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The Governor’s Daughter: 35, 36

The Governor’s Daughter: 35, 36

The Governor’s Daughter
Episode 35
Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode
‘’mum I have nothing else to say to you. I’m returning to my room. I’m tired’’ I said a bit rudely,
surprising my mother with my outburst. I didn’t wait for her to say anything else and headed to my
room to breathe in fresh air.
Meeting Val and equally getting queried by my old lady in the space of few minutes were just too
much to handle. I felt like taking alcohol and sleeping off but I knew it wouldn’t do me any good.

Instead I grabbed one of Coolval’s novels and stared reading.
I barely had read for few minutes when Charles knocked and walked in with a smile. I instantly
grew tense on seeing him while he smiled confidently.
‘’how are you doing my dear?. You look good today’’ he greeted pleasantly as he drew close and
touched my shoulder. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind as the report
Val made against him slowly flowed back to my head.

‘’you look good as well’’ I muttered politely, noticing his well matched suit for the first time. He was so well responsibly dressed like someone who wouldn’t dare hurt a fly.
‘’I talked with Val early this morning. You know I promised to get in touch with him’’ he added softly
as he sat beside me. I breathed deeply, dropped my book and faced him seriously.

‘’mum told me you are very much eager to fix our wedding date. But you know marriage is a very
serious engagement. Yes we are already cool with each other but I want to know the truth. What
will be your gain, my family’s gain and that of your family in the union?. Please don’t bring up the
love thing again. I’m not a kid. I had a talk with my mother few minutes ago and she couldn’t hide
her desperation. If I’m going to marry you, I need to know everything playing down behind my
back’’ I demanded seriously. He instantly looked worried, stood up and took few steps backwards.
I equally stood up and faced him. His expression confirmed my fears that there were other things
at stake.

‘’come on, I want to be your husband because you are the only lady I fancy, I adore, I honor. I
have virtually known you more than any of your friends. Your parents trust me more than any other
person out there. What sort of interest or benefits are you thinking about?’’ he stammered

‘’alright since you are not going to open up to me, I have something else to ask. I spoke with Val
today and he tried to convince me that you were the person who stabbed him and Vivian at his
house. Is it true?’’ I asked seriously, studying his reaction. He quickly turned, headed towards my
balcony and stopped at the door.
‘’I can’t believe you believed such a silly accusation. The evening your cousin Vivian was stabbed

I was at the police station trying to help out my friends who were arrested when you were rescued
from my house. I headed to the DSS office with some police officers later that same evening and I
spent almost all night there. Moreover do you think I’m capable of attacking a guy like him on my
own?’’ he breathed and turned to face me again. I shrugged.
‘’I really don’t know what to believe but I guess I will have to wait for Vivian to return and tell her
side of the story. Thank God she survived’’ I added with a smile but my words only got him angrier.
‘’why are you acting as if you are doing me one huge favor by marrying me?. Our marriage will
benefit both of us and not only me.

Moreover the only way your dad is going to win his next
election, the only way he is going to remain relevant in politics is if you marry me. If not he’s going
down with a whole lot of corruption cases on his He needs the support of my family. And if
you don’t know, my family controls a big part of the state resources and equally has the financial
power to influence the party delegates in every election. Your dad knows that, and even before
becoming the state governor he signed an agreement that he had no way of fulfilling before the
end of this current tenure.

The only sure solution he has right now in order to kick and fight back the opposition building up against him is by forming a stronger alliance with my family through
marriage. All the apology show i pulled off before him in your presence was all a charade to
impress you and your mother. You have to start seeing me as your husband and not as an option.
Moreover I’m very much in love with you and that’s why I’m letting myself to be used and ridiculed.

I have already done a whole lot of regrettable things just to win your heart.
Sometimes happiness is just a choice. We have to take it or give it up. I’m the only man that can
give you stability’’ he breathed, drew close and held me by the waist as I stared into his eyes,
unable to say a word.
Deep in my heart I still felt he was lying even though his outburst sounded very truthful.

Val’s side of the story continues
Seeing Clara that fateful morning brought in a whole lot of old memories but with the way our
conversation ended, I knew I had to push away old memories and move on with my life since she
already made her choice. Jennifer was right all along and somehow I regretted backing away from
her all because of Clara.
All day long, I thought of what next to do with my life and couldn’t really come up with anything.

I equally thought about Vivian and really wished I could see the future.
Early the next day, I took my mother back to the village with a whole lot of gratitude in my heart.
There is nothing as pure and wonderful as the love of a mother. No matter how ugly, bad and poor
you are, her love would still be unshakeable. Mothers are unique.
‘’my son, I really don’t know what’s going on with your love life but try and fix up yourself. No
woman is perfect. You are not getting any younger and I wish I could force you into marrying
Jennifer. That girl made sure you were alright when you were down at the hospital’’ she breathed
when we got to the village. I smiled, hugged her and kissed her goodbye before heading back to
the city.

5:34pm, same day
I was in the process of opening my apartment entrance door, when someone closed in from
behind and covered my eyes. I smiled as the familiar perfume of the stranger hit my nostrils. Of
course the person was no other person than Jenifer.
‘’I never knew I would see you again’’ I smiled as I brought down her hands.
‘’I came to say good bye for the last time. I’m leaving tomorrow’’ she replied as she followed me into my apartment.

