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EPISODE THREE(Penultimate)
Jimmy got close to me because he was paid to do so but I wasn’t suspicious. Linda had trailed
me all over the village to know I was always at the palm wine joint. So she paid Jimmy to be
patronising the same joint in order to make me his friend so she could carry out her evil plans.

Every time he came to the joint, he had a mission to get me for Linda. It’s true, my people says
“whatever a man loves to eat is what they will poison him with.” I was never a drunk until my
life became miserable. The palm wine was to make me forget my sorrow temporarily but
drinking became an addiction.
That night, I was so heavily drunk that I couldn’t walk back home. I was vomiting and stooling at
the same time. Jimmy and some good Samaritan led me back to the house. That night was the
night it happened. I was hypnotized so Linda could rape me. It was well planned by Jimmy and
Linda. A local sleeping medicine was added to my drink that night that made me totally out of
my body. I slept for over 50 hours before I could regain myself but it was already too late.

The deed had been done. My seed had been stolen. This was how I got Linda pregnant.
This revelation was made known to me by one of Jimmy and Linda’s accomplice. He was angry
because the agreement made with him was bridged. Part of the agreement was that Linda will
have a round of sex with each of them after she must have finished raping me. After she was
done with Jimmy the plan changed and he was offered money instead of sex. He insisted the
agreement must be honoured or else he will expose all their schemes. They never took him
serious. Now that it was obvious I impregnated Linda the plan for the traditional wedding could
not be stopped. As at this time, Jimmy was no more in the village. He had moved to another
place. I didn’t bother to take up the matter because of the stigma I will attract to myself. Imagine
the first time we came to the village like one royal family. And how things had turned to the
contrary for me.

Linda’s bride price was paid and she moved in with me in our family house in the village. Our
family house in the village is a large compound with no single soul living there but me. Another
page of my life just started. Living with a woman I never loved. The money dad dropped for us
finished in one week. I started going to farm with some of my friends to make ends meet. I have
to feed my pregnant wife and myself. I have never farmed before but I have to learn it this time.

An engineer turned farmer. I begged uncle to let us continue work on the site but he kept
complaining he had no money to continue. Then I became a definition and case study of
suffering. My dreams and aspirations were buried at the graveyard of unwanted marriage. Some
days, I could go from morning till night without eating. So, I started living together with Linda as
husband and wife. I didn’t touch her until she gave birth. She didn’t bother too after making
attempts twice to make me perform my conjugal duty towards her.
She gave birth to a baby boy and the story continue..

After Linda put to bed I began to discover many things about her. I made up my mind to accept
her as my wife knowing what God says in His word about marriage. We started living as
husband and wife but I was never happy for one day. Her understanding about life was grossly
shallow. I have to teach her everything. Linda also bed wet, she eats like a donkey. Her table
manner was disgusting. Making love to her was always a nightmare because two days after the
act, the odour can still be perceived everywhere in the house. She doesn’t pray nor go to church.

When she menstruates she could keep her menstrual pants for days. I have to beg her before she
will reluctantly wash them. Sometimes I do the washing myself to save us from choking with
offensive odour. Words will fail me to describe how local and unteachable Linda was.
I came back from farm one fateful day and realised everywhere was oozing out with an odour
like that of a decayed egg. What’s smelling? I asked in anger. She doesn’t seem to be perceiving
the odour. I began to search everywhere in the house to discover where the offensive odour was
coming from, then I found a black polythene bag wrapped with strange threads.

The sight was horrific hence I couldn’t touch it. What is this? I asked Linda. She came close to peep. When she
realised it was the content of the polythene bag I was asking for, she hissed and went back to
what she was doing. Unknown to me, my wife had been visiting native doctors. It was charm that
was in the bag.
Linda made my life hell on earth. She became a terror and a thorn in my flesh. When our son
started walking, Linda became wild as she began to keep late nights. I dare not challenge her
why she left our son to only God knows where? She could come outside the compound to shout
and call me names. She knows how much such attitudes embarrasses me but that became her tool
to cage me. Linda started following her old boyfriends from other villages. She was jumping
from one man to the other and when I reported her to her mother, she made light of it.

Twice I had treated gonorrhea because of my wife’s infidelity. I became an object of mockery in
the village because of my wife’s promiscuity. Linda was shameless despite the fact that she had
been disgraced several times for sleeping with other women’s husbands. Whenever I tried to talk
to my wife, she would go crazy. I realised I had become afraid of Linda so much that I couldn’t
correct her for any wrongdoing.

I knew I had been bewitched but I couldn’t do anything about it. I became the wife while Linda
became the husband. Whenever she was angry, she could harm you with any dangerous thing
around. She had thrown kitchen knife at me thrice in anger. The last one almost hit me on my left
eye but for my swiftness. Something happened to our son that led to many revelations.

