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Dr Wilson: “We have to operate her in order to at least save the baby. The baby is in danger as we talk, your wife’s heartbeat is already too faint, it can cease anytime. So I need your permission to carry out the CS?”

Richard: “’What do you mean by that? Can’t you go on and treat her of the illness? Why are you giving up on a woman who is not dead yet?”
Dr Wilson: “Her heart has shrunk beyond measure. It was already in its late stage, the only person who could have been able to keep her alive longer was you but you decided to neglect her, cast her away”

Richard: “Please you have to do something to save her life. For the sake of Sammy. Please doctor. I will pay any amount you want just don’t give up on her, please” he pleaded desperately clasping the doctors hand in his two hands and kneeling before him.
Dr Wilson: “I guess I have your permission to carry out the operation then? Hopefully, she will live. Be rest assured that I will try my best” he said pushing a paper to him to sign on which he did with a shaking hand.
Richard: “it’s a promise right? That you will save her” he said tearfully but the doctor said nothing and just walked out hurriedly, urging him to follow suite.
Ophelia laid on her bed thinking of what to do. She had been trying to reach Richard through phone calls but he kept missing her calls. She kept thinking of what he could be up to, where he was at the moment. “I just wish he isn’t putting the whole blames on me. That woman is looking for whom to implicate, who asked her to get married in the first place when she knew she wasn’t going to keep her home well?

I can’t believe I am wishing she never recovers. Shit! God forgive me but I just can’t wait to have Richard all to myself”
Different thoughts kept running through her mind at the same time. She did not know when her mum stepped into her room and sat on the bed beside her, watching her daydream quietly.
Obiageli: “Ophelia nwam”she called softly. She lifted her long dark lashes slowly but quickly sat up when she saw it was her mum.

Ophelia: “Yes mum? Hope there is no problem? This one you are here all of a sudden like this, was just trying to take a nap”
Obiageli: “Am I the one you are trying to deceive? I know when you are sleeping and when you are just feigning it. So what were you thinking about?” she said smiling amusingly.
Ophelia: “I am not thinking about anything mum ah!”
Obiageli: “Okay if you say so. I brought a message from your dad”

Ophelia: “So I presumed. What bad news did you come bearing this time o” she shifted uneasily on the bed.
Obiageli:”I am not sure if it can be called ill news. Infact I also support him, we only want what’s best for you and it high time you did right by yourself”
Ophelia: “Just come straight to the point, don’t beat around the bush, you know I hate it”

Obiageli: “Your ill temper is without measure. Well, your dad asked me to tell you to bring your husband home since you have decided to reject all the eligible bachelors he had introduced to you”
Ophelia: “well I rejected them because I don’t have feelings for any of them…”
Obiageli: “Just allow me to land first”
Opehlia: “Okay go ahead”

Obiageli: “He said that he is giving you till next year to get married because you will be leaving this house on your 29th birthday”
Ophelia: “Mum! How can you agree to something like that? That is the most unfair thing a parent will ever say to his only child. Hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to fresh stories kingdom,sweet and nice story group, Novela and story room, unlimited story platform to get more stories from the groups. Only child! Mama I don’t like this o, if its joke stop it!” she ranted on and on while her mum watched her in awe.

Obiageli: “Do you think you are still a small girl? Well he has said it and its final! I am only a messenger” she said and started walking out.
Ophelia: “Mama so you are trying to tell me you cannot stand up for me for this last time? Mama please don’t let him do this” she ran to her mum and held her forearm preventing her from leaving.

Obiageli: “I have been standing up for you and that’s why you are still in this house living a fairy tale life. I have talked and talked to you, why on earth don’t you want to get married? Why? You have made us an object of ridicule in this whole country, isn’t it enough yet?”

Four hours later, the doctor emerged from the operating theatre and headed straight for where Richard sat with Sammy sleeping on his laps.
Richard: “Doctor…how is she? How is my wife?” he jerked up immediately he saw the doctor startling Sammy.
Dr Wilson: “There is good news and there’s also bad news Richard! Anyways, Congratulations…

Richard: What do you mean good news and bad news Doctor?
Dr Wilson: Your wife has been delivered of a bouncing baby girl but she has to be placed under our care for now because she was born premature” he said extending his hand for a handshake which Richard ignored.
Richard: “So how is my wife? Is she alright?”

