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So you brought me here to your people to humiliate me? I knew something wasn’t right when you
insisted I must follow you to go and see your parent a day after you proposed to me. I should have
followed my instincts, I shouldn’t have succumbed to your selfish pressure. But what have you achieved
now? I could imagine what Ronke was going through. Please forgive me, I will make it up to you, I knelt
down to beg her.

I traveled to the village three days after mum embarrassed me to continue my uncle’s work. It was a way
to avoid mum and overcome the pain of what she did to me. My love for mum began to grow sour. Two
days after I got to the village I saw Linda in the village. I never for once looked at her. Even if I’m drunk,

and they brought Linda naked before me, my drunkenness will clear off immediately. I didn’t leave any
stone unturned this time because I knew she was back to the village because I was there. She started
trailing me everywhere I went but she has no effrontery to come close to me. If not that I am a Christian, I
would have arranged for her elimination.

My phone rang, it was Ronke on the line. I will like us to go our separate ways. I am no longer interested
in this relationship. I tried to overlook what happened that day at your family house but I couldn’t. Your
mother does not like me even when she has not known me.

How on earth will I be happy in a marriage
my supposed mother in-law hates me. With this level of hatred, I am sure I have no future with you and I
want to move on. As a lady, time is not on my side. As you know, I am already above thirty. Thanks for
the love you have shown me while we were together. I love Becky and daddy. Good night.

She never allowed me to respond before hanging up. I tried several times to call her back but she will not pick my
After three months I couldn’t get Ronke back. I tried all my best to make her come back to me but all to no
avail. I was really devastated by the happenings around me. This began to affect my job adversely. I tried not
to extend my emotional trauma to my job but I couldn’t achieve that. I needed to work hard to be confirmed
as a permanent staff but the events around me wouldn’t allow me achieve my target.

Ronke moved on with her life while I wallowed in the dilemma of my mum’s decision.
I eventually lost my job because of my inability to manage my personal crisis. I concentrated on uncle’s
work and that made me spend more time in the village than in the city. I lost my strength to pray and to
study the word of God. Nothing about God interests me anymore.

No strong Christian body or individual
to encourage me to stand in the Lord in the village. I started visiting palm wine joint in the village just to
relax after work. I met Jimmy at the the village palm wine joint and we became close. He started visiting
and we became good friends.

The irony of my life started when Linda was discovered to be pregnant. Of course you must be
wondering what makes Linda’s pregnancy ironical about my life. Who was responsible for her pregnancy
is the riddle in my story that needed to be unravelled.
You want to know who is responsible for Linda’s pregnancy and how that has to do with me?

My dad summoned me to the city for an emergency meeting. What could have gone wrong? Why is dad
desperate about this meeting? I left site and went back to the city to honour dad’s invitation. After I lost
my job, I had no option than to move back to my family house in the city. I arrived the city so late
because our vehicle broke down on the way. When I arrived, the meeting could not hold because it was
really late.

The following morning before I could get up from bed, everyone was ready for the meeting. Becky was sent to
invite me to the meeting. When I got to the sitting room, my dad, mum, my uncle, Becky and Linda were
already seated. I sat on the couch right in front of my uncle. Good morning everyone, dad greeted.

There was a chorused answer from all of us seated. I looked at everyone’s eyes and I could deduce the meeting was about
me. Except for Becky who looked innocent and unaware of the subject of the meeting. Dad pointed at Linda.
My daughter, can you repeat all you told us yesterday? She stood up and was shivering and looking at our eyes
one after the other. Dad encouraged her, Linda speak up. I am pregnant, she said and bursted into tears.

My uncle raised his voice at her. Who is responsible for your pregnancy? She pointed at me and myself and Becky
screamed simultaneously in surprise. There was a moment of silence for some minutes when uncle asked me
to respond to the allegation. Of course, what would I say.

A lady I detest with utmost passion. I have never looked at her lustfully before, then how on earth will I even think of having an affair with her? Even though
mum had polished her a bit but she isn’t just appealing to me. I saw it ridiculous to start saying I know
nothing about her pregnancy yet I wouldn’t take responsibility for what I know nothing about.

I walked out of the meeting without saying a word. I had wished to say something but the words were scarce.
I opened my mouth but nothing came out of it. The following morning I took my bag and left for the village
without informing anyone. I tried not to let Linda’s drama bother me but I lost my peace.

I tried severally to
tell myself not to worry about the allegation but I couldn’t control the emotions. The village palm wine joint
and Jimmy became my consolation. Everyday I drank myself to stupor just to erase the thought of Linda and
her alleged pregnancy. Uncle stopped sending money for the project so I became stranded in the village.

Because of my regular patronage, I built a relationship with madam Rita, the palm wine seller. She kept giving
me palm wine on credit while I was broke. Sometimes I had spent all day at the joint since nothing was
happening in the site again. This was how I became a village man.

My world became dark and empty. Jimmy had left me since I was broke. My parents thought I was
responsible for Linda’s pregnancy. Becky tried to reach me but I gave her no audience. To make my world
more mysterious, I lost my phone. When suffering rewrote my name, I decided to reach Becky, I thought
I knew her number off heart but I must have missed one of the digits. Anytime I called I hear the voice of
a man who will always tell me “this is a wrong number”.

But who is actually responsible for Linda’s pregnancy?

Dad and mum came to the village when Linda’s pregnancy was three months. Since you haven’t
denied Linda’s pregnancy, it means you are responsible, dad said. Our tradition here demands we
pay her bride price before she puts to bed. She must also put to bed in our house. It’s an
abomination to put to bed in her father’s house. We have concluded arrangements with her family
that we will be meeting them tomorrow to discuss the bride rites. I tried to say something but like
the other time a force held my mouth from saying anything.

But who have I offended? What have I done wrong? Why are all these happening to me? Where
is the God I served all these years? I lost the love of my life, I lost my job, I lost my salvation, I
am losing my mind and I’m about to become a husband of a woman I hate and a father of a child
I know nothing about. Who will save me from this unwritten drama script that is playing out in
my life, episode by episode?

A graduate of civil engineering with a masters degree in architecture is now a village palm wine
drunkard. My story will teach a lot of young men out there self-dependence after graduation and
why God told Abraham to leave his father’s house to start a home of his own. My major mistake
in life was my attachment to my parents even after school. I have no business living under my
father’s roof again after I graduated from school and was posted to Asaba.

I had many opportunities to get a job there but I insisted I must return home. When I got a contract job with
Boldile limited with accommodation, I should have moved out of my father’s house but I took
that for granted and, see where it has landed me.

My mum who used to be my best friend suddenly turned my enemy. We hardly talk with mum
again. All the Christian values she thought us made me think otherwise seeing the role she
played in my woes. Her body language and disposition during all these my troubles betrayed her
profession of a good Christian life. For the first time I prayed to God to show me mercy and give
me the strength to deny the allegation against me. I was able to tell my dad I wasn’t responsible
for Linda’s pregnancy. My dad hardly doubt me but he was not sure if I was saying the truth this

Especially now that I have turned drunk. I requested we wait and allow the baby to be born
so we can do a DNA test but no one ever took me serious. Who will take a drunkard serious?
This time I needed Becky desperately, she will understand me better. But I don’t even have a

I planned to pick her number from dad’s phone anytime I have access to it. As for going
to see Linda’s family tomorrow, that was a no going back.
Who impregnated Linda and how it all happened will be revealed in the next episode….
To be Continue brought it to

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