Junior was sick and was almost dying. From our local health centre, we were referred to General
hospital at the state capital for further diagnosis and treatment. Series of tests were conducted on
him but the results were not different from the previous ones. The senior paediatric doctor only
visit on Thursdays to attend to critical cases. We had to wait for two more days to be able to see
him. When he came, he didn’t waste much time before he diagnosed junior to be a sickle cell

I was shocked to my bone on hearing this because I am AA. We were asked to get his father to donate two pints of blood to save his life. I was whisked to the laboratory and tests were
reconducted on me but they weren’t satisfied I could donate blood for him.
This latest discovery generated a lot of questions on my mind. How can junior be SS when I’m
AA? Why can’t I donate blood for my own son? What is going on? Due to Linda’s illiteracy, she
didn’t give all these any second thought. All she was interested in was how her son would get
well. I went into the ward, carried junior and starred at his eyes for a long time. As I looked at
him dying, something kept ringing in my mind, “he is not your son”. I tried to wave those
thoughts away but they sounded louder. How on earth would I be able to prove my thought?
DNA test comes at a huge cost. Where would a local farmer like me get such amount of money?

Even junior’s hospital bill, it took me some begging before I could pay 50%.
We spent another two days in the hospital and junior got better and we were discharged. But I
made up my mind I would go for a DNA test at all cost. I began to save money little by little but
I was never able to raise any amount close to doing a DNA test. I decided to travel to the city
with my little savings. I met dad and my uncle and insisted I wanted a DNA test.

The way I sounded made my dad and uncle to consider my request. In three weeks my uncle raised the
money for the DNA test and I returned back to the village.
It was easy to get Linda to agree for the test because I only told her junior needed more treatment
that will make him better. The following day we headed to Abuja for the test. I insisted we go
with one of her brothers who is a bit enlightened so he could see everything as it would unfold.

The crowd was much when we got to the facility where we were to conduct that test so we had to
travel back to the village without the result. We couldn’t stay further because of fear of incurring
more expenses. In two days we were called upon to pick up the test result. This time I went with
Linda’s brother alone to get the result.

We got the test result and I begged the doctor to explain the result and it’s implication for us. The
test is negative, meaning you are not the biological father of Ojonugwa Junior. I looked at
Linda’s brother, he looked at me too and our eyes communicated disappointment. We took the
result and left for the village. I had been able to get a small phone that could make and receive
calls. On the way, I sent a text to Becky “I am not the biological father of junior”. She called me
back immediately. When I picked, I couldn’t talk because of Linda’s brother beside me. Becky,

I will talk to you when I get home, so we hung up. As soon as I got home, I called dad and uncle to
inform them of the development. They both didn’t sound happy but I don’t want to know their
feelings now. All I was happy for was that I have been vindicated at last.
When we got home, the anger in Linda’s brother was fierce and hot. He took the whole thing
personally as he began to beat up his sister. “You have disgraced our family”, “my father in the
grave will never forgive you” he ranted at her while she looked confused. No one had explained
to her that the DNA test shows I am not the father of her son. He ordered her to remove all her
belongings in my house because she is going with him immediately. Some neighbours gathered
and begged him to involve the elders in their family before taking her back home. At this
juncture she understood it had been discovered I was not responsible for the pregnancy that
produced junior.

Her countenance changed, her tears dropped uncontrollably. The love I had for
junior disappeared to thin air in a twinkle of an eye. I suddenly detest the child who was my
consolation. I had been betrayed, bewitched and cheated by an illiterate.
How come she played smart on me with all my education? I blamed myself for everything that
had happened to me. This is the time I need to return to God. I have left him like the prodigal
son, I will return back to him. The cockroach in the soup had been discovered. I need a new life.
I must be out of this bondage my stupidity had brought me into. The development made Linda
sick and she couldn’t eat for three days.

A meeting was arranged between both families a week
later to address the latest development. In the meeting, it was agreed the bride price we paid on
her will be returned back to us. She will also leave my house with her son. When they asked her
to tell the meeting who was responsible for her pregnancy that produced junior she couldn’t talk.

She later made a confession that she never raped me that night. Jimmy had been having affair
with Linda before I came into the picture, even though they were not dating. Jimmy was the one
responsible for Linda’s pregnancy and not me. That was why he ran out of the village because he
knew one day the truth would be revealed. This incident ended my stay in the village. I followed
dad back to the city and there was a reunion again. My coming back from the village made
Becky so happy. It was difficult to forgive mum but I did it. I went in search of Ronke but she
was nowhere to be found. What happened between us broke her so much that she had to return
back to the UK.

I still loved Ronke but she was nowhere to be found.
I began to attend church again. I bounced back as a Christian. My pastor encouraged me to get a
wife to fasten the healing of my heart but I was not interested in any woman now. I knew I
needed a break. This time I cannot afford to make another mistake.

We had a three day marriage seminar in our church for the singles and the married. A guest
speaker was brought to address marital challenges in Christian homes. By the time he was done I
had many unanswered questions on my mind. While he was teaching, he spoke about divorce
and remarriage and he proved I can’t remarry while Linda is still alive. I booked to see him for
personal counseling after the program and he still maintained his stand. I’d rather stay unmarried
than go back to Linda, I said to myself. This was really hard on me but I never wanted to disobey
God this time.

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