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What is wrong with you? Since you left for church and come back, you have been crying. I have asked you several times the reasons behind your tears, but you keep mute. I was even scared, I thought something bad happens to dad or mum. I called them and they sounds well on phone. What is now the problem Angel? I am tired of this your tears. If there is a problem, spit it out, let find solution to it. Crying will not solve it. Pls, what is the problem? Did you receive a bad message from work? Joy said

Angel didn’t reply any of her question, she cries the more

I need to inform your parent. Maybe they should come and take you to the village.

Joy was annoyed, she picked her phone and pretended to dail a number, she wanted to use that to get Angel’s attention who was staring at the ceiling and crying. Angel didn’t make any move to stop her. She didn’t even look bothered. Joy realized her trick was not working on Angel. She was frustrated and dropped the phone. She sat very close to Angel, and stared at the ceiling Angel was was staring at. She kept silent for 30 seconds

We started our journey together back in the village. We eat, play, read and do most things together. Anyone that offends you offends me too, and anyone that offends me have also looked for your trouble. We were so close to the extent that some people believed we were suppose to come to earth as twins but was seperated by some evil spirit. We went to the same primary school up to university level.
Angel, Joy called her softly and continue

we even serve our father’s land in the same state. We never hide things from each other. We are so transparent but it seems all this is going to became a history soon. Because I know I have lost a friend.. I have lost Angel

Angels cried loudly on hearing that. She sat up and looked at Joy
Am sorry, am so sorry. Pls stop thinking that way.

Why won’t I? You are giving me so many reason to think that way. You are not talking to me, you are ignoring me Angel.

Am sorry, Angel cried and bowed her head
I still can’t comprehend what is happening in my life now. Am lost. She bowed her head

What happened? Joy raised her head. They both looked into each other eyes

Angel sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

Joy, she called her with her cracked voice

Yes.. Joy was eager to hear from her

Remember I told you about God’s instruction concerning my marriage


God reveal the man to me

What! That a good news, wedding is at the corner..

Yea, it is, but the good news turn to a bad news at the end

How? She looked confused

Angel was silent, she tried to fight back the tears forming in her eyes as she wanted to call the man’s name. But she couldn’t. She burst into a loud cry

Who is the man now?

Street.. Angel said crying. She hugged her pillow and cry into it

What? I don’t understand you?

God want me to get married to street. She said amidst tears

What! Joy was shocked. She looked confused too. If God want you to marry Street, why then are you crying? At least you know him, and he knows you too.

I can’t marry him! I can’t!

But why?

He is a thug, a nobody, he is not even my type of man. I hate everything about him. She threw away the pillow she was holding, stoop up and breathed heavily

Calm down Angel. I understand the fact that you don’t love him, but you can start building the love. Street is a nice man. You can change him to the man you love.

No! I don’t! I will rather stay single than get married to him. I will never get married to him

Angel! This is God’s will for your life. Remember how long we have been waiting for this moment, the moment God will choose the right man for us, the moment will we walk the aisle with God’s chosen one for us. Why are you denying His will now? Why are you tuning away? Joy stood up facing her,

Enough of this pls, she picked her wallet and phone, walked out of the house and banged the door

Humm. Joy sighed. This is going to be tough. She said to herself. She arranged the room and went out

Angel walked to the main road, she stopped a taxi and enters

Where to ma? The driver asked

Anywhere, just take me out of this place, pls, she didn’t looked at the driver

Okay me, The driver said

After 10 minutes drive, another persengers stopped the taxi driver. Two passenger enters

Where to?

Taiwo street, an average man answered

What about you ma? The driver asked the second passenger

I am going to Agege street, a woman in her late forties answer

Angel was annoyed, must they mention the name “street?” She thought within herself

You both are going to two opposite direction. Which street should I go first? The driver asked

Taiwo street is closer than Agege street. You can go to taiwo street first. The man said

No, am in a hurry, pls let him go to Agege street, you can later come back to taiwo street, pls sir. The woman pleaded

That will waste my fuel, agege street is far and the street beside Agege street which is the only route is block, but Taiwo street is..

Stop this car,… Angel shouted. Stop this car now! Her eyes were red. She was boiling with anger

The driver was scared, he almost lose the control, and hit a car.

