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The Governor’s Daughter: 43, 44, 45

The Governor’s Daughter: 43, 44, 45

*The Governor’s Daughter*
*Episode 43*
_Val’s side of the story continues_
‘’I guess I should be going now. You know I can’t spend the night here with you guys’’ I softly said
to Clara as we watched over Vivian who was peacefully sleeping like a baby. The doctor really did
a pretty good job on her and had equally assured us that she would be okay to go home the next

‘’ I guess I have a long night of watching over my cousin all alone. Who could have imagined
things ending this way today? I’m really still confused about the whole thing. Many things don’t add
up’’ she breathed while I softly embraced her.
‘’early tomorrow, I will head back to the hotel to talk to the manager. I will try to get the CCTV
footage of the bar from him, with that I can check out what really happened’’ I assured her,.

‘’what if they don’t have it?’’ she asked curiously, bringing up her face to meet my gaze.
‘’come on don’t be ridiculous’’ I replied with a smile.
‘’ok very well, I will wait for your call tomorrow. Good night dearie and be careful’’ she added, and
pecked me.
I cautiously headed back to my house with plans on how to follow up with the case. I had showed
up from the village that fateful day on Vivian’s invitation and was never prepared for the turnout of

I couldn’t go back to the village that evening because it was already very late at night when I left
the hospital and I equally knew with the case at hand that my vacation there was definitely over.
As I got to my apartment that night I couldn’t help but inspect my surroundings because I knew
whoever that drugged the poor girl was still very much around following things up. I equally knew
my own life could be in danger but only hoped for the best as I whistled a song. and headed into
my apartment.

The next morning I headed back to the hotel to talk to a visibly surprised manager who nervously
listened to my story without interruption.
‘’I really do sympatize with the poor lady but I can assure you that neither the bartender nor any of
my staff was responsible for her condition. We run background checks before employing anybody
and I can vouch for them. Luckily the bartender in question works two shifts and he’s at the hotel

I will send for him right away and equally get the CCTV records for the previous day for
you to see’’ he replied politely, grabbed his office phone and summoned the bartender who
appeared within two minutes.
‘’this young man here is a DSS officer and he’s here concerning the lady that collapsed at the toilet
yesterday. You served her drinks right?’’ he asked the young man who was probably in his early

‘’yes sir I served her like every other customer. She didn’t drink much. I was really surprised when
I heard she fell at the toilet. My first thought when I heard the news was that probably her head
couldn’t take the drinks she took which weren’t much in the first place’’ he nervously replied.
‘’fine, I will collect your name and phone number from the manager and get back to you if I still
need you for more questioning. You can go now’’ I said to him while he heaved a sigh of relief,
smiled and headed out of the office.
‘’so now I will be needing the CCTV record you promised’’ I said to the manager who smiled and
stood up.

‘’I will be back shortly with it. Let me go get it at the security department’’ he breathed while I
nodded. Definitely with it I could see what really happened at the bar the previous evening.
Clara’s side of the story continues from the first scene
It really was a very long and uncomfortable night for me as I watched over Vivian. Of course I
could have easily assigned someone to be with her and gone home to sleep but I didn’t do it
because I wanted her to feel respected and appreciated.
Yes I must confess it really took me a whole lot to be with her till morning. I wasn’t used to
spending the night in such an uncomfortable small room.

In fact I wasn’t even sure of making it to
the next morning but I luckily did. My mum on her own part kind of disturbed all night with her calls.
‘’where am i?, what happened?’’ Vivian woke up the next morning asking like a terrified child. I
smiled and held her hands.
‘’I believe someone got to you at the hotel and got drugs into your system. We still don’t know how
it happened’’ I informed her slowly while she closed her eyes.

‘’I remember nothing. All I remember is having few drinks at the bar as I waited for you and Val to
finish with your romance’’ she managed to mutter while I rolled my eyes as the memories of what
we did the previous day played back in my head.

