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21 DAYS WIFE: 14, 15

21 DAYS WIFE: 14, 15

Married To A Hooker
Chapter Fifteen
DAY 2: The Drama Continues II

” Dad, I’m not doing anything like that. I can’t marry a wife yesterday and divorce her today.
It makes no sense.” I said to dad and he thought about it for a while.

” I don’t care what you must do. All I want is for you to marry Sophie. You can decide to
discover Ava or anything else. But you must marry Sophie.” Dad yelled at me.
” This conversation is over, I don’t care about the accounts anymore. You can have them
anyways.” I yelled at dad and stood up then left.
I saw Brandon and his dad argue and now he’s storming upstairs.
I quickly ran behind him and we went into the room.
He angrily laid on the bed.
” Um..Brandon.” I called out to him.
” I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone now Ava.” He said to me with a stern voice.

” I figured. Well, I heard the conversation between you and your father. And I’m willing to
help.” I said to him and he turned and sat atop on the bed.
” Well I have close to six hundred thousand dollars as my life savings. I could lend you the
money and you’ll pay me back when you can.” I said to him and his face brightened up.
” Oh, Thanks so much Ava.” He said and got up and hugged me.
It felt quite awkward as he hugged me.
” Oh, sorry about that.” He said as he disengaged from the hug.
” I’m just so happy. Thanks so much Ava.” He thanked me again and I smiled.
” So you’ll give me your account details and I’ll transfer the money to you.” I said to him and he opened his phone.
” Let me call it for you” He said and I brought out my phone to take the number.

” So Brandon got married to Ava?” I thought as I paced around my room.

And his mum knows of this off course. I know she doesn’t approve it but she is aware for
” Then why am I still here when he’s married? The law won’t approve him marrying two
wives. So what the hell am I doing here wasting my life!” I yelled as I went to my closet to
pack my things.
” Maybe Ava is going this as a payback.” I thought as I brought down my boxes.
” She may doing this as a payback because she thinks…she thinks I stole Henry away from
her.” I said and sighed and sat down on the bed.

” If only she could lend me a listening ear for me to explain what happened. But every time I
want to talk she shuts me up.”
” She doesn’t know the whole truth.” I said as I stood up and continued arranging my stuffs.
” If she could only give me the chance to tell her…” I said to myself.
” Any alert?” Ava asked me as she transferred the money.
” Um…yeah.” I confirmed and I heard a message beep from mu phone.
” Thanks so much Ava.” I thanked her and she smiled.
” A wife is to help her husband. I just did what a good wife does.” She said and stood then
exited the room.

” WHAT A GOOD WIFE DOES.” Her words kept ringing in my head as she left.
” Good wife ey?” I said to myself.
” Anyways. I need to rush to the office ASAP, so I can give them this fund to work with.” I
said as I rushed into the shower to have a bath.
” Rosella bring the turkey from the microwave.” I commanded her and she did as I said and
dropped the hot turkey on the counter.

Get the German Oil and rub it on the turkey.” I said to her and she stood at the same spot
and looked at me confused.
” Uh…….” She muttered and I faced her.
” You did something wrong! Spill it.” I said as I faced her.
” Well, my hair was beginning to thin and a friend of mine told me German Oil will be the best
to revive it and I may have used the whole bottle. I’m sorry mum.” Rosella said and I was
pissed off with her.
” Rosella! Why would you use that oil without my permission. It was over twenty thousand
dollars. It’s costly.” I said to her and she felt remorseful.

” I’m sorry mom. But hey, my hair stopped thinning and it’s smoother than ever.” She said
stroking her hair and I couldn’t help but smile.
” I have to admit, your hair actually looks better and nicer. But next time don’t touch my
cooking stuffs without permits. You heard me right?” I told her and she smiled.
” Yes mom.”
” Let me get another bottle. I’m leaving the kitchen now, I don’t want want that Ava girl in my
kitchen okay?” I said to Rosella and I went upstairs to get money to buy another bottle.
As I went upstairs, I saw Brandon dressed cooperate carrying a his suit case.
” And where are you off too?” I asked him as he came down the stairs.
” To work.” He said as he adjusted his conflates.
” At this time?” I asked him and he chuckled.

” Is there a particular time to go to work?” He replied me and I was pissed.
” Don’t answer my question with a stupid question. That should never repeat itself. By the
way, I thought your father seized your accounts, so why are you going to the office?” I asked
him and he chuckled once more.
” When dad thinks there’s no way for me by seizing my accounts. My God will make a way
for me through my wife.” He said and went down the stairs happily.
” God does it feel so good to be married.” He yelled as he went out of the house.
” God will make a way through wife?” His statement confused me.

” Brandon come back here…” I yelled as I ran after him.
I was feeling bored so I decided to go downstairs and watch a movie, then Brenda called.
📱 Heyyy.” She said as I picked the call.
📱 My main BFF, how you doing?” I asked her as I wore my flip flops to go downstairs.
📱 I’m good but everywhere is boring and empty without you and by the way, your clients
keep calling.
📱 Aw. I actually changed my number. To avoid distractions and calls. If any member of
Brandon’s family hear me talk to any client, all my efforts are wasted.
📱 That’s true. So what shall I tell them when they call next?
📱 Tell them I’m on a vacation and I’ll be back soon.
📱 Okay. So how’s everything going on there?” She asked on my way downstairs.
📱 It’s been rough. I mean Brandon’s mother clearly hates me and is disgusted by my presence. Brandon insists I must try my best for her to like me. But I don’t still understand,

he’s a married man and he’s supposed to move out of his parent’s house.
📱 True talk ya. But anyways, try your best she’ll like you. And by the way it’s just for a
limited time so you might as well live with it.
📱 It’s heart breaking Brenda. Anyways, Guess what.
📱 I’m not good at guessing Ava. Spill!
📱 Remember when Sophie back stabbed me? She was dating Brandon when she cheated
on me with Henry.

