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CAUGHT BY STEPDAD is simply for adult read

My name is Leah. But not anyone here and no one knows that. As an escort I go by the name “Sierra”. That’s who I am tonight.

I’ve just entered the hotel room of a man named Richard. We’ve just been to a party where I pretended to be his girlfriend so his old friends will think he’s happy and successful. It was some kind of reunion. Mostly we danced, so I could avoid talking too much and reveal that I don’t know a thing about him.

He’s tall, with dark curly hair. Maybe it’s black. He’s handsome. I love it when I get that type. The type you wouldn’t think will need an excort,Now it’s time for sex one of the reason I do this. It’s not just for the money.

Richard closes the hotel door quickly and starts kissing me. He almost catches me off guard, he’s been so polite all night. I was getting used to it.

He buries his hands in my long dark hair, kisses my full lips. He slips the spaghetti straps of the slinky black dress I’m wearing off my shoulders. I slide the straps down my arms, revealing my small but nicely shaped breasts. I’m not wearing a bra.

He shimmies the dress down my body as he tries to keep up with the kissing. I slide his dark gray suit jacket off his shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Then I unbutton the pale blue shirt he is wearing. He is smooth and muscular underneath. Nice.

I can feel his erection pressing me from inside his pants. I undo his belt and start to unbutton his pants. He has his hands all over me, squeezing my breasts, running his fingers down my back, cupping my ass in his hands. He’s being gentle and polite, like he really does want the whole girlfriend experience.

He starts to push down my black lace panties.

“They’re crotchless,” I whisper as I look seductively up at him.

He looks me right in the eye and keeps removing my panties. Then he kisses me again. I shiver a little, from being suddenly completely naked. My high-heeled shoes are lying next to my clothes. Before I can get his pants down, he sweeps me up in his arms and kisses me while carrying me to the bed. Wow. Romance.

He pulls the bedding open and lays me down on the bed. He turns off the light. He takes his pants and boxers off in the pale light from the streetlamp outside, shining through the thin curtains. I get a glimpse of his large erect penis as he climbs into bed with me.

He lies down on top of me and runs his fingers through my hair. He kisses me.

“Sierra,” he says.

He fondles my breasts. He gently and slowly lets his hand travel down to my crotch. He places his hand just inside my vagina, feels the slippery wetness there, then kisses me some more.

I spread my legs wide for him. Finally he shifts his position and expertly pushes his cock into my cunt. I moan.

“Oh, Sierra,” he says. He kisses me passionately and starts to slowly thrust his dick into me. In and out.

He closes his eyes and moans as he thrusts. I think I see a tear streaming down his face. I grip his back with my slender hands. I whimper as he thrusts into me. The night of dancing and laughing and anticipation really made me want him. Now to finally have him inside me, it feels so good it almost hurts.

He starts thrusting more forcefully now, faster. I moan loudly with each thrust. He is grunting like an animal. He pounds his dick into my pussy for a few more minutes, building up to a huge orgasm. He starts to desperately, frantically fuck me then.

I gasp and moan and put my hands to the headboard so I don’t smack it with my head. I arch my back as my orgasm rushes over me. Pleasure takes me over and I cry out as it bursts through me. He shoots his load into my cunt then, groaning loudly. Then he lies on top of me, catching his breath.

When he is breathing more evenly he kisses me again, swirling his tongue deep into my mouth. Then he moves from my mouth to my neck. I moan with pleasure. He begins to french kiss my ear. I gasp. I had no idea I could feel so much pleasure there. I start to pant. He sucks my ear so hard and so long I start to feel an orgasm build up from the pleasure. He fondles my tits with one hand as he sucks. I grunt as a sudden orgasm surges through me. Unbelievable.

Then he moves to my mouth again and deeply kisses me. I can hardly breathe, I am still reeling from the last orgasm. He massages my breasts and I moan. He kisses the front of my neck. Then moves down between my breasts. He puts his hands on my back and lifts me up so my back is arched. I moan as my head falls back. He sucks my breasts with his warm wet mouth, churning his tongue around my nipples one after the other.

I feel my pussy flood with new wetness. I am so horny it almost hurts. He works his mouth down to my belly. His hands are on my lower back now. I lay my body down. Then he lifts my hips up by my butt cheeks. He kisses down to my cunt, then he dives right in. His tongue swirls around inside me and I moan loudly and arch my back again. He darts his tongue deep inside my pussy, spreading my pussy open with his thumbs. He sucks as deep into me as he can suck. Then his warm wet mouth moves up to surge around my clit. I claw at the bed sheets.

