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The State Governors Daughter: 14, 15

The State Governors Daughter: 14, 15

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 14
Val’s side of the story continues
7:30am, the next morning

I woke up with a jolt, very surprised that I was even able to sleep inside the car. Perhaps it was all
due to the exhaustion of the long trip of the previous day that made me sleep so easily.

I yawned, breathed deeply and checked my phone for any missed call as the events of the
previous night slowly played backed in my head. I nervously dialed Clara’s number with prayers in
my lips but unfortunately she failed to pick up her phone and after trying for the tenth time, I decided to call Vivian and talk to her.
Yes Even though I was extremely angry with Vivian over what she did to me, I knew it was
pointless fighting with her at the meantime. I still had the chance of fixing my mistakes and I felt
talking to her could be beneficial in the long run.

Luckily Vivian picked up my call the moment her phone rang. I heaved a sigh of relief as I quickly
formed out the best words to use on her.
‘’please can we talk for some minutes. It’s very urgent?” I pleaded. She kept quiet for few seconds.
‘’please’’ I pushed on.
‘’okay where are you?’’ she asked.
‘’I’m at the gate’’ I replied.
‘’ I will be there in few minutes’’ she accepted.
‘’fine, I’m waiting’’ I breathed and hung up.

Nervously I waited for her to show up as I prepared my questions and all I wished to tell her. I was
very desperate. Yes I was very eager to fix things but I equally was still very confused on how to
go about it, the right approach to use.
Exactly ten minutes later, Vivian appeared from the compound and joined me in the car, looking
very serious and uptight.
‘’good morning’’ she managed to greet.
‘’you really messed me up yesterday’’ I breathed as I faced her. She looked down and said

‘’I thought we were friends. I thought we understood each other?. What will you achieve in ruining
my assignment?’’ I asked breathlessly. She shrugged.
‘’sleeping with Clara was never part of your assignment. I was only protecting my sister. I only told
her the truth about you and nothing else’’ she replied softly, trying hard to appear calm. However I couldn’t help but notice that her hands trembled. Her face looked pale and troubled.

‘’it’s okay. So how is Clara?’’ I asked.
‘’you care only about Clara but never for once cared to know how I feel’’ she muttered, bringing up
her face to meet my gaze for the first time. We silently exchanged glances as the tension between
us heightened. I really felt like smashing her head on the car dashboard but then I had to control
the anger in me. I tried to say something but my lips refused to open.
Just that moment a Toyota SUV emerged from the compound, headed out of the gate and moved
into the runway, gaining our attention.

The driver of the car was no other person than Clara and of
course I was very stunned to see her driving out of the compound that early in the day. At first I
really didn’t know what to do.
‘’that’s Clara’’ Vivian breathed as I quickly switched on my car engine, very eager to follow her up.
‘’what are you trying to do?’’ she asked suspiciously.

‘’it’s my job to follow her wherever she goes and that’s what I’m doing’’ I replied as I threw her a
quick look while she grabbed the door handle by her side in a bid to get out of the car.
Unfortunately for me the attention I gave her distracted me from noticing on time a Toyota sienna
which pulled up in a commando fashion, blocking Clara’s car. Before I could even blink or grab my
small service pistol, two masked men jumped out of the sienna brandishing AK47 rifles which they
fired on my car, shattering the windscreen as Vivian and I managed to take cover under the

Few seconds later the Toyota sienna and Clara’s car disappeared without a trace while I frantically
radioed for help.
I couldn’t believe Clara was gone for real. The poor girl was just kidnapped before me and I
couldn’t even fire a shot to save her.
I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all a setup that cashed in on the confusion between us or just
an opportunity that played into the hands of the kidnappers.
‘’but where could Clara be heading to by this time of the day?’’ I wondered over and over.
Of course I was screwed.

To be continued.

CLARA (The State Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 15
Val’s side of the story continues as After alerting every available units within town, I discharged Vivian and went in full pursuit, driving
wildly as I headed out of the estate with great fear in my mind. Two policemen who were part of
the men guiding the governor’s private residence equally joined in the pursuit, following behind in
an unmarked car. We raced blindly to the main road and luckily spotted Clara’s SUV as it took a
quick turn and headed towards Umuguma Portharcourt road. The other sienna car was nowhere in
sight and I had no choice than to go after the SUV even though it appeared to me as a decoy.

It really was a fierce chase as I pursued the car. A radio call from one of the police units along
Porthacourt road equally assured me of a road block being set up ahead. But unfortunately on
getting towards the general hospital junction, the car took a quick right, raced on and drove with
full speed into a nearby bush, really taking me by surprise as I fearful wondered what the stunt
was all about because my life was equally on the line.

I had no time to think before sporadic gunshots from the bush sent me over the other side of the
road as my car dived into a small ditch. I jumped out and fired blindly, so scared and frightened
over all that was happening. It was my first time of facing real action and hey it was a life and
death thing. There was just a very thin line between life and death in the situation I found myself
in. My service pistol was equally no match for an Ak and the bandits really were well prepared for
the show. All I did was fire blindly as the kidnappers rained bullets over me. It was just as if they
really intended to kill me and pulled the decoy show just to drive me into an ambush. But luckily for
me my backup arrived. The two policemen following behind soon joined in the action, firing their
own rifles in quick succession as the hoodlums made a quick retreat.
Few seconds later, the sound of motorcycles roared in the bush while we still took cover and
waited. After few more seconds there was silence. The hoodlums were gone.
‘’we lost them’’ one of the officers said to me as he carefully checked Clara’s SUV which was

I felt like crying. I felt like pissing on myself. I couldn’t imagine the kind of explanation to
give for the security lapse that led to Clara’s kidnap. Of course with the way the kidnappers carried
out the show I was convinced they still would have successfully kidnapped the girl even if I was
with her. The only difference was that I would have been left dead. For the first time I saw the full
risk of my job glaring before me.
‘’Yes I would have been dead supposing I was in the car with Clara’’ I reasoned over and over as my ringing phone got my attention and it was Vivian calling.
‘’hey what’s up. Did you get them?’’ she asked quickly.

‘’no they escaped’’ I breathed.
‘’see I’m ready to keep my mouth shut over the quarrel you had with Clara. I also won’t tell
anymore what you did that made her mad with you. So just find a way to talk your way out of this
mess because I know you are in big trouble right now. The governor just called me’’ she muttered
while I breathed deeply, really clueless on whether to thank her for what she just said or to hang
the call rudely. Yes I knew she was trying to correct her wrong and I equally knew telling the whole
truth to clara’s family would be a quick ticket to jail. Of course it’s suicidal walking up to the
governor and telling him that I slept with his daughter and was kicked out of the house the night
before she was kidnapped..

I barely had hung up Vivian’s call when my phone rang again and this time the call was from the
state governor. I panicked.
‘’agent val where is my daughter?’’ he asked furiously.
‘’where is Clara?’’ he barked like a wounded lion.
(Meanwhile Flintheirz other end of the town, Clara is seen lying blindfolded on the floor of a Toyota
sienna car heading out of Owerri via Okigwe road. With her in the car were four heavily built men.
‘’yes sir. The operation was a success. We have her’’ one of the men is heard making a phone call

To be continued

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