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Angel left the hospital without the consent of the doctor. The nurses and the doctor tried to convince her to wait.

You need enough rest, you haven’t complete your medication, pls wait. Going now might implicate your health. The doctor pleaded

Nooo! Am not. I want to be out of here. I hate everyone around me. My best friend betrayed me. The man I love also betrayed me. I want to go. The whole world is against me. I have never ask for anything in my life, Martin is the only thing I ask for, and he has been taking away from me. There is nothing to wait for any longer.

Joy couldn’t move closer to her. Angel makes sure she bite anyone that moved closer to her.

Joy wept. She never meant to hurt her friend. I love you Angel, am sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I didn’t know you love Martin, pls forgive me, Joy cries

Martin consoled her. He hate seeing her wife to be in tears.

Angel left the hospital leaving her friends behind. She got home, pack her things and left the house without disclosing her location to anyone.

Joy got home with street and martin. They met her door locked. Street break the door and they entered. They met her room scattered and some of are things missing

She left. Martin said

Where to? Joy asked shivering in fear

I don’t know, she didn’t leave any note.

Joy wept. I want to see her. Pls help me to look for her martin, she might hurt herself, pls

I will, but pls calm down, stop crying. Angel need sometimes for herself, that was why she left. She will be okay. He hugged Joy

Street sat on the floor and buried his head in his hand. Everybody was so worried about Angel.

Joy called Angel’s parent in the village to know if she is there, but she was not there. She called some of their friends, none of them acknowledge her present. They searched all the hotel around. But they couldn’t find her.
Joy couldn’t stop crying. Martin was with her consoling her.

Angel boarded a bus going to Ekiti state. The bus arrived there in the night. She took a bike going to Erio prayer mountain. She got there late at night. After the registration, she dropped her bag in the big hall meant for women and went to the mountain. She was too tired to pray. She laid on the hard rock, wrapped herself with a big wrapper and started thinking

Lord, I have come to this mountain to settle this with you. I am not leaving this mountain until you give me martin and give street to anybody, I don’t care who you give him, just take him away from my life. If it will take me 10years to settle this with you, am ready.

The man I love is Martin. I don’t know why you have to give me Street. Even though I offend you, even though I sin against you, you can punish me in other way, but not by giving street to me. No! Starting from tomorrow, I will not allow you to rest with my prayer, until you answer me. She doze off

She was woken up with a loud bang on her head. It was 2am in the mid night. She sat down trying to figure out the cause of the headache. She remember she had a bad dream. What is the dream all about? She asked herself. She couldn’t remember, no matter how Much she tried. She slept back again and had same dream again

She was running away, the road was beautiful. She was running as fast as her leg could carry her. No! This is where I want to go, this is where I want to go! She screamed as she run. Suddenly she fell inside a pit. She was drowning when she woke up.
She was panting heavily when she wakes up. She looks around her, some people were asleep, some were praying, some were reading Bible. She was really scared. How can there be a pit on a beautiful road? She asked no one in particular.

She was afraid to sleep again, but suddenly doze off again.

She had another terrible dream. She was planting maize happily. She sings and danced as she plant the maize. After the planting, she sat down watching the maize to grow. Suddey an animal from no where came out and uproot all the maize, she was crying when she wakes up

God, what is this? What is the meaning of these dream?

The way the animal uproot your plant and make your effort useless, the same way your prayer on this mountain be destroyed. The holy spirit minister to her

No way, she talked louder. I resist you the devil talking to me. I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus.

The road you want to go will lead to your destruction, come back home daughter. The holy spirit said to her again

Satan, go back from me! I know your tactic, you can’t deceive me. She stood up and started praying rebuking Satan before she fell asleep and wakes up in the morning without any dream.

She wakes up, brush her teeth and settled down on the mountain. She decided to go on white fasting.

She prayed violently for two hours without resting.
Lord, take away streets and give me Martin was her main prayer point.

After praying, she picked her bible and sat down in a corner, a man was sleeping there, she makes sure she didn’t disturb the man with her presence.

