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21 DAYS WIFE: 12

21 DAYS WIFE: 12

[°Married To A Hooker]
Chapter Twelve
” Brandon…I don’t know anyways. Just brief me more.” I said and he adjusted a bit.
” I’m having some issues in my home and I need a wife. You’ll get to know more about the
issues later. I just want you to be my wife for the mean time.” He said to me and I thought
about it for some seconds.
” So…will you do it?” He asked me with a smirk.

” What’s in it for me??” I asked with my arms folded and he looked at me.
” I’ll give you 1 million dollars and a brand new Ferrari 2020 model. If you just do as I
command.” He said with a sly smile.
” Hmm…I’ll do it. But for how long?” I asked and he opened his phone calendar.
” 21 days..” He said to me.
” Deal…” I replied and he smiled.

Just then, his phone rang and he shrieked when he looked at the caller’s ID.
” Excuse me. I have to take this call.” He said to me and opened the driver’s seat and went

📱 Brandon! You will not kill me before my time.” Mum said immediately I took the call.
📱 Brandon! You walked out on your dad and you’re disrespecting him. Brandon don’t make
me curse you….don’t make me…
📱 Mom. It’s Okay. I don’t want any more curses because I’m already cursed as it is now.
📱 So you ran away from home? Brandon you must be joking!
📱 I didn’t run away but you guys are prompting me to do now.” I said hung up the phone
because I don’t want to speak to her.
What a messed up family I have don’t you think?
I opened the car and entered inside to continue taking to Ava.
” So when will I start?” She asked me and I thought about it for some seconds.
” Well, tomorrow. You’ll give me your address and I’ll come pick you up and then have a
small introduction with you and my parents.” I said and she nodded.

” Alright, no problem then. I’ll text you the address soonest.” She replied and I smiled.
” Okay. I would have given you some cash at least for the mean time. Plus, your transport
fare all the way here. Just that I have no access to my account” I said to her and she
laughed hard.
” I’m a lady of substance. I actually drove my Ford 2019 here and I don’t need money for
that. Thanks.” She said with a sly smile as she came out from the car.
What a lady with a sassy attitude😲
I like that kinda lady😉😜
I watched her as she went out of sight and then I started my ignition and drove off.

I decided not to go home because right now I don’t wanna see anybody there.

Everyone is so so annoying there, apart from Rosella.
But, I don’t have enough money on me to lodge in a hotel.
I have to go home because have money in my indoor safe and that’s where I’ll be able
to pay Ava her bills and then use the rest for for my hospital bills, but I don’t wanna go in.
” Yes!” I yelled in Eureka as I had an idea.
” I can call Rosella to bring the safe to me.” I added as I turned the car around because I had
passed the turn that leads to my house.
When I had gone halfway through the journey, I brought out my phone and dialed

📱 Hey
📱 Hi lil sis.
📱 How are you?
📱 Am cool. Where are you? Mum is worriedly angry.
📱 Right now, I don’t care about that. I need you to help me with something.
📱 Anything for my bro.
📱 I need you to go to my room.
📱 Okay?
📱 Go there now as I’m talking to you.” I said to her and I heard some footsteps and then I
heard a door open.
📱 I’m there now.
📱 Good, get a stool and climb on it then open my third cupboard compartment.” I said and I
heard her drag a stool and some noises which indicated that she was climbing the stool.

Some seconds after, I heard the cupboard opened.
📱 Okay, I’ve done that. What’s next?
📱 What do you see in that compartment.
📱 A big safe.

Good, help me sneak out that safe and meet me by the side walk right in front of my
📱 What? Why?
📱 I’ll explain later so just do as I say.
📱 Okay, I’ll try.
” What kind of task did Brandon give me!” I snapped as I threw my phone on Brandon’s
bed and watched so I’ll be sure it landed safely.
I carefully carried the safe from the cupboard, I almost fell down because the safe was
so so heavy.

” What the hell is in this!?” I yelled as I carried the safe downstairs carefully without making
any shriek or noise so no one will know.
” And what are you doing with that?” I heard Sophie say and I froze
” Oh no!” I said to myself.
” C’mon, what are you doing with it. Spill” She said and I turned back to see her dressed in
some slappy shorts and a crop top and she folded her arms and looked at me evily.
”……uhh” I muttered and she cackled.
” Speak up…or else I’ll tell your mum.” She yelled.
I didn’t know what to tell her. I can’t tell her the truth and right now, my brain is shut
down on what to lie about.

” If there’s anything I’ve learned from movies, when you wanna avoid a question, runaway
from the person as fast as you can.” My brain reminded me and I thanked my stars that it
didn’t fail me at this point.
I ran down the stairs as fast as I could.
” Come back here!!” Sophie kept saying as I ran down.


