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The State Governor’s Daughter: 8

The State Governor’s Daughter: 8

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 8
Val’s side of the story continues
‘’I can’t believe you slapped me because of him?, you slapped me Clara?’’ Charles screamed with
disbelief as he took a step backwards.
‘’yes that’s for being disrespectful and insensitive. You had no reason to question Val over
anything’’ she shouted at him.
‘’you don’t respect me Clara. You never cared for my feelings.

You are always right in everything. You don’t make mistakes. You even came to my own birthday party with your new boyfriend
without any atom of respect for me. You are so despicable’’ he screamed back at her while Clara
tried hitting him again but was timely held back by the two ladies with her and of course they were
having a hard time holding her back.

‘’I don’t owe you explanation for anything. You are not my boyfriend. Just go to hell’’ she screamed
‘’you see that. I can’t believe you have the mind to say what you just said. What haven’t I done for
you?, Is there any sacrifice I haven’t made for you?. You are very heartless, and you even called
me insensitive’’ Charles fired back with a softer tone. It was just as if he was about to cry.

‘’go to hell Charles. Let’s get out of here Val’’ Clara breathed furiously, broke away from the girls
holding her, and headed towards the hotel car park. Yes I won’t lie that I wasn’t surprised over the
way Clara reacted. She really took things too far but I wasn’t in any position to interfere. All I did
was just to run after her as she headed towards the car park.
‘’come on Clara, aren’t you over reacting?, don’t spoil your mood because of me.

I’m very fine. I’m
used to taking insults from people’’ I nervously begged as I caught up with her but unfortunately
her mind was already made up. It was just as if she got the perfect excuse to leave the party. Yes
that could only be the perfect explanation for her action.
‘’just take me home Val, or I will have to trek home on my own’’ she threatened seriously.
‘’oh fine, let’s go’’ I breathed and quickly headed to the driver’s seat.

As we silently headed home, I couldn’t help but play back the events of the evening over and over
in my head. Clara surely over reacted and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her
She said nothing to me till we got back to the house.
‘’Val you really think I over reacted?’’ she asked as soon as I killed the car engine. I silently stared
at her for some seconds, saying nothing.
‘’come on Val answer me?’’ she pushed on.

‘’yes but I believe you were only trying to protect me and I’m very grateful’’ I answered guardedly.
She kept quiet for few seconds.
‘’I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight. I feel bad. I shouldn’t have slapped him. I stepped
out of the line. I feel bad’’ she confessed while I stared at her, uncertain of what to say.‘’let’s have few drinks in my room.

I think that will calm me’’ she proposed softy, took a deep
breath and stepped out of the car. I had no choice than to follow her to the room.
On getting to her bedroom, she asked me to feel comfortable on her bed as she brought over a
bottle of alcoholic drink. She sat beside me on the bed, smiling as she tried hard to appear
composed. We silently drank for few minutes.
‘’I have never exchanged hurtful words with Charles before. I don’t know what gave me the
courage and I ended up over doing it. I know I ruined his birthday but he deserved what he got.

Imagine he’s already seeing himself as my boyfriend’’ she softly explained.
‘’maybe tomorrow you guys should try talk things over’’ I advised.
‘’no I don’t want to see him again and early tomorrow I will inform the security guy at the gate not
to allow him into the house. I know he will be here early tomorrow’’ she added as she handed over
the bottle of alcoholic drink to me, giving the expression that she was done drinking. I took the
drink from her and nervously smiled as our eyes met. She drew closer to me, making my heart
pound faster as I wondered what she was up to. Softly she lowered her head on my shoulder,

closed her eyes and breathed deeply.
I sat motionless as I admired her hair and neck. I had this great urge to caress her but something
held me back. After few minutes of silence between us, I noticed she was fast asleep. I heaved a
sigh of relief, closed my eyes for some seconds to compose myself before gently lowering her on
the bed.
‘’good night dear’’ I whispered as I covered her with a blanket, admired her one more time,
switched off the lights and headed back to my room.

I couldn’t sleep that fateful night. I really was badly falling for Clara something I knew wasn’t
supposed to be but I couldn’t help it. All night long, I played back the events of the evening over
and over in my head.

8am, I woke up with a jolt as loud knocks coming from the gate disturbed the quiet morning.
‘’Clara open the gate please. We need to talk. I beg of you. I’m very sorry for what happened last
night. I know you can hear me. Come out, let’s talk’’ I heard Charles beg from the gate.

I couldn’t
help but feel a little bit of pity for him. Clara’s actions the previous evening was enough for him to
know that she wasn’t in love with him and as a fellow guy, I knew how it hurts.Have you ever been rejected and abused before?
To be continued

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