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21 DAYS WIFE: 11

21 DAYS WIFE: 11

” Dad, you can’t possibly expect me to get married in 21 DAYS. I don’t even have anyone
in mind.” I said and my dad managed to give out a chuckle.
” You’ve known Sophie close to three months now and based on my observations, Sophie
will make a good and classy wife for you and I’m sure that your mother agrees with me.” Dad
said and mum continually nodded in agreement and Sophie tried her best to hide her smiles
but they crept out.

” Oh no..Never dad. I can’t marry Sophie, it’s better I become a Revered Father.” I said and if
not for my dad’s health he would have gotten up and slapped me.
” Shut up Brandon. You must get married within 21 DAYS or consider yourself poor because
I’m not willing anything to you.” Dad said fiercely.
I don’t get why they’re so keen about me getting married. I mean, what’s the big deal
about getting married.

I don’t know why they force me to get married not only that…to Sophie! No wonder
they kept her in the house for so long.
” Look Brandon, we’re not being mean, we just want the best for you. I married at the age of
23 Brandon and I’m still happily married up till today.” Mom said and her statement didn’t
make any sense to me.
” Mum, you’re a lady. It’ll be easier to get married at a young age. Same doesn’t apply to
me.” I said and my dad flashed me a bad stare.

” Don’t you have respect for your mother Brandon?” Dad scolded and I kept quiet.
” Dad…I’ll rather be poor than to get married to Sophie.” I said and stood up then exited the
damn hospital.
” WHAT!?! Brandon now walks out on me????” Gabriel yelled and I tried to calm him down
because of his health. I don’t want f to be over stressed.
” Dad calm down. Let me go talk to him.” Rosella said and she went out of the room as well.
” That boy’s behavior is seriously getting out of hand and I don’t want him to continue with
that behavior because it will say bad of me when I finally leave this earth” Gabriel lamented
and I pat him on the back slightly so he’d calm down.

” You better talk to that boy Pauline. I know you’re the one spoiling him.” He added and this
one, this one upset me.
” Don’t blame his mannerless act on me. I’m a parent to him as you are, so if he’s
mannerless the blame shouldn’t be solely on me but a fair share on you also.” I said to him
angrily and he kept quiet.
” I think I should…um…get going now.” Sophie added and she picked up her phone and
turned to leave.
” Go well future daughter in-law.” Gabriel said and I waved at her as she left.

We came with the family car and since the rest of the family is still there, I can’t drive the
car home.

I boarded a cab and paid it to take me to the mansion. I went into the mansion and
straight to my room where I locked the door.
It was time to think🤔
I can’t believe my dad is making me choose between marrying a wife within 21 days
and having a fair share of his wealth and not marrying within this 21 days and being poor.
I mean…what kind of father does this😒
That is a bad level of parenting.😮
Who need his wealth anyways, I have my own construction company and I have
enough money to fend for myself so I don’t give a fvck about his conditions.
He even wants me to get married to that little witch Sophie!🤮

” I need to get my mind off this shit.” I said to myself.
I picked up my phone and off course, I dialed Cole.
📱 Waddup Dog” He said as he answered the call.
📱 Bro…how you doing?
📱 I’m slaying and what about you.
📱 I’m okay, just that I need to clear my head men, I’m in some shit now.
📱 What clears a man’s head better than chilling over some bottles of bear?
📱 You got me bro! So where and when do we meet?
📱 Let’s say in the next thirty minutes at that Karaoke Bar down Hillman Street.
📱 Ah…Rise and Grind eh?
📱 Yeah, that one. So see you there in thirty.
📱 Yeah.” I replied and hung up.
I dashed into the bathroom to freshen up and changed my outfit. I took my car keys
and went downstairs.

” Seems like they haven’t reached home yet!” I said to myself as no one was downstairs.

Brandon!!” Rosella yelled as she opened the door and came in.
” I’ve been chasing you from the hospital.” Rosella added as she panted.
” With your feet?” I asked her as she panted.
” Yeah, the hospital isn’t that far.” She replied and I chuckled.
” Well be faster next time kid sis.” I said to her and she gave me a sarcastic look and panted
her way upstairs.
I went towards the door and it opened again, but this time it wasn’t a real human being
it was a witch with lack of cooking skills that came in.

I looked at her and she flashed me a sexy gaze and I was disgusted.
” Get behind me satan.” I told her and she sighed sadly.
” Brandon I…”
” Save it witch.” I interrupted her and went out of the door as she stared at me.
I went out of the house and hopped into my car and drove to the Karaoke bar where
Cole asked me to meet him.

” I’ll have to go now Gabriel, I’ll come see you tomorrow. The doctor said you can be
discharged tomorrow.” I said to him and pecked him on the cheek.
” I love you Pauline and I wished to spend more time with you but I just have less than 21
days to live.” He said and a drop of tears came down my eye as he kissed my hand.
” I love you too Gabriel.” I added as I picked up my handbag and left the hospital.

Everyone had already gone home and it’s just gonna be only me in the car. I was
driven home and soon enough, we pulled over at the entrance of my mansion.
I opened the door and to my biggest surprise, I saw Selena there.
” Pauline honey…” She said as she saw me and came closer to embrace me.

She hugged me but I didn’t reciprocate, I just stood there motionless as she hugged
” How are doing?” She said as she dragged me and made me sit on the couch.