“Jesus!” I yell. I start to pant and grunt in a rhythm as he sucks me. Customers don’t usually eat me out. This is so awesome. I pant and thrash as he makes me cum with his tongue. The pleasure is exquisite as it crashes over me. It is intense. I yell and my body convulses. He is breathing hard. He dips his tongue into me deep one more time, then pulls away from my cunt. I relax my muscles and lie weakly on the bed, totally spent.

I see him grab another condom with shaking fingers and put it on. I shudder with anticipation. He crawls up my body like a jungle cat, he lays his warm body on top of mine, pressing me into the bed. Then he slides his dick into my waiting pussy. I moan and thrash. It feels so fucking good.

He fucks me hard then. No build up. He just starts thrusting into me hard. I grunt and wrap my legs around him. This makes him fuck harder. I arch my back as ecstasy builds up again. “UUUUUHHHHH, GOD!” I yell as it rushes up and clenches my body. “UHHH!” I yell as I climax.

“UGGHH!” he grunts loudly as he cums hard inside me. He collapses on top of me, breathing hard.

He runs his hands over my body as he catches his breath. I shiver. Then he gathers me up in his arms and rolls us over, so I am on top of him. He puts his arms around me and sighs happily. I almost want to laugh. This is not what most people do with me. They are usually a lot kinkier. But I repress the urge to laugh and let him cuddle me.

I feel him fall asleep under me, his breathing becomes even. His arms loosen. I carefully climb out of bed when I think he’s totally out. I gather my clothing, dress, and quietly leave the room. He prepaid with the agency for my visit. No need to collect any money. So I’m out of there.

I try to sneak quietly into my house when I get home. It’s 1 a.m. But my stepfather is up, sitting at the kitchen table. Probably waiting for me.

“And where have you been, young lady?” he asks sternly.

“Out with friends,” I say.

“You know you have a curfew,” he says.

“Yes, Steve,” I answer and roll my eyes. “I’m 18, you know. I’m an adult. I can do what I want.”

“Yes, but you’re in high school, and you still live at home. You have to follow the rules.”

“Fine, I’ll follow the rules,” I say as I try to walk past him. He grabs my arm. It turns me on. Pervy as this is, my stepdad is hot. I’ve tried not to notice. He has dark reddish blond hair, cut really short, muscles, and tan skin from being outside doing sporty things all the time. He’s 40-something, a little older than my mom. He may have gray in his hair. He has wrinkles. But he’s still totally hot.

I can feel the sexual tension build as he holds my arm. Surely I’m not the only one who notices this. I think he was planning to say something more to me, but got distracted by the weird sexual moment. He lets my arm go then, and I storm past him, down the hall and up the stairs, to my bedroom.

I became an escort to earn money. And because I love sex. I love being used by men. I don’t know why, but it’s a total turn on. I knew I would pursue this lifestyle as soon as I was legal, and I did.

I’ve had a few boyfriends. Teenage boys. They lack imagination. And stamina. I needed something more. My friend Tanya got me into the escort thing. She’s an escort too.

It’s Saturday night now and I’ve been called to another hotel room. Someone named Hal called for me. I ride the elevator up to the third floor.
I’m wearing a bright blue stretchy mini dress. I made it myself actually. It’s like a hobby. Sewing slut clothes.

Underneath I have on matching blue bra and panties. A push-up bra to enhance what little I’ve got. I’m petite, probably a little too short, small hips and butt. I look nice, though, I think. Pretty face. I look too serious all the time, though. I wear bright colors to try to counteract that.

I step off the elevator and walk down the hall until I find room 314. I take a deep breath and knock. Silently hoping this guy will be kinkier. I could really use some of that right now.

The door opens. I feel frozen in place. It’s Steve standing there. My stepdad, Steve! He looks as shocked as I feel. He glances up and down at me with wide eyes, his mouth hanging open. Finally his “dad” instincts kick in.

“Get inside this hotel room, young lady,” he says, grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. He shuts the door quickly behind us.

“What are you doing dressed like that?” he asks angrily, hand still gripping my arm.

I stare at him, my mouth agape. “You’re cheating on Mom?” I ask, incredulous.

He blushes and looks away and lets go of my arm. Then it dawns on him.

“You’re a prostitute?!” he asks in disbelief. Now it’s my turn to blush.

He walks away from me and starts to pace. Then he stops to stare at me.

“Why do you do this?” he asks.

“Money and sex,” I say flatly. No use hiding it now. He caught me. I’m totally busted. I figure I make enough from being an escort that I can get my own apartment now if I want. Or if he kicks me out.

I now notice he’s sort of dressed up. He usually looks like he’s about to go golfing. He still looks that way, except the top button of his white button-up long sleeved shirt is undone. His khakis look neatly pressed. What a dork. A kind of sexy dork.