Madam what happen? You want to kill us?

Angel was so annoyed! Why me? Why! Is it a must to Marry street? I said am not going to get married to street! Why are you mentioning his name? His name makes me sick. It makes me lose my mind. Pls stop calling his name, I don’t want to hear street, I don’t. Why is he following me around. Street leave me alone! She shout at the top of her voice and tears rolled down freely from her eyes

The passengers and the driver were confused, they didn’t understand her, they looked at each other trying to figure out what she said.

Angel left the taxi and slammed the door.. She talked to herself as she walk away
No, am not getting married to street! No way!

Where do you take are from? The woman asked looking scared as if she has seen a ghost

From Estate

It seems she has lost her mind, how can one get married to a street? The man said

Humm. Pls let get out of here before she comes back,

Angel stood at the middle of the road she looked around her environment, it was a plaza, and a market. There were lot of bill board, sign post , banner, flex, showing and advertising different shops and products. All the banner and flex shows the street each shop is located. Angel saw the name street printed all around her. Every bill board, flex, banner, paster, show the name street. Angel turned around several times and everywhere became blurred. She could not see properly. She could only see the name street around her. She screamed. Nooo! Leave me alone.

A car was rushing down the road and nearly hit her. She fell on the ground and fainted

The driver rushed down
He checked her.. Oh thank God, she is still breathing. She carried her into his car and drove off

The next day

Angel opened her eyes. Everywhere was blurred, she rubbed her face with the back of her hand, and could see clearly

Where I am? She looked weak

Joy hugged her and cried. I thought have lost you. Thank you for coming back to live

What happened to me? Joy disengaged the hugged and sat close to her

You left home angrily yesterday, I tried calling your number but you refuse to pick my calls. I was dead worried that something bad has happen to you. I later received a call yesterday that you fainted. I rushed down here. Thank to Mr Matin, he brought you here. You have been unconscious since yesterday

Mr matin? She asked

Mr martin, a young, tall, handsome guy moved fowrad. Am Martin. I nearly hit you yesterday, but thank God you are fine now

Angel looked at the man and instantly love him. A smile formed on her lips, how can a man be handsome like this? He is my dream man, she thought within herself. She tried to stand up but feel some pain on her body. Ouch! She left out some groan
You can’t do that yet. You need to rest..
She laid her back on the bed. Thank you sir, she said weakly

You are welcome ma

Joy and Mr martin left her and walked to the reception
Mr martin cleared the bills. He gave Joy the amount of fifty thousands naira to buy things Angel needs

Thank you so much. Am so greatful. We are indebted to you.

You are welcome, pls can I have your numb..?

Joy left him before he could finish his question

Pls wait, he tried to stopped her but his phone rings in his pocket. He was annoyed with the caller. He wonder who could be calling him when he need to collect something important to his life. He picked his call


Hello sir, the chairman is waiting for you. He said he will leave soon, the person explain

Oh! Am on my way. He hangs up and left the hospital

In Martin house

I am grateful.
You are tgee king
You are the lord

Martin sings happily as he enters his house. He danced around the big, beautiful living room. His mother and brother were surprised. Martin hardly shows his emotions. They don’t know what he feels because he is good at controlling himself. Seeing him happy was what they couldn’t explain.

What is going on? His mother asked

Mum! God has done it!

Thank God, but what has He done?

He sat down, rubbed his two hands together and smiled.
Mum, for the past two years now, i have been praying to God concerning my marriage. God told me to be Patience that she is a total stranger, and we will meet soon. Last years God showed me her picture several time in my dream. I tried searching for her myself since I know what she looks like. But I couldn’t find her. I went back to God. He told me, he only showed me her picture, so that I could recognised her, not for me to search for her myself. I decided to give up and wait for the right time. Mummy. I met her today!

Where is she? The mother looked at the door

I didn’t come home with her

Why don’t you bring her?

Mum I can’t bring her like that, but I will very soon. He stood up and started singing again, until he got to his room. He fell heavily on the bed smiling
His encounter with her came back to his mind. He continue smiling. His smiling turned to a frown.

