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The journey home was silent. Martin drove the car, Joy was still amazed at the turn out event. Angel was speechless and restless while Street couldn’t stop crying. He kept crying like a baby all the way home. The pastors in the camp prayed for him, some of them tried to consoled him. But he couldn’t stop crying.

The pastor have told them to leave him because he is under the influence of Holy Spirit. He won’t stop crying unless the Holy Spirit console him, this is the true definition of encounter, the true meaning of repentance, let allow Holy Spirit to take charge of him. The pastor explained to them.

They got to Joy’s house. Everybody alighted from the car including Street. He didn’t wait to say anything. He headed home straight. Joy and Angel walked in while Martin drove home after saying his good bye to Joy. It was suppose to be a joyful moment for Angel, because God have used her greatly, but she was not happy and can’t find the reason for her sadness.

Angel dropped her bag, she knelt down and say a few prayer. She sat down looking worried

Thank God it went well, Joy break the silent
Joy looked at Angel and noticed she wasn’t smiling
What happened girlfriend? You should be happy and smiling, I don’t like the face am seeing. She sat on the dressing mirror stool facing Angel.

Joy, Angel called her softly


Street, is he really born again? Just like that? I mean how can it just happen so easy

Joy understand the confusion in her voice, she moved the stool closer to her.

Angel, it doesn’t take God a lifetime to save a soul if there is an instruments to use. It will take God a Second to save a soul if the instrument is available. God has use you as an ninstrument to save a many soul which street is among.

Humm, Angel sighed

I know you are not happy, you are thinking of how you have treated him in the past and felt guilty, you felt bad about your past actions to him

Angel looked at Joy in a way that confirmed what she said

You don’t need to worry, Street is now a changed man, a new man, old things have definateky passed away. Am sure he will understand you if you tried to explain things to him

Do you think so? Angel.asked looking sorry

No, I did not think, am very sure

Humm.. Angel sighed

Am hungry, let me quickly fund something for us to eat. Joy stood up and went out


Angel was deep in thought. She felt guilty and full of regret for what she did to street, she wish she could rewind the hand of time and correct her mistakes, but it was too late


Three weeks later

Angel have been expecting street to come to their house, but he didn’t come. Angel was worried. She really want to see him and apologise for all her wrongdoings. She couldn’t eat well again nor sleep, she was restless. She decided to seek help from Joy

Joy, Angel tried to avoid her gaze

Yes dear

Angel was silent.

Joy was expecting her to say something since she called her. You called me Angel

Yes…I want.. To..see..Street. she stammered

What? Joy widen her eyes in shock

Yea.. Joy scratch her head feeling embarrassed

No, not what you think. I just want to apologize for what have done to him in the past. I feel bad and worst whenever I think about him. I should have been patience with him as you advice back then

Hummm, that true, but how do I come in? How can I be of help?

I know you are closer to him, pls can you follow me to see him, I don’t want to face him alone

That not a problems

Thank so much

It my pleasure dear

The next day

Both of them went to Street’s base, but he was not there. They asked the boys around and non of them claim to see him for the past three weeks. Angel was so sad and worried. They were about heading home when Joy saw one of his boys

Hi uncle


Pls we want to see street, we were told he doesn’t come here again, Can you take us to his house

No problems

Angel was happy, theguy took them to Street’s house which was miles away. They got to his house and ask for him from a neighbour washing clothes outside

It been long bro Street come home.
He now stays in church, the lady told them

Pls direct us to the church. Pls ma. Joy pleaded

The lady direct them to the church and went back with the guy

In the church

They enters the church and met Street reading a Bible with a beautiful sister. Angel was sad immediately she sighted the lady. A lot of thought run through her kind, but she tried to comport herself

Hi street, long time! Joy said happily. Street was distracted, she looked up with the lady and was surprise to see Joy and Angel

Hi Joy, he said smiling

Angel looked at him, he has changed a lot, he now has a nice hair cut, shave his mouthavhe, he look more handsome and responsible. Shee was carried away with his handsomeness and didn’t know when Street walked up to her

Hi Angel, he stretch out his hand

Hi, she jerked back to life

It nice seeing you two. Pls have your sit. He gave then two plastic chair sit

Hi, the lady greeted them

Good afternoon, Joy responded

Bro David, am in the mission house, when you are through pls let me know

Alright dear, I will. The lady walked away

Did I just hear him call her dear? Oh my God, this must be a joke! Am sure they are just church members, nothing more than that. Angel thought within herself sadly

They all sat down staring at each other

So, you are now David, that so nice! Joy break the silent

Yea. He smiled revealing his gap teeth

He even have a gap teeth, why did I not notice all these before? Angel thought within herself

It nice seeing you again after a long time, you just decided to throw us away, why? Have I offend you? Joy said playfully

Am so sorry Joy, you never offend me. After the incident, I have been busy with a lot of things, there was this thirsty and hunger in me to search for Christ, I was thirsty for Him. I needed time for myself to know Him more. I have to come down here to seek for help. Am so sorry

Humm.. That nice. Am happy we are in the same fold

He smiled

Angel only stared at him the whole time, not saying anything

Hi Angel

Hii, it nice seeing you again


Joy knew she has overstayed, she stood up and excuse them

Angel looked into his eyes and was short of word
I..I.. She burst into tears

What happened Angel? Why are you crying?