I didn’t want to say anything to her so I simply nodded to show that I’m fine.
” Oh babe, you didn’t get back to me. So tell me now, did your husband sign the divorce
” He didn’t, Instead he made me realize how bad a friend you are and how you tried luring
my husband to lay with you.” I said to her and she was in shock, she was probably about to
defend herself when I …
” Don’t try denying it Selena, I have evidence and I know how you lured him” I said and she

” What are you saying Pauline…I?”
” I know the truth! Just get out of my house this instant before I do something we both will
regret!” I yelled at her and she kept calm and carried her bag and left…
That was the last time I saw or spoke to Selena.

” Gee!! How you doing?” Cole asked as he gave me a handshake.
” I’m cool bro, what a nice place.” I said to him and he smiled.
” I can’t bring you to a fvcked up place can I?” He said to me and I chuckled.
” Not at all. Let’s go in.” I said and we went in.
It was a club of course with tables and chairs and a big stage where people go to
perform Karaoke and very soon, it’ll begin.
Cole and I sat down on a table that was a little bit afar from the stage but you could
still have a good view when you sit there.
We ordered for some drinks at first, later we can order some food.
” So bro, tell me what’s happening.” Cole said and I sighed.

Men, it’s my father. He’s damn sick and has just 21 days to live.” I said and Cole covered
his mouth immediately he heard it.
” What?!! Sorry about that bro.” Cole said and I smiled.
” That isn’t all. He wants me to get married within that 21 days space to get married and guess who they prepared for me.”
” Who?”
” Sophie!” I replied and Cole laughed.
” You have some funny parents. So what do you plan on doing?” He asked me.
” Well, I don’t need his wealth. I have my own empire.” I said and Cole nodded.
Just then, the bar man came and served us our drinks.

” Thank man.” Cole said as he took his drink and sipped it.
” Gee, I don’t have enough money on me to pay the bills. You’ve gotta pay em.” Cole said
and I looked at the bar man.
” I got no money here to bro”
” Do you do P.O.S?” I asked the bar man and he nodded and brought out the machine.

I collected the machine and slotted my card in it and inputted all my details and then I
received a message that my account was blocked and I can’t transact with it.
” WHAT!?!” I exclaimed as I saw the text.
” I know dad must’ve done this. He has access to my accounts” I said to myself.
” Anything wrong?” Cole asked me and I couldn’t answer.
” I don’t have enough money here and my card has problems. Here take my watch,” I said as
I pulled my watch and gave it to the barman.
” It’s worth five hundred thousand dollars. Keep it. I’ll come back tomorrow to pay for the
drinks then I’ll collect the watch. If I don’t come tomorrow then sell the watch and pay the
management and the rest is yours.” I said to the bar man and he nodded and left.
” What happened man…?” Cole asked and I waved it off.
” I’ll tell you later man, I gotta go” I said as I picked up my car keys and left.

I drove all the way to the damn hospital dad is without wasting time. I already knew
his room number, I just went into the hospital. The nurses knew I’m his son and they let me
” Dad, why did you block my account.” I asked him as I came inside and he chuckled.
” You thought you’re smart and all grown up right? You walk out on me now.” Dad said and I
rolled my eyes.

” Dad unblock my account” I said to him and he chuckled once more.
” Until the day you get married!” Dad yelled as he stood up angrily buy staggered a bit
because of his health.
” And that must be within 21 DAYS. Because your account has been scheduled for
permanent deletion and I put the scheduled date for 21 DAYs. If I don’t sign the release
documents of that account and I die, your damn account and all the damn money in it is
gone as me.” Dad said and fear gripped my heart.
I wasn’t afraid of dad’s earlier threats because I knew I had money to bank on but now
that he has blocked my account what shall I do?

” And as for your business? Remember I set it up for you. The construction company has
been closed until you get married.” Dad added.
He has won🙇🏻
I looked at him for a second and stormed out of his room angrily.
I drove home and stormed into my room angrily.
Dad can’t possibly be serious
I can’t get married to Sophie.
Just then, I had an idea.
I can never get married to Sophie but I can get married to another girl.
I can pay her to get married to me for 21 days then after dad’s demise…I’ll divorce her and
then look for another girl to get married to later on.

” Good plan.” I complimented myself but the loop is that I have no girl in mind.
It struck me again.

The girl at the strip club. I have her card somewhere.” I said as I went to my laundry and
looked for the jeans I wore to the club and searched for the card.
I finally saw it and quickly dialed the number on it.
📱 Hello, Ava on the line.
📱 Hi, I’m Brandon and I need your services.
📱 Oh okay. Where should we meet?
📱 I’ll meet you at the Main Park T-Junction.
📱 By what time?
📱 In the next 30minutes.
📱 Oh…can it be 45minutes?
📱 Alright. See you soon.” I said and dropped the call.

” What a sweet voice she has.” I said to myself as I grabbed my car keys once more and set
out to the Main Park’s junction.
I drove there and parked my car just after the junction. She called me and told me she
was there and I described my car for her and she came to meet me.

” Hi” I said and he opened the door then I came in.
” Hold up….are ‘nt you the one who took me to your house that day.” I said immediately I
noticed it was him.
” Yeah, I am. I don’t wanna sleep with you. I need you for some businesses.” He said to me
and I curious on what he wants.
” What business is that?”
” I want you to be my wife for 21 days” He said and I was shocked.
” Brandon…I…I…well.


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