How will I get her number. I went back to the hospital, but they have left before I got there. The receptionist couldn’t help because I left my detail when I wanted to admits the Lady. Have I lost her again? Will I be able to see her again? He stood up and knelt down beside his bed
Lord, you told me to be patience all these years. I was obedient and patiently waited for your time. Today, you finally showed her to me. The same girl that have been appearing in my dream appears before me today. Lord, pls don’t let me lose her. Let meet again. Create a channel for us to meet. If truly it your will, let meet soon. Pls oh Lord. Martin prayed

Angel’s house

Angel was still weak. Joy tried as much as possible not to talk about street in her presence until she is physically fit again. The lively Angel has changed to a moody one again. Joy was so worried about her friend

They were together one day when street walked in.

Hi Joy! Joy! Joy! He chorus her name

Joy was surprise to see him. She looked at Angel, who pretended not to see him. Joy left what she was doing and followed street outside

Angel looked at them and burst into tears. Street remind him of God plan which she has been trying to forget

God, you said in your words that, I should ask and you will grant me. I asked for a husband, not a thug, I asked for a believer, not an unbeliever, I asked for a clean one, not the unclean? Lord why!

Who are you to call what I create an unclean one? Who are you to determine who is clean and unclean? The voice of God

Angel knelt down. Am sorry lord. Pls. Am sorry. Forgive me. Lord. Forgive my ignorance

Joy came in and saw her crying. She need no one to tell her the reason why she was crying.

Angel, pls stop this. She helped her sit down. You need to stop hurting yourself. God knows it all. Am sure the future is bright for you both. Nothings is as good as the will of God. The outer appearance may look bad, but when you open it, it will be beautiful. You are looking at today not the future. Street is a nice guy if you get to know him. He loves you too. He comes her because of you

Stop saying that nonsense! Why not get married to him? Angel said angrily

If only God could give me to him, why won’t I marry him? I will Marry him over and over again. Because I trust God with my future.

I will kill him over and over again if he try to be closer to me

Stop this your madness. I think I need to act fast, am not going to sit down here and watch you destroy your life. Accept God will in your life

Angel stood up, she brought out a small bag, opened the wardrobe and packed some of her cloth inside the bag

Where are you going?

Out of your life and street life! Out of everything that will remind me of that idiot

Angel! Joy was shocked. Angel is going out of control, she thought

I will rather die than get married to him.
She packed her luggage and went out. She stopped a bike man

Take me to any hotel far from this place

Yes ma

They got to the hotel in less than fifteen minutes
She enters the reception, and booked a room. A waiter escort her to the room.
She enters and fell heavily on the bed.

This place is nice. No one will remind me of that bastard again

She laid her back on the bed, staring directly at the ceiling. Her face was sad and tears rolled down her eyes. The past few days have been hell for her. Why did God don’t want to understand me? Why? She thought. I want someone else.. I want a man of my dream..She suddenly stopped as if she remember something.

Who was the guy that took me to the hospital? Yes Martin. It was my first time seeing him that day, but I must confess, I love him. Is this what they call love at first right? She stood up and paced up and down in the room and continue talking to herself

He is tall, handsome, nice, and have a charming smile. He is even a christian, I heard him prayed at the hospital. He is my dream guy. She smiled at herself as she talked about Martin. I wish to meet him again. where can I find him? She asked no one in particular. God, pls help me to find him. She was confused and sad. I wish I could see him now.
Angel knelt down and prayed
God, pls help me to locate Martin. I want to see him again. Pls Lord. Take away Street and give me Martin. I love him. I will forever serve you if you give me Martin, help me meet Martin, I want him. She prayed for some minutes and sat down. She imagine her life together with Martin. The thought of it brings smile to her face.

Two waiters were stood in front of her room and were discussing

Alex, you offend me o. The female waiter said angrily

Wetin I do?

Angel could hear there discussions but ignored them. To her, Martin is what that matters.

Alex moved closer to Cynthia, he tried to hug her

I beg leave me jor, what if oga dey come, Cynthia looked around

Oga no fit see us

Leave me alone, I no dey do

Wetin I do now, Alex was getting angry

Yesterday, you tell me say make I con your street, I tell you say I no get money. But you insist say make I con. Just to satisfy you, I con trek from my street, pass bimbola street, to balogun street, as I get balogun street, na den I see you with another lady for balogin street..