She didn’t reply but weep more

Pls talk to me, what happened? I think I need to inform Joy, he stood up

No, pls sit

You need to wipe your tears, stop crying pls. What is the problem? Feel free to talk to me

Am so sorry, am sorry for hurting you in the past, am sorry for treating you bad, am sorry for causing you pain, am so sorry, pls forgive me, I wish I could rewind the hand of time to rectify my mistakes. Pls David, forgive me. She weep silently

David smiled.. You didn’t offend me. I have never for a day see you as an enemy or someone who own me an apology. I should be the one to thank you, because I was saved through you.

I wouldn’t have come for the program if not because of you, and God used you for me on several occasions, even when I was giving you a hard time proving stubbornness. I should be the one to thank you for making yourself available for Him to use. Angel, pks wioee your tears, you didn’t offends me, I will rather thank you

Angel was surprise at what he said. She was expecting him to get mad at her and even walked out on her, but here he is talking like a perfect gentle man.
Thank you so much, thank for your understanding

You are welcome, he said smiling

There is one other thing I want to tell you


Emm.. During the time you were after me, I mean when you asked me out. The Lord told me to go ahead and accept you because that is His plan for me, but I was scared then because of some reasons, I wouldnt mind if I can still be your woman as God plan

Humm.. Angel, having you as a woman is the best thing a man can ever want. You have everything a man want in a Lady. Truthfully, I really love you and I wanted to settle down with you, even though I didn’t believe in .prayer back then, as I only follow my heart not what God want,

I would have love to go back to my request of marrying you back, but am sorry I can’t. Angel am in love with Jesus. I want to settle and groomed in His word. I want to know more about him now. My priority now is Jesus. Probably I will be ready after getting what I want, but for now. Am not ready again

Angel was heartbroken and shattered, she fought back tears forming in her eyes. It okay David. It a good thing you are putting Gid first. Thank for your time. She stood up

Thank you too

Angel walked straight out of the church. Joy was surprise to see her that way, she went back to the church to see David

David, hope all is well?

Yes. Thank a lot for coming

It our pleasure. I need to go now bye

Angel poured out all her emotions, she cried bitterly on her way home. Joy was confused. She asked him why she was crying but Angel refused to answer her. It was a silent journey back to their house
Angel refused to see anyone for days, she refused to eat nor bath, she cried everyday and prayed asking God to return David back to her. She asked for forgiveness of din for every bad thing she has said in the past. She didn’t stop fasting for weeks asking Gid for mercy.

Martin and Joy started their wedding preparation. The atmosphere was beaming with happiness again. Angel helped her friend with the preparation of the wedding. Martin orders their wears from America.

The family of Martin foot all the bills and didn’t allow Joy’s family to spend any money. Joy invited all her friends from church and place of work, she also invited Street. Martin on the other hand invited dignities. Governors, ministers, senator and the general overseer of God’s church. They rented a big ha

On the Day

Angel was Joy best lady. The hall was filled with great people. Joy couldn’t believe such people could attend her wedding. It was heaven on earth for her. She was beaming with smile throughout. Angel didn’t stop teasing her about the action that will take place in the night. She laughs
The vows was said and the ring was exchange. The people clapped for the newest couples in town

Immediately after the wedding, Angel started looking for Street, she searched everywhere for him but couldn’t find him. She knew he was there. She was about giving up the search when she heard someone call her

Angel. David called softly
Angel turned and see him. She smiled as she approach him, but her smilr suddenly disappeared when she saw the previous Lady with him again.

Hi David

Hi, How are you? hope am not disturbing, it seems you are looking for something

No, at all, she lied

The lady stared at Angel

Oh, Precious! meet Angel
Angel, this is precious my good friend

Good friend? So she is not an ordinary friend but a good one, she thought within herself. She was sad but trued to conceal her emotions..

I.. The ladies hugged each other

It nice meeting you again

Same here dear

Pls do enjoy yourself, if you need anything, let me know

Alright. Thank so much

You are welcome. David, I have to go now

OK.. Bye

Angel.walked away feeling bad. Her mind was filled with so many thought. Is that his girlfriend? His fiancée? Will they end up together? It not possible, God told me David is my man, but.. She remembered the dream she had, ( When the old man ask her to enter the house, but she refused, another Lady eventually enters and the lady with David sat down on a big throne. The whole people bow down and hailed them,) she remembered she pleaded with the old man to enter, but the man told her she has been replaced.