Two hours later we were back in the house to face my mum who was as curious as ever. I had to
leave Vivian in her room to rest further while mum and I went into my room to talk. For the first
time, I opened up to her, telling her everything and hiding nothing. I had no choice than to tell her
everything myself because I knew she would still find out if I hid my story. However I couldn’t help
but smile inside as I noticed the different expressions her face gave out as I narrated everything to
her, including my rekindled relationship with val. Seriously I didn’t know what got over me that
gave me the mind to open up to her as if we were mates.

‘’so you see mum, there is no doubt Charles is behind everything. I won’t marry him anymore. He’s
too tricky. He has a bad heart. He’s a chameleon’’ I concluded seriously while my old lady grabbed
a bottle of water which was on my table, drank it and breathed deeply.
‘’my ears are filled up believe me. Dear Lord, you children of nowadays is something else. Gosh I
feel so terrible and disgusted’’ she muttered with a frown.
‘’mum let’s talk about the current issue at hand please. How do I deal with Charles?. I need your
help. I need your support’’ I asked seriously.

‘’you should first ask yourself if all Vivian told you was the truth in the first place?, even according
to your story she had and still has a thing for your val. Are you really sure she told you the truth?.
Let’s not sacrifice Charles yet till we confront him. He called me yesterday evening, full of excitement that he finally secured the ministry of works deal he has been fighting for his father. He
equally hinted of making full payment for a house he got close to ours for your sake. Do you think
such a guy is capable of doing all you accused him of?’’ mum asked while I drew back in despair. I
couldn’t help but feel that I made a mistake telling her the whole story.
‘’Anyway first thing first, since Charles will be showing up either today or tomorrow we will confront
him together and decide afterwards. Do you agree??’’ she asked while I swallowed hard and
nodded. Deep down I felt very uncomfortable.
How do I get to catch him red handed??
To be continued….


*The Governor’s Daughter*
*Episode 44*
_Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode_
‘’you know what, just forget about questioning Charles. I will deal with it my own way please’’ I
suddenly begged surprising my mother who stared at me suspiciously.
‘’what do you mean by that?, what do you plan doing?’’ she asked quickly while I smiled to calm
her down.

‘’nothing mother, just don’t ask him anything, moreover you don’t expect him to own up, do you?’’ I
replied breathlessly.
‘’you can’t expect me to keep quiet after all I just heard. Since you are sure that Charles isn’t what
he claims to be, allow me to confront him’’ she pushed on while I shook my head in disagreement.
Luckily her personal assistant walked into the room before our argument could heat up and
informed her that the director of state services and his wife were waiting for her in the living room. I
instantly stood up as if I was the person they came to see while my mother gave me another
suspicious look.

‘’what’s the matter?’’ she asked.
‘’nothing mum, just leave Charles for me’’ I breathed and ran to the living room.
It really was as if God touched the director’s heart, making him show up at the house by that
crucial hour. Of course his presence saved me the stress of going to his office. Yes I badly needed
to see him just like Val advised. I was told he was a good man.
I had no difficulty dragging the surprised man to Vivian’s room where he listened to all Vivian had
to say.

‘’are you really sure Mr. Charles did all these?. How can one man be so ruthless and still appear
like a gentleman at the same time?’’ the old man queried with an excited tone.
‘’we dropped the file we had on him when he kidnapped you months back miss Clara because
your father wasn’t willing to push on with the case but with the story I just heard, I guess we have
to do something fast’’ he added thoughtfully
‘’anyway I think the police should be better in handling this present case. Have you guys informed
the state police commissioner yet?’’ he asked
‘’no and that’s the problem. Charles’ has very big connections in the police department. They are
his buddies and there isn’t anyone we can trust than you. Agent Val specifically told us to meet
you’’ I pushed in.

‘’hmmm agent Val, why is that guy always coming up in everything concerning this family?.
Assuming every other agent assigned to the governor is behaving like him I doubt if the
department will still be inexistence’’ he muttered to himself while I seized my breath as I watched
‘’anyway I will invite Val to my office to talk to him’’ he promised, smiled and left.
‘’do you really think he will help us?’’ Vivian softly asked. I turned to face her with a smile even
though I really wasn’t sure myself because he didn’t promise anything.
‘’I fear for my family, I fear for my boyfriend. I shouldn’t have talked to you’’ She sulked like a
terrified child. I softly sat on her bed and smiled deeply.
‘’I promise you nothing will happen to them’’ I assured her.

