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Ophelia: “You will not dare it!” she started yelling but checked herself. “But what exactly do you think you saw?”
Sammy: “Ehn? So you think I am dumb? I know what it is of course: you were doing with a lady what you are supposed to be doing with my dad. What did my social studies teacher call it again o…”he put his second finger on his lips trying to recollect what he learnt in a social studies class. “Choi! I can’t remember now, but she said it’s an abomination and infact it has been banned in Nigeria, any lady caught doing it will be sent to kirikiri prison. Sebi you came to replace my mum! Sebi all you do is shout at me in this house. You will be going to prison very soon” he said giving her a tongue out.

She thought for some time and remembered how he had used his sister’s disappearance against him several times and decided to see if it will work again.
Ophelia: “Have you forgotten so soon?” she said in a whisper, sitting down gently beside him.
Sammy: “Forgotten what?”
Ophelia: “Have you forgotten that Annie’s disappearance was your fault? I am going to your school tomorrow, I will tell everyone in your class what a terrible brother you are. How you could not even take care of one tiny baby. I will also tell your dad about it so he can start blaming you too just the same way everyone in school will blame you. You will no longer have any friend and people will start running away from you. You know I can do it right?”
Sammy: “Aunty I am sorry, I will not tell dad what I saw so don’t tell anyone this please?”

Ophelia: “Then from now on you will start doing everything I ask you to do without complaining to anyone? Just imagine how much Annie must be suffering now because of how terrible a brother you are? She might even be dead. God I pity poor Annie” she said pretending to be very sad.
Sammy: “Don’t ever say she is dead again!” he yelled on top of his voice.
Ophelia: “Hey! No screaming at me from now on no matter what I say to you otherwise the whole world will hear about how cowardly you are. Do you get me?”

Sammy: “Yes but please don’t say she might be dead, I know she is not dead, I am praying very hard for her” his voice quivered with sadness.
Ophelia: “I guess we have a deal now. That’s my boy!” she said patting his head. “Gloria you can now come out, we are good now” she called out to her friend who remained in the room so she could take care of the situation. She came out clutching her bag in front of her.
Gloria: “I have to go now. I have something I need to tell you so come by the house whenever you are free okay?”
Ophelia: “Okay! Take care of yourself for me” she said winking at her embarrassed friend as Sammy scrutinized her from head to toe.

Sammy : “I can’t believe she is pregnant and still doing that abominable thing. As far as my teacher taught me, women cannot get women pregnant. Hmmmm! My dad is in trouble” he thought to himself and shook his head in disgust.
The next day, she prepared and went to Gloria’s place. She met her husband who was preparing to go out. He eyed her suspiciously when he saw her, the memory and doubts of that day still lingered on in his mind. He was never comfortable with her, he thought it was because she was too beautiful but now he wasn’t so sure anymore.
Gloria made signs to her to wait for her husband to leave so she sat down quietly watching music videos on Hiptv. She sprang up as soon as Johnson had left and went to meet her friend, hugged her at arm’s length because of her pregnancy and place a light kiss on her lips.
Ophelia: “So you said you wanted to see me? Here I am” she said spreading her arms.

Gloria: “Yes I said I wanted to see you. I don’t know how you will take it but I still have to let it out” she said looking downcast.
OphelIa: “Hmmmmm! What is it?”
Gloria: “Please don’t take it the wrong way. I want you to know this is breaking my heart too but I don’t know how to keep it up. I want us to stop what we are doing right away. I want to be a good mum to my child and a good wife to my husband”
Ophelia: “What are we doing that needs to be stopped? What are you talking about? It’s not like I am stopping you from being a good mum and wife to whoever you want so what are you talking about?”

Gloria: “I want us to put an end to this relationship”
Ophelia: “What? What are you talking about? If it’s a joke please stop it cos it’s not funny” she sobered up immediately.
Gloria: “I am serious dear. I really am. I can’t do this anymore. Let’s break up, you should face your new home too and find a way to start loving your husband too. I know how much I made mine suffer, Richard is a nice guy, and so please be a good wife to him”
Ophelia: “Breaking up with me is one thing but don’t ever lecture me about how to run my own marriage. How can you break up with me now that I need you the most? How can you?”
Gloria: “I am sorry dear”

Ophelia: “you promised me your husband will not get in the way of our love, have you forgotten so soon? Have you forgotten all the moments we share? I don’t think I can live a sane life without you. Please reconsider your decision? If you want me to wait till you give birth, I will but don’t tell me we are breaking up okay?”
Gloria: “Well I mean it. We are over from now on. We can be friends but nothing more. If that is not okay by you then I will have no other option but to cut all relations with you”
Ophelia: “I swear you will regret this. You will regret this” she said, picked up her bag and dashed out of the house blindly.
Richard noticed that his wife was even more withdrawn than ever. She acted like someone who was heartbroken and he could not remember ever doing anything wrong to her. Each time he tried talking to her about it she’d shun him down but one thing he could not still fathom was why she was so rigid on bed. All she did was lie down while he worked his guts out, he could not remember the last time he enjoyed making love to her. That night after a bout of boring and unsatisfying love making, he rolled to his side of the bed, looked at her and realised she had turned her back to him…

Richard: “Honey! What exactly is happening between us? I can’t seem to remember ever doing anything to warrant this kind of treatment from you. What is going on? Please talk to me, your silence is killing”
Ophelia: “You don’t know what you did? Your offence is not letting me be, I hate having sex with you, I hate your stupid hard body, I miss Gloria” she thought to herself as tears flowed down her face. “Aren’t you satisfied with the one you just did now? Should we go again?” she asked unemotionally.

