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The Governor’s Daughter: 46, 47, 48

The Governor’s Daughter: 46, 47, 48

*The Governor’s Daughter*
Episode 46
_Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode_
‘’you look very familiar, have we met before?’’ I asked Celine, to see how she would react to the
question. She smiled and nodded.
‘’of course we have ran into each other a couple of times but you probably never noticed me’’ she
quickly replied. I shrugged and made way for her to enter the room while thousands of ideas ran
through my head.

‘’thank you dear’’ she soon breathed and headed out of the room while I waited few seconds
before heading out as well.
As I headed down the stairs leading to the main entrance door, Charles who was with about five
guys in the sitting room instantly got up as soon as he saw me. He left his visitors and approached
me with a visibly worried look.
‘’where are you going my dear?’’ he asked curiously, grabbing my hand.
‘’I’m leaving. I have seen the house and it’s very beautiful’’ I muttered, forcing out a smile.

‘’so you can’t even give me few minutes to attend to my friends?, that’s not fair’’ he protested.
‘’I came here willingly to see your new house, please don’t spoil my mood by stopping me from
leaving. You know what happens when I get angry’’ I threatened. He drew back and shrugged.
‘’very well then, I will ask one of my boys to take you home’’ he breathed while I nodded in

Ten minutes later, I was on my way home in Charles’s car. I couldn’t help but think of how to follow
up with the discovery I just made. Of course it couldn’t just be a coincidence that Charles’s
assistant was at the same hotel the evening Vivian was drugged. She could be behind it all and
yes Vivian was really right all along.
On getting home, I instantly called Val on phone.
‘’how do we see this evening?’’ I asked softly,
‘’huh? That can be arranged nau’’ he kind of stammered.
‘’just go to a good secured guest house, send me the location and wait for me’’ I nervously said to

_Val’s side of the story continues_
I was busy going over the CCTV tape from the hotel for the umpteenth time while thinking over all
Clara’s mum said to me at the same time when my phone rang and it was Clara calling. I dropped
all I was doing and answered her call, smiling as i listened to all she said. She wanted us to meet
again in a guest house and of course I knew we couldn’t meet in such a place without another hot
se.x session. I whistled happily as I tried to figure out the best guest house suitable for our
meeting. Of course Owerri town is well known as a capital city with lots of hotels and guest

‘’so have your director called you yet?’’ Clara asked as we faced each other inside one of the
rooms in a guest house down town.
‘’no and I’m kind of worried’’ I replied
‘’but he promised to get in touch with you, anyway let’s wait till Monday’’ she breathed with a smile.
‘’Charles took me to see his new house today and while I was there I met this tall lady who
introduced herself as his personal assistant. But the funny thing was that I equally saw the same
lady at the hotel the evening Vivian was drugged. Oh God! I forgot asking you to bring the CCTV
record you got from the hotel, I bet she was at the bar with Vivian that very evening’’ she added
thoughtfully while I nodded.

‘’yes the bar had a lot of customers that evening and she could be one of the ladies there at that
hour. Anyway I guess I will have to wait till I get home to check her out with your description’’ I
muttered with resignation. She smiled and drew closer.
‘’you have to be very careful with Charles. There is no doubt he knows everything and could be
planning something new for us. He might even be aware that we are here together and seriously I
still don’t know where our relationship is leading to’’ I breathed..

‘’who cares jor. You know I feel like taking you home and screaming to everyone that we are in
love’’ she giggled playfully, turning up the passion in me. I softly reached for her, dropping a kiss
on her lips that ignited the flame of love between us. In no time we tore off our clothes and began
another round of passionate love making that left us breathless when we were done.
I had the opportunity to tell her of my encounter with her mother, but I couldn’t get myself to open
up to her even though I swore to be honest with her in everything.

I got home by 7:02pm to meet my apartment totally ransacked. My computer, some valuables and
the CCTV record I got from the hotel gone. It sure looked like a break in but I knew it was no
ordinary break in.
Meanwhile back at the governor’s house Vivian is seen arguing with her boyfriend doctor Chinedu
who appeared all shaken up and sad. He was kneeling and holding Vivian who was equally in
tears as if something terrible just happened
_Vivian’s side of the story continues_
‘’my love I can’t allow you to break up with me because of your revenge plans. Just leave
everything in God’s hands and move on with your life. We can have a quiet wedding and leave this
country before Monday evening. You know I came home solely to marry you and I can’t leave just
like that. I also can’t allow you to continue with this madness. I was set up with drugs and you hid
the real facts from me. You equally got drugged and instead of learning your lesson, you are
asking me to stay away from you until you put that bastar.d in jail. You don’t know how much that
guy is willing to go to ruin you. I can’t allow you to continue with this madness. This is insane’’
Chinedu protested while I closed my eyes.

