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Did I ever said my husband was my everything or he was the best among men? I plead to be forgiven maybe I was not in my right senses or even knows who my husband truly was. The man I married was evil hearted and got no conscience, Ladi is an unbelievable human being.

In my widest dream, I can’t believe that my dear lovely husband will turn out to be so evil and cold hearted. Let me say that life happens and I will pull through this no matter how long it takes.

I told him that I have retired from being a servant or a maid. Yes, and I truly meant it. My focus was now centre on my children. Is over two months now that I discovered what Salami has been saying is true, over two months I found out that Ladi has a family outside. I’m moving on gradually and no looking back again.

After he was gone for two weeks, he later came back but hardly spend time at home. He comes late at night and leaves very early in the morning. I owe him nothing and he also understand that fact. I was no more Miwa the submissive wife or the maid. As far as I’m concern I don’t want to care about whatever he chose to do with his life outside the home.

I ordered for more goods and it took a month plus to get to me. I stock up my shop and sales off some to retailers. Business was moving on fine at my end and Ladi has not been caring for the kids like before. I was capable of taking care of my children. I pay their school fees and every expenses that is necessary.

Within the year I sell off my old car and bought a bigger one. Most days if I can’t drive, I call Zoma the cab young man to take me to wherever I was going. I believe everyone was living their life but no matter how I try to appear fine to the public eye I still cry heavily in my room. I don’t share a room anymore with Ladi. I moved to another bedroom. I was not as strong as I appear, I was not as happy as I show off. Salami cheer at me for breezing up. she doesn’t understand the bucket of tears I cry whenever I’m alone.

One day Ladi came back home with his mistress and the baby. I was not around but my kids were home. I was in my shop when they came with luggages. My first son has a phone which he uses to reach me. when he called me that afternoon to inform me that his Dad was home with a woman and a baby. I have to leave my shop in the care of my staffs. Salami was around that day and said she was coming with me.

We drove back home and my son was right. I saw the lady relaxing in the sitting room with Ladi. She was lying down and used Ladi’s body as a pillow while they watch television and chew chicken laps and drink wine right in the sitting room. my kids were sent off to their rooms

Immediately I came in, I charged towards Ladi first.

“What is the meaning of this Danladi?
I asked fuming angrily. Salami was trying to calm me down but I was about to loose it all. The Lady did not bother standing up from Ladi’s body. She acted like I was invisible.

Ladi tapped her to sit up and she gave an annoying sigh before sitting up properly. As Ladi was about to talk, his mistress interrupted and she began to speak with mocking tone.

“I believe you are Miwa. I’m please to officially meet you again after our first meeting at your shop a year ago. Well, like you already know that I’m Ladi’s wife and I also have a daughter for him. Being a mother to his child and a wife, I felt I needed to be in a bigger and better place.

I don’t want to be separated from my husband’s property and since this is one of his biggest building, I should also have a place here and not out there. So, I’m back home for good. We will all live here together. I can see the house is big enough for everyone. My darling husband told me that you are a school drop out because you got pregnant.

That’s unfortunate for you because you can’t compete with me in anyway. I’m a graduate and I know my right. My husband was supposed to inform you about my home coming maybe you will be kind enough to prepare something for us. I wonder why he did not inform you so that you can cook something for us.

I have always had issue with him being so forgetful. I was so famished when I came in and have to eat the food available in the house. Your son said the food was for them since they are on holiday but I don’t care. Me and my daughter needed to eat something….

I wanted to pounce on her but Salami held me back. Ladi’s mistress was so rude and keep rolling her eyes at me as if I don’t matter at all. I turned to Ladi who was seated unbothered and charged towards him.

“Is this how you really want things to be? Because I’m equally ready for anything you want Ladi. This house was built by me and you. I contributed so much money just like you did so that we will have something big.

How dare you bring in your mistress into my home and she has the gut to eat my children’s food. Now listen to me….if you want peace in this house tell your madam to stay away from anything that smells me or my kids. She should get her own things and fix them in her space. I don’t have issue with her been here all I asked is for both of you to keep your distance from my stuffs.

I will try and tolerate any shit thrown at me but I won’t take any on my kids. Warn her and make sure you harken to the same warning. I don’t look for trouble, please nobody should look for mine. I have accepted my fate but I will not tolerate any insult from you or from her. Caution her arrogance and make sure you sound it well to her hearing. ”

Ladi started talking.
“Miwa, you used to be very accommodating and never troublesome. Please try and accommodate Santi because she mean no harm to anyone. Let us live as one family and cooperate together. I’m not the first man that married two women. some men even have more than four yet there is peace in their homes.

Miwa, please try and be a peace maker so that this family can work out fine. You have a junior wife now, be nice and accept her. I know you contributed in building this home but this is still my house and has my name on it. Please let us all live as one…I’m begging everyone. and if your friend is advising you wrongly to turn against me or Santi my new wife, is better you avoid Salami before you will start regretting it. this is all I have to say for now…”

Salami couldn’t keep her cool anymore immediately Ladi mentioned her name.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself Mr Danladi? Because shame is catching me on your behalf. How can a man be so wicked and heartless at the same time? After all the sacrifice and everything Miwa, my dear friend did for you.

You have the gut to not only cheat on her, got your mistress pregnant and married her but also bringing her to live under the same roof with Miwa. That’s the highest disrespect of all time. I have not stop feeling bad ever since I discovered the kind of man that you are. Is painful because I encouraged Miwa to respect your wishes by aborting her baby not knowing it will be one of the biggest mistake which she may never forget. I thought you were worth the trouble but you are indeed worthless…”

Ladi stood up angrily, hushing Salami.
“Leave my house and I never want to see your ugly face here ever again. If this is the way you insult your husband don’t you dare try it with me because I won’t tolerate your nonsense. Get out right now…”

His mistress nodded while urging Salami to get out. Salami turned to leave I stopped her and face Ladi.

“Salami is not moving an inch until I decide so. I contributed so much in building this house with you and left it to be in your name because I thought you are worth it but just as Salami said… you are worthless Danladi. The stranger that needs to leave this house is your wide mouth Santi. Ladi you have lost the right to tell me what to do or my visitor. You just fetched an infested firewood, get ready for anything that comes after…”

I walked out on them with salami coming right behind me. I checked on my kids before leaving the house with Salami. I can hear Santi saying something to him but I pretend to care less.

This drama is just the beginning for the entire family. Ladi just invited the bad side that I thought I never had before. Whatever seed a man sow, that is what he will reap during the harvest time.

Ladi have the guts to bring his wide mouth mistress to our home. She even have the nerve to eat the food I left for my kids.

*_To be Continue.._*

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