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The State Governor’s Daughter: 18, 19, 20

The State Governor’s Daughter: 18, 19, 20

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 18
Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode
I slowly remembered how she(jenifer) caught my fancy the first time I met her at the camp. Her
beauty really captivated me in such a way that I had the courage to ask her out there and then.

Back then it looked like love at first sight but unfortunately she played with my feelings. She never
said yes to me neither did she say no. All she kept saying was that I should give her time to make
up her mind. For five months she kept saying the same thing and I needed no one to tell me that
she really wasn’t into me. Moreover even when I tried lying to myself that she really needed the
time to make up her mind, I kept seeing her hanging out with different guys, something that surely
was a big turn off to me no matter how harmless it looked because I was a very jealous and
possessive person.

Yes I found it very hard to break out from her charms and when I finally did break out, it took a
whole lot of energy to pull off. In fact it was months after I settled down in Owerri that I was able to
forget her.
‘’hmmmm I see you are suddenly speechless’’ she breathed, breaking into my mind.
‘’you know with the way you were acting back then, I thought by now that you would have been
married. You played with my feelings’’ I muttered while for the first time she looked a bit
disoriented. My phone rang that moment, interrupting us. It was agent mike calling.

‘’I guess you are with Jenifer?. The governor wants to see you guys now’’ he informed me and
hung up.
‘’the governor wants to see us. Is there anything else we are doing here?’’ I asked her.
‘’no we are done here. I will take the weapons to my team to run prints on. Tomorrow we will be
back here to check out the surrounding streets and question the people living around’’ she
breathed while I shrugged.

Thirty minutes later we arrived at the governor’s lodge where my director, agent mike and a senior
police officer were waiting for us in the sitting room. We barely had settled down when the
governor walked in, looking very anxious and weak.
‘’so the idiots are demanding a hundred million naira?. How on earth am I getting such a ridiculous
amount today?’’ he breathed angrily. No one said a word.
‘’but sir is there anyone you are suspecting?. Are you owing anyone?. Are you having problems
with anyone?’’ Jenifer suddenly asked, getting the governor’s attention for the first time.

‘’young girl a man in my position has a lot of enemies. Yes I’m suspecting everyone including you’’
he fired angrily at her.
‘’you should calm down sir’’ agent mike softly pleaded.
‘’I believe the kidnappers very well know that it won’t be possible getting such an amount of money
today. I do feel they are using it as a distraction. I feel there is more to this’’ my director guardedly
chipped in.
‘’that’s why you are in service. Do your godamn work. I need my daughter back. But please I want
her back in one piece. I’m even ready to pay the ransom to get her back. I can get the money on
Monday. Once my daughter is safe you guys can do everything possible to get the people behind
this’’ he nervously added while we all shrugged in agreement. Of course the most thing important
thing was saving his daughter’s life first before any other thing.

As Jenifer and I headed out of the lodge after the meeting, she softly grabbed my right hand,
gaining my attention.
‘’I feel the governor is hiding something and the director is right. There is more to this’’ she
‘’come on every politician has a dirty secret. Do you think he knows the person behind the kidnap
of his daughter and is keeping it away from us?’’ I asked. She looked down.
‘’yes you are right, I don’t think he will keep such information from us’’ she breathed. I said nothing
else till we got out of the main building. I stopped and looked into her eyes.
‘’what is in your mind Jenifer?’’ I asked. She scoffed.

‘’I feel like having a private chat with the governor. I believe he could help more by saying
everything he knows. Who knows he might even be in contact with the kidnappers without letting anyone know his real plans. I believe we are really missing out something’’ she replied.
‘’listen Jenifer you are here to get back the old man’s daughter and not investigate him. There are
many ways we can get to the root of this case. Moreover he has already agreed on paying the
ransom and with the money we can track them if every other plan fails’’ I advised. She shrugged
and breathed deeply.
‘’very well then if you say so’’ she softly accepted.

