispered and she gave me a knowing smile.
” Wow! I was on my way to your room.” She whispered too in excitement.
” What a coincidence!” I said as she laughed.

” So let’s go to my room. It’s less suspicious!” I added and we held hands and sneaked into
my room.

Despite I was asleep, I couldn’t get my head away from Henry. I may be pissed off by his
behaviors in the past but I can confess that I still have undeniable feelings for him. A little
though, not as much as it was before.
Him being here with Ava is just bringing back the memories, pain and agony I felt on
that fateful day I saw them together. And his presence here is toxic to what I came here for
because, I find myself falling for him.
And the best thing is for me to totally avoid him at all costs or else, I’ll end up loving
the playboy all over again which will be so bad.
I can’t wait for 21 DAYS to elapse and I’ll get out of this problem filled house.

I feel for Ava. She won’t be at peace with Henry being around especially now that he frolics
around with Sophie. But she shouldn’t know that or else that’ll be bad.
I’ll ensure that Rosella doesn’t mention a word about what she saw to Ava. I pray all
goes fine and she will be out of our family mess soon.
And then once dad signs some of his wealth to me and I get my accounts back, I will
go away from this goddamn house, to a place where they can’t find me and live in peace and
then find a woman who will make me happy and give me children!
” That’ll be my plan.” I thought as my eyes were widened.
I haven’t been able to sleep since I came back from the bathroom.
” How will a man be able to sleep when his life is on fire?” I asked myself and sighed.
I rolled over and my eyes landed on Ava. Such a beautiful sight to behold her when
she sleeps.

” She looks like an angel.” I concluded as I found myself smiling at her.
” Lucky be the man who marries this Gem….for real.” I thought before closing my eyes and
allowing sleep take over slowly.

My stupid alarm rang and it was time to wake up and prepare for Church!
” Oh God!” I exclaimed as I woke up and put off the alarm clock.
I yawned and sat atop on the bed. I stood up and went into the bathroom to shower.
After that I strolled to my closet and put on some clothes. My Sunday outfit😋
Sunday was a day of joy. A day to be free of suffering and drama in this house and be in the presence of God and off course, the presence of friends.
Mum always insists we go for morning mass so we’ll be back home early and have the
rest of the day to relax. We don’t usually eat before going to church we go there fasting and
come back home to meet a bountiful meal prepared awaiting us.

I checked my watch, it was 5:30am. We were running late, although the Catholic
Church we attend isn’t far off from the house and we would be there in less than ten to
fifteen minutes.
I picked up my black sleek purse that mum bought for me on my seventeenth birthday.

” One of my priced possessions. It can fit any dress.” I said as I admired the purse.
” Rosella the priests isn’t going to wait for us before the mass starts so get your butt down
here!!” I heard mum yell from downstairs and I quickly opened my purse and put my rosary,
bible, a little notepad, my phone and my ear pods in the bag and raced downstairs.
” Finally, the princess is down.” Brandon exclaimed as I came downstairs.
” Yeah right, don’t flatter me.” I said as we all exited the house and into the family car.
It’s funny how sinners don’t feel uneasy going to church. I know that we all are sinners
but some people are more likely to go to hell than others.
I’m not God and I’m not the judge of the human race either, but basically Sophie and
Henry shouldn’t be allowed into the church for they are stained with sins upon sins.

First, Sophie comes into the house and does all sort of ungodly things to get Brandon’s
attention. I even heard she stole Brandon’s money. Now she has sexual affairs. I’m not
saying it’s wrong to have sexual affairs, as far as you’re above eighteen it’s cool, but not
biblically alright. The problem is that she does it with a married man!

Henry is married and Sophie is aware then she goes ahead to sleep with him. And
Henry is at fault for cheating on his wife!
” Such sinners! Anyways I’m not a judge and I’m not God. They may make heaven.” I later
concluded and let the matter rest as we approached church.
We all alighted from the car and went into the church. Church was fun, I had my friends
to talk to. I caught Sophie and Henry gazing at each other but they quit shook it off or
pretended to scratch an itch on their eye when I looked at them.
Soon it was over and it was time for as to all go back home. As a family tradition, it is mandatory for us to have Sundaes on Sunday😋😋
So on are way to ColdStone Icecreams we go!
We took some Sunday Special Sundaes and took some to go, afterwards continued
our journey home.

