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Yes. I will! Angel screamed

David slide the ring into her finger and hugged her. They were like that for few second. Angel disengaged the hug and looked into David eyes, her eyes was full of doubt. David notice this and said.

I mean it, you are mine Angel. This is not a prank. He said softly like a whisper.

David embrace her again. She cried on his shoulder.

It okay dear. You don’t need to cry. We should be thanking God

Angel nod her head like a baby and continue crying

The news got to Joy and her husband. They rushed down to Angel’s house to celebrate with her. Angel showed her ring to Joy who was so happy for her friend.

Finally. It ends in Joy, Joy said happily

Yes. I thank God, Angel said shyly

Let go out! Martin said

No, we would just celebrate it between us

We insist, this is a great news. We must celebrate it big time, Joy said jumping around

Angel smiled, she is yet to recover from the shock

OK, you won. David said finally


Joy helped Angel in dressing up, and they all went out together


David went to Precious house and explain things to her.

I never meant to hurt you, God sees my heart. You have been a good friend to me, all these happens because God want it to, not because of me, I hope you understand Precious

Common bro David, stop sounding as if you murder my parent, I understand you well. I wouldn’t want to stay with a man God didn’t choose for me too, because no mater how nice the guy might be, there will be loopholes in the marriage. I understand you

Humm.. David sighed. Thank so much for understanding

You are welcome, but one thing.

Was that?

Can you pls introduce me to sister Angel. Pls, don’t say no. God sees my heart, I mean no harm.

It okay

Thank you. She said excitedly

She is outside in the car

Really? She widdemed her eyes


Precious rushed out. She saw the car outside and open the door. Angel was scared to see her.

Hi Aunty Angel. She pulled her into a tight hugged

Angel was speechless. She wasn’t expecting her to be friendly.

I would have pulled down her hair if it was me, this is the highest maturity and the fruit of the spirit I have ever seen, Angel thought within herself as she was in Precious arm

Precious disengaged the hug, you are so beautiful. Aunty Angel, am so sorry for hurting you,I never meant to. I heard God told me to stay with Bro David, I never knew you are suppose to be by his side, pls forgive me ma. Am so sorry

No dear, it not your fault, God planned it. Your presence in his life brought back my lost senses, you made me recover my position, if you were not there, I might not be here today.

Thank so much Aunty Angel. Pls ma, can you take me as your spiritual daughter, I heard a lot about you from bro David. I know it too early to ask for this, but pls ma.. Pls..

Angel smiled. It a pleasure to me. She hugged Precious

David was watching from afar. Things were changing for good. He walked up to them and smiled

I hope you ladies are not planing to sell me, the way you are chatting and smiling, I hope am save?

The two ladies laughed together.

David and Angel says their good bye and left.

Precious always go to Angel’s house each time to help her. They become so close. Angel introduced her to Joy. The three friends became inseparable.


Two month later, Angel and David started their wedding preparation. Joy couldn’t help in the preparation because she was heavily pregnant. Precious was there for Angel anytime she needs her. Church’s God promised to foot all their wedding bills.

Angels parent come from the village, they were happy their daughter is finally getting married. David parent were also present.

Angel and David wedding took place in God’s church headquarters. The number of people present surprises the couples. They only invite few friends, but the auditorium was not enough for the people.

God’s church pastors were all present. Dignities and head of states were present. The newspaper, television sataions, international t.v, national t.v were all talking about the wedding. Joy couldn’t best her friend, because of her heavy pregnancy. Precious was Angel best lady. It was a dream come true for Angel.

As they say their vows and exchange their rings tears of joy rolled down from her eyes. David embraced her and she weep silently on his shoulder. Joy also cried silently, the thought of what her friend went through for this day to come brought tears to her eyes. Martin hugged Joy. The couples received a lot of gift. Two new car from the head of states, plot of lands, and other valuable gifts

They retired in their house at night, the official house of the General Overseers.

Angel was on the bed with David when the news of Joy new baby got to her. She was so happy. She wakes her husband.

Baby? Why? He stood up lazily, hugged Angel from behind. Good morning sweetheart

Joy just gave birth to a baby girl! She shouted happily

Wow! He widened his eyes. That a good news


Both of them took their bath, dressed up and rushed to the hospital.

Joy was at the V.I.P ward. She looks so weak. Martin sat down beside her and oat her head. Angel carried the new born baby and kissed her forehead. She looks so beautiful, Angel said smiling.

Angel gave the baby to David who was afraid at the small weight of the baby

She is so tiny and beautiful.

Is this how you look like when you were a baby too? He looked at Angel

They all laughed

Precious also joined them, Angel called her this morning to inform her about the good news.