‘’I guess I should take you to your hotel now. It’s already late?’’ I asked.
‘’no val, let’s go somewhere to eat and discuss. We have a lot to talk about our past don’t we?’’
she answered playfully making me smile. Unfortunately we were interrupted that moment by
Charles who showed up from nowhere and pounced on me like a hungry lion, gaining everyone’s
attention as he cursed and choked me, embarrassing me tremendously.
‘’you b—–d where is my woman. What did you do to Clara?. I tried warning her but she never
cared to listen. After banging the poor girl you got her kidnapped huh?. You lowlife what did you
do to her?’’ he barked as Jenifer tried desperately to push him off me. Other agents and policemen
soon rushed down to the scene.

There wasn’t any doubt Charles was out to humiliate me and he was really doing a good job of it.
Of course I was expecting his confrontation but I never prepared to face him in such a place in the
presence of other agents and security personnel. The last thing I wanted was anyone else
knowing about my affair with Clara and the only option for me that moment was to deny his
accusation in a very convincing manner as everyone waited for what I had to say about his
Charles Just wasn’t anyone to the governor. He was a trusted family friend and I needed no telling
that the show he put up was really convincing enough to make even Jenifer doubt me.

Perhaps it was his own way of getting back at me or was he truly concerned about Clara’s safety?.
To be continued

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 19
Val’s side of the story continues
‘’Mr. Charles you have been getting my relationship with Clara wrong all these while. I have no
explanation to give to you right now. If you are having doubts, go and talk to the governor but for your information, I never slept with Clara and if you have prove that I staged her kidnap, better
bring it forward, moreover how did you even get to know that she was kidnapped in the first lace?’’

I muttered calmly, surprising everyone with my calm response. Perhaps they all were expecting
me to react more seriously to his accusation but I never did.
‘’Vivian told me about the kidnap. I guess the best thing is talk to the governor’’ he barked fiercely
and headed into the house while agent Jenifer stared at me curiously.
‘’did you actually sleep with the girl?’’ she asked.

‘’of course not, yes we were close but I never went that far with her. The dude never knew I was
only a bodyguard to Clara. He saw us together and formed a silly conclusion in his head that I was
having an affair with his woman. I couldn’t tell him the truth because I was ordered not to let
anyone including Clara to know who I really was’’ I answered convincingly while she shrugged.
‘’let’s go eat then’’ she added breathlessly, holding me tightly.

Jenifer and I spent almost all night talking and recounting old memories. She really was fun to be
with and I enjoyed every moment. By 1pm, I returned to my apartment to sleep and pray for Clara.
Early the next day which was Sunday, I got a call to report at the office immediately.

I rushed my
breakfast and headed over to the department to meet my director, agent mike, Jenifer and her
team converged at the forensics unit.
It was just as if I kept everyone waiting.
‘’we just ran a check through miss Clara’s phone and according to the call records only three
numbers called her line the morning she was kidnapped. Your call came in first but she never
picked it. Mr. Charles number was the second to call her and she never picked it.

The third number wasn’t saved on her phone and the caller called twice and spoke with her for five minutes
on each call. Four minutes after speaking with the caller, she left the house and got kidnapped.
We ran a check on the phone number and discovered it’s owned by Mr. Joe Kelvin, the governor’s
special assistant on youth matters. Is there anything you know about him?. Is he Clara’s friend?’’

my director summarized and asked while everyone listened patiently.
‘’I can’t say he’s Clara’s friend because I have never seen them together, moreover a day after
Clara got back to the country he tried bribing me to help him get close to her. I declined his
request and never heard from him afterwards. I also never saw him approach her for once’’ I
answered truthfully.
‘’let’s go get him. He could be our man’’ the director ordered. I nodded in agreement as we all quickly filed out.

