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The State Governor’s Daughter:3

The State Governor’s Daughter:3

Episode 3
Val’s side of the story continues
Clara and Vivian chatted endlessly as we headed back to the governor’s lodge from the airport. I
simply focused on my driving while listening to all they discussed. I really was enjoying my job and
Clara wasn’t really as troublesome as they painted her to be.

In no time we got to our destination without any issue. Of course I was happy. I passed the first
stage of my job very easily.
‘’hey Clara, please I will like to be with you when ever you are leaving the house to keep your
company. All you have to do is just to notify me on time. So let’s exchange phone numbers
please’’ I begged as we got out of the car. She silently stared at me for a while before throwing quick look at Vivian who shrugged. There wasn’t any doubt she was trying to make out the reason
for my gesture.

‘’come on, you have done pretty much enough by picking me up at the airport. I’m very much fine
by myself. I really don’t need anyone to watch over me. I can give you my phone number but I
clearly don’t need your protection or company, whatever you call it. Okay?’’ she answered with a
smile while I scoffed.

‘’jeez I wasn’t talking about protection. I have nothing much doing and I’m always bored. So the
best thing you can do for me is to take me with you whenever you are leaving the house so that I
can at least have a breath of fresh air’’ I pushed on. She rolled her eyes and smiled once more.
‘’so you mean you have no job or something?’’ she asked.
‘’yes things are very hard in this country. It’s been two years I left school, yet no good job is
forthcoming and that’s really why I’m here. Perhaps your dad could help me out if he sees how
close we are’’ I answered faintly. For the first time, Clara looked at me with pity in her eyes.

She drew close and held my hand.
‘’it’s very hard to see an honest guy these days. Fine I will always take you with me wherever I go.
Relax, I will force my old man to get something for you’’ she promised, exchanged numbers with
me and headed to the mansion with Vivian. I swallowed hard as I watched the two ladies
disappear. I really felt very bad lying to her but then I did it to protect her. I was only doing my job.

The rest of the evening was very uneventful as Clara spent the evening with her family while I
rested in my room, wondering how the next day would be like. However at exactly 9:05pm, Vivian
showed up at my room, surprising me with her presence.

I quickly sat up, thinking that I was in for another assignment but she smiled and sat at the edge of
the bed.
‘’hmmm relax, I only came to check on you’’ she breathed, flashing her charming smile on me..

Vivian’s side of the story
I really wasn’t fond of guys because of the nasty experience I had with them right from high school
to college. Returning to Nigeria in 2007, I still kept my resentment and distance from them. Yes my
decision to stay away from guys caused me less stress, less worries and less thinking

. I loved my
independence and surely was enjoying every bit of it. Moreover the power and attention I got from
being the governor’s niece was equally enough to bring up my pride and ego. I enjoyed being the
center of attraction and gossip. Of course I had numerous admirers. I had lots of rich suitor’s
coming for me but none of them won my heart because all I saw in their eyes was desperation,

greed and business. I needed someone who would love everything about me and not what he
stood to benefit from me. I needed nothing but pure and simple love. In fact I needed a simple guy
who had ambitions devoid of greed and deception.

From the moment I saw agent Val that fateful Saturday, I instantly was drawn to him without really
knowing the reason. Maybe because he somehow looked like my immediate senior brother or
maybe because of the innocent look he had which I had never seen in any agent. I liked him, I
wanted to be his friend and I just couldn’t help myself but the only problem I had was that he looked way too serious like someone scared of playing with his job. I had to find a way to make
him loosen up with me without making it obvious that I was falling for him.
I had to make my way to his room when I couldn’t control my feelings any longer. But don’t get me
wrong. I wasn’t in his room to seduce him but just to keep him company for a while.
To be continued

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