She read the bible, suddenly the man sat up and faced her

He is a thug, an unbeliever, dirty, uneducated, and ugly. Have you forgotten Saul, the moment he had an encounter with Jesus, he did more work than the disciple who work with Jesus during his life time. You are looking at the physical, ignoring the gift God have invented in his life. If you lose him, you will regret, you will suffer! The man slept back as if he was not the one that talked

Angel looked around to know who is man was talking to, even though it was so obvious he was talking to her. She wanted to insult the man, but she remember what she heard about some of the mountain prophet and their curse. There curse are always irreversible.
She stood up and walked away angrily

She was confused, she ponder on what the man said. If she lose him, she will regret. How is that possible? She thought. A whole me will regret losing who? She chuckle. Am sure the man didn’t know the person he was referring to, if he knows him, he would advice me to run for my dear life. Street need me in his life to make his life better, not the other way round. She hissed

She continued her fasting and refused to listen to every warning. On the third day, it happens to be the prayer mountain special program which happens once in a month. Different people from different state and countries were present. The whole mountain was filled with people of different culture. Around 12am in the mid night. Baba ori oke, mounted the pulpit and started ministering. One hour after the ministration, the man of God said.

A lady is here, you ran away from home because you are running away from God’will. The Lord said I should tell you that, your prayer on this mountain will not be answers unless you do what He want. He said you should go back home. God said you are looking at today, you are not looking ahead of you. It better you listen before it too late

Angel knew immediately that the man of God was referring to her. She knelt down where she was and felt bad. Her mind was absentminded throughout the program. She was deep in thought

After the program, she settle down and slept off.

How can you tell me to enter this place. The entrance is dirty, the door has broken, nothing good will be inside. I can’t go inside. She rant angrily at the old man

Angel, this is what He plan for you, this is what you deserve, this is your worth, go inside now before it is too late.

How can He plan this for me? How can He says I deserve this dirty house, despite my work in His house, despite how I serve Him, no! Am not entering, am not going to enter. Angel broke down in tears

Angel, the king is waiting inside, go in now. The old said in a pleading tone

I will never be a queen to a stinking king living in a stinking house, I will never. She stood up and wanted to leave. Immediately she saw a dirty lady, from no where.

Pls sir, am ready to enter

The old man opened the door for her. Angel saw the interior of the house. It was beyond descriptions. There were two big throne. A man was sitted in one of the throne, he loos like the king, Angel fixed her gaze at him properly and she recognised him immediately.

That street, she said to herself

The house was beautiful and was heavenly decoration. The dirty lady step in and immediately her clothes was changes to a Queen atire. She looks different from what she looks like a minutes ago. The king stood up from where he was and embraced the queen they both walked hand in hand to the throne and have there sit

People of different nation, colour, race, height, old, small, young, bowed down and hailed down. The old man closed the door

Angel rushed to the old man

Pls opened it. I want to take my place, you told me earlier that the king is waiting for me. I know him, he is my husband, let me go and meet him, Angel said happily

Am sorry, it too late, the old man pitied her

What do you mean? I haven’t take my leave, Am still here, I only said rubbish the other time, you know the door can be deceiving with its look, am ready now, pls open the door

Daughter, it doesn’t take God a life time to replace someone, it will only take God a second to replace anyone He want to, because He is never short of resources, he is never short of whom to use. He has prepare a lot of replacement for anyone who didn’t use his or her role well. You have been replace, the same way David replace Saul.

Angel broke down in tears, pls sir, don’t do this to me. That was my original place, I was meant to be there. Am sorry for everything I said earlier, pls. That place is God’s plan for my life. Pls don’t let me miss it

There is nothing I can do about this, it has been settled by God, the old man looked away sadly

Angel cried but the old man refuse to opened the door

Aunty, Aunty! A young man tapped Angel

Yes! She woke up suddenly and breathe heavily

Hope you are fine? The man stared at her

What happened to me? She looked around

You were shouting from your sleep

Oh, am fine, thank you

You are welcome, the man left

It was a dream? It all a dream? Thank God it a dream! She sat upright and meditate on the dream she had. Hummmm, Angel signed.

