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Governor’s Daughter: 21, 22

Governor’s Daughter: 21, 22

CLARA (The Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 21
Clara’s side of the story continues
‘’you should learn to start acting like my wife dear. My love for you is greater than anything on
earth’’ Charles breathed as he kissed my cheek, his hands slowly going for my br.east. I quickly
changed position, blocking his efforts.
‘’how do you plan to get away with this? How do you explain to my family assuming I succumb to
your demand?’’ I softly asked curiously while he drew back and smiled.

‘’leave that for me, in due time things will unfold the way you never imagined my dear. All I need
now is your love, presence and attention’’ he breathed softly.
I stared at him in great disbelief. I never imagined he would go that far just to have me. Of course
his actions were extremely disgusting and I couldn’t help but regret having a silly idea of making
up with him the night I fought with val. Yes I had regretted treating Charles badly but I never knew
he was this desperate and dangerous.
‘’God help me’’ I prayed and closed my eyes as he drew closer to me very eager to continue with
his love play. I needed no telling that he was ready to have me there and then. He was ready to
rap.e me. He was ready to forcefully take what he had always claimed to be his. He was very
eager to take what had been denied him all along. I knew fighting or resisting was going to be
pointless but I was very ready not to give in easily. I was ready to fight to the last.

‘’please I beg of you don’t do this to me. Don’t use force on me. Don’t hurt me. Let me go’’ I
begged desperately. He stopped for some seconds and stared at me.
‘’come on, I’m not going to hurt you. All I want is to make you love me. I want you to be the mother
of my kids. I want us to have a great family. Our kids will never lack anything. Who knows in the
next twenty years I could be the state governor. We have a lot to gain together my love’’ he
proposed while I dropped my eyes in desperation. It was pointless begging him. His mind was
already made up and there was nothing I could do but to take everything painfully.
‘’I really don’t know why you chose that lowlife over me. The idiot has no money, no name,
nothing. Till now I still can’t believe you ruined my birthday celebration because of him’’ he
muttered and unbuckled his belt. I closed my eyes with great pain. I was about being r.aped, there
wasn’t any doubt about it. I could only fight to delay him for few minutes. My fate was inevitable

But then out of nowhere came a loud thud that sounded right outside the room door as if someone
fell on the door or was watching us. Charles quickly sprang up from the bed and headed to the
door while I followed him with my eyes. As soon as he opened the door I instantly caught a
glimpse of a man lying face first on the floor. I couldn’t take a proper look at him because
Charles’s big body was blocking my view but deep down I felt the man lying right there was no
other person than Val , a discovery that left me totally alarmed as I screamed.

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode
After building up my morale, I left one of my phones in the car, put the second one in my pocket,
checked my service pistol, alighted from the car, crossed over to the other side of the road and
headed to the bush surrounding the back of the building. I was very desperate. I equally was very
scared. Of course I was going into an unknown territory without backup or authorization. I was
simply on my own and anything could happen in there. However the thought of saving Clara was
very stronger than my fears.
I easily scaled the wall, hid at the back of a small building at the backyard and scanned the
compound. The compound was a very large one and I spotted about six men watching over the
property. They weren’t armed and everything about the house looked normal like most houses
owned by rich men. I softly waited for an opportunity to make my next move, which was picking
the best place to search for Clara. I was a trained operative and yes i had a good training on
covert operation even though I was yet to practice it in real life till that very moment.

I was trained
to pick out hostiles in the midst of a friendly crowd. I knew how to pick out odd things in every
given environment. But then everything about this house I was watching looked perfectly okay and
if not that I followed Charles to the place I would have given up.
Suddenly I spotted Charles at the doorway linking the main house from the back yard. I nervously
watched him give instructions to one of the guys watching the house before going back inside. I
instantly made my move and made it into the main building without being seen. You can’t imagine
how loud my heart was pounding this moment. I had to be extremely careful.
I was able to walk through the empty hallway towards the bedrooms without being seen. Slowly I
listened for sounds as I passed through each room. I heard nothing till I got to the last room where
I heard Charles’s voice as he talked to a lady whose voice was softer as she appeared to be

The voice was of course Clara’s, a discovery that left me extremely relieved. I couldn’t
believe everything went very easily for me.
I heaved a sigh of relief and grabbed my phone to send a quick emergency message for backup
but unfortunately I felt a loud thud on the back of my head which instantly immobilized me as I lost
consciousness. I never saw the blow coming. I never knew who hit me.
To be continued

CLARA (The Governor’s Daughter)
Episode 22
Clara’s side of the story continues
Charles shut the door the instant he heard my scream, leaving me all alone to imagine things for
myself. I couldn’t really believe the man I saw lying face first on the floor was Val. It kind of
appeared like a figment of my imagination. I couldn’t understand how he was able to locate the
house in the first place. I was so scared of what Charles would do to him. It was definitely an
opportunity he was craving for.
Yes for him to go extreme just to have me, I believed he was ready to do unimaginable things to
Val to get even.

