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21 DAYS WIFE: 17, 18

21 DAYS WIFE: 17, 18

[Married To A Hooker
👙Chapter Eighteen👙
DAY 6: Someone’s Pregnant
📍By: Nuella’s Novels📍

🎀 Magnificent Monday’s Chapter🎀
Sorry It’s Gonna Be A Short One Because No Power Here😥
On getting downstairs you can’t believe who I saw!
” Henry!?!” Sophie and I called his name.
” Ava uhh Sophie….ummm I…” Henry muttered.
Now Enjoy💃
” Hey Uncle Henry!” I greeted him as he came in and went straight to hug him but he
wasn’t even moved he just stared at Ava and Sophie.
” Hey Henry!” Brandon said as he came downstairs.

” Where’s the router man?” Brandon further asked and I pointed that he was upstairs already
fixing the router.
” Wait, you guys know him?” Sophie asked Brandon and I confused.
” Henry my boy!” Dad said as he wheeled himself to meet Henry.
Kella, you remember Henry right?” Dad asked me and I rolled my eyes.
” Yeah I do!” I replied and dad smiled as Henry and Dad chatted for a while.
I noticed the discomfort in Ava and Sophie’s face as they stared at Henry angrily and
Ava’s aggression grew to the peak and she stormed upstairs. Sophie grew angry too
and went upstairs almost immediately Ava did.

Why do they look so pissed off?” I asked myself as they went upstairs.
Brandon too noticed that they went upstairs and followed them probably to know why
they’re so flustered about Henry’s presence.
But what do I care?
Uncle Henry is my favorite Uncle despite he’s the same age with my brother, although
he seniors Brandon with half a year!
And whenever he visits,
He brings goodies, chocolates and fancy clothes for me😊😋
Mum probably heard all the noise coming from downstairs and rushed here. Only for
her to find out that one of her youngest brother in-laws is here!
But, I wonder why?
” I wonder why Ava and Sophie are baffled about Henry’s presence!” I thought as I climbed
up the stairs.

” I need to find out for myself!”
I would never talk to Sophie not even in this case. I would prefer asking Ava about the
situation. And off course, she should be in out room.
I opened the door to see a confused Ava sitting on the bed gazing blankly at nothing in
particular, but shock was written all over her face.
” Hi.” I simply said and that snapped her out of her gaze and she faced me instantly.
She didn’t answer me, but the look she gave me was enough for me to know that she
acknowledged my salutation.
She continued looking at me until I sat down beside her and she went back to staring
at nothing particular.

Why are you so flustered about Henry’s presence?” I asked her and she shrieked a bit on
hearing ‘Henry’s’ name.
She remained silent for a while after my question was thrown at her. She took a deep
breath and let out a loud sigh then faced me.
” I thought you would’ve guessed by now.” She replied and left me confused the more
concerning the situation.

” Huh? I don’t get.” I said and she ignored. Maybe there’s something I’m forgetting now!
I began to search my memory for answers or at least clues on why she expects me to
remember why she is in shock.
And that was when it dawned on me!
I remembered our conversation some days back when she told me about this Henry
guy. But wait, so the Henry she talked about is actually the Henry I know?
My dad’s younger brother?
” Ava…is he the one you were…”
” Yes he is!” She replied like she knew what I was about to ask.
” Seeing him after all these months is so…traumatic for me. We never even had a proper
breakup, all because of Sophie!” Ava said and squeezed her fist angrily on mentioning
‘Sophie’. I could sense the pain in her voice and I could feel everything.
” Is he going to be here for long?” She asked plainly.

” I’m unsure, my dad should have been the one who called him here and he will be the
determiner of that!” I said to her and she calmed down a bit.
” Your dad called him over? How do they relate? Does he work in the company? Cause I
know Henry is a lazy ass and can’t keep job” Ava said and I chuckled.
” Well, Henry turns out to be my dad’s younger brother which makes him my uncle. But I
don’t address him as that because he seniors me with just six months. He’s family.” I said to
Ava and she looked at me surprised.
” He’s your relative?? Wow! I never knew that. Although he did tell me that he had a very
very rich elder brother.” She said and I nodded.
” Well he didn’t lie.”