As I stare at him I notice his pants start to tent out in the front. I almost want to laugh. He’s got an erection for me. I guess the kinkiness of finding his stepdaughter at his door as the escort he ordered finally got to him. Ha!

Still I feel my nipples get hard and my pussy get wet as I stare at him. That weird sexual tension is in the room again. But we could never. I mean, hello! I’ve known him since I was 7.

Still I feel my cunt get all hot and flushed at the thought of possibly fucking my stepdad. Then I feel my face turn bright red as I blush. I must be a total freak for thinking this stuff.

Steve sees me blushing. He comes over to me. I don’t look at him. He’s a whole head taller than me, even with my high heels. He puts his hand under my chin then and makes me look up at him. He has this weird kind expression on his face. One I’ve never really seen before from him. He actually looks like he’s not going to lecture me. He looks like he’s going to go for it with me. Holy crap!

“Why are you cheating on Mom?” I ask quietly, glaring up at him.

“I’m not cheating on Mom,” he says quietly, sadly. “She cheated on me first. We’re getting a divorce.”

“Holy shit,” I say.

He takes a chance during my moment of shock at that news and suddenly leans down and kisses me. Hard. On the lips.

My breathing stops for a moment. My heart pounds in my ears. Holy shit. Are we really doing this?

His lips are warm, strong, pressing into my lips. I push him away so I can catch my breath.

“Steve, I… do you really…” I say, stammering. “She’ll never forgive me.”

“Shh…” he whispers. “Don’t tell her.” Then he bends down again and kisses me passionately.

My arousal is supercharged by that. This is so against the rules of… everything. I am so turned on by this. My wetness is dripping down my legs.

I think of all the times he grounded me, spanked me, lectured me. I had been so angry, all those times. Because he had the power. Now I feel like I’m getting back at him. Like I have power too now. I kiss him back as his tongue churns inside my mouth.

I feel his big rough hands paw at my breasts over my dress, and I moan. I nearly pass out. With shaking fingers I start to unbutton his conservative shirt. My fingers brush against the muscles of his chest and I feel my pussy involuntarily clench. A mini pleasure wave surges through me. God.

His hands are shaking too as he pushes down the straps of my stretchy blue dress. I quickly pull my arms out of my dress and push it down to my waist. He moans when he sees my breasts in the pushup bra. I quickly reach behind myself and unsnap the bra. I pull it off and let it drop to the ground. Steve shudders.

He kneels down in front of me, so his face is at breast level. He looks up at me with almost a look of anguish. He is breathing heavily. Then he closes his eyes and takes one of my breasts into his mouth and begins to suck. He grabs my arms and pulls my body close and holds me in place.

I moan and my knees feel weak as he does this. I can’t believe I’m letting my stepfather do this. I can’t believe he wants to do this. That I want him to.

He sucks on the other breast then. He quickly pushes my dress off my hips and down to the floor. Leaving just my bright blue panties. He reaches down with his teeth and gently pulls one side of them, pulling the panties down and off my legs. I am shivering and trying to keep from hyperventilating. He slips my high heels off my feet. I am totally naked now.

He is on all fours now as he comes back up after letting the panties drop. He is panting like a dog. He reaches up with his mouth and buries his face in my pussy. He begins to kiss and suck my cunt. He sits down underneath me, still sucking my pussy. I moan with pleasure. I am dripping with cum.

Then he puts his hand on my back to support me, and lifts my legs up one at a time and puts them over his shoulders, so I am straddling his face.

“Oh, Steve,” I gasp as he digs his tongue further into my cunt. He holds me in place with one hand on my back and one on my butt, as he eats me out hungrily.

I pant and moan. I arch my back. He doesn’t have any trouble holding me up that way. I am pretty petite. He is pretty strong.

I can hear him groaning and grunting as he sucks and plays with my clit and sucks as much surface as he can inside me.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” I grunt as three orgasms hit me hard, all in a row. Pleasure sears through my uterus and all through me. He stops sucking then and lays me gently on the ground. He is breathing heavily, and shaking again. He quickly whips his shirt off, revealing his tan chest. I run my fingers over it as I recover from my pleasure.

He just as quickly tears off his pants and boxer shorts, his shoes and socks, tossing them all aside. His dick is beautiful. Big and tan and pink. Hard.

He quickly walks on his knees, straddling my body, all the way up to my face. He places the head of his penis on my lips. He wants me bad. I open my mouth. He shoves his cock in. I moan as it fills my mouth up. I close my lips around it and begin to suck greedily.