They stays in the hospital till evening before going home


Angel was in their headquarters church in United Kingdom. They just rounded off a popular program which combined all the state in United, and nations together. During the program, people of different race were hailing David and Angel calling them Mummy and Daddy.

Angel stands on the alter, she looks at the big auditorium, she remember how people struggle to have a hand shake with her, how they kneel down to greet her and hail her, how they respect her. She looked at her sit and her husband sit, it was two huge sit, the sit were made of gold. Angel stood in front of the sit, she looked at the sit and place her palm on her own sit.

The sit was exactly the same she saw in her dream.

I nearly lose this, I nearly give it to someone else, humm.. She signed. I would have being among the congregation, or maybe end up like a nobody, end up regretting for the rest of my life.

Thank you God for bringing me here despite all the storm, despite my disobedience. Mercy and grace brought me here. Not my fasting nor holiness. Tears rolled down her eyes. She felt a hand by her waist and turn around. It was David smiling at her. David notice her tears and his smile disappeared immediately

Was wrong dear? What happened? Have been searching for you around, I don’t know you are here weeping

Darling, she wrapped her hand on his neck. Am not crying, these are tears of joy, tears of greatfulness to God. Tears of appreciation. You know, if not for God grace and mercy, someone else would have been on that sit, someone else would be in your arm now, someone else would be in my position now.

No dear, you deserve this sit, because you pay the biggest sacrifice. He suddenly stopped. But dear, can you tell me what really happened on that fateful day?

Humm.., Angel walked away from her husband arm, she took three steps forward and faced him.

It was grace that speaks for me..


Angel wakes up exactly 4:45am, sh was tired and weak. She knelt down beside her bed and pryaed

Lord, pls if this is your will, help me. I don’t know what to say out there, I don’t have the strength to walk on the street, my voice is tiny and weak, but I ask for the strength above, pls strengthen me. You told me you will give me the grace to make sacrifice for you, pls I need the grace now.

She felt some strength within her. She stoop up and carried her bible. Then it started raining. she looked up to the sky, then look at herself again. She enters the rain and started preaching


On that day, I learnt a big leason. That it is not by might or power but by the mercy of God. I never believe I could preach on that day, but when I pour out my mind to God when I told him to help me. I did more than I could do when am my normal self.

David moved closer to her and hugged her. It all end well.


Precious met a rich guy, who was a member of David church. He showed his intention to her. But Precious didn’t answer him immediately. She told her spiritual mother Angel. They joined hand with her with in prayer to seek for the face of God. Six month after, she accepted the guy proposal and they got married in Canada
Precious got married to one of the rich God’s church member in Canada.


Angel got pregnant. She was unable to follow her husband outreach again. She have to stay back in America.

Nine monthe later

It was their yearly Congress in America. White and black men were present. The big auditorium was filled with great people with differnt race. David was ministering while Angel was beside him. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain under her belly. She looked down and saw water on the floor

She signal to her P. A, who helped her out of the alter. Few minutes later. David received a news that her wife has delivers a baby boy.
He announced to the people of God. Everybody rejoice with him. After the program, David rushed down to the hospital

He got there and saw his baby.
David hold his tiny baby boy. The baby smile on seeing David face. God’s reward, he said to the baby
Angel sit up, she was full of smile
Thank for giving me my photocopydear
Both of them hugged each other.

Representative from different countries all over the world suddenly opened the door. David and Angel disengage themselves. They were suprise to see their pastors heading different countries holding a big wrapped gift.

Congratulations to you Daddy and Mummy! Thy chorus together

Wow! This is amazing thank you so much. How come you were able to come here together

It by jet sir

Oh.. Thank so much

You are welcome

They worship God and say their good bye.

Angel and David hugged again when Martin and his wife banged in

Congratulation friend, Joy screamed as she jump at Angel.

Angel playfully pushed her away. You just spoil a good moment, she said playfully

Don’t tell me you want to make a new baby here, Joy said

Everybody burst into laugh

Precious and her husband came in and met the whole house laughing

It seems I have to receive my own laugh too, I won’t allow you to laugh alone.. They all starred laughing

Congratulation mummy and daddy! This is for you, Precious stretch out the gift

David collect the money from her. Thank so much for this.

Thank so much, Angel said smiling

You are welcome mummy and daddy, precious husband said him.

They all hugged each other

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  1. Waoooh!!! This story is superb, so educating in aspects of life if you ask me. More of this kind of story Admin.

    More grease grace to the writer and thank you alot Admin for bringing it here for us to read.

  2. It ended well. Initially, I was afraid of Angel losing the will of God for her life. But thank God for showing her mercy.

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