Richard: “You are getting me wrong baby. The sex is one of it but what I am mostly alarmed at is your attitude towards me. Did I unknowingly do something wrong to you?”
Ophelia: “Yes you did! I lost my heart because of you and that Johnson, I hate you two with passion” she thought but ignored his question. He was becoming more annoying with each passing minute.
Richard: “Aren’t you the one I am talking to madam?”
Ophelia: “Richie you did nothing wrong to me. Can we just sleep now?”
Richard: “Fine then! Just know that this is really frustrating, put yourself in my shoes and you will know how terrible I feel these days” he said feeling so disappointed and forlorn. She said nothing even though in her mind, she felt sorry for him but she just was too heartbroken herself to meet anybody’s expectation of her at that moment.
Some weeks later, she sat in front of the mirror in her room, thinking of how to get another lover to satisfy her sexual needs since no matter how hard she tried, or how hard Richard tried, he just wasn’t getting her there. The whole thing disgusted her especially since he could not give her orals the way Gloria used to. She heard the door open and heard footsteps approaching the corridor which led to Sammy’s room and knew he was back. She went and stood by the door waiting for him to show up.
Ophelia: “Hey Sammy Come here!” she ordered as soon as she sighted him.
Sammy: “Good afternoon aunty” he said wearily.

Ophelia: “Nothing good about this afternoon, just come here now” she said, turned and walked back to the bed while he followed her. “How old did you say you are again?”
Sammy: “I am seven year plus. Hope there is no problem?”
Ophelia: “Not at all but I want you to do something for me. Come closer…”
Sammy went close to her confused as to what she wanted him to do.
Ophelia: “Remove your school uniform”
Sammy: “But why?” he asked looking even more confused.
Ophelia: “I am asking you to remove it cos I want you to something for me and I don’t want your uniform getting stained or do you want it stained?”
Sammy: “No aunty!” he concurred and removed his shirt except his singlet and shorts.

Ophelia: “Remove everything okay? Don’t forget you are supposed to be doing everything I ask of you cos of Annie?” she said moving to the edge of the bed. She unbuckled his belt then removed his shorts and boxer.
Sammy: “Aunty please, I don’t want to do it anymore. Let me go to my room please!” he said still struggling but she turned him over and climbed onto of him. Grinding against his little … as a wave of pleasure swept over her. She tilted her head back as she felt herself climbing and climbing then came crashing down in torrents of …. She sat still for some time then climbed off him.
Ophelia: “Oh I loved that experiment!” she said as he jerked up and jumped off the bed in a flash. “Hey! This is part of how little secret, if you dare say a word of this to your dad, I will send you to an early grave by telling your dad I was asleep when you sneaked into my room and started touching my body. I will tell him it’s the effect too much movies are having on you.

He will surely believe me because he loves me more than he loves you. No one loves you and that’s why even your mum abandoned you. But don’t worry, I will love you very much from now on” she threatened then cajoled as tears drizzled down the poor boy’s face. She had broken him into tiny bits. He picked up his school bag and uniform and scurried out of the room.
*_To be Continue


Richard got back home that day and noticed his wife was in a very good mood. She even hugged and kissed him welcome. She hummed a song as she prepared dinner. He could not believe his eyes, he was curious to know what caused her perky countenance, he went to the kitchen and pretended to be picking something from the fridge.
Ophelia: “I know you are not looking for anything in that fridge. So spill it out” she said smiling brightly revealing the two dimples adorning her soft cheeks.
Richard: “How much I missed seeing those two ladies on your cheeks”
Ophelia: “What ladies?”

Richard: “Your dimples, your smile. So what happened?” he went closer to her and leaned on the zinc.
Ophelia: “Nothing happened, you mean I can’t be happy except when something happens?”
Richard: “You can be just that you’ve been really cold lately and I really missed you. I am glad to have you back” he said and kissed her mildly on the lips.
Ophelia: “Well I am glad to be back” she said stirring the afang soup she was preparing.
Richard: “Where is Sammy?”
Ophelia: “He must be in his room, I have not seen him since he came back from school”

Richard: “Oh really? I will go check on him” he said and walked out of the kitchen down to the corridor adjoining to the rooms. He met Sammy’s door locked. He knocked and knocked but no reply came from the room. He tried again and this time the door knob turned and the door flung open. “Sammy…What happened to you?” he asked as soon as he entered inside the room and saw how bloodshot his son’s eyes were.

