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Angel was discharged few days later. Her parents packed her luggage and insisted she must follow them back to the village.

The doctor said you need to rest, going back to work now is really dangerous for your health pls my daughter. Let go back to the village. Her mother pleaded

No mama, am fine. Am old enough to take care of myself, Angel said

Angel, your mother and I want you to go home with us. I want…..

Dad pls, you and mum should respect my decision.. Am fine.. She pleaded

Her mum and dad looked at each other.. They were speechless.

Her parent spent few days with her, hoping she would change her mind. They speak with Joy to talk to her friend, but Angel was adamant.

Angel refused to follow them claiming she has a lot of things to do.

Her parent were so worried about her. They nearly lose her to the hand of the cold death. Leaving her all alone in the city is what they are not ready to do, but Angel left them with no choice than to leave her since she refuse to follow them.

They packed their luggage, ready to leave for village. Street and Joy escorted them to the motor park

My son, Angel mother called Street
I can’t thank you enough for what you did to my daughter. You are an angel to us. If not for God and you, i would have lost my daughter. You spent your money without knowing us, you dedicate your time for us. I don’t know how to thank you, my entire family will be forever grateful to you.. Thank you.. She burst into tears

No mama, you don’t need all this. Let thank God for all what have happen. If i didnt help, God will surely sent someone else. We should thank God that our effort didn’t go in vain. Angel is fine and perfect now. That is what we should thank God for..

Angel’s father hugged him tightly and sobbed silently

Joy couldn’t hold back her tears. Street was the last person on earth she could ever believed could help them, a tout, an unbeliever, an ordinary mam could help them without collecting dime from them.. It rare to see a real Christian to help their brethren, Street is indeed a real man, Joy thought within herself and wipe off her tears with the back of her hand.

Angel’s father disengaged the hug.. Thank you my son

You are welcome papa.. Street said bowing his head

Angel’s parent boarded the car and the driver drove off. Joy and street waved at them until they were out of sight

Street and Joy headed home without talking to each other
How is she now? Street break the silent

She is fine, em..emm… Thank alot.. We really appreciate

Don’t start yours again. I have heard a lot already ma.. He smiled.. They both burst into laugh

They gist and laughed until they got home

Angel was reading her bible when they got home. Joy and Street laughter announced their presence

Joy was surprise to see them laughing and joking as if they have known themselves for a long time.
She looked away and pretended not to see them.

Hi Angel. Joy greeted her
Welcome, are they gone? She asked without looking at them

Yes, myself and David escorts them

David? Who is that? She asked raising her head for the first time since they came in

Him of course! Joy said widening his eyes
Ohh, you don’t know, his real name is David

Hum! Thank you, she said under her breathe

You are welcome, Street replied

I need to go out with David, see you later.

Before she could say anything, they were already out, she could hear their laugh and gisting as they walk out of the gate

Hummmm! She signed

Joy came back and met Angel at the same spot she left her. She was staring at the bible, but her mind was far away

Angel, Angel, Angel! Joy screamed her name


What happened? Was wrong? Joy said looking scared

Am fine. Angel rubbed her face..

No, you can’t tell me that.. Ever since we left the hospital, you have being acting strange. You don’t talk, you hardly eat, the only thing you do is stare at nothing in particular. You hardly interfere when people around you are talking. Your quietness is scaring me. I don’t like the new you, pls tell me, what is the problem? You are scaring me..

No, am fine.. She said and sobbed silently.. Am fine..

Joy hugged her. It okay.. Pls stop crying.. Pls..

Thank you.. Angel said amidst tears

The next day

Angel woke up so early the next day for morning cry, she trekked for 3 hrs preaching the word of God. She went from one street to another without getting tired. She got back home to meet her worried friend Joy.

Joy hugged her immediately she opened the door.
Angel! She shouted her name. Where have you been? Where did you go to without informing me? Do you know how worried I am? Joy speaks so fast without giving Angel any chance to reply

Emm! Angel knelt down and say a silent prayer. She stood up from the bed and dropped her bible

Which of your question should I answer? She asked smiling

Do you think this is funny? Am sick here because of you.

Thank goodness you are still alive.

Pls stop, am serious! Joy said sitting beside her
Okay, am sorry, I had to go somewhere this morning, I don’t want to disturb your sleep that was why I didn’t wake you

And where is that place?