Angel smiled turned to a frown as she heard street being mention by the lady. She tried to keep her calm hoping they would leave her door soon

No, no be me you see for balogun street o. Alex said defending himself. Yesterday, I dey the junction of my street waiting for you. You know say my street and balogun street no dey gree. I no fit go balogun street anyhow.

Ahhhhh! Angel screamed as she opened the door. Alex and Cynthia were afriad. They thought no one was in the room and even though there is someone, they never believe there discussion could have so much impact on the occupant as Angel was reacting

Are are crazy? Must you mention his name? She shouted angrily at them. Why are you all against me? Can’t I have peace of mind?

Alex and Cynthia were confused, they don’t understand what Angel was saying
Wetin we do madam?

She slammed the door and started packing her clothes. I must leave this hotel
This is nonsense, she packed her laugage and leave the room to the reception. Can’t I have my peace again? She rant on

The reception was surprise to see her.
Madam, do you need anything?

Yes, she threw the key to her. I need to be out of this dumpy hotel

What happened? Don’t you like our service?
Angel didn’t wait to answer any of the lady questions, she stormed out of the hotel and walk down the road talking to herself

God, I know it you! I know you are the one turning everything against me. You are using everybody to remind me of whom you want me to be with, but am sorry Lord, I will rather die than get married to him. No way. She got to the junction and wanted to cross. Something caught her attention. Someone was horning a big jeep to get her attention. She tried to look at the occupant of the jeep.
Oh, it was Martin! She shouted happily

Martin on the other hand have seen her.
This face look familiar, oh! The accident lady. Thank goodness. Thank God. Lord you are faithful for creating this channel. He horned at her to get the attention.

Angel sadness disappeared immediately, I can’t believe that him. Thank God.. She muttered some prayer.. She was very excited. Immediately she cross the road, unknown to her, a bus was coming very fast.

Nooo! Martin screamed as he sees the danger coming. Angel was too extied to see the bus coming. Before she knew it, the bus hit her. She fell on the floor bleeding all over her body.

Not again! Martin rushed down from her car and rushed to her. He carried her into his car and drive immediately to the hospital..



She has an internal injury. Which makes her to bleed internally. We will need to carry out some test on her, and it will cost us a lot of money. Delaying her treatment will be dangerous to her, she might not be able to regain cousiousnes, so i plead you to visit the receptionist, she will give you your bills, pay it into the hospital account so that we can commence treatment. He looked at both of them to be sure if they understand his message

Joy was weeping, Doctor, will my friend be okay if we pay the money?

By God grace, he said and arranged the files on his table

Humm..Martin signed, let go Joy. He helped Joy up who was sobbing uncontrollable. It okay. She will be fine.

Martin paid all the bills. He sat down with Joy in the reception office

Street walked in unexpectedly
Joy walked up to him and hugged him, she cried bitterly on his shoulder.

Martin was surprise, is that her husband? Is she married? But there is no ring on her finger, or is she from those churches that don’t wear rings as a symbol of marriage? He bit his lips, he wish someone could answer his question, he became sad. Who is he? Does that mean I have come too late into her life? Has someone else replace me? No, it can’t be, God told me she is the one, but, what if am mistakenly? Oh God! He shouted unconsciously.

Street and Joy looked at his direction. What happened Mr martin? Joy asked surprisedly

Nothing,, he sat up and put on a fake smile

You just shouted now. Joy said, she was sure she heard him shout

Did I? Martin pretend not to understand what she was saying

Yes you did, hope all is well?

Yea, yea, I was praying, praying for your friend, he pretended to continue praying

Okay, Joy and street moved closer to him

Eem, Mr martin, this is David, popularly known as street. He is a good friend of mine.

Your friend? Martin widened his eyes

Yes, Joy answers looking at him in a strange way

Oh, that good to hear, Martin frown turn to a smile

Street, this is Martin, he brought Angel here and have been of help to us

The two men shake each other and hugged

How is she now? Street asked

We are not allowed to see her presently, but the doctor said she will be fine

Oh! He scratched his head with his hand.