📱 What!?! Plot Twist. You mean Sophie is actually Brandon’s ex. This is where you’ll get to
rub it in her face.
📱 No Brenda. I won’t do any extra thing to rub it in her face. My presence alone and my
marital status to Brandon is enough to make her feel bad. I actually pity the girl anyways.
📱 Hmm…your way anyways. So we’ll speak later?

📱 Sure. Be well.
📱 I will. Bye” She said and hung up the call.
” Hi there.” Rosella said to me as she sat beside me.
” Hello princess. How are you?” I asked her.
” I’m good and what about you?”
” I’m feeling awesome and by the way, your hair looks amazeballs today.” I complimented
her and she smiled.
” Aww Thanks. I used German Oil to stop it from thinning and it made it silkier as a bonus.”
” Oh? I’ve heard a lot about German Oil. It is really helpful to hair, scalp and skin.” I told her
and she nodded in agreement.
” That’s true. Just that it’s expensive and the bottle I have is empty.” She said to me with a

” Aw. Don’t worry I’ll buy a bottle for you soon okay?” I said to her and her frown turned to a
” Thanks so much Auntie Ava you’re the best sister in law.” She said as she hugged me.
” Your’re the best too.” I replied her as I hugged her back.
” *clears throat*” I looked up to see Rosella’s mom as she cleared her throat and Rosella
disengaged from the hug.
” And why aren’t you in the kitchen?” She asked Rosella and she stuttered.
” Uh…mum…I. I’ll go now.” Rosella said as she stood up to go.

” No need.” Rosella’s mum said as she sat down on a couch opposite me.
” Dinner is canceled anyways. I wasn’t able to get more German Oil. So I ordered pizza.”
She added and Rosella sat down feeling bad.
” I’m sorry mum.” She said and her mum huffed and turned her face aside.
Just then, Sophie came downstairs fully dressed carrying her bags.
” Woah Woah Woah.” Mum yelled as she stood up.

And where are you off too?” Mum asked her and Sophie paused.
” I’m going away. Brandon’s married after all.” Sophie said as she looked at me.
” It doesn’t matter. Brandon must marry you!” Rosella’s mum said and I felt disrespected.
” I need to go.” I said and went upstairs.

” I’m off too.” Rosella said as she went away.
” Okay….if you can’t get married to him then ruin their marriage!” I said to Sophie and her
eyes widened.
” You heard me well. Ruin their marriage. You’re capable of the job. Do it.” I added and she
looked at me.
” I’ll double your pay. Just do it.” I begged and she nodded.
” Alright. I’ll do it. Starting tomorrow.” She said and she rolled her bags upstairs.
The Pizza guy came shortly and delivered our pizza. We ate and went to bed.

Brandon didn’t come home that night. How mischievous has that boy become!
I went into my room. Gabriel was lying down already sleeping. He couldn’t come
downstairs for dinner so we served him his food upstairs.
The empty plates were on the table. I looked at my husband, his health was
deteriorating hour by hour and his face has already started changing.
” 19 more days and I’ll become a widow” I said to myself as I looked at him and tear
” I can’t believe it.” I thought as I laid on the bed.
” Please be healed Gabriel.” I silently prayed as I fell asleep.
🌅Next Morning🌅

Wow….” I complimented myself as I stared at my dressing in the mirror.
I was dressed in a transparent crop top wearing no bra off course and a tight jean bum
short. I carried a long jacket to cover my body since Brandon isn’t at home.
I went out of my room holding the Jacket.
” Where are dressed to like a harlot.” I heard Ava ask and I turned back to look at her.
” That’s non of your business.”
” So you can talk back at me huh?” She said as she closer.
” Anyways…Brandon won’t take a look at you even if you strip nakey for him.” She added
with a smirk.

” Besides, he has all this to him.” She said as she ran her hand through her body.
” And I don’t even need to dress half nude for him to notice me. You can steal Henry from
me but no no Brandon is for keeps.” She said to me and I had the urge to explain to her what
happened but heck! Will she listen?
” Ava you’re misunderstanding. That’s not what happened. Actually what transpired was
” Keep Shut Sophie. I don’t want to hear your lies. It’s too early.” She said to me and walked

I went downstairs and wore my jacket as I went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and
brought a pineapple out of the fridge.
I put my hand into the knife stand to grab a knife but no knife was there.
” Don’t tell me they took the knives for sharpening today!” I said as I couldn’t see any knife.
” The spare knife!” I muttered as I opened the cabinet and saw the knife.
As I was about to take the knife someone took the knife from me.
” Hey…” I said and found out it was Rosella.
” I need it to cut the watermelon.” She said to me.
” No…I need it to cut the pineapple.” I said to her and we started dragging the knife.
” I first you here.” I cried out.

” I’m better than you.” Rosella yelled and the knife slipped out of our hand and with
momentum flew aback.
” Aaaaaahhhhh!!” We heard someone yelled and we turned back.
” OMG…Blood…”


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