” Henry is here? How is that possible! Why does my past keep hunting me!? First it was
Ava now Henry, who next will I see Brenda?” I yelled as I got into my room.
” Ava will not be so happy on his presence? But who cares! Well I need to revenge on him
because he’s the reason why Ava and I are beefing now!” I said to myself and just then I
heard someone come in!
” Hey Hey Pretty!” Henry said with a sly smile.

” I’ve missed you? We have a lot to talk about and why are you and Ava in my brother’s
house? Are you guys his new wife!” Henry said with a chuckle.
” Quit your silly jokes!” I said to him and he came closer.
” Haha! You’re still naughty!” He said as he came closer and held me by my waist and
pecked my neck.
” Stop Henry, someone may come in don’t you know?” I told him but he doesn’t listen, he
continued kissing me.
” Shut up will ya! Or I’ll help you shut up!” He said and he kissed my lips and I became so
engrossed in the kiss.
” I missed this body!” He said and pushed me to the bed and unbuttoned my shirt.
Just then the door opened and…
” What!?! Uncle Henry!!!”

Married To A Hooker]
👙Chapter Eighteen 👙

DAY 6: Someone’s Pregnant
📌Authoress’s Note: This is the Part B of the last episode since it was short!
” Uncle Henry!” I yelled as I saw him deeply romancing Sophie but they seemed so
engrossed in their fornication and seemed not to notice me at all.
They continued with their foreplay and I was getting annoyed by it.
” This is a good opportunity to show mum how promiscuous Sophie is!” I thought as I
immediately raced downstairs to where mum and dad were seated.
” Mum come see Sophie!” I said immediately I got downstairs and mum looked at me with
” What happened to her? Is she okay? Oh My God!?!” Mum yelled as she wore her flip flops
and both of us ran upstairs like women who’s houses were on fire.
” This is what Sophie does! She’s a slut I always say it. Look at her romancing uncle….” I
said as I opened the door but was shut up by the sight of what I saw when the door opened.

Rosella? How many times have I told you not to play dirty pranks with me! Why are you
causing alarm! Sophie is just sleeping, she’s been exhausted with today’s drama probably!”
Mum ranted as we saw Sophie sound asleep on her bed.
” But how come?” I asked myself as mum kept on ranting.
” Mum, you have to believe me she was right there on her bed with uncle Henry and they
were becoming intimate!” I explained to mum.

” Shut up! Quit lying. Now you even drag Henry to this. Where did you learn to lie?” Mum
asked with piercing eyes, one that could make someone tell the truth if lying. But I wasn’t
lying and why would I lie?
” Mum you have to believe me okay. You just…”
” Oh keep shut before you wake the poor girl up!” Mum said with anger and gave me a look
filled with rage before going downstairs.
Immediately Sophie heard that mum has gone, she got up from the bed and flashed
me a devilish smile before turning it into a chuckle.
” I’m like the wind! I’m unstoppable.” She said to me and stood up and closed the door.
” What a cunning witch! She thinks she’s won!” I thought to myself.
” IT’S NOT OVER SOPHIE! YOU WILL BE CAUGHT ONE DAY!” I yelled as she closed the
door and then I heard her cackle. Angrily, I went into my room and slammed the door.

I opened the door slowly and not to wide to peep whether that bratty Rosella had left.
When I confirmed that her presence was no longer here, I shut the door and locked it with
the key.
” Can I come out now?” Henry asked from the closet where he had been hiding all these
” Sure, she’s gone.” I said to him and closet’s lock clicked and the door opened then Henry
came out.
” Pheew! That was a close one!” He said as he came out and we both laughed.
” I know right! I know how to handle her. She can’t get me!” I said to Henry as he came
closer to me and pecked me.

” Uhuh! Anyways, you have good acting skills. And I can’t believe Aunty is on your side!”
” Off course Henry. That woman adores me and protects me like an egg. She will believe
me.” I said to Henry and he gave me a knowing smile.
” If there’s anything about Auntie is that she protects the one she loves!”
” Yeah. Now shut up let’s continue from where we stopped before brat interrupted.” I said
and he came closer to me ……. ….. …..