I went for morning cry..

What! Joy was shocked.. You mean you went for an evangelism? What you hate doing most? Oh my God! What is happening! This is a great news

Joy, pls can you keep your voice low, there is no big deal in that, it just the way every other person can do it

Yes I know, but…

Can we talk about this later, I need to go to my room, she stood up and went out

Angel got to her room and knelt down. She was still shocked at what happened to her in the morning during her evangelism

Flash back

Receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior… He is coming soon. He love us.. He is expecting you.. He has died on the cross of calvary because of you..

Angel preached the word of God shouting at the top of her voice. After she was through, she called the altar call. If you want to give your life to Christ, place your hand on your chest wherever you are. She didn’t see anyone, but she was urge in her spirit to call the alter call even without seeing anyone

In Jesus name.. No one reply

In Jesus mighty name…
No response

Heavenly father…. She was cut short by a silent sob
She stopped praying and looked around, she didn’t see anyone, she thought her mind was playing prank with her

She continued her prayer with her eyes closed. Suddenly she heard someone crying
She opened her eyes, she was surprise to see a young Lady in her early twenties weeping

What happened to you young lady? Why are you crying? Angel asked looking confused. She looked around to see if anyone was beating her but she didn’t see anyone

What happened? Who beat you?

The Lady couldn’t talk, she continue weeping. Angel lift her up and both of them went to a nearby shop.

Who are you? What happened? Why are you crying? Pls stop crying..

Am Christabel by name, a 200l student of RAUSS, am a big sinner, and I don’t know if God can forgive me.. She burst into another tears

Angel allowed her to cry, she just watch her carefully.

Christabel continued.. I have slept with so many men, boys, guys. My parent are rich, and provide everything for me, but my urge for sex have turned me to a prostitue. I am presently living with my boyfriend after running away from home. My parent didn’t know about my whereabout,

I stopped attending school. I was in the room tidying up after satisfying myself with two packets of cigarettes when I heard your voice, it pierces into my heart like a digger, I was unrest in my spirit, suddenly something happen to me, it was as if something that blindfolded me fell down, i suddenly look dirty and filthy, am a big sinner and cheater, can Jesus forgive me? She said admits tears

Angel couldn’t controlled her tears too, she embraced her.
He has forgiven you already, He knows you will do all this that was why He dead for me on the cross.

Christabel cried bitterly

Joy prayed for her, and followed her to her boyfriend house. The guy was not at home. Joy collected her number and promise to call her. The girl thanks Angel so much and promise to go back to her parent house that sane day


Lord, am not worthy to be in this position, am not worthy to be an agent of transformation, despite all my shortcoming, despite all what I did. Lord! She knelt down and sobbed..


She looked around to be sure she heard a voice. She was scared

Did God just spoke to me? She ask no one in particular.
Thank you Jesus,
Lord help me. I don’t know what to do now.. Help me Lord, she wept until she slept off.




The next two month after Angel accident was a transformation month for Angel. She joined almost all the department in the church. She spent most of her time praying, rehearsing or evangelising. People were so amazed at her sudden change of attitude. She hardly create time for herself to chat with friends or meet new people. All what she does was her father’s assignment.

Street resumed back to his base and continue his normal life. He was in his base one day when he received a good news

Tuale! Baba! One of his man hailed him raising up his two hands.
One nation! One country! All street! Any other street na fake! I bow!

Road go bless you! Vehicle and cars will be your boss! Street prayed for him as he drink alcohol

Amen oooo! The guy shouted

Whatsap now? Wetin happen? Street asked. He continued smoking

Baba, na from head office I dey come. Dey tell me say make I give you this letter. He handed the letter to him

Street collect the letter and open it to read.

Yeee! He don happen o! My forefathers don bless me. I don win. He jumped up and screamed. He danced round the base and his boys joined him. He went back to his sit

Wetin happen boss? One of his boys asked him after the whole drama. They all look eager to know what the letter contain, that makes their boss to jump for joy

Baba, wetin shele, we wan die for curiosity here o..