Lord, pls I understand better now, don’t replace me. Pls Lord, am ready to go back to him. Am ready to marry him, pls Lord, now I know better that our future will be great. Pls Lord. Angel prayed to God for three more day until God answers her prayer. The third day, she packed her things and headed home

Joy and martin were heading out. Joy was looking for her phone while Martin speaks to her

Baby, i have told you to calm down, Angel is no more a kid. She will come home at the right time

I have calm down enough, I need to find my friend, I need to inform the police, just give me a minutes, am looking for my phone.

Martin breathe out, he find it difficult to convince her not to involve the police, he lean at the wall waiting for her

Angel walked in.

Martin saw her and was speechless.

Joy! He manged to call her

Yes, Joy turned over and saw Angel.

Angel! She hugged her and both of them fell down.

Martin wanted to laugh but controlled himself

The two friends stood up, Joy hugged her again and both burst into tears. They cried at each other shoulder. The atmosphere was filled with emotion
Martin knew the two friends needed some time together, he picked his car key and walked toward the door, but Angel called him back

Martin, pls don’t go

Martin was surprise and sacred

Angel left Joy and knelt down in front of Martin, Martin quickly drag her up.

You don’t need to do this. Martin said

Pls let me, am so sorry for what I did, i was selfish, self centered, I nearly separate what God intend to join together. Am very sorry. Pls forgive me, she burst into tears

Martin and Joy looked at each othe, they were amazed

Angel, you never offend me, I know it not your faults, it all happen because of a reason, the most important thing is that you are home now

Thank you. She walked to Joy too and apologised to her

I missed you, Joy told her

I missed you too

Where have you been?

It a long story, Angel narrated everything to them and they were surprise

Where is street? Angel asked

He came here everyday to ask of you, but I haven’t seen him since yesterday

Humm.. Angel looked worried

You don’t need to worry. All will be well, have you eaten?


Let me go and cook your favorite meal, Joy stood up

You don’t have to. Let go out. We need to celebrate this. I will take you ladies to the best restaurant in town

Yes. That sounds good. They all smiled and went out

One week later

Angel searched everywhere for Street but she couldn’t find him. She was scared and prayed to God to direct him to her

One afternoon, Angel was alone at home. Joy went out with Martin

Angel Cooked her lunch and was about to eat when she heard a knock. She opened the door and was surprise to see street standing before her

Hi,Angel greeted him feeling shy


pls come in, She ushered him in

Street was surprise, he went in looking nervous

I came to see Joy, am sorry for disturbing you, I will come back and check her later

No no, pls sit down, you can wait for her.

Street was surprise, he looked around to be sure he heard her clearly.

You mean I should sit down? He asked looking unsure

Yes, pls.

Thank you.

I was about to eat when you entered, Do you mind eating with me?

You don’t need to bother yourself. Am fine

Pls, I beg you. Pls. Joy pleaded

OK, just little, Street said reluctantly

Thank you

Angel served him and they both eat in silent. A lot was going through Angel’s mind. She was scared to look at street, this made her to lose her appetite. She tried to controlled to herself.

Street was also nervous, he find it hard to believe Angel was talking to him calmly and even served him food. Everything seems like a dream to him.

They finished eating at the same time. Angel packed the plates to the kitchen, she came back and met him sitting down quietly

Thank for the meal, he said

You are welcome. pls can I have a word with you?


Thank you. She cleared her throats
I know I have really offend you, I have hurt you, looked down on you, and done a lot of terrible things to you. Pls I have come to say am sorry for what I did to you, for hurting you, . pls forgive me. Am so sorry. I have realized my mistake

Street mouth was left wide opened.

Angel looked at him and saw the look on his face. Pls forgive me, am ready to make it up to you. Pls

Em, em. Am so speechless. Am not angry with, I was never and will never get angry with you, I know you are not like that.

Thank you, Angel said smiling

Can we share the word of God together?

Ehn? Street looked confused

I mean can we read the Bible together?


Angel brought out a Bible and opened it. She started preaching to him. Angel read from the Bible and explain. When she looked at street to know if he is following, Street has sleep off.