Dr Wilson: “She is alright for now”
Richard: “What do you mean by for now?” he sounded so desperate.
Dr Wilson: “We were unable to stabilize her heart. I will advise you to see her now, before it’s too late” he said and walked away.
He walked hand in hand with Sammy to his wife’s ward. The sight that greeted him was a pitiful one. She looked so lean and cold without all the pregnancy exaggerated fats. Sammy wanted to run to her but he held him back.

Richard: “Shhhhhh! She is resting, let’s not make a raucous here okay? Come now! Let’s go back to the reception and wait for her to wake up”
Sammy: “Dad but…” before he could say something else, his mum turned slowly facing them.

Rebecca: “Baby you are here? I have been waiting for you. Come here!” she said trying to sit up a bit but couldn’t.
Richard: “You shouldn’t stress yourself honey, go back to sleep, we will wait outside till you have woken up” he said not daring to move any closer to her unlike Sammy who was already sitting on the edge of her bed.

Rebecca: “Sammy do you remember all I told you? How I might be going on a long journey and will need you to take care of your kid sister?”
Sammy: “Yes mum I remember but you are no longer going anywhere right?”
Richard assisted her sitting on the bed with cover sheet. Her hands swiped through the fibres of the long hair. It was rumpled. She exhaled…

Rebecca: “Oh Sammy! I might still be going because I am feeling so weak, I feel like…” he grabbed her lips before she could finish the statement.
Richard: “Honey stop saying stuffs like that, you are not going anywhere, you will stay and we will all live happily together” he went closer together at last.

Richard was in the room with headache; tears seeped down his cheeks met by phlegm that found its way out of the nostrils. He was crying like a baby. He felt he failed his Wife not being there especially when needed most.
Rebecca: “It’s too late for that already, I guess since you are here that you have forgiven me at last?” She said with tears streaming down the side of her face and soaking the pillow.

Richard: “It’s I who need to ask for your forgiveness, I did wrong honey. I cannot tell you how sorry I am enough but don’t worry, I will make it up to you, I will love you now with all I have got. I will no longer cause you any heartache, just recover fast so we can have the fun of our lives” he felt like he was trying to persuade himself that she was gonna live.

Rebecca: “Help me take care of my children, take care of Anita too. I will continue loving you all, I am feeling sleepy now and I feel talking drains my energy. You may check on me later. “I love you Sammy. I love you very very much” she said tenderly. She drifted off to sleep.
*_To be Continue…_*


The death of Richard’s wife had hit him so hard. He blamed himself for everything that had happened, everywhere he went, and the people he saw reminded him of her. Ophelia however stuck to him despite him being unresponsive to her. She knew he blamed the two of them for her death but she just wasn’t going to let him go. He was the only one who could save her from the disgrace which was looming ahead for her.

That afternoon, she took lunch to him in his office since he had decided to go on hunger strike. She took it upon herself to take lunch to him every day which he hardly even touched.
Richard: “Oh you are here? I told you to stop doing this, I don’t think its even helping issues at all” he said matter of fact.

Ophelia: “But I want to keep doing it anyway and I doubt you can stop me. At least until I am rest assured that you are taking proper care of yourself. How is Annie and Sammy? Hope the nanny is taking good care of them?” she asked as she unpacked the lunch box, serving him coconut rice with enough plantain and fried chicken. He just looked at the food and shook his head. “What is it now?” her patience was already on the low level.

Richard: “I am not hungry” he looked away from her.
Ophelia: ‘For how long do you want to keep this up? Tell me. Haven’t you punished yourself enough? Its been three months for Christ sake” she snapped at him.
Richard: “She died because I neglected her. my wife, the mother of my children died because I could not see how much she was suffering, because of my callousness.

What will I tell my kids when they ask of her later on? I am really a terrible man” Ophelia could see he was trying so hard not to cry. She felt anger towards the dead for making the living suffer so much.
Ophelia: “Look here…”she moved closer, facing him “Your wife’s death was not your fault. She died because it was her time to die. What exactly would you have done if she had eventually succeeded in telling you? Are you God? Can you give and take life? Answer me can you?”
He looked at her and shook his head slowly.