Calm down, she will be fine. Joy said

I hope so, he sat down and buried his head in his hand

They were together for two hours waiting for miracle to happens. Martin sat beside Joy. Her stomach makes some sounds

You are hungry. Martin said to her

No sir, am fine. Her stomach betrayed her as it makes more noise.

That a lie. What have you eaten today?


That not good. You need strength to take care of your friend, if you don’t mind, can we go out?

Never mind sir

I insist, pls

Can he go with us? she pointed at street who was deep in thoughts

Of course yes, he can

Thank you, she said smiling

Street, we want to get some food out there, pls follow us.

I would have love to go, but I can’t leave Angel here, you understand better Joy

Yea, she said sadly. She could see Angel’s love in Street eyes. If only Angel would accept this guy and stop hurting him, she thoughts

Can we bring you a take away?

I will appreciate that

Alright. We will be here soon

Joy and Martin left the hospital. Martin was so glad. Finally we are going to be alone. He thought and smiled at himself

In the restaurant

Pls sit. Martin ulshered her, smiling from ear to ear

Thank you

What would you like to eat?


Unfortunately, anything is the only thing they don’t sell here. He said jokingly

Joy laughed.

Martin was moved with her laugh. She look beautiful

Can I see the menu?

Of course. He gave her the menu

Joy opened the first page. After studying it for a while, she picked number 7

Martin collected the menu from her and check number 7

Just this?

Yes, am okay with that

I was expecting you to order something big

No, I actually lost my appetite

Am sorry about that, I know you are worried about your friend, I believe she will be fine

Humm, Joy bowed down her head. Thank sir. I really appreciate you for all you did

It nothing, let Thank God

Waiter, Martin beckon on the waiter

Yes pls

Mnumber 7 for both of us

Alright sir, the waiter left immediately to get their order.

Thank for coming here with me

It nothing special

It is so special to me

The waiters came with there order. Pls enjoy

Thank you

They eat in silent

Are you married? Martin asked with half food in his mouth

Joy was shocked with the question, she started coughing.

It okay, pls have water. He gave her a glass of water. Am so sorry

Joy was not prepared for such question. She was surprise and shocked

No am not, she finally find her voice to reply

Am sorry if my question scared you, Martin said looking sorry

Am fine, Joy notice his sincerity in his tone

There was tension in the air. Joy was not comfortable again. Can we be fast with our food so that we can go back to the hospital? She asked avoiding to look at Martin

Of course

They eat in silence until they are through and headed back to the hospital

Street was asleep in the couch when they got to the hospital.

I need to go now. My attention is needed in the office. Martin looked at her

OK, she rubbed her hands together

my regards to street when he wakes up


Joy escort him to his car

Joy, pls can I have your number?


Thank you, he gave her the phone and she typed her number

Thank you so much, I appreciate

Thank you more

Martin stated the engine and drove off

Joy breathe out, it was as if she has been holding her breath all these while. She was relief

Martin was alone in his car. He was deep in thoughts
I nearly ruined today. God, how am I going to do this? How am I going to tell her? This was the reason why I didn’t have a girlfriend, because of my lack of confidence to express my feeling. God, help me. Make this easy for me. If truly you are involve in this, plant my love in her heart. Pls Lord, make this easy for me. Don’t let me lose her. I can’t hold it in any longer, help me Lord. He prayed as he drive to his office

Joy was feeling uneasy. After the incident in the restaurant, she has been having different feeling. Why am I feeling this way? What is wrong with me? I feel different whenever Mr martin is around me. I feel strange within me, I have never felt this way with a man before. God, pls help me. Take away any negative feeling in me. Take away anything that want to distract me. She prayed.

Martin called her in the night after a lot of hesitation. Joy was scared to pick his call at first. She doesn’t want to feel the strange feeling again which occur whenever she is talking to Martin, she finally picked the call

Hello sir,

Hii, how are you?

Am fine. Hope you were able to attend to what you left here for?

Yes. I did

Thank for today

Thank God

There discussion was awkward at first, but soon they got familiar with one another. Angel was laughing hard as Martin makes her laugh at the other end of the phone. They talked for many hours

I need to go now, Joy told him

Why? Pls don’t

Mr Martin, we have been talking for the past 2hours, am sure you brought the call card with money, not with paper, beside tomorrow is work, you need to rest

No, I don’t buy them

They give you for free?