📱 Gm Babe how you doing?
📱 I’m fine Rosy, I really miss you!
📱 I miss you too Mikey, anyways have you done your History assignment?
📱 Not yet. Why do you ask?
📱 That’s because I don’t really understand it and was hoping maybe you could teach me.
📱 Alright so where?
📱 I’ll be over at your place later in the afternoon.
📱 Alright Rosy. Expecting you!
📱 Yeah. Loads of kisses.
📱 Love ya!” He said and hung up and I laughed to myself.
” And that’s how you fix a date with a boy who doesn’t ask you to one.” I said and laughed
Mikey is the shy type. He couldn’t even tell me he liked me face to face! He had to tell
a friend to tell me. So over the months we’ve been dating we’ve never gone on an actual
date! Can you believe it?😆
And Mikey will never ask me for one and neither will I ask him to one because that’ll be
so so awkward. I’ve actually done my History assignment. When I get there am gonna make
him take me to some place fun.

He must do it!” I thought as I laughed and silently congratulated myself on a plan well done
and executed.
” What are you so happy about?” Brandon asked me as he came and sat beside me with a
mug of tea on a saucer and the label was dangling off the mug.
” Don’t I have the right to be happy?” I asked him and he rolled his eyes.
” Uh no! You are to be sad and support me because I’m in a freaking mess now!” He said to
me as he took a sip of his tea.
” Chilax bro, the baby might not even be for you.” I told him and he looked at me and
dropped his mug of tea on the table.
” Huh? What do you mean?”
” Yesterday night, I saw Sophie and Henry all over themselves about to make love.” I said to
Brandon and he nearly threw up!
” What? In this house?” He asked surprise.

” Off course! Where else? And when I reported to mum, I don’t know how Sophie was able to
hide Henry and pretend she was asleep.” I said to Brandon. He was still in shock.
” So promiscuous is she? But anyhow, there’s still a fat chance that I’m the father and that
can only be proven wrong or right when the baby is born and a D.N.A test taken.” Brandon
said and I couldn’t agree less with him.
” So any plans today?” I asked Brandon and he shook his head.
” But, I was thinking we couldn’t have some sibling time. It’s been ages since we had one
because of these dramas happening!” Brandon said and I laughed.
” Alright! But we can be done on or before 2pm right? My friend and I have a meetup.” I said
to Brandon.
” Oh okay. So let’s go.” Brandon said and I grabbed my phone as he finished his tea and we
went out of the house.
I was in the hallway ironing my tomorrow, Sunday Outfit when I felt a hand grip my waist.
I turned back to see it was Henry.

” You idiot!” I said and raised my hand to slap him but he held it and dropped them down.
” Heh! Not happening. I miss this body!” He said as his hands found their way to my waist
again and I slapped them off.
” You male prostitute. What are you still doing in this house anyways?” I asked him with
folded arms.
” I came back for you baby.” He said and blew a kiss to me.
” That’s impossible. I’m a married woman now. I’m married to your brother’s son.” I told him
as I went back to ironing.
” But that’s not fair! We never had a proper breakup so technically you’re still mine.” He said
and I laughed.

” In your dreams I am. I was never yours because you never married me and never engaged
me, so I wasn’t yours. Even if you acknowledged me as yours, you wouldn’t have slept with
my best friend. But if a break up is what you yearn for then, Dear Henry it is over between
us.” I said to him and he chuckled.
” Not that way…” He said as he came closer and held me.
” Get away from me satan!” I rebuked him and pushed him away.
” Sophie is here you can go fvck her all you want.” I said to him and he rolled his eyes.
” I had Sophie’s body all night yesterday, all I want now is yours Ava. Remember how we
use to have it back then, your body on mine and….” I didn’t allow him to finish his damn
sentence before I started singing loudly.
🎶 You said you’re sorry but it’s too late now 🎶
🎶 So save it, get going, shut up! 🎶
🎶 Cuz if you think I care about you now! 🎶
🎶 Well boy I don’t give a fvck! 🎶
” Oh stop crap! I will treat you better than Brandon will ever do. We can even have an
extramarital affair I don’t mind!” Brandon said as he went on his knees and I paused signing
and ironing.
” What do you mean by ‘we’? Are you married?” I asked him and he nodded.

