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*_EPISODE NINE(Penultimate)_*
{Part B}

I have sent copies to the police, Dss , Efcc.. the full extent of the law will come down on them. I know I have sinned, I know I am done for, but with my last breaths I would make sure no one falls again . I take responsibility for my actions because I wasn’t forced, I was stupid and I refused to listen. I hope God forgives me, I hope he does, I know its too late for me. I only hope he forgives me “ he coughs again

“ and Amaka, you called her , she is coming to see you here , what do I do?”

“you would be the one to see her, not me. Give her the letter I wrote for her, tell her to forgive me..tell her I am sorry, you have the papers, the accounts information for family and the other, you know what to do’’’ Peter gets up staggering, he felt dizzy, he gets to the door

“ where are you going to now ?”

“to do the video, end this people and maybe…die in peace “. He walks out, never looking back.


Amaka is in a keke , just entering birabe street when a black Honda swerves right blocking them , the keke jolts to a stop almost tipping to the left.

‘’Jesus!!’ Amaka exclaims hitting her shoulders, she cries out in pain as the keke balances back on its legs, the driver shouts “ chineke !!’ he falls out of his keke to the ground, sustaining minor injuiry to his arm and leg due to the force.

Someone wearing a hood and black shades jumps out of the car, rounds the keke and gets to Amaka

“can’t you drive?!’’ she screams at the stranger ‘’oga, oga ?”” she calls the keke driver who is struggling to stand up “ you .. you want to kill us, you want to kill us ?” she screams at the stranger who was staring at her, but it was his smile that freezes her,

“not US…YOU!!!’’ and with that he forcefully drags her out of the keke with a hanky over her nose , she began to kick and scream, he slaps her once and then twice and replaces the hanky over her nose, suddenly she stops kicking and slumps, he flings her over his shoulders and takes her to the car, dumping her inside the booth and then enter s into his car and drives away

People who came later say they heard a man screaming ‘’AWOOO AWOOO AWOOO RITUALIST !! THIEF !! THEM DON CARRY AM, OH…AWO AWO AWOO!!’’ he wailed with hands on his head and bruises to his arm and legs. No one knew who the girl was or why she was taken.
*_Final Episode will come up tomorrow.._*

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