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*Episode 3*

All through that same day, Susan was in delimma as she was looking for means to get the remaining balance, her father was not helping matters as he called Susan every now or then. All Susan’s effort to get the balance was futile, all her friends and neighbors, she begged for the money, turned her down and some mocked her. Susan felt bad all through that evening.

The next day, Susan was contemplating on paying her husband a visit at his business location, When her phone rang, she received the call immediately she saw that the caller was her father, She received the call anxiously but she got a disheartening news.

“Susan, Your Mother is dead, before I could convince the doctor to start the treatment, it was too late, the doctor at first refused to treat your mother because the money was not complete, before I could convince the doctor to start the treatment, that I will balance up, it was too late, my daughter if you had sent in the complete payment, your mother would still be alive,

I don’t know why you refused to send the balance, this is an act of negligence from your side and it’s not like you don’t have the money, you do, you are the wife of a wealthy man, I don’t know why you couldn’t send the whole 80 thousand at once” Susan’s Father said in a low tone

Susan was already in tears and was mute. She didn’t see any need to explain herself to her father, what is done is done, her mother is dead. After the call, she rolled herself on the floor crying, she couldn’t believe that her sweet mother was died.

“I can’t believe my mother died because I couldn’t provide common 20 thousand naira, oh my God, why my mom? She suffered so much for me and she died because I couldn’t get 20 thousand naira, this is so unfair, heaven knows that i really tried my best yesterday to get the balance but no way, Mom I’m sorry” Susan said in tears.

Few months after, Susan’s mother was buried and Femi threw a befitting burial ceremony but Susan’s Father was still angry with her and her husband. Because he knew his wife would still be alive if her daughter had sent the balance on time. He didn’t value the big burial ceremony Femi, her daughter’s husband threw for his late wife.

After the Funeral, Susan returned to her base with her husband and things returned to the way it was. Susan was still wretched and miserable as ever. She was forced to involve Femi’s family in the matter. She opened up to them and told them how her own mother died because she couldn’t send money to her father on time.

“For over two years now, my husband had refused to give me a dime, not that he doesn’t have, we all know his worth financially, but you won’t believe that I don’t have even one thousand naira in my account, I’m tired of the insults I get from my friends each time I beg them for money, the worst My husband had forbade me from taking up a Job, how will I survive, please ask him what he wants me to do” Susan told Femi’s family members

And Femi flared up, Immediately he responded ” please my people, ask her if she is hungry or naked, this woman is ungrateful, she claims that I don’t do anything for her but I’m the one who threw a befitting burial ceremony for her mother, you all were present at the funeral and you saw things for yourself, I spent close to 2 million for that burial, she said her mother died because of common 20 thousand naira, ask her if she told me that her mother was sick, I never knew that her mother was sick”

Femi’s father asked Susan if his son knew that her mother was hospitalized and still refused to give her money. “No, he wasn’t aware because he was not taking my calls…” Susan said but Femi interrupted her immediately.

“Oh daddy you can hear her, this woman is a very dangerous woman, all women are very dangerous, including my mother that’s why she abadoned my father and flew to Europe with her lover with half of my father’s wealth, all susan wants is my money, She is a gold digger, she doesn’t care about me or my happiness” Femi threw in and Susan was speechless, she couldn’t believe Femi could say all that to her after all they have been together as a couple

Susan was in tears and she couldn’t even defend herself, Femi’s family ended up getting confused with the matter but they tried they best to solve the issue but mostly, they took Femi’s side, they left afterwards and promised to visit again for settlement. They urged them to live in peace with each other.

Things grew worst between Femi and Susan as their marriage grew more cold, Femi barely looked at Susan’s face and he did as he pleased.


Episode 4

One cool evening, Susan was thinking about her life, while he r two innocent children played around her. She reminisced on the past, her love story with Femi and of course her sacrifices. She remembered a time, when Femi had an heated issue with his wealthy father, the issue was severe that Femi’s father had disowned him at the time.

Then Susan was pregnant with her first child Augusta. Susan remembered how everything was so hard for them at the time. Femi was a daddy’s boy who depended on his father for everything but when he had issues with his father, life became very tough on them because his father stopped rendering any kind of help towards Femi. They had to move out from a duplex they occupied at the Estate to a one room apartment because Femi couldn’t afford to pay the expensive rent anymore.