Yes I am but it’s you I desire!”
” May God forgive your sin stricken soul.” I said and went back to ironing.
” Oh please Ava, I need you now please I beg you.” He begged on his knees and I started
singing again as he begged
🎶 I see you tryna get to me 🎶
🎶 I see you begging on your knees 🎶
🎶 Well Boy I don’t give a fvck. 🎶
🎶 So stop tryna get to me 🎶
🎶 Get up of your knees 🎶
🎶 Cuz boy I don’t give a fvck 🎶
🎶 About you! 🎶
🎶 No I don’t give a damn! 🎶
🎶 You keep reminiscing on when you were my man! 🎶
🎶 And I’m over you! Now you’re all in the past yeah! 🎶
🎶 You talk all that sweet talk but I ain’t coming back yeah! 🎶
” Don’t sing any fucking song to me. Be in my bed my sexy Ava.” He begged once more and
I stopped singing.
” I will sing all I like cause this is my home and I’m not your sexy Ava anymore, it’s Mrs Ava
Brandon Holmes now. Excuse me.” I said to him as I carried my clothes and sang my way to
my bedroom leaving him on his knees speechless.
I opened my room door and dropped the clothes carefully on the bed and locked the
door so Henry won’t sneak up on me.
” What’s he even doing in this house for so long?” I asked myself as I shut the door.
” His presence irritates me. He needs to leave. I’ll need to speak to Brandon about this.”
” So Henry is married. I pity his wife, she doesn’t know she married a human dog who all he
cares about are his sexual urges who is ready to put his d^ck in any available hole.” I said
and laid down on my bed.
” Oh I feel so alive!” I exclaimed and felt like dancing!
” I haven’t had good s^x in ages like I did with Henry last night. Even ten of Brandons can’t
satisfy me like he did.”

Since Ava doesn’t want to listen to me on why I did that to her some months back then I
might as well continue enjoying life with her ex.” I said to myself.
” Good s^x makes labour easier.” I read in a pregnancy blog once and that’s what I need.
” How I wish Henry could stay longer. I don’t even know for how long he’ll stay.” I wondered
as I sat on my bed and then I heard a knock.
” Who is it? Oh crap, just come in.” I said and the door opened and one of the maid assigned
by Mrs. Pauline to take care of me came in.

” Sophie, I’m here for laundry.” She said as she came in.
” The pile is over there.” I said as I pointed to the heap of clothes by my closet and she went
there and picked the clothes.
” Wait.” I said as she was about to go out of the room and she paused then faced me
” Don’t you dare call me by my name again. Understood!” I said to her and she trembled.
” Call me madam or ma’am okay?” I said to her and she nodded then bowed and left the
” Where is Henry anyways. I miss him.” I wondered and I decided to go downstairs to look
for him.
I wore my flip flops and went downstairs.
Later in the evening, Mr. Gabriel text blasted everyone in the family after having a
discussion with Henry.
💬 Everyone be in the living room by 6:30pm sharp!
Off course, Mrs. Pauline helped him type the text.
At this time, it was 5:45pm and Brandon and Rosella weren’t home yet so Mrs. Pauline
sent them separate texts.
💬 Come home now, emergency family meeting.
She texted and dropped the phone.

What could this family meeting be about?
Will it stop the drama in the Holmes Mansion or increase it?
Stay tuned!

Immediately I got the text blast and second message from dad, I had to call off the ‘date’
with Mikey and took a cab and rushed home.
Brandon’s number was unreachable. I was trying to call him to pick me up so we could
go home together but his lines weren’t going through and it seemed like there was an
I checked my watch as we approached home. It was already 6:35pm.
” I’m late!”

The cab dropped me off and I paid him and rushed inside the house.
” Sorry I’m late!” I apologized as I sat down.

” Now that everyone is here I can now *cough* make a very important announcement” Dad
said and coughed as he spoke.
” Henry my brother *cough* here studied Real Estate in the University.”
” He needs to gather some experience before any other company can take him. I can’t give
him my company because it’s for my immediate family.”
” He will *cough* be managing the business for the mean time until My wife here feels to
hand it over to Brandon after my demise.” Dad announced and silence filled the room.
” Henry has a wife in California and she doesn’t want to come here to Ohio so *cough*
*cough* ”
” So Henry will be living in our house till further notice!” Dad announced.
” WHAT!?

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