No.. She screamed unconsciously. People looked at her direction and she quickly walk away
It not possible, that just a dream. I will never be replace in Jesus name, she prayed silently as she walked to meet Joy and her husband.

Two days after the wedding

Precious made her intention known to David. She narrated the dream she had about both of them getting married. Previous told him she really loves him and she is ready to accept him. David was not surprise because he felt the sane way too. But he told precious to give him sometimes to prayed about it


Martin and Joy travelled out of the country for their honey moon for a month. They came back looking happy and fulfilled. Angel went to their new house to greet them. Angel and Jot was happy to see each other again. They hugged each other endlessly. Joy told her she has a full tank of gist for her. The two ladies couldn’t wait to be together
Two hours later, David walked in
They were all happy to be together again

Guys, I want us to visit all the dignitaries that come for my wedding. I would love you guys to go with us.. It would be nice if we thank them for granting our request

David and Joy stared at each other.

Is that necessary? Angel asked

Of course. You can also use that opportunity to thank God’s church general overseer for the opportunity he gave you! Martin explained

Yea. I was surprise to see him at your wedding. I wanted to ask you, but later skipped my mind

Yea, he is my husband’s uncle.

Wow! Angel widen her eyes in shock
So you are related to the general overseer of God’s church

As you can see

They all laugh

You are not saying anything David

Nothing to say, am fine with your plan, he smiled



Three later later

The four friends visited the church together. The secretary directed them to his apartment.

Uncle Peter as he was fondly called by his immediate family was so sick. He has been on bed rest since two weeks. Joy and Martin was the first to went in. The man was happy to see him. He look weak on his bed

How are you my son? He said faintly

Am fine uncle, when did you become so sick?

The man smile. It time to go home. Am only waiting for him

I don’t understand, Martin looked at his wife who looked confused too. Waiting for who uncle
The Lord told me you brought someone with you

Yes, they are my friend. He was surprise

Let them come in.
Martin stood up and ulshered them in

Immediately David walked in, Uncle Peter was filled with the holy spirit. He speak in tongue for several minutes. Martin was surprise,
Just a minutes ago, he couldn’t even speak louder, where did he got the strength from? He asked no one in particular

Everyone was surprise

Uncle peter sit up
Come here my son. He looked at David

David was confused, why will he called me, I haven’t even meet him before, David thoughts

Pls come, he called him again

David walked towards him slowly.

The man hugged him

I have been waiting for you. The Lord told me, my predecessor, someone who will emerge as the new general overseer of God’s church is a thug, and unbeliever with a great heart. He told me you will soon see the light of salvation. The day you gave your life to Christ, the Lord told me. The nan looked at everybody and could see their confused face

Humm.. David, the man called him

David was shocked, he hasn’t told the man his name

I should have go back to my ancestors, I should have go back home. But God told me to wait for you so that I can bless you. You will be the new General Overseer of God’s church. All other preparation has been made,

The man brought out an olive oil from his shelf. He told David to kneel down. He pour the oil on his head. David fell down immediately. He stated speaking in tongue. The man smile. You have receive the power authority to be the head of all nations today, it shall never depart from you

Joy, martin and Angel was so shocked to say Amen.

David laid on the floor lifeless

He will be okay. What he received is too much for his physical body. The man explain to ease his friends mind

David wakes up after six hours of lying lifeless. He stood up looking different. The man was happy to see him again

He called him and his friend together. .I have to say some words with you before I go
You are no longer an ordinary person, but an annoied man of God. You are a God chosen minister, a Shepard, a preacher and most of all a father to different nation. All the nation will serve you. White men and women will serve you. But with this great task, you will name an Eve.


Yes, a wife. Your rib. Are you married?

No, I have someone in mind


Her name is Precious

Humm.. My son, I will advice you to pray well.

Yes Sir

Angel was shattered immediately David mention Precious. Everything began to make sense to her. Her dream is about to manifested
David will become the general overseer, which means the whole world will hail him. That signifies the throne she saw. And precious will be the queen, the lady God replace her with in her dream. She rushed to the rest room and cried bitterly. Have I lost David finally. Will he ever accept me. God pls give me last chance! All I ask for is a last chance

David, Joy, Angel and Martin left there late in the night. They drive home silently. Martin was happy for David. His friend has turn to his spiritual father. Joy was sad for Angel. She knew Angel was not happy. Angel on the other hand didn’t stop crying silently.

The thought of being replace bring more tears to her. David mind was filled with thought of who to chose between Angel and Precious. Precious told him God want them together, and he also love her, but he fine it hard to overlook Angel who was there for him when he was a thug. Who should I go for Oh Lord? Angel or Precious? He thought within himself as they drive home.

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