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Angel got home weeping profusely.

I am mourning over Street today, he is now dead to me, I will never go back to him. It over between us. Am done with him. She said to herself as she cried bitterly

Joy who has been leaning at the door walked to her and hugged her.

You need to calm down. You don’t need to give up so soon. Remember you didn’t gave your life to Christ the first day you are preached to, it takes a lot of process and consistence before you gave your life to Christ too. You need to take things easy with him. Let God deal with him while you have patient. Pls Angel

She disengaged herself from Joy.

No, am fed up and tired of waiting. It so obvious Street cannot change his lifestyle. He told me himself. It high time I let him go. She screamed amidst tears

Joy was short of words, she prayed silently for God to console her.

Days turned to weeks. Angel avoided street like a plague. She stopped passing through his base. She became lonely and rely on God for better husband. She never stop evangelising. Her love for God grow stronger and stronger each day. God send people to her to go back to Street but she turned deaf ear to them. She insist never to have anything with Street again.

Street come to Angel house several time to apologize for what he did. But Angel didn’t give him any attention. She shunned him whenever they cross path. Street pleaded with Joy and Martin to help him out, all effort to make Angel forgive Street and accept him back to her life prove abortive

One sunny afternoon, she came back home feeling excited. Joy! Joy! She called her from outside

Joy was eating, she was surprise when Angel walked in jumping around the room

What is the good news all about? She chewed her food in the mouth

Angel knelt down in front of Joy, guess what? She said brimming with smile

Joy dropped her spoon, and pretend to think, you found your dream man, Joy said smiling

Angel knock her head playfully. You are not serious. Martin have filled your head. You only think about guys now
They both laughed

Guess jor, Angel pushed her

Angel, you know am not good at guessing, pls tell me the good news.

Okay. I have being invited at the YOuth conference in God’s church. I will be the one to preached to the whole youth. A youth numbering 50,000 and more! She screamed excitedly

Oh my God! The famous God’s church? Joy asked excitedly

Yes, she smiled

Where all youth all over the world come once in a year?


And you will be preaching there? Joy widen her eyes


Wowww! Joy jumped at her and both of them fell on the floor, they laughed and laid on the floor

How come? How did you do it? Joy faced her

It God, our pastor called me and told me the general overseer of God’s church want the preacher to come from our church according to God directive, after praying about it, God directed him to me, which makes him to pick me.

This is unbelievable! Joy was still surprise

Am telling you. I still can’t believe am going to stand in front of youths who are over 59,0000 to preach the word of God. Her smile suddey disappeared. What will I say to them?

Joy notice the sadness in her voice and sit down, you don’t need to worry about that. God has chosen you for this, am sure He has a reason for choosing you and He will never let you down. Just go to Him and pray. Let Him speak through you. Don’t struggle

Humm, Angel sighed. Thank you my friend

You are welcome our general evangelist

Angel hit her button playfully. Naughty girl

Angel prepared so much for the incoming program. She prayed and fasted to God to lead her through

Lord, I know you have a reason for choosing me for this task, pls let your reason be known to the world. I don’t want people to see me, I want them to see you in me. I don’t want them to hear me, I want them to hear you through me. I don’t want to be in charge, come and take charge oh Lord, I want to dissapear for you to appear that day.. Let your glory be manifest on that day. because am powerless and am weak. There is nothing I can do on my way. You are my strength and power. Come and show yourself to the world on that day. She prayed

On D- Day

Angel left a day before the program.

Joy was in her room waiting for Martin to come and pick her when Street enters

Hi Joy

Street, how are you? You didn’t even bother to knock. She said without looking at him

Am fine dear. Am sorry. He looked at her from head to toe.

You are going out? He finally asked

Yea, Joy said without looking at him, she was interested in her dress as she look at herself in the mirror

Okay, pls is Angel at home? He looked worried

No, Joy looked at him for the first time

Where is she?

Humm.. Actually there is a program in one of biggest church in the city. She is the invited guest. So she left for the program since yesterday

Oh, I see. I will come back to check on her. He walked to the door

Street, Joy called him as if she remember something

Yes, he turned back

Why not go with us? She said

Oh noooo! Am not going! He nod his head sharply


I have a lot of things to do at the base

Angel would be so happy to see you, you can make things up with her through this program, who knows?

You mean, she can forgive me if I attend? Street look happy

It possible.. Joy said in a convincing tone

What if she get angry with me, remember she didn’t invite me

No, you can’t. I know her too well. Joy looked at his face

Street thought about it for a while before answering. OK! I will go

Really? Joy widen her eyes


Oh, that so nice of you.

So, how do we get there?