_Val’s side of the story continues (4:35pm same evening)_
I was busy with my laptop going through the CCTV record I got from the hotel when my phone
rang. I cursed as I stared at the ringing phone. Of course I wasn’t in my best mood because I was
yet to find what I was looking for at the footage. The video record of the bar was very accurate but
gave out nothing incriminating. There wasn’t sign of anyone approaching Vivian’s table or
tampering with her drinks.

The only suspicious move I could get my hands on was when she left
the bar, probably to the toilet, a middle aged man had quickly followed her but unfortunately there wasn’t any CCTV coverage of the toilet or the hallway leading to the toilet which kind of left me
with only a guess.
My phone rang again for the second time breaking the silence in the room, I lazily picked it up and
was surprised when the caller introduced herself.
‘’hello, I’m Miss Chima, the first lady’s special assistant’’ she introduced herself.
‘’hope I’m speaking with agent Val?’’ she asked
‘’yes of course you are’’ I answered softly.
‘’my boss wants to see you at her office right away. It’s very urgent and I advice you leave
whatever you are doing and head over to her office right away’’ she muttered and hung up while I
drew back with serious doubts.

I had no current dealings with the governor’s wife I could
remember and so the invitation was very suspicious. Nevertheless I left all I was doing and
headed to the state first lady’s office with a fast pounding heart.
On getting to her office I met her assistant waiting for me at the door. She instantly led me into the
office where the old lady was waiting for me. I couldn’t help but wonder the reason behind the
urgency and the reason for asking me to show up in her office instead of her house.
‘’agent Val, kindly sit down I want to talk to you’’ she said softly. I silently obeyed, sat down and
faced her.

‘’what is it you have with my daughter?’’ she curiously asked, leaving me totally confused and
speechless. Of course I couldn’t get myself to say anything because I really didn’t know how much
she knew about Clara and i.
‘’anyway I invited you here to beg you to leave my daughter alone. The poor girl is not used to how
things work here in Nigeria. Ever since you came into our lives it has been one problem to
another. Assuming other agents we have with us are behaving like you, we would have all been
dead. I don’t care what you have with Charles or my daughter but I’m warning you now to stay
away from my family. It’s not your business if my daughter marries Charles or any other man. You
have a good job, you are young, and full of life.

I beg of you stay away from my family or I will be
forced to act like an angry mother’’ she seriously appealed while I nodded like a lazy student
unable to say a word to defend neither myself nor my actions. What was there to even say? She
gave me no room for explanation.
Deep down I kind of felt that it was silly of me to have involved myself with Clara again but it was
all the fault of love
‘’Hmmmm love until you finally lose your job or life’’ a second voice mused in my head.
To be continued….

*The Governor’s Daughter*
*Episode 45*
_Clara’s side of the story continues_
10am, next day
I was busy going through a fashion magazine I got from mum’s room when I heard someone
knock and enter my room. I turned to see Charles smiling like an angel. As usual he was well
dressed in a well fitting black suit like he always does. He equally was holding a small customized
bag. I seized my breath for some seconds as I tried to compose myself.
‘’my love I missed you. It’s been quite a while. Oh you look so pale gracious me’’ he breathed, sat
on my bed, dropped the bag, kissed my hand and equally pecked me. I couldn’t help but shiver as
I wondered the king of guy he really was. He was such a good actor, so perfect and convincing.

also couldn’t help but notice that he polished his approach towards me a little more.
‘’of course why shouldn’t I look pale?. My parents want me to stay a whole year here doing nothing
while I’m dying to go back to the U.S. I can’t take it anymore’’ I softly replied. He smiled and
brought up the bag he came with.
‘’there are many places I could have taken you to but you have been very uptight towards me.

had plans to make your stay very comfortable here but you kind of preferred being with other
people than being with me. Anyway I got these stones for you direct from The House of Tiffany’’
he muttered with a smile, fetching out a pave diamond bangle bracelet from the bag. I stared at
him not exactly knowing what to say. The gift was really super enticing with its flawless
dimensional designs. He smiled as he noticed the interest in my eyes, reached into the bag once
again and brought out a small box which he quickly opened, revealing a shiny basket weave
bracelet and a heart pendant with my name embedded fancily. Of course I knew they cost him a
fortune to get and I had a tough time contemplating whether to accept them or not.

