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21 DAYS WIFE: 16

21 DAYS WIFE: 16

Married To A Hooker
👙Chapter Sixteen👙
Someone’s Pregnan


” I’m better than you.” Rosella yelled and the knife slipped out of our hand and with
momentum flew aback.
” Aaaaaahhhhh!!” We heard someone yelled and we turned back.
” OMG…Blood!…”

Now Enjoy


” OMG!” I yelled as I saw Mrs. Pauline to the floor with a knife stuck to her thigh.
” Mum!!” Rosella yelled as she ran to her mum who was profusely bleeding.
” What is happening here?” Ava asked as she came to the scene and was shocked on
seeing Mrs. Pauline bleeding.
” Let me see it.” She said calmly as she bent down to look at Mrs. Pauline.
” It was her thigh, it’s not deep. We can fix it here no need to call the hospital.” Ava added as she looked at the knife cut.
” Sophie call Brandon and tell him what happened. Rosella get me a first aid kit.” Ava
commanded as Mrs. Pauline yelped and cried in pain.

I brought out my phone and called Brandon. He was avoiding my calls. He thinks I’m
calling him for another thing meanwhile his mum’s life is in danger.
” He isn’t picking up.” I told Ava.
” Don’t worry anyways.” She answered and Rosella brought the First Aid Box.
Ava carried the box and wore some medical hand gloves. And just as she was about to
touch Mrs. Pauline, she smacked Ava.
” Don’t….you…dare….touch me!” She said in pain as she smacked Ava’s hands.

But we need to save you…you’re loosing blood. The knife stab will not kill you but this
haemorrhage will surely kill you if we don’t do something now and fast!” Ava said to Mrs.
” It’s better I die.” Mrs. Pauline said slowly and weekly as the blood poured out.
Just then, the door opened and Brandon came in.
” What is happening here?” Brandon yelled as he rushed to the scene as well.
” Can someone tell me what happened?” He asked as he stayed beside his mum.
” We mistakenly used a knife to stab her and she’s bleeding.” Rosella reported and Brandon
looked at her shocked.
” You used a knife to?…anyways. Get her into the car quickly and rush her to the hospital.”
Brandon instructed and Rosella rushed outside.

” But…I can treat her….I..”
” We have no time for that Ava. Help me get her into the car now. She has lost a lot of
blood.” Brandon said as he carried his mum and I helped him and we left Ava there
” What happened here and why is there blood on the floor.” I heard Brandon’s dad ask and
I turned back to look at him.
” Auntie was stabbed on the thigh. They’re taking her to the hospital. They are at the carpark
now.” I replied to him and he was surprised.
” What are you doing here then?” He asked me.

” I was just about going.” I told him and he looked at the blood on the floor.
” Let’s go then” He said and I went to him and wheeled him outside to the carpark.
We helped Him into the car and we all went in then drove to the hospital.
I still felt hurt on what Auntie told me. She preferred to die than for
me to help her. And then Brandon just waved me off when I tried telling him.

It actually hurts. I can’t just wait for this twenty-one days to be over and I’ll go back to
my quiet life and probably never see this quite messed up family again.
Auntie was admitted into the emergency unit and we waited for some hours and then
the doctor said he wants to see us.
Rosella, Brandon, Sophie, Uncle and I entered into the doctor’s office and we were
asked to sit down.
” Good Morning all.” He greeted and we answered.
” Well, Mrs. Holmes is in a good condition. Thank God she was brought in here on time and
luckily for her, the knife closely missed her abdomen to her tie. If it had stabbed her
abdomen, it would have been a different case.” The doctor said and we gave out a sigh of

” She can be discharged later today. And you guys should be careful with sharp objects.”
The doctor warned and we all nodded.
” She can be discharged later today. Good day.” The doctor said and we all went away from
the hospital.
Sophie and Uncle stayed behind in the hospital and Brandon, Rosella and I went back
” I’m not in the mood to cook. I think we should just order something for breakfast.” Rosella
said as she let out a yawn.
” I’m going to my room.” She added as she went upstairs leaving me and Brandon alone.

I sat down on the couch and Brandon sat next to me.
” I’m sorry for the way I waved you off earlier.” He apologized.
” I was just so confused, shocked and afraid all at once.” He told me and I smiled.
” It’s cool okay? I figured that too.” I replied him.
” Alright. So any plans for today?” He asked me and i thought.
” Apart from sitting home and enduring insults, what else do I do in this house. I’m not
allowed to do dishes, cook or clean up. All because your mum sees me as a taboo.” I said to
Brandon with a sigh.
” Don’t worry all will be well, it’s for a limited time anyways. I still need those accounts and
my name needs to be on my dad’s will.” Brandon said and I nodded.

That’s fine. By the way, I’ll be going to visit my mum tomorrow. I’ll be gone in the morning
and probably will spend the whole day there.” I told him and he nodded.
” That’s fine by me. Send my greetings to her and don’t tell her about our contract okay?”
Brandon warned and I chuckled.
” Duh! I can’t.” I said and laughed for a short while.
” We should go out sometime…I mean not as husband and wife just as you know emm…”
Brandon said nervously and I laughed
” I understand what you’re trying to say. And anytime you’re ready to go…I’m ready as well.” I
replied to him with a laugh.
” Oh? Good. We could go shopping. That isn’t too awkward.” Brandon said and I nodded.
” Yeah…anytime you are ready.” I said with a smile and went upstairs.