‘’I equally was asked to inform you that a decision has been reached over your conduct in the
department. You have been placed on three months suspension without pay and you equally
stand the chance of being transferred to another state at the end of the suspension. You can go to
the department to get your suspension letter whenever you are free’’ she informed me with a frown
while my heart froze. I couldn’t believe it.

‘’this is so unfair’’ I screamed. She drew close and held my hands.
‘’just leave the issue as it is. You can do a lot with your three months break. You can go stay with
your mum. You can travel out of the country. You can equally stay with me at the federal capital
city’’ she breathed with a smile. I dropped my eyes.
‘’Life has taken everything away from me, my job, my Clara’’ I muttered.
‘’no you still have your family. You still have me, though I’m leaving right now’’ she added and
hugged me tightly. I felt like begging her to stay for a while but just couldn’t
To be continued…

The Governor’s Daughter
Episode 36
Val’s side of the story continues
Location : Mbano, (Val’s family house)_
I whistled happily as I inspected my mother’s poultry farm at our backyard.

I really couldn’t
understand the special feeling of happiness I was having that fateful morning. Of course it really
was a miracle that I survived my suspension in the first place and was now on the verge of going
back to the city to report to work.
Somehow I felt the suspension I got was nothing but a miracle in disguise because it gave me the
much dreamt opportunity of spending quality time at home with my dear mother. Yes the two

I spent at home was very much well spent. I recovered my energy, my weight and my life.
I equally was able to turn my mother’s little poultry that housed only native birds into a very big
poultry farm with two paid workers.
Yes at first it really wasn’t easy staying all day long in a very quiet village that had little or no lively
activities to occupy one’s mind. But I soon got used to it and was even able to get Clara and my
past mistakes behind me. I really was lucky to survive it all and I swore never to make another silly mistake over a woman.

I whistled happily as I moved to my attention to the day old chicks we got the previous day. I was
happy with what I saw. I couldn’t help but count the fortune I was going to make out of them in six
months time. I smiled to myself, happy to be a farmer and wishing I could stay a little longer in the
village to make the sales myself. I slowly made my way to the last section of the farm, housing
some native fowls I was growing for cross breeding. I loved experiments and I was hopeful they
were going to give me the result I needed.
‘’Val’’ I heard a soft familiar voice call my name. I froze as I listened again, not really sure of what I
heard the first time.

‘’Val it’s me Clara’’ i heard the second time and turned to see Clara standing just before me. I
couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked very impossible. I couldn’t imagine how she got to my village
house, how she made the journey and who led her to my place. My mind instantly went towards
Charles as I drew back with confusion, wondering what the i.diot was up to by leading her to my
‘’what are you doing here?, who led you here?’’ I asked guardedly. She smiled and shrugged.

‘’I confided to the head of my security that I needed to see once again and she led me here. She’s
also from your community’’ she replied and signaled to her companion who was standing a
distance away. She slowly walked up to her with a smile.
‘’good day Mr. Val. We have met before but I don’t think you still remember’’ the female officer
greeted but she wasn’t my problem. My problem was seeing Clara standing before me uninvited.
‘’so why are you here?, the last time we talked you made it clear that you no longer trusted me.

I hope I’m safe or you came to spoil my suspension which is ending in few weeks?’’ I asked rudely.
‘’come on Val’’ the female office tried to intervene but Clara tapped her hand.
‘’just leave us alone please’’ she softly said to her. She shrugged and headed back to the front of
the compound while Clara and I stood facing each other at the back yard.
‘’so what now”’ I asked her.
‘’I’m getting married to Charles in three weeks time and I’m here to make peace with you and
equally confirm some things from you. Ever since that day I walked out on you, I haven’t been
myself. Please tell me the truth. My depends on it. I need to know if it was Charles that actually
stabbed you and Vivian at your apartment?. I never believed your word back then because I knew you were blinded with rage but right now I’m about making a lifelong commitment and I’m
appealing to you. Tell me the truth, did Charles actually go that far?’’ she appealed solemnly while
I stared at her without showing any sign of sympathy.

Supposing it were two months ago, supposing it was even a month ago, I would have been
touched by her presence but on the contrary I felt nothing. My heart was already locked up in my
late father’s cupboard and perhaps that was the reason I felt no chills, no current, no passion, no
excitement on seeing her beautiful face.
‘’the only answer I have right now is for you to wait and talk to your cousin Vivian. She survived,
didn’t she?’’ I asked with a scornful smile, surprising her with my nonchalant attitude. She just
couldn’t believe herself.
‘’Val I came all the way down here to seek you and this attitude is what I get?’’ she stammered
while I scoffed.

‘’no you came here to tell me that you are getting married. Congrats on that but also know that you
are no longer my problem. In the next two weeks my suspension will be over and I will start all
over again. You made a mistake coming here. I have nothing to tell you over the answer you seek.

As you can see I’m busy with my fowls and you just interrupted me. Good bye Clara’’ I said coldly,
turned and faced my fowls, whistling to them as I resumed what I was doing before she walked in.
she stood for a while before walking away without another word.
Did I act right?

Meanwhile at that same moment, Vivian is seen with her mother, her brother and doctor Chinedu
heading out of Murtala Muhammed international airport. Vivian looks super excited to be back in
Nigeria, while a distance away, an immigration officer is seen dialing Charles number
To be continued….

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