Humm, Martin signed. Kind of. Joy pls don’t hang up. Let continue talking. You are important to me than resting or anything

Joy was moved with the way she pleaded her. She could feel butterflies running in her stomach. The strange feeling is rising in her.

Can you call me back in the next 10minites? I want to use the toilet

Martin knew she was lying, but wanted to respect her decision. Okay I will. He hanged up

Joy breathe out. She went out of the hospital to receives some fresh air. What is happening to me? Why does it seems I have known Martin for a long time? What about this strange feeling? Am i feeling sick too? Is it because of the stress? Or am I in love with Martin? She covers her mouth with her hands, no way! How can I be in love with someone I know for a short time? Hummmm. But it seems we have known each other before, Humm.. This is wrong. I should be worried about my friend, she is in a critical condition now, not playing around with a guy. I need to inform Martin to stop calling me for now.. He is distracting … Her phone rings. She checked the caller and it Martin

Hi, it is 10 minutes now

Joy was quiet, she doesn’t know what to say

Her decision to tell Martin to stop calling her was broken. How can I tell him? Something in me want to hear more of his voice, I love his voice, she thought within herself

Hello, Martin called her again

Hi, am sorry, I was doing something here

It okay, Can we continue?


They talked for many hours until Joy’s phone battery got exhausted, and the call was interrupted

Humm.. She signed. It been 3 hours. Thank God my phone got off. Part of her was happy, but part of her was sad, she wanted to talk to him more

She went in to meet street.

Lover girl! Street tease her

Who? She looked around

You now!

I don’t understand

Sebi na Martin you are talking with since. I notice how he dey look at you the other time. The guy loves you o.

Joy looked at his as if he is speaking French. Something is wrong with you. She hissed and sit down.

The guy is fine now. Street continue talking

Joy closed her eyes and pretend to sleep, but she was deep in thoughts

Everything about my life is changing since Martin showed up. Hope am not losing it? Did he loves me as Street said? He doesn’t. Am sure of that, but he sounds like he loves me. Lord, pls guide me.

Martin comes to the hospital everyday to check on Angel and mostly on Joy. They talked and gist together. Street won’t stop teasing Joy that her husband is here whenever Martin is around. Joy got to know more about Martin, heis the heir ti the famous international company Oriom. His father has company all over the countries. He is a big influential man. The dominate their state, the government and everything. Joy couldn’t believed she was a friends to such a great man. Martin shows his love to Jot in so many ways, despite the fact that he is yet to ask her out, it so obvious the two are in love with each other. They spend most of their time together in the hospital talking. They hardly live each others company

Three weeks later

Doctor, how is her health? It been three weeks, and we haven’t seen any changes, Joy asked

You think so. She is really responding to treatment now. The doctor said smiling

Why is she not awake then, Street asked

She will, it just a matter of time. She has passed the danger zone. She is fine now

Are you sure doctor?


Thank you so much doctor, Martin shake him before leaving his office

They left the doctor office and went to the reception

Joy, I need to talk to you? Martin said looking at Joy

Am all ears, she was worried about Angel and didn’t notice the seriousness on Martin face

Not here, he looked around, let go to some other place

Humm.. OK

Martin drove to a beautiful silent restaurant
He opened the door for her and she came down

This is beautiful. She said looking around

Yea, Martin was happy she loves the place

They enters and sat down
Do you care for anything?

No am fine

At least something to drink


The waiters approached them

Anything to drink, Martin orders

Alright sir



He sit up and breathe out

Are you OK, Joy asked looking at him

Yes I am

Joy, I don’t know where to start from. But I need to start from somewhere. It all begins two years ago, when I was in hurry to get married, God told me to be Patience, and I tried to but God’s time seems to be slow to me, I decided to take steps by leaving God behinds, I ventured on my own will thinking am smart. I met her and we started courtship, I never knew I was about to get married to Satan’s cousin. Six month after our courtship, we fix our wedding, I knew something was not right, I went back to God and prayed. I told God to forgive me and makes things right for me, God answers my prayer, On our wedding day, she ran away with her boyfriend and a lot of my properties document. She stole my money too.