Ten minutes later Jenifer and I plus ten other agents arrived at Mr. Joe’s house in four hilux trucks.
We barely had gotten to the gate, when we noticed the young man driving out with an elderly
passenger in his car. Two agents blocked him while a third agent pulled out the frightened guy
from the car. One look at him, I felt we had the wrong guy. The surprise and fear on his face was
very convincing but he relaxed a bit on sighting me.
‘’agent Val what’s wrong?. Please don’t manhandle my mother’’ he begged as he was dragged to
one of the trucks while his old mother watched on in disbelief, so shocked to even mutter a word.

An hour later joeadmin.S.S Interrogation room,
(In this scene, a frightened Kelvin is seen seated and facing the state director of DSS who of
course wasn’t happy to be working by that hour of the day instead of being at home with his family.
Agent Val, Jenifer and two other junior agents are seen behind him, observing keenly)
‘’how did you get Miss Clara’s phone number and what were you telling her when you called
yesterday morning?’’ the old man asked seriously, watching the young man’s reaction.

‘’come on you guys prevented me from going to church because I called the governor’s daughter
on phone yesterday?. I can’t believe this. I work for the governor for Christ sake. What the hell did
the girl report to you?. I only wanted to be friends with her but she was very rude to me. I couldn’t
say much to her. I got her number from one of the staff working in the house’’ he replied quickly
while the director drew back on his chair probably unconvinced with his statement but Just that
moment, his phone rang, he picked up the call and gave us a signal that it was the kidnappers
calling once again.

‘’hello you are speaking with the state director of DSS’’ he breathed as the person on the other
end of the line said something that kept him calm for a bit before his color suddenly changed.
‘’what two hundred million naira!’’ we all heard him scream as he got up from his chair and headed
out of the room. The other agents and I all dutifully followed him to his office where he briefed us
on the latest development.
‘’they are now demanding two hundred million naira since we failed to get the money yesterday.

The caller said it was a price to pay for Miss Clara not losing a finger yesterday as threatened.
Something is not adding up here. I have a feeling these guys are not after money. I believe the girl
was kidnapped to send a message across or something else. But money no. it doesn’t look as if they are serious about the money. Check the pattern of their calls for instance’’ the director
breathed with a worried look.
‘’after checking the crime scene again today, I need permission to question the governor.

Maybe he knows something he isn’t telling us’’ Jenifer softly chipped in while I gave her an askance look.
The director kept quiet for a while before nodding.
‘’definitely the guy we have with us isn’t our man. You have my permission to question the
governor but I will go with you’’ he accepted, leaving a smile on Jenifer’s face.
‘’and you Val, this is your mess. What do you have to say?’’ he asked me.

‘’I need permission to go after Charles sir, you saw what happened yesterday at the governor’s
residence?, Since we are looking into the theory that Clara may not have been kidnapped for
money. Perhaps we are looking at a crime of passion here. A guy like Charles can easily have the
girl killed instead of allowing her slip from his hands. He has the resources and means to pull this
off. Just give me forty eight hours to focus on him please’’ I begged.
‘’we don’t have time on our hands. You have twenty hours to check the guy out. By Monday
evening, you should be here for debriefing’’ he accepted while I heaved a sigh of relief.

Now Charles was mine to tackle and my prayers were for me to be right. I desperately wanted to
prove to the department that I was a good agent. I equally needed to save my Clara, my life, job,
everything was on the line.

Meanwhile at the other end of the state, Clara is seen lying drugged in a well furnished room
which very much looked like a hotel room instead of a kidnappers den. The room looked very
peaceful as if the only occupant in it (Clara) was just sleeping in comfort.
To be continued….

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 20
Clara’s side of the story continues
I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a very strange room. For some seconds I couldn’t
remember what happened to me or why I was in a strange place. But slowly it all started coming
back in my head. I remembered how I got kidnapped and how a wet handkerchief was placed over
my nose when my cries and protest became too much in the car.