” Hmm… Where is she carrying Brandon’s safe too?” I asked myself as she ran
” I must know what she wants to do with it because when I touched that safe, Brandon didn’t
take it likely with me.” I said as I quickly followed her downstairs to see where she was going
When I reached the last step, I started tiptoeing so Rosella won’t know that I’m behind
I stood at the veranda and watched her keenly as she went outside the gate.

” Here’s the damn safe.” I said to Brandon as I opened the back seat of his car and put the
safe inside.
” What are you using the safe for anyways?” I asked him and he chuckled.
” Must you be so inquisitive?” He asked me and I found it offensive.
” You asked me to bring something for you and you’re here telling me that I’m ….” I couldn’t
complete my statement because the sound of his car driving away interrupted me.
” Brothers!” I twitched and went back inside.
Then it struck me that I can’t follow the front door because Sophie may still be there
and she will begin asking me questions once more.
I ran and followed the kitchen’s back door so as not to see Sophie.

” So she thinks she’s smart, she wants to go through the back door huh?” I said with a
chuckle as she ran through the back door.
” I’ll let it slide. This family is so so weird” I added as I went upstairs to my room.


🎶I drink Till I’m drunk🎶
🎶I smoke till I’m High🎶
🎶 Castle On The Hill🎶
🎶Wake Up In The Sky🎶
” You can’t tell me I ain’t fly!!” I sang along as the song blared from my radio and I drove in
full speed.
I won’t take anything less. I’m lodging in one of the five stars hotel in town. As I said
earlier, I have enough money to book a room there and enough money in there to pay Ava
for her services.
Soon, I pulled over at the hotel, Helder Hills Resort. I wore my dark shades and came
down from my car magnificently and went to the hotel’s reception.

” Hi” I said to the good looking receptionist and she smiled.
” Hello sir. How may we help you at Helder Hills Resort?” She asked with a charming smile.
Jo A
” I want a room, just for the night. I’ll be off tomorrow.” I said to her and she did some things
on her computer.
” That’ll be fifteen thousand dollars sir.” She said to me as she imputed some things into the
” Okay, I have the money in cash not from my account.” I said as I went back to the car and
brought out three wads of cash and rushed back into the reception.
” You can count the money, it’s complete. Each bundle is five thousand dollars” I said as I
dropped the bundles on the table and the receptionist looked at me surprised.
” Okay.. ” She replied nervously as she took the money and kept in, then imputed some
information into her computer.
” Name?” She asked as she typed.
” Brandon Holmes.” I replied and she typed them in and at the ending, she hit the key on the
keyboard hard to signify the stop.

Your room is ready sir” The receptionist said as she brought out a card and swiped it above
some machine and it made a ‘beep’ sound and showed a red light as she handed it over to

” Room 998″She added as she gave it to me with a smile.
‘998’ was bodily written on the card with red color and the name of the hotel was
above it. The card was as strong as a credit card and this is the kind of cards used to open
doors in modern hotels.
” Rowlene will show you your room” She said to me and a young girl of about my age,
dressed in a waitress’s uniform directed me.
We Took a lift to the 10th floor and then took a left turn at the end of the call hallway
and we came to a halt at a dark colored room with room number 998 as the receptionist
earlier said.
Rowlene took a bow and left as I used the card they had given me to open the door
by swiping it over the door knob.
It made a click sound and it opened then I went in.
It was a nice room to be sincere and was adored and decorated with rich furniture,
upholstery, paintings, artifacts and so much more.
” Such a nice place to lay my head for the night. It’s almost better than my own house” I said
as I sat down on the couch.

” Babe!! I just hit a jackpot!” I yelled as I came in and dropped my bag on the couch.
” Spill it!” Brenda replied as she adjusted herself on the couch.
” I just hit it big!!” I yelled again as I sat down.
” Spill it already!” Brenda replied and I laughed.
” Remember that guy I told you about, that took me home when I was drunk?” I asked her
and she thought about it then nodded.
” Yeah I do! So what’s up?” She asked as her face beamed with smiles.
” Guess who just called me to be his wife” I said as Brenda gasped and hugged me.

Oh my God! I’m so happy for you. When did you guys start dating? and I thought you said
you aren’t going to get married?” Brenda bombarded me with so many questions and I
” Chill Brenda. One question at a time.” I replied and she went to her seat to sit down but that
smile couldn’t leave her face.
” It’s a contract marriage. For twenty-one days and it starts tomorrow.” I said and she
became confused.

