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21 DAYS WIFE: 10

21 DAYS WIFE: 10

{Married To A Hooker}
Chapter Ten
” 21 DAYS TO LIVE….” The doctor’s statement kept ringing in my head and everyone was
astonished and didn’t say a word.
” He has been battling with a strange illness in which we are not able to identify yet and the
illness has brought him to this state.” The doctor said and on hearing this, mum collapsed
and fell to the floor.

” Mum!!” Brandon and I yelled as we held our mum and prevented her from touching the
ground but her eyes are shut, she has fainted.
Nurse come to my office now with a stretcher. Make it quick.” The doctor made a phone
call as Brandon and I continually shook mum as Sophie, nevertheless was worried as hell.
The nurses arrived and took her to a room where they commenced some revival
treatments on her and I silently prayed that she’ll be revived because I can’t bear two bad
news today.

They said we can’t see Dad now that he is in coma and that we should all see him
tomorrow that by that time he’s awake.
Mum also was lying down, she hasn’t opened her eyes but according to the doctors,
she has been stabilized and is only resting.
Sophie, Brandon and I were sitting on the second bed in the room while mum was
lying on the other.
Brandon held my hand and I rested on his chest while Sophie used her phone and
listened to music.
Just then….mum sneezed.

” She’s awake!” Brandon yelled and stood up from the bed as I followed but Sophie just
removed her headphones and watched while Brandon and I rushed to mum’s bed as she
tried sitting atop on the bed.
” Mom!” I said and I hugged her as Brandon joined in and she hugged us passionately.
” Thank God you’re awake mum, I can’t bear to loose you and dad.” I said to mum and she
smiled and stroked my hair.
” Dad…your dad may die….But me…I’m here for you always baby.” Mum said and I cried but
she wiped my tears and kissed my forehead.
” I’m here too…all the kisses won’t go to Rosella will they?” Brandon asked mum and amidst
my tears I laughed as mum laughed as well.

” I love you too Brandon and I’ll be here for you as well.” Mum said as she pecked Brandon’s
forehead as well and he smiled.
” There…I love you both.” Mum said and we hugged her tightly.
The door opened and the doctor came in and smiled.
” Well, you’re awake now Mrs. Holmes.”. The doctor said as mum smiled and Brandon and I
disengaged from the hug and made way for the doctor to make some checkings on her.

He used a stethoscope to check her heartbeat and used his hand to check her pulse
and also felt her temperature.
” Heartbeat is okay, Pulse level is okay and temperature is just right.” The doctor said as he
wrote down some things on the book.
” She’ll be discharged from the hospital later today and then you guys can take her home.”
The doctor said and Brandon and I smiled as the doctor smiled and left.
” What about your father?” Mum asked and everyone’s smile vanished.
” They said we can’t see him now that we should wait till tomorrow. That he is in coma.”
Brandon managed to say because I couldn’t bear to say it and mum’s countenance changed
as well.

” I pray God heals him. I can’t loose my husband at this age.” Mum said as she cried and
Brandon and I comforted her.
Hours later, It was time for us to leave and Sophie, Brandon, Mum and I left the
hospital room and paid the bills and also left the hospital main building as well.
We went home, mum said she didn’t have the zeal and stamina to cook and we
ordered some sushi to go and drove all the way back home.
The food was dropped on the table but no one had appetite to eat. I mean how will you have appetite when your dad has just been confirmed to have 3 weeks to leave.

We just stared at the food and everyone meditated, well everyone except Sophie. She
ate her own share of the sushi like she didn’t even care about what’s going on now.
” Are you guys eating your share?” She asked and everyone looked at her but didn’t answer
the question.
” Well…silence is a yes to me. So I’m taking all.” She said as she took a piece and dropped it
in her mouth then carried the rest of them in a tray to her room.
” What a mannerless girl. She can’t even morn. I don’t have problem with her eating the
food, but must she behave like that in this case” I said as she walked away.

” It’s true what you’ve said Rosella dear. But try to talk to her and address her with respect,
she is older than you.” Mum said and I chuckled.
” You can see the reason why I dumped her mum.” Brandon said and I laughed as mum
looked at Brandon shocked

She lost the respect I had for her when she started forcing herself on her ex.” I said and
Brandon laughed.
” You kids..” Mum said and went back to her world of sorrow.
The three of us stayed up for sometime and then when we got tired so we went to our
room and slept because we are waking up early to visit dad tomorrow.

Finally…it’s my POV.
Well, it wasn’t a good night rest for us as mum virtually stayed up all night crying and
you could tell that Rosella too didn’t sleep because her room light was switched on.
Sophie didn’t sleep as well…but for a whole different reason. She blasted music all night
long and danced to it.
Well…I had a good night sleep. Dad is about to die yes and I’m sad…yes. But I can’t
deny myself good night rest because I don’t wanna be joining him anytime soon.
Mum and Rosella woke up about half an hour ago and are in the kitchen preparing a
meal for dad to give him when we go visiting him in the hospital and give the food to him.

I went to the bathroom and had a shower, freshened up and wore my outfit for the day
and went downstairs.
” Good morning to the best ladies in my life.” I said to mum and Rosy and pecked them.
” What about me?” Sophie said, I didn’t even notice her presence here.
” Never…not even in you wildest dreams Sophie will you ever be a best lady in my life.” I said
to her and she rolled her eyes.
” Now Now Brandon…be nice.” Mum instructed and I eyed Sophie a bit.
” Were cooking a little something for dad.” Rosella said as she washed her hand.

” We’re…as in you who and who? ” I asked sternly.
” Mum and I…Sophie is helping out” Rosella said and my eyes widened.

WHAT!! Sophie is helping out in the cooking of DAD’s food!” I yelled and Rosella looked at
me surprised.
” Uh-uh.” She simply said and put some plates in a basket.
” Dad having 21 days to live has hit me bad enough, I don’t want him eating food that Sophie
has touched and shorten his life-span more.” I said and picked up and apple as mom gave
me a bad look.

” Brandon be nice to Sophie. I won’t warn you again.” Mum said to me and I rolled my eyes
when she turned back.
” Take these to the car. Okay everyone let’s go.” Mum said as she handed the basket to
Sophie and she took them to the car as we followed behind.
We got into the car and a driver drove us to the hospital. We alighted from the car with
the food and went to dad’s room.
Rosella opened the door slowly and we came in.
” Dad..” Rosella cried out as she rushed to his bed.
” My daughter…” Dad said as he stoked her hair.
” Wow…it’s a full house.” Dad said as we all came in.

” Sit…” He said as he pointed to the seats.
We all did and my dad sat atop on the bed as we were ready to listen to whatever he
had to say.
…..Chat me on, plus-two, three, four, eight, one, thirty-nine, seven, seven,seven, eight,
eight, seven to be added to a story group…..
” We all know about my predicament.” Dad said and we nodded.
” I have 21 days to live and three weeks from today I must’ve been dead.” Dad said and we
nodded as well.
” I may not be able to carry my grand children but at least…I may be able to see my son get
married.” Dad said and I knew where he was going to.
” Since, I’m about to die. I have to will out my properties.” Dad added
” Brandon my son. You have come of age to marry but it seems like you have refused. Now I
have to force you.” Dad said and everyone looked at me.

” You have 21 DAYS to get married or else I will not be willing any of my properties to you.”
Dad said and my heart sank.
” Dad…are you….are you…


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