Mr. Gabriel went outside for some fresh air and I was left alone with Mrs. Pauline.
” Have you re-strategized your tactics to win Brandon’s heart?” She asked me and I nodded.
” Your body is the key to a man’s heart and I have that key.” I said to Mrs. Pauline and she
” Good…but i don’t think that’s working, you need to find another strategy.” Mrs. Pauline said.
We stayed till evening and then she was fit enough to be discharged and we went
The house was quite quiet and there wasn’t really anything special happening. We ate
dinner and went to bed.

I woke up early and prepared for my outing. My mother and siblings lived in the outskirts of
town which is pretty far.

I didn’t bring my car to this mansion so I have to take a cab back home and get my car
then drive to mum’s house.
Everybody was still asleep when I was about to go and since I had already informed
Brandon yesterday, he has no cause to be alarmed and he can inform others of my
It is too early to see a cab easily and I had to wait at the junction for about half-hour
before I saw a cab.
It took me to my house. Brenda will still be sleeping by now no doubts. I have my own
house key and the car key is with me also.

I went into the compound and got into my car. But when Brenda wakes up, she may be
worried thinking that the car is stolen so I have to inform her.
💬 Hey Main…
💬 I took the car to go see Mum and the rest.
💬 No need to worry. I’ll bring it back when I’m done.
I sent her the message started my ignition and drove to the outskirts of town.
I turned my body to the other side of the bed and found out that it was empty.
I jerked up from my sleep in shock. But then, I remembered Ava must’ve already gone
to see her parents by now and probably is on her way.
I know you must be wondering why we sleep on the same bed. Well, we’re trying to
make an impression that we’re happily married and Ava sleeping in the guest room doesn’t
exactly spell a happy marriage.
Though we sleep on the same bed, there is no touching whatsoever and everyone is
on their own.

” I can’t wait for this to be over. I really need to talk to dad about my accounts anyways.” I
thought as I sat atop on my bed.
” There are a lot of funds there and I can’t forfeit them.”

I went into the bathroom and had a shower and as I came out from the bathroom, lo
and behold Sophie was standing there.
Thank God I had a towel wrapped around my waist! If not🚶🏻♀🚶🏻♀🚶🏻♀🚶🏻♀
” What rubbish is this!?” I yelled at her and she only chuckled and came closer to me.
” Can’t you knock?” I asked her and she came closer.
She removed the jacket she was wearing just to reveal her in stark naked…..I mean
I cleaned my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
I know Sophie has that slutty attitude in her but stripping for your ex who loves you no
more is out of bound🤧
” I know you want me Brandon. I’m better than that Ava girl. I mean take a look at me” She
said and turned around.

” What does she have that I don’t have. I have a better a^^ than her and better looks. She’s
got nothing on me.” Sophie added and I looked at her in disgust.
I quickly went into to my closet and wore a trouser and a shirt on. I grabbed my bible,
rosary and anointing oil😤
” Come here Brandon.” She said sexily and I wore my rosary and did the sign of the cross.
” I bind every devilish spirit that wants to tempt me using Sophie!” I yelled at her as I sprayed
the anointing oil on her.
” C’mon Brandon don’t be like that!” She said and I sprayed the oil more.
” Get behind me Satan!” I yelled and she laughed.
” Brandon!!” She yelled more and the door opened and Rosella came in.
” The Blood Of Jesus!” She yelled as she saw Sophie!
” You’re so cheap!” She yelled at Sophie and ran out of the door.
” Sophie leave my room now!” I commanded her as she relented.
” No I’m not leaving. You must sleep with me Brandon!” She yelled and I knew that this girl is
here for business

If you won’t leave! Then I’ll leave!” I said as I dropped the bible and the oil and ran to the
” Brandon are you leaving?” She asked and I hissed.
” No, I just want to check whether there’s oxygen outside. I will leave before this daughter of
Jezebel kills me!” I yelled and went outside of the room..

” Well I tried my best!” I said as Brandon went out of the room.
” I don’t know why Pauline can’t accept this. Brandon isn’t interested in me anymore. Now
I’ve been embarrassed. Rosella even saw me.” I said to myself as I wore my jacket and went
out of the room.
I went to my room and lied down. I’ve been feeling dizzy for some days now and
unexplainably tired.
” Sophie!! Come watch a movie with us!!” I heard Mrs. Pauline call out to me and I sighed.
” Just as I was about to rest.” I said grumpily and went to my closet and put on some clothes.
I went downstairs where the whole family was gathered in front of the TV. As I came
downstairs Rosella and Brandon flashed me a bad stare.
But who cares?
As far as I’ll be paid after all these shits.
I sat down and suddenly started feeling dizzy and felt like throwing up suddenly.

So Sophie was trying to seduce Brandon.
” What a cheap slut!”
She can never beat Ava for sure. Her presence disgusts me and irritates me to the
core. I wonder what Brandon saw in her when he dated her.
Suddenly, she stood up from her seat and ran to the kitchen vomiting…

Everyday someone in this family must be sick🤧” I sighed as Mum rushed to the kitchen.
Nobody cared about Sophie except her. So they can do whatever they want.
” Brandon come help me take her into the car! Let’s go to the hospital!” Mum yelled and
Brandon reluctantly stood up and we helped her into the car and she was taken the hospital
for a scan.
The results were brought in some hours later and Brandon and I weren’t so keen on
hearing whatever was wrong with her.
” So doctor tell me exactly what’s wrong with her?” Mum asked and the doctor smiled.
” Well, Ms. Sophie is three weeks pregnant.”
” Three weeks what?….


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