Richard: “but at least I would have shown her all the love I have. I wouldn’t have allowed her to go through it all alone. I even denied her pregnancy. Imagine how heartless I was? She must have cried so much. She must have longed for me all those cold nights and now she is rotting in the lonely grave” the tears started flowing freely.

Ophelia: “It’s okay? It’s going to be fine. I am here for you. I have even resigned at my place of work so I can fully dedicate my time to taking care of you, Sammy and Annie. I don’t trust all those nannies so I will be going to your house as soon as I leave this place?”
Richard: “You really resigned? Hmmmm! Are you sure that is a good move? You will not regret it later?”

Ophelia: “My regretting it or not depends on you. Now start eating while I watch you, your lunch break will soon be over and you will have to resume work” she watched with satisfaction as he devoured the food with fervour. She smiled at how vulnerable he was at that moment like a bulldog who had strayed from home and was lost from home.

Ophelia and her dad, Prof. Harrison were in their sitting room engaged in a heated argument
Prof. Harry: “I said no! You cannot marry a widower. That will sincerely be over my dead body. What kind of disgrace are you trying to put me through? Are you crazy?”
Ophelia: “I am crazy and that is why I am even thinking of getting married at all. Had I been in my right senses, I would not have been having this talk with you sir!” she shot back at him with vigour matching his.

Prof. Harry: “Woman what have you been feeding this daughter of yours while I am away? Haven’t you been teaching her anything at all? What is wrong with the two of you?” he said facing his wife with eyes spitting fire and brimstone.
Obiageli: “Ophelia biko kwanu! Don’t make me into a bad mother and just listen to us. How can you decide it’s a widower with two young children you want to marry despite your level of education? You have so many suitors, just pick one of them ehn?”

Ophelia: “No! he is my choice and if you refuse to accept my choice, then be ready to lose me” she said and stormed out of the house.
Obiageli went to her husband and knelt down in front of him.
Prof. Harry: “What’s this? Please stand up already”

Obiageli: “Please allow her to marry whoever she wants, I beg you. Don’t forget it’s her life and she has the right of choice. We can only guide her but if she refuses to listen to us, let’s let her be biko. I don’t want to lose my only child”
Prof. Harry: “So you are asking me to allow her marry a man whose wife died? Do you know what killed her?”
Obiageli: “Well I know that she wil be fine. Don’t forget she has never talked about any man before. This one is the first, there must be something that made her go for this one. So let’s give them a chance”

He thought for a while…
Prof. Harry: “Okay then but I wouldn’t want to hear it if things start going wrong. You two will bear it all alone” he said and walked out on her while she was still on her knees.

She took lunch to him in the office as usual and begged him to walk with her briefly. As they sat on the fence around the fountain in front of the office, she thought of how to ask him over and over again.
Richard; “Is there something you want to tell me dear?”
Ophelia: “Yeah there is and please you must not panic. I gave this a lot of thought before making this decision and I think it’s the right thing to do”

Richard: “What is it dear? Don’t worry I will not panic, just bring it on already”
She brought out a small box tied with a light blue ribbon, she opened it and two sparkling diamond rings kissed the sunlight. She knelt down in front of him.
Ophelia: “Will you marry me Richie?”
You are loved beyond words.. wait ooooo…. See……see … Eehhn
*_To be Continue.._*


She brought out a small box tied with a light blue ribbon, she opened it and two sparkling diamond rings kissed the sunlight. She knelt down in front of him.
Ophelia: “Will you marry me Richie?”
Richard looked around embarrassedly, trying to make sure no one noticed them but of course they were noticed as people had already started gathering with their phones and camera taking snapshots.

There were sounds of “wow” coming from different directions. He heard someone say “She is quite brave, I wish my girlfriend will do this too” another said “what rubbish, women should not do this, how can a woman be so cheap?”
Ophelia: “Richie…I am still waiting for your reply” she said looking up at him pleadingly.

Richard: “Baby I am sorry but can we go somewhere private and talk about this please? People are staring at us” he said, lifted her up to her feet, collected the box from her, pocketed it and drew her along with him forcefully. They headed back to his office. As soon as they entered inside the office, whistles from different angles greeted them ”news indeed travelled fast” he thought as they maneuvered their ways to his office.

