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EPISODE FOUR(Final Episode)
I rather stay unmarried than return back to Linda. I made up my mind to serve God with or
without marriage. I wouldn’t want anything that would distract me this time. I began to follow
Engr.Thomas to his sites just to get some money for myself. Engr. Thomas was a big time

contractor with connection everywhere, both home and abroad. He didn’t employ me but he will
always invite me to join his engineers anytime they have any project. He began to love my job
because of my combined experience in civil engineering and architecture.
(My story should be able to encourage those whose lives are upside down now that God can turn
every situation around for good.)

Thomas got a six month contract with a Chinese company based in the UK and he selected
me as one of his team of engineers. In two weeks, my passport and visa were ready. When God
wants to favour a man, everything works together for him. At the embassy, the consular didn’t
check my documents. I saw God at work.
On the 16th of February as we were getting in for a conference organised by the Nigerian
Ministry of Information for Nigerians in diaspora, I saw Ronke walking in, on a blue jean and
white T-shirt. I couldn’t believe my eyes but it was true. Ronke was here right before me after
years of separation. I walked up to her and she was surprised to see me in the UK. We hugged
passionately right in the sight of other participants. I quickly checked her fingers and she smiled.

Ronke is yet to be married. I was overwhelmed with joy but I suddenly remembered I can’t
remarry while Linda is still alive.
I prayed to God never to allow me miss this opportunity again. I was in a state of dilemma when
my phone beeped. It was a text message from Becky, “brother, Linda is dead”. I had mixed
feelings but it sounded like a good news even though it is not right to rejoice over the death of
another person. I called Becky immediately to hear the full gist. Linda died of HIV/AIDS.

The good news suddenly turned bad news. I exchanged contacts and addresses with Ronke but I
never waited to finish the conference because of the news of the cause of Linda’s death. I rushed
into the nearest health centre to carry out a HIV test.
The result was negative, praise God! I reconciled with Ronke and life returned back to me again.
Thanks to Engr. Thomas whom God used to bring me to the UK to realign me back to my love. I
got wedded with Ronke and one month later, I joined her in the UK. We are now happily married
with two wonderful kids. God is faithful.
Are you trying to give up? Is your life messed up?

Are you in a web of life? I challenge you to wait on God today. If he did it for me, he will do it for you. I pray God who showed me mercy
and realigned me back to the track will visit you.
Thanks for reading!

*The End!*
©A Adeoye

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