Sammy: “Nothing dad, I am fine” he said unable to look his dad in the eye.
Richard: “Then why does it look like you’ve been crying all day?”
Sammy: “I miss my mum daddy. I really really do miss my mum” he said bursting into fresh sobs.
Richard: “Your mum is gone son!”
Sammy: “Gone to where? Isn’t it high time she come back?”
Richard: “She is never coming back again because she is dead. She died that day in our presence but we thought she was asleep”

Sammy: “Well I know she is dead. I know she is never coming back but in order to be able to live, I am telling myself she went on a long journey and would be back someday. I am not daft not to know dad but I just miss my mum…why did she have to die, why?” he struggled to dab off the tears that were cascading down his cheeks unto his chest, he felt like his heart was on fire. He could not hold back all the emotions raging inside of him, the hatred, hurt and disgust he felt at the moment was more than he could bear.

Richard: “I miss her too son but what can we do? We have to let her go so she can rest in peace”
Sammy: “That is easy for you to say cos you have what you always wanted right? I remember when mum was alive and begging you for forgiveness, you kept doing things to hurt her. You even brought your abomination home. I just hate you dad, please don’t talk to me”
Richard: “How can you talk to me like that? I and your mum had our issues which you wouldn’t understand just yet but I am sorry though. I regret my action even till today”
Sammy: “If you really do regret your actions, then why did you marry her?”
Richard was speechless and just stood there looking at his son.
*Some years later*
Annie kept growing beautifully well among her three daddies. She called the three of them daddy. She was a blessing to them because with her there was no dull moments in their lives anymore. They became better people, even Paul who was a Casanova changed overnight just so he could have more time to spend with her.

Every weekend, they would take her out, have fun around the city and get back home early enough to prepare dinner. They stopped eating out in order for her not to grow up getting used to it. They even bought and read books on how to cope with single parenthood for men. She was their little angel.
That Sunday, they sat around Annie playing with her while she giggled and muttered unintelligibly to them.
Paul: “I cannot understand your language baby. Oya say daddy!” she just looked at him and removed her eyes while the other two laughed.
Ralph: “See elaa part one”
Dickson: “This girl ehn? She is going to use guys’ eyes to see shege. Imagine how haughty she is becoming?”

Paul: “Well you would have been worst if you were in her shoes. Imagine having three daddies doting on you? Kai when she grows ehn? If any guy messes with her I will kill him. I swear I will maim him first, then later bury him alive”
Ralph: “Take it easy na. Do you know how many girl you messed with?
Paul: “Well that is why I am saying this because I know as e dey go. If anyone messes with my daughter…”
Dickson: “Point of correction, our daughter not your…” he said tilting his head to one side and even Annie started laughing.

Ralph: “Oh baby!” he said, scooped her up and threw her to the air while she giggled and jiggled happily. But all of a sudden, her face became pale and she went stiff for a minute and then started convulsing violently.
Paul: “Oh my God! What is happening to her?” he said looking bewildered as Ralph tried containing her convulsion.
Dickson: “Annie! Baby what’s going on?” he said quivering frightfully.
Ralph: “Someone should get the car ready, we are going to the hospital now!” he ordered impatiently as her convulsion intensified.

On their way to the hospital, the convulsion stopped but she started running a temperature.
Paul: “Dickson aren’t we there yet? Her temperature is running wild” he said touching her forehead as she laid on Ralph’s laps.
On getting to Balm of Gilead Hospital, they were directed to a paediatrician who conducted some test on her as they waited at the reception. Some minutes later, a nurse came to call one of them to the doctor’s office…

Nurse: “Please who among you is the father of the girl?” she asked looking from one to another.
They all chorused “I am”.
Nurse: “I meant who among you gave birth to her? The doctor wants to talk to her dad” she said, looking confused.
Richard noticed that Sammy was not improving, months had gone by, and years yet he withdrew further into himself. He stopped doing the things he loved doing. He stopped talking to people much including his father. He had tried several times to talk him out of his bitterness but it had all proved abortive. It broke his heart to see his only son like that. And to crown it all, Ophelia was yet to take in after five years of marriage. He had covered up for her with his mum when she complained about it to him. He had told her they didn’t want any more children so they did family planning and that was just a lie. She remained as youthful and beautiful as she was the first time she met him.

Meanwhile Ophelia was radiating with health and happiness. She continued her sexcapade with Sammy who was too scared to open up to anyone because of her threats. Even when he slept at night, she would sneak into his room and have her way with him. The more energy and youthfulness she got the more drained Sammy became. His dad bought him different kind of drugs just to make gain little weight but none of it seemed to work. Ophelia seemed to be the only one enjoying herself in the house. To the other two, going back home every day after school or work was like a nightmare they wanted to wake up from.
*_To be Continue

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