‘’yes I’m in pain. I’m insane, I’m clueless but one thing I know for sure is that I will be in court one
day testifying against that criminal. All I ask of you is to stay away from me until my aim is
achieved. I don’t want you getting hurt. You can even go back to India I beg of you’’ I pleaded
‘’listen to yourself my dear. You said someday you will be in court testifying against him. This is
Nigeria. He has power, he has money. The only thing you have on your side is just the family
name and nothing. Forget this madness my love’’ he pleaded strongly.
‘’if you are in my position will you just leave everything in God’s hands and walk away?’’ I asked

At the other end of the house, Clara is seen gently walking back to her room after a heated se.x
session with Val downtown. Due to the se.x guilt she’s having, she tries to avoid being noticed or
questioned but unfortunately, she ran into Charles who has been waiting all evening for her
‘’where went you my love?’’ he asked while Clara froze, leaving a smile of understanding on his
To be continued….

*The Governor’s Daughter*
*Episode 47*
_Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode_
‘’I don’t think I owe you any explanation Charles. I went out to see a friend and that’s it’’ I
answered a bit coldly. He shrugged, drew closer and held me by the waist.
‘’I really don’t know what else to do to prove to you how much I love you. I have more than enough money to last three generations. I’m young, I’m not bad looking. I’m from a good family. What
exactly do I need to do to prove myself’’ he asked seriously.

‘’I thought you have already started marriage talks with my family?, what again do you want me to
tell you huh?. Please I just want to sleep. I’m very tired’’ I replied, broke free from him and fell on
my bed, breathing heavily.
‘’you went to see that bastar.d right?, you can’t even spend up to five minutes in my house but you
spent all evening with him. Don’t worry I will try my best to prove to you that he’s nothing but a
gold digger’’ he breathed furiously and left while I smiled to myself.

_Val’s side of the story continues_
2pm the next day, I got a message from my deputy director to show up immediately at the
department. I quickly dressed up and headed out of the house, so happy I was finally being called
back. Yes I had been expecting to be called back since the beginning of the week and I couldn’t
help but sing happily as I drove down to the state department.
On getting there, I was quickly directed to the conference room where I was surprised to see agent
Jennifer seated with the state director, the head of operations, the deputy director that invited me
on phone and two other senior colleagues. Another unfamiliar agent stood in front of a projector
which displayed a crude drawing of two men. I nervously walked into the room, breathing deeply.

‘’welcome back agent Val, I guess you are fit to resume with us?’’ the deputy director asked while I
nodded, swallowing hard.
‘’good, this is senior special agent Bola Davis, he came all the way from our headquarters with
agent Jennifer on a new assignment. Mr Bola is an Assistant Chief Security Intelligence Officer on
international operations and he has worked together with the CIA and FBI in the past. We called
you in because of a special request being made on your behalf by agent Jennifer and the state

I hope you don’t disappoint us again’’ the deputy director addressed me as I sat down
before them. Senior special agent bola quickly cleared his throat and got to business without
giving me any chance to answer. There wasn’t any doubt he was in a hurry to get on with the job
at hand.

‘’we got a not too detailed report from Interpol last weekend on two drug barons from this part of
Nigeria who are taking drug trafficking to a whole new level. Over the past six months about sixty
boys has been caught with different types of narcotic drugs especially cocaine and according to
the information sent to us by Interpol more than twice that figure is suspected to have successfully
made it across. With investigations, profiling and statements gotten from some of the arrested
boys we got two names Charlieman and Donpatric plus a sketch of what they looked like. We have no strong evidence linking these two men to drug trafficking and we believe they run the
cartel through agents, series of networks and fronts. So getting them is going to be pretty though
and that’s where your department comes in. Charlieman has been identified to be no other person
than Mr. Charles, the fiancé to the governor’s daughter and I believe every agent in the state
knows him very well. I brought agent Jennifer with me on the director’s request and I believe you
guys can dig deep and get me results. Please my office is under fire from the presidency to get

The image of the country has been ruined enough and the NDLEA is filled with corruption.
Getting at least one of these two men could help the president save face in the international
community. Thank you’’ senior special agent Bola lectured, leaving the whole room quiet for a
‘’agent Val here has a very good history with Mr. Charles and that’s why I asked for him to be
brought into the case and with agent Jennifer partnering with him, I believe we will get results’’ the
state director assured him while agent Jennifer nodded.

‘’yes Mr. Charles has a very weak spot and that’s his obsession with Miss Clara, the state
governor’s daughter. I believe that’s the weak point we should exploit but then it could lead to
collateral damage. Miss Clara could end up being put in harm’s way’’ Jennifer chipped in.
‘’I just need results and I don’t care how you get it moreover the girl is already in harm’s way by
dealing with a drug trafficker’’ senior special agent Bola replied seriously while my heart froze.

was unable to contribute to the discussion because i really had nothing to say. Yes I knew Charles
hands weren’t clean but I never imagined he could be into drug business, moreover he was from a
very wealthy home and had no need getting his hands dirty for money unless his father equally
was in the business or retired.
‘’this dude is from a wealthy family. I hope we are all right in this’’ the deputy director who has
been silent all along muttered.
‘’yes and that’s a good front to hide his shady deals’’ Mr Bola replied .
‘’my only problem right now is the issue of accommodation, I don’t like staying in hotels and I will
like to stay in Val’s place if he doesn’t mind’’ Jennifer chipped in, changing the topic as she threw a
quick inquisitive look at me.
‘’of course you can stay with me as long as you wish’’ I replied without thinking twice, leaving a
smile of satisfaction on her face.
To be continued….