At the time, Femi had no job and he had looked for a job but found none, Susan was his source of survival. She sold moimoi(Beans cake) with other snacks with a five months pregnancy and that was how they lived by those years. The rent for the one room they lived together came from there also. They lived from hand to mouth at the time. Susan was the sole provider and breadwinner of the family even with her pregnancy.

From the sale of moimoi(Beans cake) she had carried Femi and her personal needs on her shoulders for the first two years of thier marriage. Susan was in so much pain as she remembered the past.
“How could Femi refer to me as a gold digger in the presence of his family members after all my sacrifices and unconditional love?” she asked herself with tears falling from her eyes.

After Susan had thier first child, still Femi couldn’t cater for her and thier baby. Femi would cry endlessly everyday because of thier situation and it pained Susan constantly that Femi had not been able to play the fatherly role that he was supposed to play in the house. It really made her heart burn at the time. She continued her petty trade shortly after delivery and one day she came across a old friend who introduced a profitable business that changed thier life.

When Susan learnt the business, she borrowed some money from her parents and started the business, and the business blossomed in no time, Susan was so good when it comes to business because that was what she studied in the University,

Susan would go to the business location everyday while Femi stayed at home with thier first child Augusta and silly neighbors would gossip about them but one day she told Femi to take over the business, and things changed totally for Femi as he became self employed, even though Femi has grown the business from one (1) location to three (3) different locations and eventually became a Rich man, Susan was always behind the scenes, giving out good business ideas and advice.

Thanks to the business, Femi’s father reconciled with him when he heard how much his son had progressed without his help. Susan started the business with the 70 thousand naira she borrowed from her parents, in less than 7 years Femi grew the capital to over 50 million. With trust and love, Susan had handed over her business to her husband without looking back,

They were supporting each other all these years untill Femi changed.
He stopped Susan from gaining access to his bank account and tagged her a gold digger simply because he thought his own mother betrayed his father and he thought Susan would do same to him

Poor Susan, she was just tearing up and was lost in thoughts, she didn’t even know when her two children who were running around came closer to her.
“Mummy stop crying, why are you crying?” Her first child Augusta asked innocently.
“Nothing, I’m not crying my child, something got into my eyes” Susan said immediately she noticed her children’s presence.
“Mummy you always cry these days, you don’t pray like you used to, mummy let’s pray” Augusta said calmly.

Susan marvelled at her daughter’s smartness. Susan then realized that ever since Femi changed, she had stopped praying for him and thier family like she used to. That evening, Susan prayed with her children and they fell asleep afterwards.

The next day, Susan started her Moi moi (Beans cake) business again, so she could send money home to her father, who had been constantly ill, ever since Susan’s mother died.
Few weeks later, Susan returned from hawking moimoi( Beans cake) and was counting the money she made through that day’s sales. She was so excited that she made a sum of 19 thousand and she sent the money to her father.

The next day, Susan’s day began with her father’s phone call, The old man had called to thank Susan for the money she had sent to him.

He prayed for Susan.
” You know mr Peter, my good friend, he had taken me in his car to the city, I have been in the city for the past few weeks but I didn’t want to come to your house because of what happened when your late mother was hospitalized, in my heart, I held you responsible for your mother’s death but yesterday Peter and I were coming back from the hospital where I went for my treatment,

when I saw you Hawking beans cake at the bus stop, I called you but you didn’t hear me, I had to come down from Peter’s car to get to you but I lost track of you, at first I didn’t believe my eyes until Peter confirmed that you were the one. My daughter why are you selling beans cake when you are married to a wealthy man? Tell me what’s happening between you and your husband?” Susan’s Father added

Susan burst into tears and she told her father everything that was happening in her marriage and how she had involved Femi’s family and everything got worst instead.
“Father I’m just enduring all these pain because of my children but I needed to fulfill my duty as a daughter that’s why I’m selling beans cake, I don’t want to lose you Dad, the same way I lost mom, that’s why I had put it upon myself to send money to you every now or then for your upkeep, I’m sorry for failing you father, mom would have been alive today, if I had sent the balance” Susan responded and her father consoled her.

“I’m so proud of you my child, May the host of angels watch over you and your family and may Jehovah grant you happiness, your husband would love you and treat you right, you will not suffer, I bless you my child, I will visit you tomorrow” Susan’s Father added before he finally ended the call.

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