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The State Governor’s Daughter:16 17

The State Governor’s Daughter:16 17

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 16
Clara’s side of the story continues
I couldn’t believe it. It was just like a nightmare. I couldn’t believe I was kidnapped right in front of
my house. Yes I knew the country was bad but I never believed such a thing could ever happen to
me in such manner. I cried bitterly as the events of the previous evening came flashing back.
I had returned from Obudu with Val, so happy to be in love once again, only to be confronted by
the painful reality that Val was only using me for his own selfish gains. Of course I was mad.

I couldn’t believe he could toy with my emotions. I had to kick him out of the house that very night
with the intention of confronting my parents the next day only to be kidnapped right in front of the
house as I drove out to meet my parents. Yes I was on my way to the governor’s lodge when the
criminals blocked and took me. I regretted ever stepping out of the house that morning. I regretted
ever acting so tough on Val. But unfortunately all my regrets were now medicine after death.

I cried and kicked furiously as I wondered where I was being taken to. I very much knew I was kidnapped by professionals. They never called each other by name and only talked when
necessary. I couldn’t help but imagine what they planned doing with me.
‘’madam please don’t hurt yourself. Our orders were to get you safely. We are not going to harm
you. So relax’’ I heard one of the kidnappers say to me in a bid to calm me but I was far from being
calm. I just felt like a helpless cow being taken to the slaughter house.

Val’s side of the story continues;
( In this scene Val is seen standing nervously in the governor’s sitting room. The angry governor,
his wife, the state police commissioner, the state director of D.S.S and Agent mike are all seen
facing him as he tries to recall all that happened )
‘’I was out in front of the compound waiting for Clara to come out in order to escort with the second
car when suddenly a Toyota sienna blocked her and fired at me. I stood no chance under the
heavy fire power and I followed every due protocol to save her but failed’’ I stammered as the
governor listened with great impatience and anger.
‘’don’t tell me you didn’t know where she was heading to?. I also heard you didn’t sleep in the
house after returning from Obudu yesterday evening with her. Can you explain that?’’ he asked

‘’you know your daughter sir. She’s a very difficult girl. I really don’t know what gave her the
impression that I was spying on her. She kicked me out of the house but I still remained at the
gate and kept watch’’ I nervously explained.
‘’I’m not buying your story. You better get back my daughter’’ he barked and walked away with his
wife while agent mike, my director and the state police commissioner all left their gaze on me. I
knew I had to come out a little clean with them. They were professionals and unlike the governor
they could vividly read through a person’s mind.

‘’I think she found out about my job. I don’t know how she did it but she confronted me about it and
kicked me out of the house. I believe she was heading down here to confront her parents before
she was kidnapped at the gate or maybe someone lured her out of the house which I doubt’’ I
explained further like a frightened child.
‘’agent Val, if not that the governor still wants you to find his daughter, I would have placed you on
suspension. You never called it in when you were asked out of the house and that’s a big flaw.

Your job was to be with the girl at all times. Anyway our field agents will be coming down from
Abuja this evening to help the police with the investigation and you will work with them. The press is not yet aware of the kidnap and the governor wants it to be kept that way. He wants it out of
public ears’’ my director said to me while I nervously shrugged.
Agent mike drew close and tapped my shoulder.
‘’Clara’s phone was found on the floor of her car. We will start digging through it as soon as
possible. Are you sure you have no other thing to tell us?’’ he asked while I swallowed hard,
unable to say a damn thing.

I returned to my apartment hours later, so tired and hungry. I couldn’t believe all that happened
over the past few hours were real. Of course I felt responsible for everything and I felt it was just a
matter of time before the whole truth gets out.

I barely had settled down when a soft knock on my door got my attention. I nervously opened the
door and was surprised to see Vivian smiling at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
‘’I’m so sorry Val’’ she apologized and threw herself on me.
‘’why are you here?. How did you find my house?’’ I asked nervously.
‘’come on Val, I also have my ways. Aren’t you happy to see me? I know you clearly need a friend
now’’ she breathed softly while I swallowed hard.

But before I could get to talk, my phone rang in my pocket, gaining out attention. I picked it up and
checked the screen for the caller i.d but the number was surprisingly hidden.
‘’who am I speaking with?’’ I carefully asked as soon as I accepted the call. The caller kept quiet
for few seconds before speaking.
‘’agent Val as you know we already have the governor’s daughter. We need you to get hundred
million naira from the governor before the end of today. We will call you for further instructions.

Mind you we are watching. Say hi to Vivian. I can see you guys are getting along well’’ a male
voice said calmly and hung up, giving me no chance to talk. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was as if
I just confronted a ghost.
‘’it’s the kidnappers. They called to demand for a hundred million naira’’ I softly informed Vivian
who drew back with disbelief.
‘’why call you?. Why didn’t they call the governor and make their demands?’’ she asked
suspiciously as she took steady steps away from me, with the intention of running out of my apartment.
To be continued….

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 17
Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode
‘’hey what’s in your head?, what are you thinking?’’ I asked Vivian, holding her back. She shook
her head and stared into my eyes as if she just wasn’t sure of herself anymore.
‘’I don’t know val. I don’t think I know you anymore. You could even be behind Clara’s kidnap and
I’m here all alone with you’’ she stammered. Her words really shook me. I tried hard to compose
‘’you hurt me with your words Vivian. I thought you understood me. I thought you knew me well?.
How can you even think of such a thing?’’ I breathed desperately.
‘’yes I have to think differently because you are an opportunist. You are just the ultimate

You had feelings for me till Clara showed up. You instantly moved your attention to
her and when she finally discovered who you really are, she instantly gets kidnapped. What do
you want me to think Val?’’ she muttered quickly while I dropped my eyes. Her words wounded me
very much. It was not only painful to be called an opportunist but equally very hurtful to realize that
I was now a prime suspect to everyone including Vivian.

