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Episode 7

Susan had not gotten used to the village, everyday Susan felt like a bird bedraggled in the rain. As she always cried in her dejectedness, her children always held her and gently rubbed thier hands on her cheek to wipe off her tears. Susan knew that she was blessed having a caring and loving children. The first three months was like hell for Susan as she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Femi her husband had a lover who he abadoned his family for.

“I can’t believe Femi had been having a nice time with his lover, while I worry constantly over him, I hawked beans cake, toiled daily to get some money while my husband was spending money lavishedly on that busty husband snatcher, look at how she was glowing and I was like a maid, I couldn’t even confront her because I felt inferior, never for once have I thought that Femi would do this to me, when life was difficult, I stood by him, I never had to put a word of scorn against him, I gave him love and care but see how he repaid me” Susan thought in tears.

Months later, when Susan had stopped feeling sorry for herself, she was determined to move on and to live her life in a manner she had never done before.

“I think it’s time to use my school certificate and face reality, no one is going to stop me this time , I have two children to take care of and an aged father who depends solely on me” She told herself one morning.
She meant every word she told herself, she was tired of living life
Miserably, “I cannot do business right now because I lack capital but I have my certificate, I know getting a good job, won’t be easy but I will try” Susan thought

Not too long, Susan got a job as a class teacher in a public school in the village.
That was how Susan began to teach for a living. At first, Susan didn’t like the teaching job, she was not really proud of what she was doing but when she finally gave it her heart, parents began to commend her for her good teaching skills as most kids who were dull began to show some improvement.

As Susan was battling to settle down in the village, Femi had visited the village countlessly with his father, with the hope of getting to meet Susan and thier children and work things out But Susan kept hiding and she instructed her father to never disclose their whereabout. Femi always left heartbroken, It was obvious Susan doesn’t want to return home.

In no time, Susan’s Salary was increased, she got a shop for herself to start a little business as her side hustle and gradually things began to improve for her.
In the fifth year, Sarah’s business had picked up and she had made so much progress, she had long resigned from the teaching job, she had even moved her business, alongside with her children and Father to the City, she invested in other businesses especially Real estate business. Susan had flourished that she had more than nine staff working for her. She had three strong businesses bringing money on a daily basis. Her two children attend good schools and her father was well taken care of. Sometimes she wondered if any paid job would have done these things for her in five years.

Susan was glad that lack has disappeared forever in her life. She was grateful to God for the great turn around. But on the other hand, Femi’s life had turned upside down, Susan was not longer in his life to give him good advice or ideas, he made some wrong business decisions and he landed himself in debts. Indeed,

behind a successful man, there’s always a woman, Femi began to borrow money from banks and most of his landed properties like their house was used as a collateral.
When Femi was unable to pay up the loans, The bank evicted him from those properties. He shamefully returned to his father’s house, he was devastated and wallowed in deep regret.

One-day, Susan who had become so successful in her Real estates business, saw her husband’s properties being listed online for sale. She was so devastated because he knew how many years it took them to acquire those properties. She was so angry.
“So Femi, couldn’t manage his business, how could he lost everything?” She thought in rage.
She managed to purchase some of their old properties, she bought those properties with her children’s name.

Susan began to worry constantly over Femi, she wondered how he was faring but her pain stopped her from reaching out to him.
Ever since Femi returned to his father’s house, he became depressed and he had considered Suicide twice.
“What I’m i living for? My Children and Wife had left me, my business had collapsed, all my properties had been lost. Where will I start from? Susan had really been my back bone, she had been supporting me all the way, oh what will i do? I can’t continue living life like this” Femi had thought.

Each day, Femi kept reminiscing on the past. With tears falling from his eyes, his life was miserable and he knew if Susan was there, he would have felt alot better.
He was tired of searching for her because it was obvious that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

“Sure i knew things had not been great between me and my Susan ever since my parents got divorced but I never thought she would leave me like this, why didnt she notice that something was wrong with me? I left her and our kids for six (6) months and she did nothing about it” Femi thought! He had a thousand questions, but they all boiled down to “why?” Why would she leave me,

I thought marriage was for better or worst? Why didn’t she give me a chance to explain myself? Why won’t she even talk to me? Why is she so angry with me even without hearing the whole story?

Femi had also blamed himself for the failure of his marriage, he knew he contributed to the erosion in thier marriage.
Since Susan left his life, he had realized how important she was to him. Femi began to imagine how Susan felt, when he neglected her and took out the frustration of his parent’s failed marriage on her.

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