He moans and shakes. Then he starts to shakily thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. It goes to my throat and pulls back, over and over. I put my hand firmly around the base of it, as he fucks my mouth. I suck him hard. I am so turned on right now.

I can hear him panting and moaning, more and more, as he fucks my face faster and faster. I moan as I suck him off. I can’t get enough. I want him to cum down my throat. I reach up with my other hand and grab his testicles hard. I squeeze. He groans really loudly. He shoots cum in my mouth. I feel a tiny orgasm run through me again as I drink his cum. I suck it all off of him and swallow.

He is panting as he gets to his feet and stands over me. He holds his hand out to me and I take it. He pulls me gently to my feet, then picks me up in his arms and carries me to his perfectly-made bed. He pulls the covers off the bed and lets them fall to the floor. He sets me on the edge of the bed, so I am lying down with my pussy at the edge of the bed.

He kneels at the edge of the bed, on the covers on the floor, and pulls my pussy toward him. He reaches in with his whole hand, into my cunt. I moan loudly. He pulls his hand out, sopping wet with my cum, and he rubs his hand all over his chest and stomach. I burn for him.

Then he puts his hand inside my cunt again, massages for a moment, making me groan. Then he pulls out his hand, wet again, and rubs his hand all over my breasts and belly, painting me with my own cum. My pussy clenches again, greedy for him.

“Oh, Leah…” he moans. He puts his hand back inside me and starts massaging me again. He rubs me rhythmically till I pant and moan and twitch with pleasure. I feel an orgasm build up and surge through me as he fucks me with his hand. He is breathing heavily too. My back arches for the orgasm. I grunt loudly. As I am still clenched, I feel his hand leave my cunt, and suddenly his hard cock is shoved into it. I yell as a strong orgasm grips my cunt once more. He gasps.

I relax my back and open my eyes and look at him. His eyes are as full of desire as mine must be.

“Oh, God, Leah,” he says. He moves his rough hands up my body and stops at my breasts. He massages them with his hands as he thrusts his penis into my cunt deeper. Then he starts thrusting in and out of me slowly, deeply. Pleasure begins to build in a way I never thought possible. The kinkiness of the situation, or his big dick, or both, are taking me to new heights of ecstasy.
I hold his forearms as he feels my breasts and fucks me. I moan and pant. I look in his eyes as he looks in mine. He looks devastated and enthralled and horny as hell.

I run my fingers up and down his arms as he fucks me. He shivers and closes his eyes. He puts his hands on my waist then, to get a better grip on me, so he can fuck me harder.

He starts shoving himself in and out of me more rapidly, frantically. He groans with each thrust. I feel his big cock hit pleasure spots hard inside me and I moan loudly with each thrust.
Tears start rolling down my face. I am sure I will explode from the pleasure. Then I feel it bubble up and clench me hard, sending ecstasy ripping through me. I yell with pleasure. I hear him gasp and then he quickly stops thrusting as he catches his breath. He shudders, but does not cum. I open my eyes and look hazily at him.

He pulls his dick out of me and easily lifts me and flips me over so I am on all fours on the bed. My cunt is to him. He stands and plunges his dick into my cunt again. This time hitting my pleasure spots from a different angle. I am so sensitive down there, it sends pleasure buzzing through me immediately.

He starts fucking me really fast right away. No slow build up this time. He grunts and fucks. I can hear him panting. I can feel his sweat. My legs can barely hold me up. I am weak with pleasure. He pounds himself into me as hard as he can, groaning as a huge orgasm builds up in him. I can feel another climax start to clench my pussy up. I whimper and moan as he fucks. That makes him fuck harder.

I begin to feel a pleasure cloud envelop my body, like a buzz or a numbness. The kinkiness of what we are doing, who we are doing, is turning me on so much it hurts. I begin to cry. Pleasure surges through me again, hard, a long muscle tightening orgasm. I scream. Then I gush cum.

Steve yells as he shoots his cum inside me. Twice in a row. He crams his dick quickly deep into me one more time, then cums again with a yell. I shudder as another orgasm rips through me. We are both out of breath as Steve pulls his dick out of me. I collapse on the bed and he lies down right on top of me. On my back. He groans. Then he rolls off of me and lies next to me. He pulls me to him and holds me tightly in his arms on top of his body. To feel the warmth of his naked body touching mine is heavenly. So fucking wrong. It sends shivers running through me again. He slides his hands down to my little ass and squeezes my butt cheeks. It makes me wet all over again.

I wonder if we are going to talk about this. I lift up my head to look at him. He reaches up and kisses me, for a long minute. I guess not. He puts his hands in my hair and looks me in the eye. I smile. Then I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. And fall asleep.


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