He don happen! Dey just promote me to be the chairman of okada riders in this whole state

Ohhh! Yeee! Eehhh! Our forefathers don do am. The spirit of vehicle and bike don bless us. We don harmmer. His boys sing and jumped in happiness. They poured alcohol on themselves

Baba, congratulations, I don know for so long say you be king of all the riders, the savior of our time. The chairman for our generation. Congratulations boss

I no say this your job you go buy the whole world from it, your children go inherit am. Another one prayed for him

Aminnn.. Street clapped his hands

Street stood up and walk majestically.. Now that I have been made the chairman of all okada riders in the whole state, den go hear am! I go show them! Wetin I go do now? He looked at his boys

you! He pointed at one of his boys

Yes baba. He bowed down

Go and meet swallow, tell him to arrange five girls for me and two girls each for all the boys for tonight. I want to fight battle on my bed with the five girls tonight. My body need to pour something out.

Ohh! Baba oooo! Nice baba! His boys chorus

Target! He called another

Baba o

Go and meet mama joint, tell her we are coming there tonight, she must make a lot of preparation for us

Okay baba

We must celebrate this boys, drink to stupor, the bills is on me! Let go there..

They all rushed out, shouting and hailing at the top of their voice

Joy and Angel met them on their way. They were shouting and making noise.

Is that not your friend? Why is he constituting nuisance? Angel was angry

Humm..Joy sighed.. She hate it whenever Street gives Angel reason to insult her because of him. She folded her arm looking at street.

Pls can we go, because I won’t want him to come here and associate me with his stupidity.

Street saw them left his guys to greet them

Hi… Angel greet him

Afternoon, he replied smiling at Angel who has looked away

What going on with you and your guys?Joy asked trying to control her anger

I no fit answer you now, the boys dey wait for me.. I need to join them. I go gist you later. Bye

He left before Joy could say another thing

What is wrong with him? Joy asked as they continue their journey to church

Angel ignored her question

Humm, Joy sighed.

Angel, Joy called her


I think it time you start relating with David. At least for the sake of what he did for you. I am not please with the way you see him and talk about him. You are looking at his physical body, you are ignoring his loving heart. You need to stop this.

Can we talk about this some other time. Angel was tired of the discussion. She hate to hear anything about street.

No, we are not. Angel, I don’t understand you any longer. What is going on? What so bad in making friends with someone that save your life, he was there for you when you needed someone to pay your expensive bills….

Do you have to remind me all that? Angel cut in

Yes, if that will bring some senses back into your skull

Humm.. Angel signed
OK, I will.. Can I have my peace now?

Your peace is with me, you should revive it wherever you buried it, Joy hissed and walked away angrily

Oh! Are you angry now? Am sorry! She ran after her

One Week Later

Angel was in her room, she was deep in thought
Humm.. She sighed
Lord, you have been telling me pray about my marriage, about who my husband is. I know am so desperate to know him before i had the accident, but Lord, it has all change. Am not ready to know him.

I don’t want distraction. Besides, i need to prepare my heart for whoever that is coming. Lord, pls give me sometime. Let me focus on your work, all I need is you! pls Lord. She closed her eyes and say a silent prayer

Joy opened her door without knocking

Angel opened her eyes and met her inside

You should at least knock.

Why will I knock in my room? What belong to you, belong to me too.

Am sorry madam.

Joy went in and sat down on her bed

Anything for the ladies? Angel asked looking at her

Yes, I want to have a word with you. Joy stared at her looking serious

What is the problem? Angel look serious too

I was praying in the mid night when the holy spirit send me to you. God said He is asking you to pray over some issues, but you don’t want to

Humm.. Angel bowed down her head. She wasn’t surprise with Joy revelation. This has been the way God deal with her whenever she didn’t want to heed to his instruction. He send people to her among her friends and stranger until she listen

Angel, talk to me. Joy was feeling impatient

Joy, it true

What? You means you have refuse to do what God ask you to do? You are intentionally disobeying Him. I don’t understand. Joy was shocked

No Joy, it not what you think. Am just tired of the whole thing

Am I missing something? Joy looked at her suspiciously

Joy, God want me to start praying concerning my marriage. God said He has a plan for both of us, it sounds good but am not ready

Why? You are so desperate to have a partner before your accident, you are always day dreaming about your marriage and your man, why the sudden change?