‘’they are all for you my dear, and yes I have a whole lot more surprises’’ he added while I dropped
my eyes.
‘’thank you Charles but you shouldn’t have gotten all these for me because I don’t need them.
What if I refuse to accept?’’ I asked softly.
‘’hmmmm no you got to accept my dear, it will be unladylike of you to reject such splendid gifts’’ he pushed on.
‘’thanks’’ I forced out a smile. He heaved a sigh of relief, drew close and kissed my hair.
‘’I have talked to your dad about the traditional marriage rites. You have nothing to worry about.
You don’t even need to be present. It’s just between your family and mine’’ he added while I drew
back with a frown.

‘’what again my dear?’’ he asked, looking surprised.
‘’nothing, nothing I’m okay’’ I stammered and got out of the bed, backing him.
‘’I heard Vivian is back?. I also heard that she’s still not a hundred percent okay?’’ he asked while I
closed my eyes, breathed deeply, turned and faced him.
‘’yes I think someone is trying to frame her up or kill her’’ I replied, studying his reaction but he
gave out nothing away. He just only appeared surprised.
‘’seriously someone is trying to frame her?’’ he asked. I shrugged.
‘’’let’s go see her please after seeing her we will go check out the new house I bought’’ he added. I
shrugged once again and led him to Vivian’s room where the poor girl had a hard time acting cool.
Charles acted as if he knew nothing about the whole issue, and asked lots of prying questions like
a detective.

He even offered to call the state police commissioner. I couldn’t help but imagine what
was going through his head. I also couldn’t help but imagine how he would have acted supposing
we confronted him with my mother. Of course I knew he was well prepared for any scenario and
probably played along with us. Moreover with Vivian’s tape he could get Val in jail any time he
wanted and Vivian’s creditability and sanity could be questioned if she tries to speak out. Just like
Val, she was really in a very big mess without realizing it.

Yes she played into his hand very easily
if all she told me was really the truth.
After talking with Vivian, Charles virtually dragged me to his new house, a very spacious mansion I
knew cost him a fortune.
‘’yes I paid for this house with my own money’’ he boasted as he took me round the house.
‘’you know I still can’t point out exactly what you do for a living other than running errands for your
father. So are you telling me you bought this house from the salary you earned from working with
him?’’ I asked while for the first time I got him a bit uncomfortable. He kind of frowned before
forcing out a smile as he led me to the spacious master bedroom where he instantly grabbed me
kissing my neck. At first I thought it was just a harmless play but unfortunately he wouldn’t let me
go, instead he reached for my bosoms while I struggled to be free.
‘’come on you are my wife already, why the struggle’’ he breathed as he strongly tried to go on
with his sexual play but I fought back.
‘’why are you this way my love?, I have done everything possible to make you happy.

What else
do you want from me?, why can’t you give me your body, heart and soul?. I beg of you my love,
tell me what else you need?’’ he breathed as he tried holding me to his chest. Luckily for me, his
phone rang that moment; he cursed, drew away from me and picked up his call.
‘’oh dear please wait for me, I will be back shortly’’ he instantly begged and hurriedly left the room
while I heaved a sigh of relief, arranged my hair and headed to the door to leave. But as soon as I
opened the door I came face to face with a six foot plus lady who kind of surprised me with her

‘’good day madam Clara , my name is Celine and I’m Mr. Charles personal secretary and
assistant. He sent me to get his briefcase’’ the tall lady breathed politely while I left my eyes on her
face as I tried to remember where I once saw the face.
Slowly it flashed into my head. She was the tall lady I saw at the gate of All Seasons hotel the
evening Vivian was drugged. Yes I easily noticed her that fateful evening because of her
extraordinary height.
To be continued….

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