I found out that she have been married thrice, with five kids, I was about to be her fourth husband if not for God that save me, I couldn’t find her up till day. I went back to God with a broken heart. I prayed and God accepted me back. But I faced the consequence of my impatient. I was meant to meet my wife the month I left God behinds, but my impatient made me lose her. God told me I will have to start all over again. I was patience this time around. Last years, God showed me a Lady picture in my dream, He told me that is my wife. I saw the lady picture several time. And luckily for me, after two years, i met the Lady, he said smiling

Joy, he hold her hands

You are the Lady. You are the woman for me. The first time we meet at the hospital, I wanted to tell you, but I don’t have the confident to do that. I have been searching for you for the past two years, I travelled to different countries going to find you there, I never knew I will meet you in a local hospital, I have waited for you, I can’t wait to have you. Joy I love you so much and am ready to go extra miles to prove that for you, Pls be my wife

Joy was speechless and confused. I should be what?

Pls marry me, Martin said with seriousness written all over his face

Joy wanted to jumped at him and said yes. I love you too Martin, she wanted to say that to him. Something in her told her to accept him immediately. But she wasn’t sure what it is?
Holy spirit, is this you talking to me? Or my mind? It is my head or my feeling to him? She thought within herself

Joy! Joy! Martin called her

She jerked back to life


Martin, you now quite well that I can’t give you an answer now, pls give me sometimes to pray about it.

Thank you for giving it a thought, at least it better than a no. They both smiled. Martin talked about some other things, but Joy mind was far away. Different thought cloud her minds. Is this a joke? Martin, the heir of Orion company asked me to marry him, Lord is this your plan for me? Lord help me before am lost.

Martin drove her back to the hospital before going to his office.
Joy walked in looking gentle. Everything Martin said to her was still a shock to her. She sat down gently ignoring street who was ready to tease her.

Lover girl, how you dey?

Joy ignored her as she was deep in thought

He ask you to marry him?

How did you know? Joy was surprised

I know he will ask you today.

What do you mean?

As I sleep here yesterday, I saw the two of you, you dey do wedding for my dream. And my dream always come true. If I dream that you die today, you will die

God forbid

I no say you go die, I just dey do example, he laughed at Joy. My dream always come true fast fast

Why don’t you tell me the dream this morning?

I forgot to tell you now

How can you forget something as sensible as that?

I no know

Joy sighed. I need to make some calls. She went out

Joy called her pastor and informed him everything, she was expecting him to be surprise and told her to fast and pray about it. But the pastor said he has been expecting a day like this because God have showed him six month ago. Go ahead with it my daughter was the Last statement her pastor made before hanging up

Joy felt betrayed. Why is everybody seeing revelation about my marriage but God is not telling me myself. Daddy have known for six month, street knew yesterday and am in total darkness. Why don’t you tell me God?
She decided not to go ahead with the relationship until God talk to her,.

I need to confirmed it myslef, am the one going into the marriage, not them. She excuse herself from the hospital and go to a silent place to pray. She prayed until she was weak. There was no time to pray gently. She needs answer from God quick
God was so faithful to her. God give her the confirmation she needs the third night of her prayer. She was so glad. Martin called her that same night to remind her of his love for her. Joy pls am yet to receive an answer from you

I can’t tell you that on phone, Let meet tomorrow

Oh! Joy you want to give me a sleepless night

She smiled, then I will makes it next week

Nooo, he screamed at the other end of the phone. Pls don’t do that pls

Joy laughed, just joking. Tomorrow

OK, See you tomorrow

Alright, bye
Joy was so happy. She blushed and smiled at herself

In the restaurant

Yes, I will marry you! Joy said smiling

What! Martin screamed. The people around looked at there direction, but he didn’t care

You are shouting Martin, low your voice

Thank you so much Joy for believing in me, thank for giving me a chance

God gave us, not me

Oh my God, am the most happiest man on earthth today

I love you so much Joy

I love you too Martin

The Joy of my life. My happiness, my heart. I will forever love you.