The Governor’s Daughter
Episode 48
_Val’s side of the story continues from the same evening of the previous episode_
‘’I really missed you Val. I guess you never missed me’’ Jenifer muttered with a smile as we
walked into my apartment.
‘’of course I missed you but my mother missed you more. She always asked about you even
though you guys frequently talked on phone’’ I answered with a smile.
‘’your mum is a good woman. We are very fond of each other’’ she added, rolling her eyes. I slowly
led her to the second room, dropped her luggage beside the bed, faced her and breathed deeply.

It really felt good having her around but regrettably we weren’t meant to be together.
‘’you asked to stay in my small apartment. I guess you know you won’t be getting the hotel
treatment here?’’ I playfully asked. She rolled her eyes once again, sighed and sat on the bed.
‘’so you are too lazy to play the gentleman even for a day?. Hmmmm so I won’t be getting
breakfast on bed then?’’ she replied playfully. I laughed and sat beside her. Really I always felt this
inner joy whenever we were together but that’s it. I couldn’t love her and Clara at the same time.

Love doesn’t work that way.
‘’so how do you see the new assignment and how are things with you and Clara?’’ she curiously
‘’seriously this new assignment is the kind of job I have been yearning for. And as for Clara we are
back together even though she’s still with Charles. The bastar.d is planning their traditional
wedding as we speak now’’ I replied while Jenifer stared at me curiously.
‘’wait you mean Clara is with you and Charles at the same time and you are cool with it?’’

asked quickly. I swallowed hard.
‘’it’s a long story my dear. I guess I will have to narrate everything to you’’ I softly replied, taking
my time to narrate all that happened since Vivian got back to the country.
‘’so you now see the situation of things?. Clara can’t break up with him so easily. I just have to find
a way to nail Charles and get him behind bars. That’s the only way she can be free from him. I
really need to talk to her tonight’’ I concluded slowly. Jennifer breathed deeply and reached for my

‘’I hope you know Clara isn’t supposed to be aware that I’m staying here with you?. You can’t tell
her about our new assignment as well because it’s against protocol hope you know?’’ she asked.
I nodded.
‘’yes and that’s the problem because she will definitely find out that you are staying with me and it
will cause another problem’’ I breathed
‘’I know but I don’t think there is any way you can tell her that I’m with you without giving out
details of our mission which is against code of conduct. Moreover it’s for her own good and safety
that she knows nothing’’ she insisted.

‘’yes you are right but let’s forget about Clara for now and focus on the mission ahead. We have to
figure out a way to break into Charles’s life or network which is really a hard nut to crack
considering that we have just little information about him’’ I replied.
‘’We will have to start with surveillance I guess. I can get the team ready in the morning’’ she
‘’no I think I know a better and easier way which won’t take up much resources. The last time I
was with Clara, she told me about this tall beautiful personal assistant of Charles. I believe she
could know a lot and it will be very easy to go through her. I can easily work on her, from there we
abduct and question her depending on how things turn out’’ I added with a smile while Jennifer

‘’for your mind you have a plan huh? And what makes you think you can get her without Charles
noticing a thing or breathing down your neck?’’ she asked curiously.
‘’hmmm it all depends on how I play it out. Maybe I should try charming her first and if Charles
gets to know will be very glad to allow me have my way as to prove to Clara that I’m not a good
guy. Seriously that’s why I need to alert Clara on this. We can’t go on with this assignment without
Clara getting involved in one way or the other’’ I muttered.

‘’it’s not my call to make. You will have to seek approval from the department first on whether to
involve your Clara or not’’’ she replied with a shrug.
9am, the next day, agent Val and Jennifer are seen inside a black Hilux Truck watching over
Charles’s new mansion which was just a distance away. They spotted two cars head out of the
gate and stop. Charles and Miss Celine soon appeared from the house walking towards the
parked cars and discussing seriously. On getting to the second car they stopped, stared at each
other for a while before kissing intimately for some seconds.

After the kiss Charles headed into the
first car which quickly zoomed off, leaving the second one behind
_Val’s side of the story continues_‘’wait a minute seems like Charles is equally sleeping with his tall personal assistant hmmm
interesting’’ Jennifer breathed while I licked my lips as I watched the show.
‘’yes Charles is good at monitoring people and now we are taking the game to him. The idio.t has
too many secrets and this is just the beginning.’’ I replied and switched on the car engine as Miss
Celine got into the second car which instantly headed towards the main town.
We expertly followed her car until it pulled up in front of Maris super market.
‘’I guess it’s time I approach her’’ I muttered to Jennifer who nodded in agreement.

‘’but be careful’’ she advised with a smile. I breathed deeply, alighted from the car and rushed up
to meet Celine. I got to her before she could enter the super market.
‘’hi dear, finally we meet again’’ I breathed pleasantly, gaining her attention. She turned and stared
at me with surprise before relaxing with a smile. It was very obvious she knew me very well and so
couldn’t very much pretend not to know me.
To be continued….

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