We came down from the car and went inside the house. A little rest and we were at
the dining talking brunch then everyone retired to their rooms.
I was on the bed lying down when the Devil whispered into my ears a very nice plan that
will help me in my conquest!
Remember, I have to destroy Ava’s marriage!
” I have to make her depressed, then I’ll act. And what other way to make her depressed
than telling her that I slept with her little ex😊” I said to myself as an evil smirked appeared
on my face.

I wore my flip flops and went outside. Typical afternoon, Ava will be sitting in the
upstairs living room operating her phone and I guessed right!
I went behind her slowly so she won’t know and peeped at what she was looking at.

She was looking at past pictures of her and Henry when they were dating. This is the perfect
time she’s more vulnerable.
” I see you’re looking at when you guys were a thing!” I said and she star tled but didn’t turn
back to see who it was.
” He’s no longer yours now, He’s married to a better woman unlike you who a million men’s
sucks d^ck for chicken change!” I said to her and chuckled.

Chicken change you say? It was that chicken change you were so desperate for that you
connived with the one I loved to steal.” She replied still facing front.
” Hmm, well I don’t care anymore. You never give me a chance to explain. That’s why Henry
left you because you’re dumb.” I said and she finally stood up and faced me.
” Don’t you dare insult me again Sophie.” She said to me and I laughed.

” What are you gonna do? Hit me? You little prostitute.” I said to her spelling out the word
‘prostitute’ so it could hit her well and she raised up her hand to slap me but it froze in the air.
” Slap me! C’mon slap me! I had s^x with him last night and the night before!” I said to her
and her hand slowly went down and her eyes closed and she collapsed hitting her head on
the table.

” Oh no Ava!!!” Brandon yelled from God knows where.
” You witch what did you do to her!” Brandon yelled at me and I noticed that she had started
bleeding from her head. Her head is broken!
” Brandon I…I….I…um.

T B C📌

Married To A Hooker
Chapter Twenty
★👒DAY 8: Ava’s In Trouble!👒

” Oh no Ava!!!” Brandon yelled from God knows where.
” You witch what did you do to her!” Brandon yelled at me and I noticed that she had started
bleeding from her head. Her head is broken!
” Brandon I…I….I…um.

” Sophie….what have you done. What has this innocent girl done to you that you can’t
leave her alone.” I yelled at her and she rolled her eyes.
” I swear on my life Sophie, if anything happens to her I will rip your throat apart personally.”
I yelled at her and Rosella probably hearing the commotion rushed outside.
” What’s happening here?” She asked as she rushed to the scene and knelt beside Ava.
” She fell and hit her head on the table and now she’s bleeding all because of this evil girl.” I
said pointing at Sophie and she turned away.
Soon, mum and dad and Henry as well came rushing to the scene.
” What happened? What’s going on?” They kept asking as they rushed over.
As soon as mum found out that it was Ava on the floor bleeding, she burst out into a
very mocking laugh.

” This is what happens when you are not meant to be somewhere!” She said amidst her
” Mum I won’t take that from you. I don’t want you telling me nonsense about my wife!” I
stood up and yelled at her and she looked at me shocked.
” Don’t you dare talk to me like that you spoilt child who has no respect whatsoever for his
mother!” Mum scolded me.
” We shouldn’t be fighting right now, someone’s life is gradually slipping away, I think we
should get her to a hospital don’t you think?” Rosella yelled and mum and I stopped our
already heated argument.

” I don’t care if her life slips away, she can go to hell for all I care.” Mum yelled and I looked
at her without saying a word.
” For what you’ve said now mum, I shall get back to you but first I want to see my wife alive.”
I said to my mum and she rolled her eyes.
No one was in support of our marriage apart from Rosella. Henry and Sophie are not
in support off course, mum is highly not in support and Dad, even if he wasn’t in support isn’t
physically fit right now.
Not minding the blood that gushed out from her head, I carried her in my arms. Blood
poured on my shirt and some splashes of it on my face. I looked behind me, she has lost a
lot of blood as a pool of red think blood was on the floor.
” I’ll follow you to the hospital.” Rosella said as she rushed to follow me but mum dragged
her back.

” Never! Let him carry his cross alone!” Mum said as she dragged Rosella back.
” But mom I….”
” Silence child!” Mum silenced Rosella’s protest.
Despite my family’s hatred for our marriage, I carried Ava to my car and drove her to
the hospital. My car was soaked with blood and she was still bleeding up till now.
Luckily, I was able to get her to the hospital with her still breathing. Her face was red
with blood her white lace gown was now a velvet red gown because the blood had stained it all.