I will forever love you too. They hold each other hand and confessed there love for each other

They talked and played together before leaving for the hospital

In the hospital

Street could sense that something is going on between them as they laugh together
They broke the news to him and he was happy for them

It now a month, Angel is yet to wake to wake up. Street still comes to the hospital and Martin love with Joy keep growing

They were in the hospital one day talking

Dear, I want you to see my mum, Marin rubbed her hands gently

Your Mum? no not now, am not ready


My friend is still sick, I can’t take that big step without her

I understand, but it just my mum not my family. She insist on seeing the Lady that put a smile on his son face. Pls. I tried to explain to her the situation on ground, but she insist, pls save your man from her. Pls love

Okay, when?

You pick the day


It okay. I will tell her

The weekend

Martin took Joy to the boutique and brought a lot of clothes for her. She changed her hair styled to a naturaltal one. When she came out of the dressing room. She was looking cute

You looked beautiful. Matin said to her as he hold her hand

Thank you. She reply smiling

They drive to martin house.

Martin mum was glad to see her. She was all over her. She insist she must sit on her lap. You are beautiful my daughter

Thank you ma

Now I know the reason why my son smiles everyday,
They all laughed

In the hospital

Two nurse went in to give Angel her treatment, they met her sitting down. They rushed out to call the doctor.

Doctor, Doctor!


The lady at the intensive care is awake

Oh really


They rushed to her ward and met her sitting

The doctor examine her, how are you feeling?

Am fine doctor, for how long have I stayed here

A month now

Humm.. What happened to me.

You had an accident, and you were bought here by a man

Angel remember everything, martin was waving at her, she was crossing the road when something she didn’t know hit her. She felt some pains on her head as she remember the bad experience

Your friends have been here since then

My friends? Is martin here too?


Pls I want to see him pls, she said looking Happy

Okay, I will inform them

The doctor went to the reception


Hi, good news, your friend is awake and..

Street rushed to her ward before the doctor could finish his statement

Hey wait, the doctor smiled and followed him

Street get to her ward, immediately he saw her, he hugged her so tight

Angel pushed him away with the little strength she had

Are you out of your mind? Who do you think you are to hug me?

The doctor was surprise at the scene, he pretended as if he didn’t see them.

You Need to calm down ma, you just wake up, you need to rest, shouting is not good for your health for now

Doctor, where is martin? She ignored the doctor advise

I don’t know, he is the best person to answer, the doctor point at Street

Street was sad, he had sleepless night all these weeks all because of her and at the end receive a cold attitude from her

He went out with Joy, he answer reluctantly

With Joy? She was surprise.

Pls call him. I need to see martin

OK, street went out to make the call

Nurse, Angel call her

I need a mirror and a powder

Eh? The nurse was surprise at her request

Yes pls.

Okay, give me a minutes.
The nurse went out and bring her Request.

Thank you. She applied some powder on her face and look at her self in the mirror. I must look beautiful, martin must not see me this way. Oh God, bring Martin here on time. I love him. I have missed him

Street came in, I have call them, they are in there way. He was about to go when Angel call him

Am hungry,

OK, will get you some food


In the house

What! Angel is awake?

Yes, Street called me just now

Wow, I need to go now

My daughter, what happened?

Martin explained to his mum and the woman allowed them to go

On there way to the hospital.

Pls drive fast

Calm down Dear, we will be there soon

I have missed her

Martin smiled

They got to the hospital, Joy rushed down and ran to Angel ward. Martin followed her.
Angel was eating when they enters. Joy hugged her so tight
They both cried and held each other for 5 minutes

I missed you, Joy said amidst tears

I missed you too

Where is Martin? She asked impatiently

He is here

Hi Angel. Congrat for the victory. Welcome back to us, he said smiling

Thank k you, Angel was blushing

Where did you go to? He asked Joy

Emm.. Where should I start from. It a long story, but I will cut it short. I went to martin house. To visit his mum


Angel, a lot have happened in your absent
Martin here is my fiancé, I went to see his mum to ..

What? She threw the food away.

What happened? Everybody was shocked

No! She cried! I love Martin! I love him! Why did you snatched him away from me? Why? She busrted into uncontrollable tears

Everybody was confused, Martin and Joy looked at each other at the revelation. Street was more confused and sad.

Angel, we both know your man, we know your man is not Martin but..

Don’t dare mention his name! I don’t want him, I want Martin. She cried


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