I knelt down and prayed. I prayed to dear Lord, begging him to touch Charles’s heart, not for my
freedom but for Val’s sake.
After about an hour or so later, Charles’s walked into the room, sweating heavily. I stared at him
suspiciously, wondering why he was sweating heavily.

‘’what have you done?’’ I asked breathlessly. He laughed.
‘’your boyfriend is so stupid. Imagine he walked right into my house without invitation. That guy is
really sick in the head’’ he mused as he sat beside me on the bed. I felt like hitting him but
restrained myself.
‘’what do you plan doing with him?’’ I asked fearfully.
‘’hmmmm I don’t know yet. It all depends on you. If you treat me fine, I will spare his life’’ he
muttered and licked his lips.
‘’how do you plan getting away with all these?. The police are already on you’re’’ I
stammered, trying to frighten him. He laughed.

‘’that’s where you are mistaken my dear. Do you really think I got you here without the help of the
police?. My dear I have everything all figured out and your Val is surely going to pay for turning me
into a monster unless you make me change my mind’’ he added seriously while I held my breath.
It really was obvious he had some bad police officers as friends but unknown to him I was relieved
that he was yet to know that Val was a secret agent. The discovery was a big relief to me and I
very much knew that for Val to make it to the house so easily that his colleagues won’t be far
behind. The only thing I needed to do was to stall him as much as possible for the other agents to
come to my rescue.

‘’fine I will do whatever you wish me to do. Just don’t hurt him. I don’t want you to keep hurting
people. I don’t want you to be a monster. I will be with you if that will stop you from being a
monster’’ I softly appealed to him, reaching for his hand as well. He drew back with surprise, like
someone not too sure of himself. I kind of felt I made him suspicious with my composure.
‘’are you really doing this out of the love you have for him?’’ he asked to my surprise.

‘’no I’m not doing it for him. I’m doing it for you, for your family. You are following a dangerous path
that will harm you in the end. I will do anything to prevent that from happening, including being with
you’’ I breathed, shaking him with my words. He quickly snatched his hand from my grasp and left
the room without another word. There was no doubt I got him shaken up with my words. Of course
I never meant any of them; all I was doing was to stall him from doing anything silly.

Val’s side of the story continues
I woke up with a jolt as I felt the effects of cold water all over me. I noticed a huge guy grinning at
me as he dropped an empty bucket on the wet floor. I was tied like a war prisoner who was about
to be tortured. My two hands and legs were stretched out and tied firmly to iron poles. I couldn’t
imagine how long I was out. Taking a quick look around me, I noticed that I was held in a
basement perhaps an underground basement.

I quick blow on my face soon brought back my attention to the huge guy. There wasn’t any doubt
he was enjoying every bit of my pains.
‘’I guess he’s now ready to talk’’ I heard Charles’s voice say from behind as he slowly walked
towards me with a deep smile of satisfaction.
‘’you know I was having a difficult time with Clara until you stupidly showed up. Now she has
accepted to be mine on the condition I let you go. But you and I know that’s not going to happen.
You are not getting out of here alive unless you tell me how you got here in the first place and who
else knows that you are here’’ he asked softly.

‘’I simply followed you from the city. I knew all along that you got Clara kidnapped. It was very
easy to figure out and it equally was extremely easy to tail you’’ I answered with a short smile
which left him frowning. A quick blow on my face soon showed me how pissed off he was.
‘’god knows I will torture you till you pass out over and over. I will sure make you regret ever
coming between Clara and I’’ he threatened.

‘’how do you plan getting away with all these?. I guess you haven’t thought about that?, or are you
going to keep Clara here forever?’’ I asked as I spat out blood from my mouth, spitting on him.
‘’maybe you are the scapegoat I need to get away with this’’ he replied with a smile as he landed
three heavy blows on my nose. I passed out again.

Meanwhile at the office of the state director DSS; agent Jenifer is seen trying Val’s number for the
tenth time with no success. The state director and agent mike are also seen frowning. The
atmosphere in the room looked tense and it’s very difficult to figure out what’s going through their
To be continued…

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  1. Val shouldn’t have made this mistake of tailing Charles alone without a backup. Anyways I pray he comes out of this whole mess alive.

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