The nurses quickly came with a stretcher and put her on it rushing her to the
Emergency unit and now her life lies in the hand of her Maker.
I stayed in the waiting room awaiting the doctor’s remark on Ava’s fate. I waited for
hours and hours, just by myself, no moral support from anyone. Just as mum said ” I was
carrying my cross alone”
” I can’t let anything happen to her. I feel indebted to her now!” I thought as I paced around
the room.
It was really painful, I was crying inside but couldn’t cry outside because I was a man, I
can’t show my pain.
” If anything happens to this girl I will hate her more than I already have and I will kill her
with my bare hands.” I concluded to myself.

Sophie is gradually becoming a nuisance in that house. She is responsible for all my
” I would’ve left this house but that would be disastrous because if I move away, I won’t be
able to regain my accounts and my space in that will.”
” I should’ve left when that witch came to our house!” I blamed myself for the idea had not
yet come at that time.
” Now I have to carry my cross. Speaking of which, I can call my account officer he can help
me unfreeze my account.” The idea suddenly came and I brought out my phone from my
pocket, as quick as The Flash, I dialled Mr. Dean my account manager.
📱 Hello Mr. Dean,
📱 Hello Brandon, how are you?
📱 I’m fine sir! Umm…I just called for some enquiries.
📱 Well, I haven’t been able to withdraw money from my account for some time now. Is
anything the matter?” I asked pretending not to know that my dad froze my account.
📱 Oh Mr. Brandon, I thought you knew? Your dad froze your account nine days ago.
📱 Wow? And you knew about this Mr. Dean and couldn’t call to inform me?
📱 He said I shouldn’t bother about informing you because he said he will tell you with his
own mouth.
” Curse me for having a joint account with my father!” I cursed beneath my breath.
📱 Huh? I didn’t get you sir” Mr. Dean said.
📱 Oh no, I wasn’t talking to you. But did my father mention to you why he blocked my
account and when he will release it?
📱 Uhm, he said you’re misusing the funds in it which I clearly defended you because I see
the statistics of your transfers and they are not extravagant transfers and all were to Other
Companies. But your dad insisted that you were misusing it and ordered it closed.
” So he didn’t even have the guts to tell the bank that he closed my accounts because I
refused to give him grandkids? So pathetic.” I laughed to myself.
📱 So when is he releasing it?

He said he’ll give you twenty one days from that day to change your ways and if he
doesn’t call back for me to unfreeze the account then I should permanently delete your
account and it’s funds.
📱 My father did that? Anyways Mr. Dean, Thanks for this information.
📱 Okay sir, take care” He said and hung up..
” My father can stoop so long at times, he is so ugh!” I sighed.

” You will not go to meet that Ava girl. She is Brandon’s responsibility.” Mum strictly
” But she is your daughter.” I cried out to mum.
” If not that you were my blood, I would have slapped that stupid thought from your brain.”
Mum said to me and I shrieked.
” If you have no possible job in this earth then go and massage Sophie’s back and help her
pick baby names.” Mum added before leaving.
” God Forbid” I muttered under my breath.
” I hate her.” My brain said to me and I couldn’t agree less.
” I must see Ava now!” I thought and had to think of a possible way to leave this house.
” Wait? Why do I have to think, I can just leave the house. She can disown me, I’m better off.
The drama in this house makes me lack focus on my studies.” I said to myself as I went
upstairs grabbed a face cap and went out the door.
Off course, they are in City Care hospital. That’s where we always go to when we sick
or any accident happens. I took a cab there. I didn’t want to call Brandon that I was here.

I wanted it to be a surprise.
I looked for him and found him in the waiting room, pacing round and round the room
in fear and worry.
” Hey.” I said to him and he was startled.
” Hi.” He said out of surprise and shock.

Who’s she doing?” I asked without emotions.
” I can’t say, the doctor hasn’t talked to me.” He said and I sighed and sat down.
” The doctor requests to see you now.” A primly dressed nurse said to us and we went in.
” Good evening ma and sir. Please sit.” The doctor said and we sat down.
” This is a new face, haven’t seen him before.” I said to myself as we sat.
” Well, I believe you’re here for Mrs. Ava Brandon Holmes?” He said and scribbled some
stuff on his notepad.

” Uhuh?”
” Well…there’s good and bad news.” The doctors said and we were afraid.
” The good news is that she is alive, and when there is life there is hope.” The doctor said
and we nodded but we were eager to know what happened.
” The bad news is….

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