” Huh?”
” I know you’ll be confused. This guy has some family problems that require him to get
married pronto. After that twenty-one day elapses, we’ll divorce and go separate ways.” I
said to Brenda and she nodded again.
” I understand. Are you doing it for free??” She asked and I laughed hard.
” Me? Do it for free?? Never happening. He’s buying me a Ferrari 2020 model and a million
fucking dollars.” I yelled and Brenda let out a shout of joy.
” Wow Wow Wow! I’m so happy for you!” She said as she hugged me once more.
” And….I think Sophie lives there.” I said with a smirk and Brenda smirked too.
” I’m gonna make life hell for her. She’s gonna regret messing with me.” I added as I picked
up my bag.
” I better get packing! He’s coming to pick me tomorrow.” I said as I went inside the room to
pack up.

” Rosella stop wasting time!” I yelled from downstairs.
Gabriel will be discharged today so he can die in the presence of his loved ones.
We are on our way to the hospital and Rosella is clearly wasting our time. Don’t get
me started on Brandon.
Do you know that Brandon didn’t sleep in this house?

That boy has grown so much wings and he didn’t even call or tell anyone he’s gonna
be away.
I’m sure he’s pretty vexed by his dad but that doesn’t give him the audacity to leave
without permission!

” Good morning ma.” I heard Sophie greet and I was snapped out of my thoughts.
” Good morning beautiful and I see your fully dressed unlike Rosella who’s still in the
shower.” I said to her and she smiled. She was dressed in a long sleeve lace gown that was
kneed length and a red oxblood bag to with it.
” Sometimes, Rosella can be lousy and lazy.” Sophie said oddly loud but I couldn’t agree
less with her, Rosella can actually be that.
” Don’t you dare call me lazy and lousy in my own damn house!!!!!” Rosella yelled from
upstairs and Sophie rolled her eyes.
” And mannerless as well.” Sophie added as she sat down and brought out her phone.

Soon, Rosella was done and it was time for us to get going. We all went outside and
entered into one of the cars and drove to the hospital.
I woke up happily and with a beaming smile.
I went to the bathroom and freshened up and had a shower. I picked up the phone
and dialed room service and ordered breakfast.
” Croissants filled with jam and strawberry flavored green tea and some milk and sugar
I didn’t bring any extra clothes so I sent someone to go to the hotel’s boutique and get
me some clothes. They should be here any minute.

🔔Ding Dong🔔
” It’s either the room service or my clothes are here.” I said as I quickly wrapped a towel
around my waist and went to the door.
It was both of them!

My food was dropped on the table and my clothes were delivered. A black Jordan and
black and white Tee then some white sneakers.
” Thank you.” I said to them and they bowed and left.
I got dressed and ate. Afterwards, I set out to go pick up Ava at the address she
texted me.
It was a brown colored duplex and a car was parked in it.

” Her hooker job seems to be fetching her a lot of cash.” I said to myself as I picked up my
phone and called her number.
📱 Hey Brandon.
📱 Hi Ava. I’m at your house.
📱 Oh? I’ll be right out.” She said and hung up and I dropped my phone on the chair
Some minutes later, She came out of her house holding two travelling bags and
another lady holding two and a handbag.
” Four traveling bags full of clothes for just 21days??” I asked myself as they came out.
” Women…” I sighed
I opened the door and came down from the car. I opened the boot and they put the
bags in it and Ava collected the handbag from the other girl.

” Brandon, meet my best friend Brenda, Brenda meet Brandon.” Ava said and Brenda and I
shook hands.
” Quite a handsome fellow.” Brenda complimented and I smiled.
” Thanks, shall we?” I asked facing Ava and she nodded.
” Bye Brenda. I’m gonna miss you” Ava said and they hugged.
” Bye!” Brenda said as she waved bye and Ava and I entered into the car and zoomed off.
I don’t know how mum and dad are gonna take this and I’m a bit scared of their
reaction. This girl’s first impression on them wasn’t really good and it almost broke mum’s
I just hope all goes well and they don’t get too mad.

Soon, we were at the mansion.
The family car wasn’t here so I guess they went to see dad or get him back.
Ava and I walked into the mansion and we sat down in the living room..
” Do you want anything?” I asked her and she shook her head and brought out her phone to
I heard the sound of a car in the compound later on and I knew they’ve arrived.

” Ava, they’re here.” I said to her and she took a deep breath and dropped her phone in her
” This better work out.” She muttered but I could hear her.
” Don’t worry, they’ll like you.” I encouraged her and she nodded then forced a smile and the
door clicked open.
Mum first came in followed by Sophie and Rosella who was pushing dad on a
” Oh? So you decided to come home?” Mum said as she saw me and I chuckled.
” Good morning ma.” She greeted mum and dad’s eyes widened on seeing her.
” Save your damn greetings to yourself.” Mum shut her up and came closer to me. Sophie
nearly passed out on seeing Ava and Ava gave her a deadly smirk.
” Who is this?” Mum asked me and Ava and I stood up.
” Mum, Dad, Rosella, Sophie, meet my wife…Ava” I said as I put my hand around her and
mum looked at me.
” Your what!?!


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