Yes I very much noticed the way agent
mike talked to me earlier in the day and now Vivian was equally spilling out her mind. I couldn’t
help but wonder over and over if the whole thing was really staged to implicate me.
‘’very well then, if that’s what you think about me, you can leave’’ I breathed. She hesitantly stood

‘’I’m sorry if I sounded very harsh but we could have been happy together. We could have been a
wonderful couple but you decided to stitch your luck with Clara and it backfired. Believe me I really
want to stay with you right now but I don’t think it’s a good idea anymore. Imagine the kidnappers
are contacting you, for what reason?. And if the governor or anymore from the family notice that
I’m here with you when the kidnappers called to make demands, they could think the whole thing
was planned by us. I have to leave now’’ she breathed solemnly, drew back and left me apartment
without another word.
I breathed deeply as I watched her leave. Of course she was very right. The last thing I wanted
was bringing her into the mess; moreover the kidnappers already informed me that they were watching and I couldn’t risk putting her in harm’s way as well.

Two hours later joeadmin.S.S state directors’ office
‘’seriously Val, I’m finding it difficult to convince myself that you are not part of this kidnap saga
either voluntarily or involuntarily. But I still see no reason why you should be part of it. That means
someone is trying very hard to set you up’’ the state director muttered after I told him of the phone
call I got from the kidnappers.

‘’for now we will have to wait for them to call again, once the call comes through, I will take over till
our field agents coming down from Abuja arrives. The next flight coming in from Abuja should be
around 4:30pm and I have already sent some agents to the airport to wait for them. You know
none of us is taking a break till this issue is solved’’ he added while I nodded nervously. Seriously I
never imagined my life would ever get so complicated. I also couldn’t help but thank God that at
least I still had my freedom. I was lucky to still be walking freely.

It was really a long wait as I nervously sat in the director’s office waiting for another phone call
from the kidnappers. My prayer was for them to call back as soon as possible. I really was tired. I
badly needed a good rest. I badly wanted the whole issue to be resolved. I was ready to do
anything to end the terrible nightmare.
At exactly 5:30pm, my ringing phone brought us up on our feet. I stared at the screen and saw that
the caller i.d was hidden like the first time the kidnappers called.
‘’I think it’s them sir’’ I muttered.
‘’pick up the call and set it on loudspeaker, then leave the talking to me’’ he ordered me. I
nervously did as he requested.
‘’this is the state director of D.S.S’’ the old man introduced himself, leaving a long silence at the
other end of the line.

‘’I wish to talk to agent Val. Is the money ready?’’ a voice from the other end finally demanded.
‘’Val is a junior agent, he has no powers to carry on your request. From now you deal with me’’ my
director said calmly.
‘’is that how you want it?, fine, I will call your line then but I hope my money is ready? Or by 8pm I
will drop of one Clara’s fingers in front of your gate’’ he threatened and hung up. For the first time,

I noticed my director appear extremely troubled and colored up.
‘’I have to go see the governor right away’’ he managed to stammer. But before I could say
anything an agent walked in with the agents we were expecting from Abuja. They were eleven in
number and led by agent Jenifer, a very beautiful lady I used to have a crush on years back at the

‘’hmmm agent Val, good to see you again, I heard you fucked up on your first major field
assignment’’ she asked with a smile while I eyed her.
Agent Jenifer was a law graduate who joined the service the same year I did but her brilliance and
superb abilities in field task made her the best graduating cadet from our set, earning her
accelerated promotion to the next rank. She was equally posted to the federal capital city as a field

‘’oh I’m glad you guys are finally here. Your accommodation and office for your equipments has
been set up. We have also established contact with the kidnappers. Hopefully this will be resolved
as soon as possible’’ my director addressed them with a happy smile on his face. There wasn’t
any doubt he was very satisfied to see them.

After briefing Jenifer and her team on how the governor’s daughter was kidnapped and the
shootout that followed, she insisted on seeing the last crime scene. (The scene of the last
shootout). She believed the kidnappers must have dumped their riffles within the scene before
disappearing on their motorbike. According to her, it was impossible to flee the scene with long
riffles without being noticed in a crowded city like Owerri.

I had to take her to the scene that evening where we spent almost an hour searching for the riffles
which we eventually did find.
‘’phew you see I was right. They wouldn’t have fled the scene on a motorbike carrying such riffles’’
she breathed pleasantly as she picked up the two weapons and faced me. I nodded in admiration;
I couldn’t believe the policemen who were left to secure the scene never saw the weapons.

‘’anyway I believe the guns must have been wiped clean of finger prints but then they always fail to
wipe the bullets’’ she added as she detached the bullet chamber from the first rifle revealing some
live bullets. But then it was one thing to get fingerprints from a crime scene and another thing to
match them with a face in a country like Nigeria.

‘’so Val what happened to you. You haven’t called me for the past six months and now you don’t
even stare at me like you used to do back then?’’ she suddenly asked, momentarily taking off my
attention from the case as my mind went down memory lane. I slowly remembered how I used to crush on her years ago and how badly she treated my feelings.
To be continued…

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  1. This kidnapping of Clara has to with Vivian and Charles. Sooner or later they shall be apprehended.

    As for agent Jennifer go n sleep and leave Val alone.

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