Ophelia: “What is happening? You don’t want to marry me?”
Richard: “That is not the issue now, the issue is you proposing to me. Why did you do that and in public? My God!” he paced around with his right hand on his forehead.
Ophelia: “I don’t understand, what is so wrong with that? Can’t I even do that?” she tried biting back tears.

Richard: “Not that you can’t but doing it in private would have gone a long way than this. Now we are going to be the talk of the town. Just check facebook, you will see it as a hot news there tomorrow”
Ophelia: “What does that matter?”
Richard: “It matters dear, it does. Don’t you care about your dignity? Do you know what people will be saying about you? Especially those @Bliss fans eehh.. they can find faults so easily on anyone. Have you ever seen a woman proposing to a man before in public?”

Ophelia: “I don’t care. If losing my dignity would make us be together then I will lose it over and over again. I just want to be fully there for you and the kids. How is that a bad move?”
Richard: Do you know @Bliss Fans are reading this?
Ophelia: I said, I don’t care … don’t you get it Richie? She flared uncontrollably
Richard: “Baby I appreciate your kind gesture towards I and my kids but I don’t think I am ready to commit to another person just yet. I am still mourning my wife”

Ophelia: “Oh really? And what about me? If you reject this proposal I will disappear from your life forever. I am on loose end right now. I swallowed all of my human pride to do this. If only you know how much it took me to take this step”
Richard: “Hey baby! I don’t want to lose you but please can you give me more time? I want to do it the right way. I want you to know I actually love you but don’t want to give people the wrong impression about us. Let’s take it slow?”
Ophelia: “Okay but for how long will I have to wait?” she asked sadly.
Richard: “It’s not going to be long I promise and thanks for taking this bold step. I will remember it for the rest of my life”

Ophelia: “Anything for my boo. And the rings? I was going to wear one though”
Richard: “I will keep them till further notice if you don’t mind” he said, went close to her and held her in his arms tightly. “I love you” he said and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

Ophelia: “Uhn uhn!” she grunted and pulled away from him. “I will get going now before you get fired cos of me. Catch ya later” she picked up her handbag and walked out without looking back.
He could not imagine his luck. He felt like a baby floating on water. All through that day, he kept giggling and grinning from ears to ears until his cheeks could not take it anymore and started protesting.
Sammy came back from school and met his sister on the floor crying, he scooped her up in his arms and sang her favourite song to her. Looked around the house and saw that the nanny Ngozi was in her room sleeping.

Sammy: “Nanny” he tapped her roughly on the feet. She refused to stand up but he did not give up. He was angry that his sister was neglected like that. ”Nanny…” he tried even harder. She stirred briefly, opened her eyes and sat up angrily.
Ngozi: “What is wrong with you this boy that is always behaving like an old man? Why are you disrupting my sleep?”
Sammie: “Why did you leave Annie alone in the parlour?”

Ngozi: “Who are you to question me? Besides why are you back from school by this time? Aren’t you supposed to stay for lesson? All your mates are in school learning but you are here questioning me like an idiot” she rose up and make to hit him but he dodged it shielding Annie too as she slept peacefully in his arms.
Sammy: “Today is Friday madam, you are our nanny and you can’t even take note of such little information. I am going to tell my mum all these when she comes back. Just be getting ready to leave our house”

Ngozi let out loud laughter
Ngozi: “Which mum? The one that is dead? Your mother is dead you dim witted boy…”
Sammy: “It’s your mother who is dead not mine. My mum went on a journey and asked me to take care of my sister on her behalf and that is what I am doing now. She will be back soon, I am only waiting for her to spill out all the wrongs you’ve been doing in this house.

Dad will give you money to buy baby food and clothes for Annie but instead you will use it for something else. I am writing them all down for you”
Ngozi: “Who told you that? And besides your mother is really really dead but you can still wait for her though. Just know you will grow old waiting for her” she said laughing wickedly again. “Get out of my sight idiot. And don’t get too comfy yet, your dad is bringing in another wife to replace your mum very soon. You are motherless, motherless” she said rising up from the bed

Sammie: “I am not motherless, my mum is coming back very soon” he started to cry and the baby in his arms stirred restlessly.
Ngozi: “Pathetic boy” she said and left him the room.
He carried Annie to his bedroom and laid her gently on her cot. Looked at her as she cooed in her sleep and tears started flowing down his face.