That was then Joy. That was when I was living my life without an assignment. That was when am not ready to make sacrifice for God, but now am ready to make the sacrifice, all I have on my mind now is the work of God, I want to focus on it, am not sure if I have a heart to love a man now. I don’t want distraction from anyone

Angel, Joy called her softly.
Everything about life is time and season. There is time to live, there is time to die. There is time to work and there is time to rest. There is time to labour, and there is time to reap. This is your time to get married, Don’t let it pass you. I want you to understand that God knows you more than you know yourself. You might think you don’t need a man now, but you can’t be wiser than God. Just follow Him, am sure the end will be a happy one. Trust him dear

Humm.. Angel sighed
Thank you so much Joy

You are…..

Street banged in without knocking the door
Angel was so angry but try to hide her emotion

Am sorry oo.

Street, why now? You should have knock? Joy barked at him

Am sorry.. I don forget
What are you looking for? This is not my room

I don go your room. I no find you there. I con dey hear your voice from this room. I no know say na Angelly room.. He said streaching the LE

My name is Angel.. She said looking at him angrily. Good afternoon


You know what, wait for me in my room. Am coming. Joy said

Okay, no stay long. He looked at Angel who who looking away and walked out

Am sorry Angel

Do you want to keep this guy as friend forever? Angel asked

What bad about that?

You think it not bad? He might be dangerous to you, especially your spiritual life, am sure you don’t want to lose your long walk with God because of him. Remember anything can happen

Angel, the guy we are talking about helped you, he saved you, he is your helper

That doesn’t mean I should be committed to him forever. Fine, he helped me, and am planing to repay him back. Just because he help me doesn’t mean I should turn myself to his slave or make him my friend. No way!

Dear, am not saying that, I just thought he deserve some respect from you, that all. She tried hard not to get Angel angry

Have heard you, but You need to teach him some manners

I won’t mind if you help me with that, Joy said jokingly and walks out

Angel sighed. Her discussion with Joy flashed back to her mind. She layed her back in the bed, staring directly at the ceiling.
I need to start the journey of revealing the unknown king.. She thought within herself

Angel started praying concerning God’s will for her life. She fast and prayed for several month.This didn’t disturb her activities in the church. She was more dedicated day be day to the work of God
After a long prayer one day, she slept off in front of the alter and had a long dream

She was waiting patiently at a beautiful door with a flower in her hand. She wanted to enter the door but she couldn’t. The tall man at the door asked for her crown.

I don’t have a crown

You can’t enter without a crown

But why? Angel was confused

That is because the journey you want to embark on inside after this door is opened is destined for you and your crown, not for you only. Your crown will help you to do so many things, So wait for your crown. He is the only key into this door

She was not please, but have no choice than to wait

She waited for many hours.. Suddenly she saw a man coming towards her. He was wearing a suit. She couldn’t see his face properly as there were smoke. She was eager to see the man’s face

That is your crown coming, the man at the door said smiling

My crown?


Your crown, your husband

The man was near, Angel could see him properly. She was shocked at the person you saw.

No way! He can’t be

The man was now in her front smiling

Can we proceed? He smiled and stretch his hand

Am not going with you! Never!

Angel faced the man at the door, there is no way this man here is going to be my crown. Am not going into that door with him. She pointed at the door

Young lady, you can’t go in alone either. This journey is made for the two of you. Accept him now and go in before it too late. Remember everything is about time and season. Accept him before your time is up. You still have the time now

No,I won’t. I can’t accept him. She squatted and started crying. I don’t want him. Pls.. Pls…

To the presence

She cried from her sleep to life. She was breathing heavily. She looked around and saw her pastor


Sister Angel

What happended to me?

Nothing , you just woke up from a deep sleep.

Angel tried to remember the dream she had, She looked thoughtfully and remember everything. She suddenly screamed.
No way!

The pastor smiled, sister Angel, I was going out when God direct me to you. He said I should inform you that the person he showed you is your husband and you shouldn’t be afraid

No way! I will never get married to him! I can’t. She stood up

I have deliver my message, take care ma.. The pastor went out

God no, she knelt down
Don’t do this to me Lord. I can’t marry street. Am ready to accept anyone apart from him. I can’t marry Street. Pls Lord. She cried at the top of her voice. I want to die! Kill me now Lord. Am ready to die than to get married to him. Kill me Lord. She wept bitterly.


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