Martin is coming to pick us


Martin drive in few minutes later and they drove off to the venue

God’s church camp was like a big city. It was said that the camp is bigger than some towns and city. The camp was filled with different youth of all races all over the country. People walk in pairs and group. Some were praying, some were eating, some were sleeping. It was filled with different activities. The program is starting by 9:pm in the night. Martin, street and Joy were in their car eating

Can I see Angel now? Street asked looking around
No, you can’t. She will be preparing for tonight. It won’t be nice if we distract her

That true, Street said sadly
Calm down man, Am sure everything will be fine. Enjoy the moment. Martin said cheerfully

Street managed a smile

Darling, do you know the general overseer of this church is my… His phone rings
Excuse me pls, I need to pick this call

OK dear

Martin stood up and pick the call. He came back later to find Joy and street ready.

Is it time? He asked checking his wrist watch

Yes. The announcement have been made

Oh. Let go
They all walked together to the big auditorium

The auditorium was filled. Joy found a found a good spact at the middle roll very close to the front for the three of them.

They sat down until the pastor came to say the opening prayer for thirty minutes. The pastor handled the microphone to the choir to take charge. The beautiful chorister sang so beautiful that everybody danced and forget their sorrow. Joy was surprise to see street danced so well. They laughed and danced

After the song. Different presentation by different church branch came forward until 2: 00am in the mid night. The man anchoring the program urged everyone to sit down and listen to the word of God as they called our Angel
Everyvody clapped their hands for her. Angel stepped on the stage looking different. She dressed like a minister’s wife, looking young and beautiful on the big stage. Her smile make her glow more giving way for her dimple to reveal

Street was so happy seeing her and at the same time sad.

Angel urged everybody to sit down. She started with worship song. She sings like an angel. After 10 minutes worship, everywhere was silent.

The topic for my sermon is “WHY DID HE DIE FOR US?

There were silent everywhere. She looked at her audience and continue

Who died for you and me? .

The congregation chorus at the same time, it Jesus Christ.

Why did He die for us? Angel asked again.
There was murmuring everywhere.

Angel continue. Many Christian and non believer didn’t know the reason why He died for us. Some said he died because God asked him to die, Some believed He died because He doesn’t have a choice, some said He died because that is what he lives for, all these are false. Our Lord Jesus Christ die because of Love. He died because He loves us. There are two reason why He died

1) To show us the gravity and serious reality of sin
2) LOVE. “No greater love than to die for the one you love.” Especially Jesus chose the most humiliating and painful death

His death was not a simple one, Jesus went through a lot for the sake of Love,. He died so that we won’t have to die again, He suffered so that we won’t have to suffer again

Jesus was brutally bound, stripped, and mercilessly whipped to the point that His Sacred Body was reduced to an open wound. All of this for love, pure love! Pools of His Precious Blood bathed the dirty ground.

They pressed sharp and piercing thorns that penetrated His brow, skull, even to His brain. This was the price of our immortal redemption!
The cross He carried was loaded with all of the sins of the world, your sins and mine. So heavy was the cross that Jesus fell more than once under the heavy weight.

The weight of the cross, the sun and the heat of the day caused Jesus to sweat immensely. Contemplate the sweat of the Body of Jesus, all done for your salvation and mine. What a costly price — that of the salvation of your immortal soul.

As Jesus reaches close to the top of Mount Calvary, where his crucifixion awaits Him, the soldiers brutally grab on to Him and rip His garments off. By doing so the wounds are opened once again and blood comes running like a stream. This Jesus suffered for the sins against the virtue of modesty and the sins against the virtue of chastity! O Lord grant us pure minds, bodies and souls!
Finally Jesus arrives at His destiny — the top of the hill called Calvary. Awaiting Jesus is still more intense suffering — that of the crucifixion.

His sacred Hands are nailed to the cross; Blood comes gushing forth. His feet are nailed to the cross and once again the Blood comes gushing forth—all of this to repair for the many times that we have used our hands and feet and members to offend God in one or many different ways.

As Jesus hangs between heaven and earth, suffering the last hours of His life in bitter agony still more sufferings descend upon Him. There are those close to the cross who blurt out bitters words and insults.

Physically, Jesus lost much of His Sacred Blood that His breathing became all the more labored. His exhaustion became extreme. Up to the very end, Jesus was giving all He had to save souls. How great the love of Jesus for you and for me!

Possibly the greatest interior agony of Jesus was the hard and cruel fact of His mission of love being rejected. Jesus gives freedom to every individual on earth. Therefore, He forces Himself on nobody. His love not being accepted, especially His love manifested by His suffering, caused Jesus mortal anguish.
What are you giving Jesus in return for His love?
Do you love him too?

Before Angel could finish her preaching and call the alter call. A lot of youth were already outside crying. Some were speaking in tongue, some were confessing their sins
Angel couldn’t believe her eyes, she knew God was working. She was looking at the youth outside when her eyes caught someone familiar. She moved closer to have a good looks. She was surprise. It was street crying. Street knelt down crying bitterly like a baby. He was saying some word Angel could not hear.
Is this really street?

She asked herself
More people keep on coming out crying, asking for forgiveness. Street cried bitterly asking God to forgive him. Joy and Martin was surprise. But not as surprise as Angel who looked at the man she has given up crying and asking for forgiveness


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