He went over to his drawer, brought out a picture of his mum, sat down as his tears dripped on the glass of the little picture frame. “Mum where are you really? You told me you wouldn’t stay long, you told me you’d be back or didn’t you?” he caressed her face from the glass of the frame and continued “Annie needs you mum! She hasn’t even had a breast milk before and that’s why she looks so small, I need you too and I miss you so much.

I want my mum back. Did you leave because dad was not happy with you? Mum Aunty Ngozi, said you are dead when you aren’t. I feel so angry with her and I am going to tell dad everything when he returns. I love you mummy” he said, cleaned his tears and went to check on Annie who was still soundly asleep.

“Baby don’t worry, our mum is coming back soon. You just be healthy and don’t worry, I will take care of you like mum said I should. It’s going to be fine little sister” he watched as the baby smiled sweetly in her sleep.
Sammy: “Daddy I want to report the nanny to you” he said after his dad had his dinner, showered and sat with Annie on his laps watching the 9:00 news on CNN.

Richard: “What happened?” he asked without looking away from the Television.
Sammy narrated all of the Nanny’s escapades to his dad and emphasized on the part where Annie don’t get fed enough.
Richard: “Ngozi…” he barked and she answered from her room. She ran into the sitting room with her wrapper hanging loosely around her waist. “Sammy repeat everything you just told me now” he order and Sammy concurred…

“Is that true?” he asked after Sammy had finished.
Ngozi: “It’s not true sir. I do everything according to your instructions sir”
Richard: “And the part where you neglected my daughter in the sitting room while you slept soundly in your room? A three month old baby who has not even started sitting on her own yet?”
Ngozi: “I am sorry sir, it will not repeat itself again sir”

Richard: “So you mean that really did happen? You abandoned my daughter all alone in this big sitting room? I was hoping you’d also tell me that was just a cooked up story. I am very disappointed in you Ngozi”
Ngozi: “Please forgive me sir! It will never happen again I promise” she was unable to look him in the eyes.
Sammy: “Daddy is it true mum is dead? It’s not true right?”

Richard: “Who told you that?”
Sammy: “She did!” he said pointing at Ngozi who was busy making signs to him to keep quiet.
Richard: “Now that is the limit to what I can take. I specifically told you not to talk about stuffs like this to him. I cannot have a lady like you around my children. I’d have asked you to leave tonight but considering that it’s late, I will let you stay till tomorrow. So first thing tomorrow morning, pack your things and get the hell out of my house. Do you understand?”

Ngozi: “Please sir. I will never repeat it again, just pardon me this once please?” she said kneeling down in front of him but just as he was about to say something, his Samsung Galaxy vibrated beside him, he checked and saw that the caller was Ophelia, he quickly picked it.
Richard: “Hello dear…what is happening?”

Ophelia: “I need your help Richie” she said and he realised she had been crying.
Richard: “What is wrong? Hope you are okay? Where are you right now?” he asked panicking. He handed Annie to Sammie and hurried to the room.
Ophelia: “I am at Orile bus stop, can you come and pick me please?”

Richard: “What are you doing there by this time?” he asked but she was not there to answer him anymore, she had disconnected the call. He hastily grabbed his car keys from the table and headed out the door. “Sammy…I will be right back, take care of Annie and make sure that girl did not touch her okay?” he said as he was walking out.

Sammy: “Okay dad, taking care of her is what I know to do best anyway. But to think of it, why do they all keep leaving asking me to take care of her? “He muttered to himself and when realization dawned on him, he sprinted to the door with the baby still in his arms but all he could see when his dad’s tail light zooming out of the gate. He shook his head and went back inside sullenly. “I hope you will not stay long like mum is dad. God Please make him come back today” he soliloquized

After like twenty minutes’ drive, he parked his car at the road leading to Coker Street and called her. He waited for some time then looked in the rear view mirror and sighted her dragging a big bag with her. He got down from the car and without a word took the bag from her, dropped it inside the boot and climbed in with her.

Richard: “What happened and where are you going to?” he said without starting the car.
Ophelia: “My parents sent me out of the house” she cried out wiping her face.
Richard: Whattt????
*_To be Continue

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