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From Femi Falana, Yemi Osinbajo. Babatunde Fowler, Adam Oshiomole to Ibrahim Magu among many others that are perceived to have connections with Asiwaju Tinubu, the proximity seems to be a liability.

As a good steward to the former Assistant Inspector General of Police turned traditional ruler, Riliwan Akilou Oba of of Lagos,  Magu had found favour with the Jaggaban of Borgu,, former Governor of Lagos State and the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who was as an “influenza” in the early days of the Mohammadu Buhari administration, had nominated him as the Chairman.

But the Senate led by Dr. Bukola Saraki who had always harboured contempt for the “Lagos Boys” of Bourdilon Axis and had refused to show respect to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, referring to him as “ordinary Commissioner,” refused to entertain anything that has any faintest aroma of Tinubu.

He would not allow the Senate to approve Magu for the Chairmanship of the EFCC. So, Magu remained acting.

Meanwhile, the Cabal in Aso Rock whose public face was late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari had lived in mortal fear of Asíwáju  whose ambition to be President and its morbidity was well known. As a result, VP Osinbajo’s every step was watched with an eagle eye. His loyalty to the Jaggaban made him a prime candidate for suspicion.

He was reported to have been repeatedly locked out of security meetings among others. He was repeatedly humiliated. He was incessantly demeaned, degraded and disgraced.

Osinbajo who had fired Mr. Lawal Daura as the Director of the State Security Service over the invasion of the National Assembly, The Cabal had moved against him for this act.

Meanwhile, Lawal Daura had investigated Magu and sent damaging reports about him to the Bukola Saraki led Senate. The Cabal didn’t want Magu because of Tinubu. Saraki did not want Magu because of Tinubu. So he, Saraki, refused to confirm Magu as Chairman of EFCC. The Daura’s DSS’ report was a valid ground relied on to deny Magu.

On this, the Cabal who considered Saraki as a stubborn migraine to the Presidency were united.

Babajide Kola-otitoju writes :

I want Magu to get Justice, but I can’t predict he would get justice.

His house in Karu, Abuja has been searched, with his wife following them from room to room to ensure nothing incriminating was planted and they found nothing.

On that 7-man panel, the Attorney-General has two reps, one for the Justice ministry and the other for the office of the AGF.
The NFIU and the DSS do not like Magu and they have a rep each on the panel.

Remember the nasty letter of indictment which the DSS wrote. That is 4- 3 already, minus the police.
The police rep won’t support Magu because the IG reportedly once accused him of not attending police meetings.

The police have even detained him without an order of the court and up till now, against the provisions of the law, he has not been bailed. That’s 5-2.

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