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By Amah’s Heart

EPISODE 16 (final)

Santi stepped in to say.

“I wish you had more time to spare, we could have had many more things to talk about. I also do appreciate you Miwa, you are a nice woman. Not many of us have such a loving, forgiving and enduring spirit. I don’t know how to be patient like you and forgive but I’m beginning to learn. If we must be united and be a one family then we should be ready to tolerate, love and over looks wrongs. After my second miscarriage early this year,

I have learn to appreciate things better and thank God for the people in my life. You are a good woman and I can’t even compete with you on that. I thought I can have all it all but your good heart keep paving ways for you. I’m sorry for all the pain and tears I caused you. I wish I can go back in times and right every wrongs…. thank you Miwa for everything. You deserve my respect and honor..”

I smile with several nod. They waited until I entered my car and waved me good bye. I watch them from my review mirror as I drive out of the place. Ladi said something to Miwa and she nodded respectfully before they went to their separate shops.

After two months, Ladi transferred back the money he borrowed from me and he added a huge percentage to it even though I never asked.

Six months later he started paying for the children’s fees by transferring money to my account every month. Both for fees and for upkeep. He comes around with both food stuffs and other items for me and the children.

Santi visited one day with Ladi, She said she has conceived again and she is praying that this baby will stay. I also wished her the best. She said I should place a hand on her stomach and pray for her. I thought it was a joke but she was very serious. She asked me to place my hands on her stomach because she believes that if I do so the baby will stay and there won’t be any more miscarriage. She pleaded seriously.

I did as she said. I prayed for her with all sincerity so that she won’t suffer another miscarriage. She was grateful and thanked me after I was done praying. The pregnancy stayed and she gave birth to a baby boy. I went over with my children for my steps son’s naming ceremony.

Danladi shuttled between my place and Santi’s. He said he was saving up money to buy back our formal home. And he will definitely do that. I and Santi gave him our support in cash and kind. Within four years he bought back the house that was worth far more than it was sold.

Ladi said I should move back to the big house even Santi urged me but I declined because it will remind me of many sad things I have forgotten. That house holds a lot of good and bad memory for me. I can only visit, the kids can also visit their father but not moving back in.

I was secretly putting my own building together but did not let anyone to know about it. it took me three years for me to finally complete the building. I invited Ladi and Santi for the opening of my house. They marveled at what I was able to put together. They were surprise. I packed and moved to my new home with my children.

I still think about how I have to share my husband with Santi and wish things were different. I still think of how I have to abort my baby at Ladi’s command while Santi gets to keep hers. That too makes me sad.

I still think of how I abandoned my matrimonial home and moved to a rented apartment with my kids, takes over the huge fees and had to work extra hard for the first three years of moving out. I think about how it started and how life took another route for me.

In all of this I have come not to depend on my pain or dwell in self-pity. I picked up the pieces of my heart and moved fast ahead. I was able to give a full support to my husband and Santi when needed. My heart is pure towards everyone and as God has blessed me with so much, I have decided not to ever allow anything to make me sad.

I still thank God I was not depending on Ladi for every penny, I was hardworking, I had sleepless night and I still have days I cry silently but my blessing is far more than my pain.

My 22nd wedding anniversary came, Ladi said we are going to make it big and grand. And it was indeed a huge and successful party. Santi was there to help out in every way necessary. She was not the bitter, disrespectful, rude Santi anymore. The children too were all around as I and Ladi celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Salami was around, she still have not been able to trust Ladi. She said I should be very careful with all his sudden love and kindness towards me.

I spent a week over at my former home with Ladi, Santi and the children before returning to mine. Ladi wanted me to spend more days but I just have to go.

He visit three or four times in a week and was always around for our children fun fair or graduation, taking up his fatherly role at every needed time. Ladi has come to love and cherished me far more than he ever did before but my love for him is not what it used to be and no matter how hard I try to make it come back is still not the same.
While his love for me increases mine grows cold. I cherish and respect him as my husband.

Indeed things has changed and I try to adapt to every change that comes my way. I love my children and I’m focus building them to be great in life. The love I had for Ladi before was undiluted and I almost died when I found out about his betrayal. Yes, it was hard for me to admit and live with it all but eventually I did.

Ladi buys me gift and send me money whenever he makes profits. I help him save the money and give it to him when he needs it to buy more product.

I don’t want Santi to feel less love or complain that Ladi was beginning to give me far more attention. I Told Ladi to always buy two gifts anytime he wants to buy a gift or anything for me. It has to be two. One for me and one for Santi. Even if he has to buy more for Santi I really do not care and will never feel bad about it.I’m used to sharing my husband and whatever comes with it.

Ladi tries to argue over that but he later agreed to do as I said. Ladi has two children from Santi and three from me and he was working so hard to provide for everyone as I also join hand with him in supervising his business and helping him to save money.

Ladi trust me with his life and I never try to betray or keep some of his money until he ask me to do so. What belongs to him will always be his and what is mine remains mine.

Life got the best of me but I did not allow it to break me, I was able to pull out and wins all my battle with my heads up.

It sound like a story until it happens to me, I still wish for many old days but that is foolishness because I know there are better days ahead.

Not All stories end in happiness. most times life doesn’t end in happily ever after.

This is a story of patience, resilience, faith and love. And is a message to all married women out there. Forget about the part of LadI and his second wife.

*Lesson for every woman:*
Never cease to pray for ur marriage especially if ur home is a happy one, satan hates to see husbands and wives living happily together.
Pls mummys let’s find something doing. We should not depend on men, we should be hard working, Even if mistress does not surface, what if the husband’s business suffers? How are we going to support??? Miwa was able to scale through bcos she had a business of her own. The economy of our country does not permit anyone to be lazy, so plsssssssssss, wise

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. I love this story, so much to learn from it. Particularly from Miwa, her not being a lazy woman is really something to learn from, for if she had bn a dependable wife on the husband, the husband wouldn’t even remember her and again her strength brought back the husband back to his feet again and again. My fellow women let’s stay strong n industrious for  future sake.

    Thank Admin for this awesome story. It’s really a reminder to us all (woman or man)

    1. Am happy for miwa , she is every  strong and determine, I learn a lot about miwa story thank you for making us to be strong and understandable. please my follow woman we have  to be do something, stop depending on your husband business  thank you.

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