I remembered nothing
afterwards. It kind of looked like a dream. It kind of looked as If I woke up in after life. I really found
it hard to believe that I was actually kept in such cozy room by the kidnappers. I also wasn’t tied
up, a discovery that fired up my spirit and made me thinking about escape.
I quickly jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door. I tried opening it but unfortunately the door
was locked. I tried the two windows at the corner but they were equally well locked. It was just as if
the windows in the room were built to keep one hostage.

I weakly sat on the floor and sobbed. I couldn’t figure out what to do with myself or what next to
do. I equally was very hungry but food was the last thing on my mind. I desperately wanted to go
About ten minutes later, the door softly opened, gaining my attention. I quickly sprang up on my
feet, expecting to see a heavily built man but was surprised to see a young lady of about my age
walk in with a calm nervous smile. She was carrying a food tray with her.
‘’good morning dear’’ she greeted politely, leaving me speechless for a while.
‘’thank God you are finally awake. I brought you breakfast. Fried egg, hot coffee and bread’’ she
added as she set the large tray on a small table beside my bed.

‘’where am I, what time of the day is it, how did I get here?’’ I asked breathlessly. The young lady
smiled reassuringly once again.
‘’calm down. I’m here to take care of you. You have been sleeping since yesterday afternoon you
were brought over. I was scared because you were heavily drugged. The time is 9:35am. Just
relax and have your breakfast. It will do you no good to reject this food and starve yourself. You
need all the strength. You can also use the bathroom over there to freshen up. Everything you
need is in there’’ she advised softly, pointing to the bathroom while I stared at her suspiciously.

Of course I felt like strangling her there and then and break for my freedom but something about her
really held me back. She was so nice and charming, something that relatively calmed down the
tension in me.

‘’I need to go home. I don’t know how you are involved in this but please I beg of you, help me get
out of here and you will never regret helping me. Please’’ I begged desperately while she smiled.
‘’you have nothing to fear here. Just eat your food. I promise today will be full of surprises for you’’
she muttered softly, took a deep breath and left the room, leaving me all alone.
I sat on the floor and thought of what she said and what exactly she meant by today being full of surprises for me. I knew escaping from such a place was certainly impossible without help and I
had no choice than to eat the breakfast to gather a little strength.

Later in the evening I was about dozing off out of boredom when someone walked into the room
again. I felt it was the girl who had been serving me all day who came in to pick up the plates she
used to deliver my lunch and so paid no attention; instead I buried my face in the pillow and closed
my eyes.
After few seconds I felt a familiar touch on my shoulder and a kiss at the back of my neck which
sent cold shivers down my spine. I instantly turned to see Charles smiling at me. I was so
shocked. I couldn’t believe myself. Deep down all the fears in me instantly vanished and was
replaced by anger.

‘’what the hell Charles. What do you think you are doing?’’ I breathed with a very shaky voice as I
drew away from him. He smiled faintly and tried to touch me again. I slapped away his hand.
‘’I never wanted things to go this way but you forced me into this desperation. I had to man up to
set things right. We have to make up. You are my wife and nothing is going to stop us. We are
going to be here all alone together until we settle things between us’’ he breathed hoarsely. I
couldn’t believe my ears.
‘’you are sick. You are so despicable. You turned a whole city into a hot zone just to kidnap me.

You are sick’’ I fired angrily as he drew forward and kissed me. It was the most terrible kiss I ever
I couldn’t believe desperation could lead him into taking such a dangerous step. There wasn’t any
doubt he had the whole thing well planned out and I knew the only way to get out alive was by
succumbing to his games unless of course a divine intervention comes along.

(Meanwhile outside the plush mansion, agent Val is seen inside his car parked a distance away
under a mango tree taking pictures. Unknown to Charles he was followed right from the city center
to the northern part of the state where he was keeping Clara. However Val was only following his
instincts. He had no evidence to prove that Clara was in the building and so the only option for him
was to covertly go inside the house to check out things for himself.
He could get lucky. He could get caught.
To be continued

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