Humm. She sighed. She dropped the bible and left the room for him

Street wake up after an hour. He met angel reading a novel

Oh! He yawned, did I slept off? He asked no one in particular

Yes, Angel answers him smiling

Am sorry I slept off

It okay.

He stood up, I need to go now.

Okay. Take Care

Thank again for the meal
Street left feeling ashamed of himself for sleeping off like that

Joy went to visit her mother in the village, Angel was left alone at home. She feels lonely and decided to take a walk. Thirty minutes after trekking, she met Street fighting with another thug

Angel went there. Sh was unable to do anything because there were too much guys there shouting, smoking and drinking
Angel tried to get street attention but the noise there was too much. She finally find her way to him. Street left the scene with her to a corner

Street, what happened? Don’t tell me you are fighting

You can’t understand, I want to deal with that guy

Street, a child of God doesn’t behave this way, the bible says he who…

Angel, pls save me that now. As you can see, am not a child of God, and am not ready to be one. Don’t stress yourself. I need to go now, bye

Angel was speechless, she stood there for some minutes, pondering in what street said. She went back home feeling bad.

Angel got home, sat on her bed. She speaks to herself. God, you said I will be the one to convert him, you said you want to use me for me. But street is not ready. I thought I would feel different if I see him again after a long time, but it still the same feeling, the same hatred. Lord, old I don’t want to lose my place, I don’t want you to replace me, pls help me to love him. Open my heart, plant his love in my heart, pls do it lord, before I changed my mind again, she prayed silently

Angel called Joy on phone and explain to her how God want to use her for street and how her effort to convert street have been proving abortive.

Street is not helping me. It is either he sleeps off, receive a call, or something happens, he is always distracted with something whenever I want to precah to him. Am getting fed up

Pls, calm down. Maybe you are missing something. If God says you will convert him, am sure you will. But do it in a right way. Let God speaks through you, don’t force it

Thank you

You are welcome pls keep trying.

I will dear, how is mum?

They are all fine, they sent there regards

My regards to them too

They talked about so many things before hanging up

Three days later

Angel was returning from church when she saw street and his guys. They were smoking and drinking

Street sight Angel and called her

Angel saw him and walked up to meet him
Hi Angel

Am fine and you?

I am Cool, his mouth was smelling of alcohol, he puff the smoke of the cigarette and continue talking

Guys, this is my friend Angel, if you see her anywhere, salute her

The boys hailed Angel who feels uncomfortable

Thank you, I will be on my way now, let talk later, Angel said feeling nervous

Why now? Don’t go yet

Eh! Angel exclaimed

I want to hear the word, Street said looking serious

Which word?

He point at the bible Angel was holding

Oh, really? Angel was happy.
Angel immediately sat down and started preaching

Street orederd his guys to sit and listen too

Two minutes later, street phone started ringing. He picked his call and signal to stopped preaching


Hello baba


He don happen o, they don take over our tarmac for lane four. Our opposition don come o

Where! We dey come, he hanged up and stood up

Boys, he don happen! He said angrily

Wetin sele baba? His boys asked ready for anything

There is a riot at the tarmac, dey want to take over, we need to teach them a lesson
Needle, call the other guys and go to base to carry the weapon.

Yes boss, he rushed out and came back with a lot of weapons

Angel was scared as she sees, cutlass, knives, axes, stick and lot more in the floor, she try to hide her fear but she couldn’t

Oya, all boys picked your weapons, we are going to lane 4, our opposition are there. Make sure they don’t leave there the same way they come, he said looking bitter

All the boys picked their weapons and hailed street

Street looked at Angel

Angel, we will talk later

Street and the other boys rush out carrying different weapon. They were ready to fight

Angel was left alone. She looked around and saw the left over drink and cigarette, everywhere looked untidy. She sobbed silently

Lord, I have had enough, street cannot change. Pls replace me if you want to, I don’t want to be part of his life again, because he is not ready to listen to what you sent me to him for. Am done with him! She said loudly and walked away


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  1. Patience Angel, that’s God’s way… Don’t be in a hurry. Though it’s not an easy task before you. I pray for God’s strength and wisdom upon you to win David aka Street over.

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